From 9/11 to WW3

Its all about Activism at this point, couldn't agree more:

By John J. Albanese
Producer of the film “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime”
The answer is clear. 9/11 was an act of evil perpetrated by evil people whom threaten the stability of the entire world. 9/11 was a modern day Pearl Harbor that ushered the western world into a new age of global conflict that just now is playing out in a regional war that portends an ever-widening global conflict and dangerous clash of civilizations.

The stakes could not possibly be higher.
In this atmosphere of uncertainty 9/11 activism becomes more relevant than ever before. The stakes could not possibly be higher. It is now not just simply a matter of revealing the truth behind 9/11, we are now confronted with our own mortality and the lives of millions of world citizens at the mercy of a policy gone tragically wrong. As 9/11 activists we are essentially the antidote for violence. We denounce those responsible for 9/11 as vigorously as we oppose those who would seek to push millions of lives over the edge, into the chasm of all-out-war in the Middle East.
9/11 activism has been, and will always remain, a non-violent movement for peace. 9/11 Truth has always been a call for level-headed self examination and accountability. We cannot add to the flames of anger. We will only serve to feed the beast.

But, all could be lost if we do not act soon.

I call upon all of you to unite, and put down your theories and debates – and organize.


We need action. And fast. We need one millions citizens in the streets of Washington DC, banging on pots and pans, and refusing to leave.

We need to chain ourselves to the gates of power.

We need to force alternate viewpoints on the media, peacefully by FORCE.

We need to reclaim our place as citizens, at the seats of power, and refuse to budge.

We need civil disobedience and loud angry voices that will be as dedicated to this cause as the patriots who landed on the beaches of Normandy – taking our own beachhead in the streets of Washington.

We need to shut down the media – peacefully but forcefully - starting in Rockefeller Center at NBC headquarters – and the New York Times building – by laying down in front of their trucks and occupying their plazas and lobbies - declaring our intentions to reject this trail of tears and lies - that started on 9/11 - and leads us all to the battlegrounds of World War 3.

If not now – when?

Thanks to John Albanese for sending this in. Get out there and pound the pavement everyone!!!

i just hope the people

i just hope the people pushing for organization and unity are willing to discuss controlled demolition and the Pentagon questions. this is not the time to ignore these issues just because you think they are too "crazy" for most people to accept.certain 9/11 films have suffered greatly for their omissions of these issues, in my opinion. this is not the time to be "safe", it time to put forward ALL evidence.

Well, I dont think people

Well, I dont think people should clean up the WTC7 theory...let's be honest...there was damage to it, fires, and heavy smoke from one side. That said, of course it could not have fallen the way it did, nor people knowing it would fall unless they were told in advance.

I REALLLY hat eseeing in fighting between people over discrepensies over issues, as aside from the no planer crowd, I think everyone is on the same page.

Couldn't agree more.

Couldn't agree more.

Hey Jon, can't get into

Hey Jon, can't get into podcasts, can you?

Podcasts is indeed jammed

Podcasts is indeed jammed up.

Bummer, possibly another DOS

Bummer, possibly another DOS attack...

"We need to shut down the

"We need to shut down the media – peacefully but forcefully - starting in Rockefeller Center at NBC headquarters – and the New York Times building – by laying down in front of their trucks and occupying their plazas and lobbies - declaring our intentions to reject this trail of tears and lies - that started on 9/11 - and leads us all to the battlegrounds of World War 3."

If only there were enough people available, within distance, who didn't need to work jobs, that we/they could actually do that -- just take over.

ww3 - why were afghan and

ww3 - why were afghan and iraq destroyed? i mean what was the excuse? not that larry said pull it. but that 19 morons with magic box-cutters highjacked 4 planes and flew 3 of them into buildings. evil muslims. and now here we go ww3 -

On that note: I am

On that note:

I am organizing a DC based group with the intention of grass roots activism (passing out flyers, dvd's, raising interest, stickers, ads in local newspapers).

We can meet at the July 23rd presentation here

Interested parties: email me.

We must take advantage of the momentum we have now because they will hit us hard in the months to come.

The 42% we boast about might as well be zero if we don't organize.

