Bowman on Malloy, TONIGHT!

Malloy's program has already started for the evening, but Bowman has not come on yet, as of 9:30 Central, 7/14/2006.

Streaming live at Air America Radio.

Thanks, Gold.

Any minute now, per Mike, as

Any minute now, per Mike, as of 10:35 eastern.

Ok, they're just talking

Ok, they're just talking about his campaign at first. Boring.

thanks for the heads-up --

thanks for the heads-up -- listening now -- sounding good so far, but looking forward to the 9/11 discussion

9/11 Truth coming up after

9/11 Truth coming up after the break. Get hyped.

ok, Malloy "doesn't accept

ok, Malloy "doesn't accept the official story from the Bush Crime Family" -- they're going to start in on 9/11 and how it will affect his campaign, after the break

cue Jeopardy music.... damn

cue Jeopardy music.... damn these commercial breaks are annoying :-/

Bowman says the issue is

Bowman says the issue is hurting his congressional campaign.

another good line by

another good line by Bowman:

"If the Government has nothing to hide, why are they hiding everything?"

not just this century, bob

not just this century, bob

"If the Government has

"If the Government has nothing to hide, why are they hiding everything?"

yeah DHS, that's a really great line

Bowman is much better

Bowman is much better without a rabid Brownshirt barking at him.

Anonymous, I was surprised

Anonymous, I was surprised that he said the issue was hurting his campaign... but, then think about WHERE he's running.... I mean, Florida ain't Berkeley, CA or Madison Wisconsin, ya know?

Check out the district where

Check out the district where Bowman is running:

Since that district doesn't have a major city, I would expect it to be even more pro-Bush than other areas (just guessing). That would explain why 9/11 truth is hurting his campaign, rather than helping it.... again, just guessing.

Bowman might have said he

Bowman might have said he was "agnostic" on 9/11, but hearing how passionate he is about getting to the bottom of 9/11, my sense is that he's convinced it was an inside job.

He is in political mode and

He is in political mode and discusssing "if" 9/11 was an inside job. The one great point he made, which he should have said on Hannity and Colmes, is that he was an old interceptor and that normal procedures would have stopped this.

Now, they are on to Iraq and guerrilla warfare. This is a good interview, but not necessarily with respect to 9/11.

A good interview because it

A good interview because it shows that he's a level-headed guy of high repute, and the fact that he questions 9/11 will help others jump on board, especially people of his generation.

For five years I lived not

For five years I lived not too far away from Bob Bowmans district... just south, in Ft. Pierce. Let me put this kindly: that area has got to be one of the most challenging areas in the country for his 9/11 message. But I applaud him for the noble effort.

that mussolini

that mussolini corporatism/fascism quote is unverified.

Some critics equate too much

Some critics equate too much corporate power and influence with fascism. See Fascism and ideology. Often they cite a quote claimed to be from Mussolini: "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." However the most common cites for the quote do not track back to this phrase, and it is most likely an Internet hoax.

that mussolini

that mussolini corporatism/fascism quote is unverified.
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There is no citation for the quote. It just sort of popped up one day. Makes perfect sense, though.

In Fascist Italy, Mussolini

In Fascist Italy, Mussolini reduced intrasocietal conflict by implementing a kind of corporatism. The fascists formed twenty-two corporations that represented broad areas of economic activity...

Finally, members of the Fascist Party were included in the governing structure of each corporation so that the corporation would be directly tied to the state. The fascists thereby had a mechanism for controlling workers and managers alike, and for maintaining a unity of purpose and activity in the economy in order to maximize productivity toward the national goals of the state. By establishing this kind of close, institutionalized cooperation, centralization promotes the collective strength and focused initiative needed to succeed in the international struggle for supremacy and glory.

Schumaker, Kiel, & Hielke, Great Ideas & Grand Schemes: Political Ideologies in the 19th and 20th Centuries (McGraw-Hill 1996)

Talk Radio .. hah! it's

Talk Radio .. hah! it's just inconsequential banter.

See how much impact you are making on your ADMINSTRATORS:


The USA is winning the GLOBLA War ON Terror.... rule by force.. and you poor critters secretly agree.

If faced with the prospect of paying what you owe to the world.... and continueing the GWOT scam... you'd ALL would go for the latter.

Why work, if you can make others work?

George W Bush: Sunday,

Have you seen this? Is Bush

Have you seen this?

Is Bush Drinking Again?

Anybody got a link to a

Anybody got a link to a download of Bowman? Had to work, missed it!

another good line by

another good line by Bowman:
"If the Government has nothing to hide, why are they hiding everything?"
"Those with nothing to hide, hide nothing." - Dr. Phil
It is a good line.

yeah, it's too bad bowman's

yeah, it's too bad bowman's trying to be "political" and taking a sort of agnostic approach. i don't know if it's more important to try and win or simply take all public speaking opportunities to shout as loud as possible. at the los angeles conference he was clearly an "inside jobber" though he did state that we don't know who was behind it. he did come out and say on hannity & colmes though that barrett's conspiracy theory was more believable than hannity's. that was a good jab.

