NYPD Member on MySpace

Check it out here:


A few excerpts:

I'm a former NYC police officer, now retired in my 30's thanks to 9/11.

I honestly believe GOVERNMENT complacency had a hand in ALLOWING 9/11 to happen. Someone also allowed LARRY SILVERSTEIN make a profit of 4 BILLION dollars by demolishing his own buildings.

I am not a conspiracy theorist.

The conspiracy can be found in the story that the media, and our government are trying to sell to us.

I was there that morning on 9/11, I heard it all, and I saw it all, nuff said.

George W Bush thinks he is a king, and should be THROWN out of office.

This is not the America I grew up in under this selfish billionaire.

I just found out I might be dying from Pulmonary Fibrosis, as a result of breathing the air at Ground Zero for over a month.

uncovering 911 will never be

uncovering 911 will never be allowed.

There is a deep bond between covert-murderers (intelligence agencies), military, banks and old money.

It's near impossible to expose and ELIMINATE the spook-murder-banker OWNERS of this world... unless you
are in power.

We need elections (and binding referenda) that work for us ..


"I just found out I might be

"I just found out I might be dying from Pulmonary Fibrosis, as a result of breathing the air at Ground Zero for over a month."

This makes me really mad! :(

Ha, look what happens when

Ha, look what happens when you google Jons name.


I am extremely saddened to

I am extremely saddened to hear of the former officers illness.

I'll take his LIHOP theory one step further:

9/11 truth is based on an enormous pattern, practice, & series of inexplicable & preposterous events that occurred before, during, & after 9/11! All of these taken together are irrefutable proof that 9/11 was an inside job.

Check out the links on his

Check out the links on his page, I'd say he's much further along than LIHOP.

Where are the trolls?? Shouldn't they be attacking this hero and member of the FDNY for his political views? Calling him a tinfoil hat wearing nutcase, stuff like that??

The paid opposition to the 9/11 Truth movement better think long and hard of who they are working for and who they are protecting, because they couldn't care less for you.

Yeah I agree, I think he's

Yeah I agree, I think he's hip to what's really going on.

Don't you worry sbg, they'll show up. They always do.

Here is a Great article that

Here is a Great article that needs to be spread Far and Wide

Conspiracy and Closed Minds on 9/11

Morgan Reynolds
March 15, 2006

Printer friendly copy of this article available here.
While more Americans doubt the 9/11 story every week, evidence abounds that many have a mental block against

rational examination of the evidence about 9/11. The possibility that it was an inside job is a non-starter for

them. Programmed “cut outs” insure that 9/11 doubts are consigned to the “conspiracy” closet.
Last June I was explaining the fuss over my 9/11 article to a family member who shall remain anonymous and he

interrupted and said, “I don’t want to talk about it.” Millions join him in that sentiment. By implication they

might as well say: “I’d rather cling to the official 9/11 myth” = “If mass murderers run free, I’m fine with

that” = “If 9/11 was an inside job, then I’m ruled by monsters and I might have to do something about it, I’d

rather watch Paris Hilton.”
Where does this passive attitude come from? Causes are many but American indoctrination has two sides that

figure prominently in the explanation:

• Belief in “American Exceptionalism”
• Disbelief in conspiracy

The first belief massages the American ego that we are heroes, always the good guys in history, and we can

trust our government to be the same. The second steers us clear of subversive theories and thwarts connecting

the dots. American exceptionalism is Civics 101, the Disneyfication of U.S. history, the “we’re so good”

formula, “those stupid romances commonly called history.” Like no other nation in history, we are an

unparalleled success, goes the story. With American self-esteem unrivalled, denial about 9/11 is hardly

surprising. Conventional wisdom, in effect, says Yes, criminal gangs have ruled in other nations from time to

time, perhaps always, but it has never happened here and cannot happen here. Evidence to the contrary is bogus,

I do not have to even look at it. For one thing, I vote. We are the worldÂ’s greatest duh-mocracy. In fact, I

voted for Bush-Cheney (or that other skull-and-bones candidate from Yale, I forget). I am fully invested with

the regime and IÂ’m not a criminal or traitor, so Bush-Cheney must not be either. After all, we the people are

the government. Criminals and traitors do not look like us either, they look like Arabs, Germans, Japanese,

Besides, conspiracy theories are little more than a symptom of a mental disease. Such asinine theories stem

from delusion and paranoia, not objective reality. On its face, it is preposterous to believe that the U.S.

