Colorado Woman Loses 9/11 Case.

Local woman explains conspiracy views of 9/11

Judith Pfeif, known by many for her stance against The Durango Herald in a June small-claims court case, spoke of ulterior motives, high-level corruption and government conspiracy behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in an interview this week.

The Durango woman sued the Herald for $7,500 to pay for what she says were efforts to expose inside-job theories about the cause of the Sept. 11 attacks. In June, 6th Judicial District Court Magistrate Douglas S. Walker ruled for the defendant, citing constitutional and case law upholding freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Pfeif has decided against an appeal but maintains that mainstream newspapers have shirked their responsibility to investigate and publish information alleging government complicity in the attacks.

"I've taken the initiative to provide information, and as a member of the United States of America, I would expect more balanced reporting," she said Wednesday. "I feel like it's a unilateral perception right now, and it's brainwashing in our community." ...

... Bruce Coley, a Durango resident who attended the June trial to support Pfeif, says he has come across 50 to 75 people in the city who have expressed doubts about "the official story." Coley said he approached Richard Ballantine, publisher of the Herald and a defendant in the June lawsuit, during the trial...

...He said he is disappointed in the lack of mainstream media coverage. "You have to dig on the Internet to find this out. That's what's disappointing. If newspapers would take that responsibility on and have a lead role, they could expose people to it and let them decide for themselves," he said...


at least she tried. we all

at least she tried. we all could have guessed how it would have played out, but this woman deserves thanks for at least trying.

That sucks. At least we know

That sucks. At least we know there are journalists whom are working for mainstream press out there trying to expose us govt's complicity on 9/11 to the public.

9/11 was a new pearl harbor,

9/11 was a new pearl harbor, in that it has precipitated WWIII.

This morning Newt Gingrich announced that this is WWIII on Meet the Press. Joe Biden (Democrat) seated to his immediate right DID NOT dispute Mr. Gingrich. He simply declined to agree with "his analogy".

Now is a time for serious WORLDWIDE PRAYER.

Interesting... Gingrich


Gingrich argues that Bush should declare WWIII. But not until the first week of September?

How odd.

Bush had already

Bush had already unofficially declared that "war on terror" was the beginning of WWIII a while ago. Can't find link.

Hi all, here is the latest

Hi all, here is the latest article from Carol. (Carol Brouillet) Check it out. It's a good one...

Gingrich is scum.

Gingrich is scum.

Ankush Khardori: Arlen

Ankush Khardori: Arlen Specter's Sham NSA Surveillance Bill Ankush Khardori
Sat Jul 15, 5:08 PM ET

After a week in which we saw an across-the-board failing on the part of reporters at the nation's top newspapers to report accurately on Arlen Specter's NSA surveillance bill, the Washington Post has published a strong, must-read editorial that debunks the lies and half-truths in circulation thanks to Arlen Specter, his staff, and countless administration officials.

ever notice how Arlen Specter always plays the role of "centrist" republican thats willing to "investigate"?the magic bullet pushing jackass always covers the governments asses in the end. remember how he refused to put Alberto Gonzolez under oath? and how he failed to do the same for the oil executives? and how he basically created the "magic bullet" theory? screw you Arlen...........

Putin Suspects Israel of

Putin Suspects Israel of Pursuing Wider Goals in Lebanon Attack

MosNews | July 16 2006

President Vladimir Putin said he thinks Israel is pursuing wider goals in its military campaign against Lebanon than the return of its two captured soldiers, the Associated Press news agency reports.

“However complicated the questions are, maximum efforts must be applied to resolve the situation in a peaceful way and I think all efforts have not been exhausted,” Putin said early Sunday.

“However, it is our impression that aside from seeking to return the abducted soldiers, Israel is pursuing wider goals,” he said at a midnight news conference after a dinner opening the summit of the Group of Eight industrialized nations. He did not elaborate.

if this really is WW3, you can expect much more of this from Putin.thats obviously a very good thing.

Ahmadinejad: Israeli State

Ahmadinejad: Israeli State on Par with Nazis
Saturday July 15th 2006, 3:13 pm

In America, where the Christian Zionists are now praying for more mass murder in Lebanon so they can entertain their pretrib nonsense, the corporate media is not only underestimating the number of dead (see the Wayne Madsen Report), they also refuse to report the horrific nature of the Israeli terror bombings, akin to the Nazi Luftwaffe terror bombing against the Basque city of Guernica.

If you have a strong stomach, take a look at this page over at the Angry Arab News Service. Hanady Salman, an editor at As-Safir, took photographs of the gruesome and criminal result of Israelis targeting civilian vehicles in southern Lebanon.