After another view of Bowman

After another view of Bowman on H&C makes me think he did a great job, for a few reasons:

1) "The truth about 9/11 is that we don't know the truth, and we should." is EXACTLY the point.
2) His breakdown of "Conspiracy"
3) His simple statement "There is more evidence to support Barrett's theory"
4) He didn't give H&C anything to attack. He didn't get trapped. Instead, Hannity appeared too aggressive and had to resort to insulting his political affiliation (to which Colmes pointed out that it isn't a democrat or republican thing).
5) The point that it is an elective course, and the students are no more captive than viewers of H&C.

That's my take. I also think more members should think about incorporating 9/11 Truth into their curriculum.

Lately I haven't spent my time checking videos or blogging/boarding, I've spent more of my time printing out materials and burning DVDs, since I feel now we are at the point of activism. We've hit mainstream and are continuing to grow, but its hard for new people to know where to start, which is why giving them literature and videos (I like the clips myself) you allow them to take a few things into consideration and then a place to start their own research, which hopefully they do.

Turns out the police

Turns out the police informant for the arrest of 17 for an alleged terrorist plot in Toronto recently was probably the source of the plot:

"Lawyer Rocco Galati, who represents suspect Ahmed Ghany, says the presence of informants in the prosecution's case shows that police didn't have any evidence against the alleged plotters, so they relied on an informant "to set everything up.""

Iced Ink -> Gonzo

Iced Ink -> Gonzo Ghost

Nowadays, the rascals just place the bombs as they build the building; nip it in the bud.

Think of it as a child's sandcastle..

DHS, Fahraheit 911 I think,


Fahraheit 911 I think, is a good film to start with. F911 is the softer option to introduce anyone new to 911. True that it doesn't focus much on the aspect of 911 itself but it shows who gained the most from the attacks, bush's relationship with saudi royals (with video evidence), election theft, reason for war in middle east (corporate interest), etc. Alway start ith something small (lihop materials) and they will begin to see that there are overwhelming evidence pointing bush admin's complicity in 911 conspiracy.

If you start with something

If you start with something that may seem bit too over the top, they might pop like neo did in matrix heh.

This guy knows 'The real

This guy knows 'The real truth about 9/11'

..or so he thinks

"The real truth about 9/11


I was never an X-Files fan. Agents Mulder and Scully grimly walked through hundreds of episodes, wearily tearing away at the flimsy curtain the rest of us call "reality," whispering of cover-ups, UFOs, secret agencies within secret agencies, and powerful forces "out there."

Moody and Sullen, as one bright parodist renamed them, were the knights errant of the paranormal and the paranoid. Though relentlessly grey, brooding and portentous, The X-Files made a sweet pitch to adolescent minds of all ages in its signature motto: "The Truth is Out There." Capital letters mandatory. (It's not philosophy unless it's in capital letters.)

The X-Files was fast food for the conspiracy gluttons, the intellectually lazy who relish the frisson of some exotic theory of "hidden others" who have arranged the world, and all that happens in it, in dark code: "They" with their laboratories and computers, "they" with their power and money, perhaps, too, their secret societies (think The Da Vinci Code), run everything. In other words, the world is a puppet show run by the dark adepts of power and politics, and only the "few" -- the conspiracy-mongers -- have peeped behind the screen.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy spawned a literature of suspicion and conjecture of intimidating bulk and mass. The "grassy knoll" and the "second gunman" have inspired more plots than the membership of the International Association of Crime Writers. It's a law of this kind of thinking: the further from the event under scrutiny, the greater the unhinged speculation surrounding it.

Except -- except for Sept. 11, 2001. I would have thought that the horrors of that day, the magnitude of the attacks, the immense coverage of the actual crashes into the towers, the even more immense coverage in the days after the attacks in New York and Washington, and the downing of the jet over Pennsylvania, had evacuated that day of all mystery and speculation. We know that day too well.

We had swiftly learned the identities of all 19 hijackers. We had seen, in (alas) real time, the buildings collapse, we had seen the heroic efforts of firefighters and police in New York, we have since read and heard of the numerous cellphone conversations before the brave passengers of Flight 93 tried to wrest control of the doomed jet from the hijackers. We have seen the video of Osama as he narrates his success and takes pride in his drear accomplishment.

What else is there, the reasonable mind pleads to ask? But no. The questioning of 9/11 is a full-blown industry on the Internet. The buildings didn't collapse because two fuel-loaded jets crashed into them; a missile, not another jet, hit the Pentagon; Flight 93 was brought down with a missile -- the fantasies spin on. Books have been written telling the "real truth" of that day.

One truly bizarre, or comic, on-line posting conducts an experiment (with pictures) using rabbit wire, a concrete cinder block, and a container of kerosene to "prove" the steel pillars of the trade towers would not have melted in the fires that followed the crash. Engineers who have visited this site have left jibbering and in tears.