government would attack its own people. History is about accidents, bungling, lone nuts, chaos and coincidence,

not planning, cause-and-effect, execution and cover-ups.
False Flag Terrorism
Americans know a great deal that just is not so. The hidden history of false-flag terrorism is key, followed by

trained aversion to conspiracy. When bad things happen on a large scale, chances are that an important group of

people wanted them to happen and made them happen.
Governments throughout history have provoked or staged attacks on their own people to serve the powers behind

the throne (“the money power”), glorify themselves, engage in vast government spending, reward friends, exert

domestic control, stimulate the juices of war, annex neighbors and pursue vast geostrategic rearrangements (the

“global domination project”). A few examples:

• Nero burned Rome to blame the Christans A.D. 64
• US provoked Mexican-American war 1846
• USS Maine sinking 1898
• Lusitania sinking 1915
• Reichstag fire 1933
• Hitler’s staged attack on the Gleiwitz radio station 1939
• The “surprise attack” at Pearl Harbor 1941
• Bay of Pigs conspiracy 1961
• Operation Northwoods 1962
• LBJ’s Gulf of Tonkin conspiracy 1964
• Kuwaiti baby incubator hoax 1991
• Bush Jr.’s 9/11, yellow cake and WMD scams

Ruthless though plotters be, the basic principle “is as mundane as insurance fraud,” as Webster G. Tarpley

writes (9/11 Synthetic Terror, 2005, p. 104), and nicely illustrated by the obscure hoax that started World War

II. Hitler wanted to invade Poland but knew the German majority did not support war, so a group of hapless

German convicts was dressed up in Polish army uniforms (by TarpleyÂ’s account, also see these variations),

marched to the Gleiwitz radio station, machine gunned to death, arranged as if storming the building, and Nazi

agents read an anti-German statement in Polish declaring Polish forces had invaded Gleiwitz and taken over the

radio station. With this farce and related border stunts, Hitler invaded Poland the next day, September 1,

1939. “Wag the dog” anyone?
Errors about Conspiracy
Many Americans know that the JFK, RFK, MLK and other assassinations were inside jobs, and NixonÂ’s Watergate and

ReaganÂ’s Iran-Contra are proven conspiracies with criminal convictions. Blatant government murder of U.S.

citizens occurred at Waco, Ruby Ridge and the Oklahoma City bombing. Yet fools and liars argue that the scale

of 9/11 was too big to be an inside job because it would involve so many people. A conspirator would surely

squeal and we would hear about it, goes the argument, and that has not happened.
JFK’s triangulation murder involved hundreds and nobody “ratted” that out in any substantial way, although Jack

Ruby was close before he was found dead in his cell and dozens of deaths surrounded the case. HereÂ’s how large,

inside conspiracies work:

• Conspiracies—partnerships in crime—are common: a corner drug deal is a conspiracy and one in four federal

prosecutions include a conspiracy charge.
• Hundreds rather than thousands probably were necessary to pull off the 9/11 psychological operation.
• Many conspirators are ideologues committed to the idea that the 9/11 hoax would serve the interests of the

nation. Worthy ends justify murderous means to this crowd. The human cost of 9/11 turned out to be “only” a

monthÂ’s highway fatality toll and served the magnificent ends of starting a global war on terror, two invasions

and more to come, billions more in defense spending, torture, new agencies, “Patriot” controls, domestic

spying, enormous new contracts, more debt and many other attractive consequences.
• Many participants are cunning sociopaths (amoral) with the mindset of stone cold killers. They wear a suit or

military uniform but have no respect for the lives of the “little people.” They are ruthless, witness the fool

in the White House: “But all in all, it’s been a fabulous year for Laura and me,” a tone-deaf president

declared in a December, 2001 interview.
• Only the trustworthy are at the center of the hub-spoke-and-wheel compartmentalization necessary in a complex

conspiracy. Only the arrogant few at the hub know the big picture before hand.
• The most secretive regime in U.S. history puts a huge premium on personal loyalty and gets it.
• Most participants did not know in advance how “over-the-top” the twin tower demolitions were going to be.