IranÂ’s Ahmadinejad has

Iran’s Ahmadinejad has it right: Israel’s military strikes on Gaza and Lebanon are no different from tactics used by Adolph Hitler during World War II. “Their methods resemble Hitler’s. When Hitler wanted to launch an attack, he came up with a pretext,” Ahmadinejad said in a speech, reports the Tehran Times. “Zionists say they are Hitler’s victims, but they have the same nature as Hitler,” or at least the Zionists in control of Israel are no different than Hitler.

he is absolutely right.its no wonder he understands 9/11 was an inside job.i dont like how he assumes all of Hitlers victims are "zionists" though.thats bullshit.

Good for her. Her attempt

Good for her. Her attempt was admirable to say the least.

I feel like for years I've

I feel like for years I've read statements from other govt's leaders (Putin, Hussein, Ahmadinejad, etc) and AGREED with them!
It's sad when you trust other govts that are supposedly on the "other side."

thats the whole point of

thats the whole point of demonizing them(though many of them do this on their own as well)R.look at the demonization of Hugo Chavez, who is far more "democratic" and honest than anyone in this current regime that runs us.based on U.S. propaganda, you would think hes the second coming of Hitler.the scum that runs us never fails to sieze on an oppurtunity to hark back to WW2 and compare all of their "enemies" to Hitler.pretty ironic considering the sources of these comparisons.i see Rummy ALWAYS using the WW2 analogies.Rumsfeld and the like idolize Hitler secretly.

Is there any consensus up in

Is there any consensus up in here on the phone calls? I tried to chime on on this thread on another board.

Good for her. Her attempt

Good for her. Her attempt was admirable to say the least.
Jon Gold | Homepage | 07.16.06 - 11:49 am | #

Few, if any, chicken-shit judges are going to make waves by ruling in favor of a truther in any case.

Al, I really don't believe

Al, I really don't believe any cell calls got through (or were even made), especially on that 5-year's ago technology.

I'm totally suspecious about the UA93 calls, because these were well after the towers were hit. By that time, most of the country's cell networks were hopelessly overloaded with calls.

(I think even land-line

(I think even land-line networks were overloaded by that time, especially long-distance calls.)^

i worked for a wireless

i worked for a wireless sales company in 2001 during 911 (we dealt with ATT, Cingular, Verizon, and Sprint) and most phones were dual mode analog/digital and the business was just about to start booming. I also have a hard time believing that these calls could be made very far off the ground.

As I said previously on this

As I said previously on this matter:

Concerning the matter of suing this paper, the Durango Herald, there is only one sense in which I could see supporting such an action. This sense in which I speak of is that the mainstream major media are thoroughly inflitrated by their respective governments, i.e., they are de facto nationalized, much like Pravda under the U.S.S.R.

If the Durango Herald were actually a private entity not under the control of the U.S. government, then suing it for not publishing something that one wants would be utterly wrong, even if the subject one wants it to publish were true and very important. For in that case they would have a right to do whatever thay wanted to do with their own property, so long as they respect everyone else's same-self right.

But since the mainstream major media are not in fact independent, but are in fact agents of their respective governments, I don't shed a tear over them getting sued for being the willingly controlled and payed-off toadies they are. At least not in principle, I don't.

Though, there is another aspect to this case, and just as important. This aspect is the notion that a company can be sued for not publishing something that some person or group wants them to publish. Governments would love to establish this precedent, for then it would give them another avenue in which to control desenting thoughts.

Even if it were made clear that the reason a publisher is being sued is because they are an agent of their respective government, and hence not genuinely a private entity, it would be very easy for governments to pervert such a precedent for their own gain. So in all, from a strategic point of view, such a lawsuit as this will probably have the potential to do more harm than good to the cause of truth.

A better strategy for us would be to shame those who don't speak up for the truth. This strategy requires no arms or might--let alone *government* arms and might (such as in a lawsuit as this). It simply requires us to point out to others who the willing, spineless toadies in the media are.

I wish the Iranian leader

I wish the Iranian leader wouldnt support the holocaust is a myth nonsense, because so much of what he says makes sense.

He said 9/11 coul dnot have been carried out without internal intellgience agencies

He said the Zionists claim to be the victims of Hitler(but they hide behind Judaism) when they are pulling Hitler like tactics. At least he admits Hitler was an evil scumbag!

I aint cool with the government of Iran, lets make that clear. What they did to that Candian woman a few years ago was horrendous. Also, to publicly state the holocaust was a myth pisses me off. But, the leader of Iran makes good points.

also, why do people hate on Hugo? You dont become popular from pulling oppressive stuff as the US claims.

Some say all the countries are part of some new world order scheme, but I see Russia and China on an opposing fractured side of the globalists, in line with Pakistan. Again, if there is a WW3 like so many globalists dream of...who would stand with the US? Because the US is now seen as the aggressor.

I laud her efforts, but I

I laud her efforts, but I think a better strategy would have been to organize a consumer boycott against the newspaper.

Plus I do think that (private-owned) media have the right to publish what they want, i.e. including the right to not publish what they don't want.