Throw 9/11 leaflets,

Throw 9/11 leaflets, pamphlets, & Deception Dollars (write "9/11 was an inside job" on them first) all over your city or town!!!

Chuck 'em out your car's window, who cares if you get a ticket for littering. Maybe it'll make the newspaper!

Does anyone have a problem

Does anyone have a problem with Israel bringing us to the brink of WW-III over 2 kidnapped soldiers that their own "Black Ops" probably abducted?

Ah, good, here we go.

Ah, good, here we go. Finally, I hear someone that understands why the FIRST thing the neocons attacked in Iraq was the tv and radio stations, just like Clinton did to Serbia, and the former USSR did to any country that opposed it's yoke.

It's time to take back our country, and I thank the retired (medically, because of 911 air exposure) NYPD cop for pointing out that THIS is NOT America.

My best wishes for your future, and thanks for truly trying to be hero. Nuff said.

Little by little comes

Little by little comes critical mass. Two years ago I introduced 9/11 truth to newcomers in the neighborhood. They were somewhat interested. Now they are serious. Several months ago they informed me that a friend of theirs in another state sends out 9/11 truth emails to them and to others. In addition, their physiotherapist talks truth during sessions and says that all of his clients are into the subject on the truth side. I envision unfolding scenarios of this sort all over the world.

Yes, "anonymous", I agree

Yes, "anonymous", I agree completely.

Imagine that, an enemy that returns fire to agressive occupiers is now "evil."

I guess Israeli soldiers are "God's Chosen Warriors", hence beyond retaliation by us mere "heathen" pagans that occupy 99% of the world beyond Zionism.

Time to end ALL aid to Israel, starting now.

No more blood, no more wars

No more blood, no more wars for Israel!

No more blood, no more wars

No more blood, no more wars for Israel!
Anonymous | 07.15.06 - 1:24 pm | #

true that!!!!

im just wondering how long

im just wondering how long israel gets a free pass for????

it really seem that they can do no wrong...

israel is not getting a pass

israel is not getting a pass - israel is trying to provoke a greater area wide conflict.

the neocons = israel.

what they are attempting is insane but of course that is their modus operandi.

but enough gloom, any of you kids want me to make you a balloon poodle?

they are reporting now that

they are reporting now that Israel is beginning to encounter sophisticated anti-aircraft defenses and radar guided missles.

remember, the monied arabs are famous for playing both sides of the fence.

thank god for Israel, the US army has sealed the Iraqi border (not).

next i will make a beautiful balloon hat!

Israeli military brass look

Israeli military brass look like the SS. Reminds me of this book I once read, "animal farm".

What did Orwell know?

bozo wants you stop worrying about this and hang out with friends tonight and watch friends.

The NeoCons & Israel are

The NeoCons & Israel are partners in crime. They keep the military-idustrial complex in endless war, which makes rich NeoCons like Bush, Cheney, & Rummy even richer!

i think you should make an

i think you should make an entire balloon animal farm but i would appreciate a balloon giraffe please!
hey! what are you doodly-do-doing? ha ha

From psyOP and population

From psyOP and population control to "WW4"
Right-wing media divided: Is U.S. now in World War III, IV, or V?

as chomsky sez: The neocons

as chomsky sez:

The neocons have a very thin hold on power!

but the trouble is that 20% US sheeple would defend them...

all afraid to loose their pensions.

US americans.. make your choice:

A -- pay back what you owe to the world and suffer take-over & McJobs

B -- long live Bush

I go one higher... Make it

I go one higher...

Make it WW 6 ...

but seriously... think what started WW 1 !!

it was the germans building a public-owned railway to baghdad, and the 1912 socialist majority in parliament.

in other words... capitalists started the war to avoid sharing wealth.

that's all.

No conspiracy. Just class-interest.

I disagree with the issue of

I disagree with the issue of 'put down your theories and organize.'

Why doesn't he address that specifically to the supposed leaders, like Jim Fetzer, who goes around promoting no-planes, drones and missiles over and over and over?

If John can get the Loose Change creators, Jim Fetzer and Morgan Reynolds to stop pushing 'no planes,' the rest of us could really get somewhere. It would take away the MSM's primary weapon against the 9/11 truth movement - no planes. Watch every single MSM news coverage and the first and primary thing is: "So you think a plane didn't crash into the Pentagon? Where'd the passengers go?"