That job probably was contracted out to ruthless foreigners. Once done, itÂ’s too late to get out.
• Any participant would hesitate to squeal after the event because disbelief, disgrace and grief would follow,

at a minimum, anyway. The major media, inside 9/11 from the start, would discredit squealers, as necessary.
• Risk-taking behavior is always greater in groups than for lone individuals (psychology 101).
• Once involved in the plot, everyone is “in for good.’
• Conspirators face no threat of arrest, prosecution and punishment by the government’s justice system, a

proven fact since government and media obstructed and trashed New Orleans district attorney Jim GarrisonÂ’s JFK

investigation and prosecution.
• Controllers discipline participants through $billions in black budgets and drug money, death threats,

assassination and black mail.
• Blatant and repeated resistance against truthful investigations, aided by obstruction of justice and abetted

by media silencio, prove there is a lot to hide.

Consider one control technique among many: a very high CIA official died a few years ago and on good authority

I know that he had a 7/24 CIA presence to protect against a deathbed confession in front of Hospice personnel.

“I’m not into conspiracy theories,” says filmmaker Michael Moore, “only those that are true.”
The fundamental difficulty is not really disbelief about the ability to keep conspiracy secrets but disbelief

that U.S. government officials could really collaborate in attacking America and take all those innocent lives

at the World Trade Center. This is naïve. First, government is the instrument of social compulsion. Organized

force is what government does. The belief that soft-hearted people rise to the top in government is akin to the

belief that softies were whipping masters on slave plantations. Second, setting WTC bombs could easily have

been contracted out to Mossad, otherwise known as “executioner to the world.” Killing? It’s what we do (because

this is “life or death for Israel,” blah, blah). Third, people are taught that they control their government

and live in a duh-mocracy but all governments are run by insiders, usually permanent and dominated by the

paymasters. When policy or personnel really matter, international bankers call the tune for modern governments

daily dependent on them for new loans and refinance of the old. These financiers look out for themselves and

believe in a New World Order, a one-government world, and have no allegiance to America or its founding

principles. Fourth, the U.S. military oath requires an oath-taker to “support and defend the Constitution of

"The paid opposition to the

"The paid opposition to the 9/11 Truth movement better think long and hard of who they are working for and who they are protecting, because they couldn't care less for you. somebigguy"...........No truer words were ever spoken. All of us, including their hatchet men, are just useless eaters in their minds. Either we break the bonds of oppression or the human race will go the way of the dinosaur.


I went to my local police

I went to my local police and fire dept today to see if anyone would be willing to do an interview, and the response from both was that they would need permission from their "high-ups" in order to partake in it. Sorry.

I also went to my local

I also went to my local National Guard barracks, and asked if anyone would like to do an interview, and they told me there's mounds of paperwork they have to fill out in order to do it.

Gotta love the anti-Alex

Gotta love the anti-Alex Jones crew:


"I just found out I might be

"I just found out I might be dying from Pulmonary Fibrosis, as a result of breathing the air at Ground Zero for over a month."

This is utterly tragic- and God only knows how many thousands (or tens of thousands) more New Yorkers will ultimately succumb to utterly avoidable illnesses.

One does have to assume that as more firefighters, police, and emergency workers become aware of their illnesses, that the likelihood of whistleblowers emerging will increase dramatically. Many within these various groups are staying quiet because of intimidation from higher-ups, or outside forces. Yet when faced with the prospects of a greatly-shortened lifespan, the leverage of potential intimidators will dramatically lessen, just as certainly as the outrage will build.

I admire the courage of this officer and hope it will encourage others near him to take a similar stand.

For those who are

For those who are interested...

S. King Vs. Jon Gold

Everything is documented. He refused the debate. Next time he comes around, just remind him of this.

Alex Jones Denies Israel

Alex Jones Denies Israel Carried Out 911

Israel & the U.S.A. are certainly partners in crimes, but I don't see how Israel could make NORAD stand down on 9/11!

How could the EPA &

How could the EPA & Christine Todd Whitman tell such barefaced lies!!!

Common sense alone dictates that if you have super-heated metals, smoldering plastics of all sorts, 50,000 pulverized old-fashioned computer monitors, tons & tons of asbestos dust everywhere, shit still fuming & smoking all over the place....

How the hell could you NOT expect people there to become gravely ill????

Jon Gold wrote, "Everything

Jon Gold wrote,

"Everything is documented. He refused the debate. Next time he comes around, just remind him of this."

I reminded Jon that there is nothing to debate since he still refuses to back up his assertions that Bush was responsible for blowing up buildings and crashing planes.

Just like he avoided doing here last week.