Bush was behind 9/11. The Israelis were behind 9/11. Bush and the Israelis and a neo-con cabal were behind 9/11. Osama didn't do it. Thousands of people engineered a controlled demolition of the towers; the hijacked jets crashing into them were no more than an elaborate version of the street magician's "bait and switch."

I cannot comprehend what tilt of mind refuses the tidal wave of tragic facts about that horrible day in favour of near-lunatic and unmoored speculation. The answer has to be that the hatred of U.S. President George Bush has, among the most strident of those who despise him, reached incandescent proportions, and has merged with that strain of free-wheeling paranoia that is an undercurrent of much of our modern times. Hating Mr. Bush ferociously, and believing so firmly that the truth is always "Out There" (never in front of your face), has produced a monstrous fable of conspiracy, cover-up, sinister motivations and an all-controlling apparatus that has abused the world and engaged in two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan), all for some agenda that, in the minds of many conspirators, works for the benefit of (who else?) Israel and the Jews.

The 9/11 conspiracy theories -- whether those who peddle them are aware of it or not -- trail in the spurious and repulsive wake of that arch-conspiracy, the demented Protocols of The Elders of Zion. One would have thought the last century had got us past that fantasy-hoax."

Is Bush drunk at the G8?

Is Bush drunk at the G8? Loks a bit wobbly to me!!

Saw this great story on

Saw this great story on Yahoo.
Boy, sounds more like the U.S.
How can our media even RUN this story without doing a little self-evaluation?????

"Dead bodies, striptease quiz shows, gala concerts for the secret services: nothing is off limits on Russian television -- except objective news coverage, say critics of media freedom under President Vladimir Putin.

Russian television today is light years from its drab Soviet incarnation, full of brash, sometimes stomach-churning programmes, as well as slick dramas.

But the ghosts of Soviet propaganda haunt the hourly state news broadcasts, dominated by dreary footage of Putin and his ministers at work, patriotic features on army life, or alarming reports about the pro-Western governments in Georgia and Ukraine."

fhb | 07.15.06 - 6:13 am |

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Can't handle the truth, eh?

At least we know some unreasonable people are at least good spellers.

-Troy You got that right.


You got that right. It's sad.

No one answers my question

No one answers my question about net neutrality... Congress is probably going to pass a law sometime soon that will totally change the way we use this thing. It'll convert the internet into something similar to cable tv. Lobbyists for communications companies such as at&t and verizon have been spending millions to gain support for a bill that will change EVERYTHING. Service providers will have contracts with certain websites. Those that are not affiliated will be left in the dust. Places like or will take forever to load, or in some instances will never load at all. The internet is the main reason we've gotten as far as we have. What's plan B, people? Seriously.

Net neutrality has been

Net neutrality has been discussed before by a few posters. That's probably why. Sorry.
Agreed. It'll bring an end to this sort of freedom. And it will pass with ease and then people will bitch about it after the fact. Glad to know that Fox news will be the quickest site around

To fhb......... I grew up in

To fhb......... I grew up in the fifties. I loved comic books. I have a great collection of Superman and Captain Marvel comic books I think you might be interested in. I could be persuaded to sell them to you for a reasonable price. Some of the stories in these comics are far more enjoyable reading than the "Osama and his 19 evil doers with boxcutters" story. "Big Bin" had nothing on Lex Luther.

fhp, If the Bush monkey

fhp, If the Bush monkey would murder 2,700 U.S. soldiers & 200,000 Iraqi civilians based on the boldfaced lie of WMD, why wouldn't he perpetrate 9/11 to start the ball rolling?

I would sure like to listen

I would sure like to listen to the Malloy-Bowman interview. The show is not posted for download on White Rose. I don't know why. Is anyone willing to upload it and post it?

fhb was pasting part of a

fhb was pasting part of a sign-in-required article for us. Those are not fhb's words.

Thanks FrankV..

Thanks FrankV..

DHS, I've watched quite a

DHS, I've watched quite a bit of the pirate news 911surprise shows. There's like 9 hours worth. The editing is really bad (music drowns out voices, obnoxious/noxious graphics, etc) but they have some good parts. Unfortunately, they pulled the best one... the one that had the fox news story about amdocs, etc

Here is an alternative source of the story:

but on the ptv version there are all sorts of web pages overlaid onto the story.

Also, there was an x-rated expose on "Ahnold", set to the music in that old donald duck cartoon (The Fuehrers Face). And there was a bunch of "new world order" sound bites. The show started off with clips from the post election debate with writers from the Onion and the Daily Show. And after that they showed Laura Bush's speech where she said the president tried to milk a male horse and that she watches Desparate Housewives with Lynn Cheney.

It is by far the best one in the series and I'm "somewhat dismayed" that it seems to be completely missing from their site! I searched everywhere I could think of for it but could not find it.

Did anybody ever record

Did anybody ever record and/or post a copy of Jim Fetzer's appearance on Alan Colmes's radio show on Thursday?

if you missed it:

silly rabbit, don't use ()'s

silly rabbit, don't use ()'s in your URL paths.. copy and paste that link.