It's really past time to address this issue, directly, not hiding behind "drop all theories."

Instead of telling everyone to drop their theories - most theories are reasonable, but only some are ludicrous - John should be willing to take a stand against nonsense himself and speak directly to it.

(I realize most of the testosterone infused 20-somethings on here disagree - sorry, but these are the facts.)

Instead, like most who are running for political office or are counting on numbers at events to buy tickets and DVDs (sorry for the harsh reality here, but its true), John is afraid of hurting someone's feelings who thinks that planes were swapped and who could carry a sign, buy a book or make a phone call, so he doesn't ever want to actually address what most Americans would consider nonsense. The theory that passengers of Fl 93 were herded into an empty NASA research hanger and disappeared is no different than the theory that insider trading happened on 9/11 -- put them all down.

So what we end up with is a scene where the guy who thinks that a windowless drone hit the WTC will say so publicly to a reporter at Ground Zero on 9/11 and that's all the public will hear. And when the reporter asks about no plane theories, the large orgs will just ignore him, instead of saying 'we don't agree with any of that.' Instead of openly confronting the nonsense - a long-term benefit to the entire movement - John and others like him want to make sure there's one more person to hold a sign or lay down in the street, no matter what they are promoting. But in the end, it doesn't matter how many people are holding signs if the poster child of the movement -- as has been the case so far to this day -- is saying that cell phone calls were faked, that a missile was fired from a Skywarrior at the Pentagon, and that the people we thought perished in the WTC impacts were actually dumped in the ocean.

Joe America laughs, and turns the page of the newspaper.

Confront the situation |

Confront the situation | 07.15.06 - 7:48 pm | #

You've confused a number of different issues in you post, while still managing to bash truthers like Fetzer.

The idea of swapping airliners for drones is nothing new. Operation Northwoods called for it to be done over 40 years ago, along with agents posing as passengers, fake funerals, etc.

"The theory that passengers of Fl 93 were herded into an empty NASA research hanger and disappeared is no different than the theory that insider trading happened on 9/11 -- put them all down."

We can not be certain who were real passengers on any of the flights. Furthermore, insider trading for airline stocks to fall just before 9/11 is a fact, not a theory.

"So you think a plane didn't crash into the Pentagon? Where'd the passengers go?"

I'll clue you into a dirty little secret about the Pentagon:

· Hani Hanjour could not have flown back 250 miles from the Kentucky/Ohio border to D.C.

· Hanjour could have not made that incredible maneuver in a B-757 to hit the renovated section of the Pentagon.

· A B-757 would NOT make a hole the size of a missile in the Pentagon.

· 80 videos of whatever hit the Pentagon are being withheld for no damn good reason except to cover-up. The only video released looks like an A3 Skywarrior!

Last but not least-

· There is NO WAY they could ID a planeload of people that exploded & smashed through the Pentagon @ 530 mph! The fictitious DNA results were made to bolster the official story.

I myself am gearing up for

I myself am gearing up for both on and offline heavy activism. My particular focus is towards young people online, and on the streets anyone who will listen.

What the people callin gus conspiracy theorists dont realize is, this is a massive political activist movement whose sole goal to to shed light on what really happened, and to expose 9/11 to stop immoral wars. The anti war movement needs to embrace 9/11 truth as one in the same as their cause.

Conspiracy theorists are people stuck on old coverups, obsessing over JFK and Bigfoot details. 9/11 Activism is the same as anti war and anti globalizationa ctivism: Fighting to stop what is clearly acts of US, UK and Israeli initiated action.

It seems pretty clear to me

It seems pretty clear to me that the aggression currently being exhibited by the State of Israel has been carefully planned for quite some time.

I also get the feeling that high level U.S. Government officials have been in on the plan since day one.

I also get the feeling that one of those goverment officials is probably a "democrat".

I also get the feeling that the target is'nt JUST Lebanon.

I also get the feeling that this is not going to end well... for ANYBODY.

"Conspiracy theorists are

"Conspiracy theorists are people stuck on old coverups, obsessing over JFK and Bigfoot details."