It's all documented. Funny how the truth always catches up with Jon Gold.

Deny proof weapons that can

Deny proof weapons that can alter molecular bonds were used?

Deny proof weapons that can alter molecular bonds were used?

Deny proof weapons that can alter molecular bonds were used?

Maybe black humour:

I'm glad at US sheeple sacrifice for:

- educate about empire
- expensive oil=good for environ
- 911 uncover=hierarchy undoing

Sorry, a bit off

Sorry, a bit off topic.

some interesting reading, to say the least.

Where are the Jersey Girls?

Where are the Jersey Girls? if ann coulter is going to slander them every chance she gets, why not jst come out and say 9/11 is inside job

Steven Jones will be on

Steven Jones will be on Webster Tarpley's show at around 6:00 p.m. eastern.

Tarpley on top form so

Tarpley on top form so far:-)

ahahaha proxy jumpers are

ahahaha proxy jumpers are for cowards.

I know 9/11 was the cover up

I know 9/11 was the cover up of the 21st century. I have... no doubt that our government was responsible for 9/11 resulting in tens of thousand of innocents deaths thanks to 9/11 itself as well as the wars that were raged as a result.

Thanks Craig for your blog. You told your story honestly without making yourself out to be some kind of 9/11 hero.

Seriously folks, what if you were like Craig and risked your life as a firefighter on 9/11 or were a family member of a 9/11 victim, and you KNEW THE TRUTH ABOUT 9/11? If I was either, I would be shouting from the rooftops, not giving a crap about being "suicided". As it is now, I do get a bit scared everytime I post about my 9/11 thoughts. Call me paranoid, as I rightfully am.


to me THE ERUPTING DUST is proof of exotic weapons

You won't see more than a

You won't see more than a token attack of any LIHOP theories, because it's what they want to come out, eventually... when the time is right.

Where are the Jersey Girls?

Where are the Jersey Girls? if ann coulter is going to slander them every chance she gets, why not jst come out and say 9/11 is inside job
Anonymous | 07.15.06 - 5:06 pm | #
Because the Jersey Girls... are not on our side. (Shhhh.) Which is why Ann Coulter attacked them, instead of attacking someone who IS, and putting THEM in the spotlight.

This comment has been

This comment has been removed from this thread, it can be viewed in its entirety here:


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Meanwhile, back in the Real

Meanwhile, back in the Real World, that which routinely passes you by:


Getting Ready

We are now in the period preceding major conventional operations.

Israel is in the process of sealing the Lebanese coast. They have disrupted Lebanese telecommunications, although they have not completely collapsed the structure. Israeli aircraft are attacking Hezbollah's infrastructure and road system. In the meantime, Hezbollah, aware it is going to be hit hard, is in a use-it or-lose-it scenario, firing what projectiles it can into Israel.

The Israeli strategy appears to be designed to do two things. First, the Israelis are trying to prevent any supplies from entering Lebanon, including reinforcements. That is why they are attacking all coastal maritime facilities. Second, they are degrading the roads in Lebanon. That will keep reinforcements from reaching Hezbollah fighters engaged in the south. As important, it will prevent the withdrawal and redeployment of heavy equipment deployed by Hezbollah in the south, particularly their rockets, missiles and launchers. The Israelis are preparing the battlefield to prevent a Hezbollah retreat or maneuver.

Hezbollah's strategy has been imposed on it. It seems committed to standing and fighting. The rate of fire they are maintaining into Israel is clearly based on an expectation that Israel will be attacking. The rocketry guarantees the Israelis will attack. Hezbollah has been reported to have anti-tank and anti-air weapons. The Israelis will use airmobile tactics to surround and isolate Hezbollah concentrations, but in the end, they will have to go in, engage and defeat Hezbollah tactically. Hezbollah obviously knows this, but there is no sign of disintegration on its part. At the very least, Hezbollah is projecting an appetite for combat. Sources in Beirut, who have been reliable to this point, say Hezbollah has weapons that have not yet been seen, such as anti-aircraft missiles, and that these will be used shortly. Whatever the truth of this, Hezbollah does not seem to think its situation is hopeless.

The uncertain question is Syria. No matter how effectively Israel seals the Lebanese coast, so long as the Syrian frontier is open, Hezbollah might get supplies from there, and might be able to retreat there. So far, there has been only one reported airstrike on a Syrian target. Both Israel and Syria were quick to deny this.

