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Kevin Barrett gets some supportive words from Rep. Mark Pocan:

Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison, told The Capital Times today that Rep. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, was way off base in his condemnation of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's decision to allow Kevin Barrett to teach an introductory course on Islam.

Rex Murphy at Toronto's Globe and Mail figures that 9/11 is an open and shut case. I'm sure that there are a few people that could advise him otherwise. Here's a sample of his hit-piece, but go easy on him. Murphy has not upgraded to "9/11 Hit-Piece Version 2.0" with the standard "smear Alex Jones" option. He is still using the outdated Version 1.5 with the "X-Files" option. Get with the program, Murphy!

The propaganda is getting thick in the run-up to the 2006 election. You are going to be reminded by Big Media, over and over again, that the "War on Terror" is bona fide, and, that the 9/11 Commission Report is gospel. As if the comic book isn't bad enough, here comes a Court TV "documentary" to remind you of what an apolitical non-partisan joy the 9/11 Commission was. Even though we know differently. The "documentary" will be called, On Native Soil.

And what are political ads going to look like this fall?

DeWine ad uses 9/11 images to attack rival on security

U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine cues images of 9/11 hijackers, terrorists in training, and a smoldering World Trade Center to question his Democratic opponent's national-security record in a television ad launched statewide yesterday.

Analysts said the Cedarville Republican's airwave attack was the first by an incumbent senator this year - and a sign that Republicans are returning to familiar tactics as they face challenging elections in Ohio and around the nation this fall.

Mr. DeWine's ad scolds U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown (D., Avon) for voting against increased intelligence funding, the Patriot Act, the death penalty for some terrorists, and other security measures.

It references a Web site,, and flashes between pictures of Mr. Brown; terrorist camps; New York City's burning trade towers on Sept. 11, 2001, and the hijackers who slammed airplanes into those towers, the Pentagon, and a Pennsylvania field.

"Sherrod Brown," the announcer concludes. "Weakening America's security. Out of touch with Ohio values."

The evil plan is how the

The evil plan is how the neocons in power will CONTINUE to use 9/11 to justify their immoral wars. It doesnt get any more evil than that.

Ann Coulter Attacks 9/11

good to hear. that nazi

good to hear. that nazi bitch can only give the Jersey Girls more exposure before Press For Truth.

I see the Israelis are

I see the Israelis are dropping pamphlets/leaflets onto Lebanon. People actually notice them & read them.

Is there a good way to drop a blizzard of 9/11 truth leaflets/pamphlets onto major US cities? Is it leagal?

Leagal or not...... who

Leagal or not...... who now owns the airspace?

Maybe try bolloons..... make a picnic out of it.

From the Rex Murphy hit

From the Rex Murphy hit piece:

...The buildings didn't collapse because two fuel-loaded jets crashed into them; a missile, not another jet, hit the Pentagon; Flight 93 was brought down with a missile -- the fantasies spin on. Books have been written telling the "real truth" of that day.

Which fuel loaded jet crashed into WTC-7???

Hani Hajour flew AA77 back from Kentucky, did acrobatics, & disappeared the Boeing into the 1st floor of the Pentagon??? And then they IDed all the "passengers" that exploded through walls @ 530 mph???

Erin That is a great idea!


That is a great idea! Release maybe 100+- of them at a time? If I saw that, I'd be curious as to what they were.

Hey John Gold, I have been

Hey John Gold, I have been having a conversation over here and your name cropped up. Enjoy!

Does anybody have the

Does anybody have the podcast, or a downloadable link to Bowman on Malloy from last night?

Also, Ann Cunter needs to stfu!

Coulter says the 9/11

Coulter says the 9/11 commission is a "Clinton Whitewash" wonder what she meant by that?

Here's a pdf e-book version of Webster Tarpley's "9/11 Synthetic Terror"

Al, thanks for the Tarpley

Al, thanks for the Tarpley e-book^! You made my day!

:) Thanks Ken.

:) Thanks Ken.

Thanks Al!

Thanks Al!

Hey John Gold, there's been

Hey John Gold, there's been a nice followup here

"There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come."

"Maybe try bolloons.....

"Maybe try bolloons..... make a picnic out of it."

Holy shit that's great, thanks Erin.

I'd suggest Rep. Sherrod

I'd suggest Rep. Sherrod Brown NOT pull a "Kerry" and wait until after the election to respond to the smears.

I'd suggest to him, to take a close look at 911, and run an ad asking how it is that a top CIA official placed bets (Shorting positions) on United and American Airlines stock falling the week BEFORE 911. Can't argue it didn'thappened, nor can it be interpreted in any way other than foreknowledge, yes?

I'd suggest he also includes a blurb of Silverstein stating he wanted the WTC 7 building "pulled", because, believe it or not, I know a Fox News watcher, a diehard Republican (still me friend, though)that kinda was dumbfounded @ 3 or 4 weeks ago, when I took him on the WTC 7 tour. With video. DUMBFOUNDED that he NEVER heard about WTC 7, and could only kinda gulp as he watched. He got very quiet when I ran the Silverstein video.