Before you dump on JFK CT's, take a look at the following.

Keep your eyes on the driver...

Obsess over that!

OT: Last point on the JFK

OT: Last point on the JFK vid from previous.

Notice how after JFK is shot, a bystander falls to the ground as if the gun is going off in the immediate vicinity.

Think he would have done that if the gun was being fired from down the street several stories up at a book depository window?

JFK was NOT shot by Oswald.

JFK was NOT shot by Oswald. That is a given. Anyone who still believes that crap needs a shrink big-time. What happened on 11/22/63 is still a mystery and one that may never be solved. This is why 9/11 truth is so important. We can't allow 9/11 to go the way of the JFK murder. Still trying to figure it out 40+ years from now. If we let it go down the memory hole we won't be here 40 years from now. This is something we must face head on and we MUST WIN THIS THING. The future of this planet depends on it. That is how serious 9/11 truth is. Every other issue is insignificant.

Why must we stop 9/11 Lies

Why must we stop 9/11 Lies Into War?

It is worse than you ever thought.

I agree with Confront the

I agree with Confront the situation.

Who cares what kind of planes hit the towers? Get over it planes hit the towers. One tower being hit by a plane, I can see that happening. The chance of two planes hitting the towers is still possible and believable only if there were some serious problem with the operation of the FAA and NORAD on 9/11. The pentagon being hit by a plane...THIS SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPEND! The fact tat the Pentagon was hit by ANYTHING should make people sit up and take notice.

The towers, even after being hit by a plane should not have fallen. The towers did fall never the less and there are still people out there that believe that this is the sole reason the towers fell.
How the towers fell is the real issue at hand? The only way to explain the way the towers fell that day is with the use of explosives, other wise you break THE LAWS OF PHYSICS.
Is there a way for the towers to fall in the manner that they did naturally? If there is I would like to see it. ShouldnÂ’t we all want to see it? ShouldnÂ’t NIST supply the world with this evidence?
If we are going to go to war with a nation over the events of 9/11 shouldnÂ’t we have the evidence to do so?

It's great that members of the truth movement are trying to figure out EVERY thing that happened on that day but in the end does it really matter? Trying to have the answers for everything only separates the cause. It divides the people that are actually on the same side and seek the same truth. It also makes it easy for the enemy that has intentions of destroying the truth movement to infiltrate the group and divide it, make offshoot groups with wild theories that can not be proved and are mainly speculations. Then when someone tries to tell a non believer the truth the other side only needs to bring up these wild ideas that can not be proven to discredit your sound arguments. And from someone on the outside of the argument the person trying to tell the truth ends up looking like the liar. I always try to remember that the devil will tell something like 10 truths to tell one lie.

All we really need to know is that the events of that day were either allowed to happen by the current administration or they were actually carried out by members of our own government (the Neocons) Either scenario American lives were lost and treason was committed by the very officials that took an oath to protect us. They used the American people like chess pieces in their sick game for world domination.

I say stick to what we can prove. Other wise people are not going to care what we have to say, and I can't blame them. This is a hard subject to buy into at first. (It is a deep sleep to wake up from after watching the MSM over the years.) To think the enemy is actually living among is too scary to imaging for most. Where do you run? Where do you hide? Who do you trust?

I think back to the day that I heard Charlie Sheen's statements on 9/11 before I was awake (I'll thank Loose Change for setting me down the path for that one.) and thinking to myself "this guy is a bit off." Now I realize that the man was actually using his brain and thinking about things instead of just going with what the government and the tele has provided him.

For me WTC building 7 is the smoking gun. I donÂ’t believe I have to state the facts for anyone here on that one. There is no way that this building should have fallen and there is no way that this building should have fallen the way it fell if it fell due to fire and gravity. NO WAY IN HELL.

If you can prove that one building came down in a controlled demolition then you can prove that all the buildings fell due to controlled demolition.

Why? Because the terrorist wouldnÂ’t just have had access to only one building, they would have had access to all the buildings. The terrorist DID have access to all three buildings, but the terrorist were not from Afghanistan of Iraq. The real terrorist are sitting in our very own White House to this day and they are using the events of 9/11 throw back our civil liberties, go to a war in Iraq based upon lies (know lies. That just eats me up inside.) and to throw the middle east in to utter chaos.