I think he now knows I ain't crazy farang.

And, I am betting the right timing of that adwill blow "Smear, Fear and Queer" republican tactics out of the water.(Hat tip to Al Franken for the S,F&Q slogan).

I'd run the ad with the NYFD fireman that stated, on video, he watched and heard the explosions go "pop pop pop, like when they bring a building down, then a cloud of shit chased us down the street" as the finale.

Just a suggestion, Mr Sherrod, IF you truly want to represent your fellow Ohians.

Does anyone have contact

Does anyone have contact info for Rex Murphy? I'm a bit disappointed that a) the personal email on for him is blank ("mailto:" as opposed to say "") and b) you have to be a subscriber to the site just to send a letter to the editor. Sheesh.

I'm not happy with Rex right now. He had my respect as a journalist until about 30 min ago

Just emailed this to Rex

Just emailed this to Rex Murphy. I emailed it to

Thought it was tactful :)


First and foremost I want to let you know that I've been a great fan of your work for many years. Perhaps the most enjoyable of your work occurred during the Clinton-Lewinsky days... You had some great analysis not to mention some pretty funny zingers for Bill.

I don't ever write letters to editors, or to individual writers, but this time I felt it was imperative. I am deeply concerned about your "Real Truth about 9/11" contribution which appeared today. I have been an unwilling follower of the 9/11 "truth movement" for the last several months. I say unwilling because when I had my epiphany recently, I was accepting to myself that there are damning things going on which are horrific to deal with. It is much better to continue on living and thinking all this 9/11 talk is bogus, and that our governments and media outlets are doing everything possible to protect and inform me about, my very best interests.

Your article is another of many that basically label 9/11 truth seekers as delusional without so much as attempting to delve into the facts. Most concerning is when you purport to have done just that with lines like "I cannot comprehend what tilt of mind refuses the tidal wave of tragic facts about that horrible day in favour of near-lunatic and unmoored speculation." You do not present a single fact into your article, and instead briefly dabble together a tapestry of red-herring points such as UFO's, JFK, and Israelis. You have to throw those points out the window and focus on the actual facts of 9/11. Any other focus is a complete disservice to your reader base.

Specifically, you mentioned "We had swiftly learned the identities of all 19 hijackers" (7 have proven since to be alive), "numerous cellphone conversations from Flight 93" (check out "Project Achilles" online or simply try to make a cell phone call from a plane next time you travel), and "buildings didn't collapse because two fuel-loaded jets crashed into them" (you made absolutely no mention of World Trade Centre 7. It wasn't hit by a plane, and explanations for its collapse are both dubious and ignored by the official 9/11 Commision Report).

I implore, and will go so far as to say BEG of you, that you follow up this biased piece of writing with another one that goes into the facts presented by 9/11 Truth Seekers. There is more information out there than you could possibly shake a stick at, and I would suggest you start at either "" or "". Start with the collapse of WTC7, the fact that molten metal WAS found at the collapse sites of all three buildings, and the secondary and tertiary explosions reported by throngs of escapees. The subject of 9/11 truth is far too important to have brushed it under the carpet by you in a Sean Hannity-esque homage.

Thanks very much


Good letter, Mike.

Good letter, Mike.

Great letter, Mike! I'm

Great letter, Mike! I'm going to send him my version - I came here looking for his Email after reading his ridiculously uninformed piece. Thanks for publishing that, too.

For some reason Rex Murphy's

For some reason Rex Murphy's article is directly accessible from Just do a search for '9/11 truth' and it'll show up. (However, I've already pasted the entire article..)

"If Steve Nass has nothing

"If Steve Nass has nothing better to do than micro-manage every part-time lecturer's curriculum, and then make crazy threats, it shows how ineffective and useless Steve Nass is," Pocan said. "Some people are out there, some are way out there, and then there's Steve Nass."


That's be hillarious if Ann

That's be hillarious if Ann Coulter started saying 9/11 was Clinton engineered. Im surprised some rabid anti Clintonites dont say that, and to be honest hey...anything that takes away from the official version helps...aside from National Alliance and other nazi nutjobs ALSO flyering 9/11 theories, making it look like all the work of Israel.

Anyways, we are going to be BOMBARDED by nonstop "Remember 9/11" propaganda through mainstream movies, comic books, tv specials, mini series, articles, etc. WE NEED to play Judo and use every piece of propaganda against them. Most Americans dont know any other 9/11 things other than what the media told them, its etched into their collective consciouness, BUT...if just one puzzle piece of the official story can be shown to be false to them, the potential is limitless. THIS is the information war for the hearts and minds of people for the truth of 9/11, and this is a fight I intend to put a lot of my own personal effort into.

Pocybot, you and your evil

Pocybot, you and your evil plan will fail...

Just ran across this on

Just ran across this on google news.

"What else is there, the reasonable mind pleads to ask? But no. The questioning of 9/11 is a full-blown industry on the Internet."

Blech... This guy is a nut.