You know one thing I have learned about the “American public” that really gives me hope that they will start to take notice on this issue, is when things start to impact their pocket book. Well I think that when gas prices start to hit $4.00 a gallon (like the MSM is predicting) people will start to question what the hell is going on. Then there might be an even wider audience that is seeking for the truth. Not because they are seeking the truth for truths sake but because they will have a little more time on their hands. This will be due to the fact that people will be staying home a little more because they don’t want to venture out too far from home, eat out, go to the movies etc. all because of the price at the pump. Good, I hope people do have to sit for a moment and reflect on our actions as a nation, and then when we start to feel sorry for our selves, then maybe we’ll think about how much it would suck to be in Iraq, not have any power, running water, having your neighbor hood being bombed, having your family being blown away by an invading government (that lied to get there by the way) having your brother, mother, father, sister, baby killed because you are mistaken as an insurgent, and when you fight back you are killed your self. I do not condone terrorism of any sorts but you have to wonder what the hell you would do if you were in their shoes. I just pray for them, I pray for us, I pray for us all, and most of all I pray for the world to know the truth.

I agree now is the time for some unified action, the world is in a horrible state right now. If things get too much worse I fear that the truth movement will die. Why do I say this? Because if things get to the point where the “enemy” has reached our shores the truth will not matter at that point, only survival will matter.

I know that I would much rather try fighting for the truth than trying to fight some faceless enemy in the name of the war on terror.


P.S. One thing that I often wonder is why the building in the OKC bombing didnÂ’t fall?

Look at this building:

Why did it still stand but WTC7 never fell?

You learn fast Nick. WTC7

You learn fast Nick. WTC7 wasn't just a smoking gun. It is absolute proof of an inside job. Most Americans don't even know about it. The MSM hushed it up immediately. Welcome aboard pal, we need all the help we can get. Now lets get out and spread the message, we don't have much time left.

There is only positions in

There is only positions in this movement. Those who seek to divide us - and those who call for unity of ACTION.

There are those here who continually want to bait me into debating controlled demolition of no-planes -or the Pentagon

I have on more than one occasion given my opinions on each of these issues.

but - if you guys can't see that we are on the cusp of a full-blown world war, with the POSSIBILITY of a widening war in the middle east that could spiral into a catastrophic series of events - then i am unsure what is at the core of your activism.

yes - put down your theories. the war in on and millions could die. organize - and stop the in-fighting. you have the numbers - whether you realize it or not.

I was just going to E-mail

I was just going to E-mail my senator when I saw this on his web page.

Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold
On the Hezbollah Attacks on Israel
July 14, 2006

“I stand firmly with the people of Israel and their government as they defend themselves against these outrageous attacks. The kidnapping of Israeli soldiers and missile attacks against Israeli citizens are unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. The first steps toward establishing peace must begin with the unconditional and immediate return of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers. Lebanon, Syria, Iran and countries throughout the region must also condemn the actions of Hezbollah, Hamas, and other groups committed to blocking the peace process and must take strong actions to return stability to the region immediately.”

How about Israel taking strong actions to regain stability too!

pocky "Well, I dont think

pocky "Well, I dont think people should clean up the WTC7 theory...let's be honest...there was damage to it, fires, and heavy smoke from one side....

Pocky, there is no need for you to exaggurate the damage at WTC-7.

There was very minor damage to it from debris of the nearst tower--350 feet away.

There were some small, scattered fires inside. Set by whom, we don't even know.

The pictures of "heavy smoke on one side" were taken seconds before the implosion. Probably incendiaries like thermite that were used for the implosion.

Doug, I'm disappointed in


I'm disappointed in Feingold's statement.

Hi John, thanks for stopping

Hi John, thanks for stopping by!!!

Planehuggers are playing

Planehuggers are playing with all our future...

From psyOP and population control to "WW4"

Gingrich wants "WW3" before 9/11 anniversary
Let's face it, it's WWIII, Gingrich says
Sunday, July 16, 2006

"...Bush should call a joint session of Congress the first week of September and talk about global military conflicts in much starker terms than have been heard from the president..."