What is interesting is that it was the Syrians who insisted very publicly that no such attack took place. The Syrians are clearly trying to avoid a situation in which they are locked into a confrontation with Israel. Israel might well think this is the time to have it out with Syria as well, but Syria is trying very hard not to give Israel casus belli. In addition, Syria is facilitating the movement of Westerners out of Lebanon, allowing them free transit. They are trying to signal that they are being cooperative and nonaggressive.

The problem is this: While Syria does not want to get hit and will not make overt moves, so long as the Syrians cannot guarantee supplies will not reach Hezbollah or that Hezbollah won't be given sanctuary in Syria, Israel cannot complete its mission of shattering Hezbollah and withdrawing. They could be drawn into an Iraq-like situation that they absolutely don't want. Israel is torn. On the one hand, it wants to crush Hezbollah, and that requires total isolation. On the other hand, it does not want the Syrian regime to fall. What comes after would be much worse from Israel's point of view.

This is the inherent problem built into Israel's strategy, and what gives Hezbollah some hope. If Israel does not attack Syria, Hezbollah could well survive Israel's attack by moving across the border. No matter how many roads are destroyed, Israel won't be able to prevent major Hezbollah formations moving across the border. If they do attack Syria and crush al Assad's government, Hezbollah could come out of this stronger than ever.

Judging from the airstrikes in the past 24 hours, it would appear Israel is trying to solve the problem tactically, by degrading Lebanese transport facilities. That could increase the effectiveness of the strategy, but in the end cannot be sufficient. We continue to think Israel will choose not to attack Syria directly and therefore, while the invasion will buy time, it will not solve the problem. Hezbollah certainly expects to be badly hurt, but it does not seem to expect to be completely annihilated. We are guessing, but our guess is that they are reading Israel's views on Syria and are betting that, in the long run, they will come out stronger. Of course, Israel knows this and therefore may have a different plan for Syria. At any rate, this is the great unknown in this campaign.

The other unknown is the withdrawal of Western nationals from Lebanon. We have received very reliable reports from sources in Lebanon who assure us Hezbollah does not intend to renew hostage taking, which is deemed an old and nonproductive strategy. These same sources have reported splits in Hezbollah over how aggressive it should be. We believe Hezbollah has no current plans for hostage taking. We are not convinced, however, that in the course of the battle it will not change its mind, or that with weakened central control elements, elements of Hezbollah will take hostages as a bargaining chip. Regardless of what Hezbollah is saying now, hostage taking must be taken seriously as a possibility.

The U.S. Embassy in Beirut is now saying plans are being developed in concert with the U.S. Defense Department for extracting U.S. nationals from Lebanon. A convoy scheduled to travel from the American University of Beirut to Amman, Jordan, via Syria, was cancelled at the last moment, with participants being told that the embassy has other plans.

There are said to be 25,000 U.S. citizens in Lebanon, but many of these are Lebanese-American dual nationals who actually live in Lebanon as Lebanese. These are less visible, less at risk and have greater resources for survival. The most at-risk Americans are those who hold only U.S. papers and are clearly American, such as employees of American companies, students studying at Lebanese universities and tourists. There is no clear count of these high-risk nationals, nor is there a count on high-risk nationals from other non-Islamic countries. There are thousands, however, and getting them out will be difficult.

The U.S. Embassy is considering flying them to Cyprus. That would mean an air bridge from Beirut International Airport, where a single runway has been opened, to Cyprus, a short flight away. The United States will not do this while Beirut is under attack, so it will ask the Israelis to create a safe zone and air corridor during the evacuation. But the threat on the ground is real, and we suspect the United States will send troops in to secure the perimeter and surrounding areas against shoulder-launched missiles. They will also keep the precise timing secret, although thousands of people in Lebanon -- the evacuees -- will know it is coming.

There was a Marine Expeditionary Force on maneuvers in the Red Sea a few days ago. We do not know where they are now, but they had 2,200 marines on board -- the right number to secure extraction. We suspect aircraft will be chartered from airlines in the region and that some U.S. Air Force and allied aircraft might also be used. Doubtless, the United States is busy organizing it. Given that the United States cancelled several ad hoc withdrawals, it must be highly confident it has the process nailed; we would expect this operation to get going sometime Sunday. Assuming aircraft that can carry any average of 200 people (purely arbitrary), 50-100 flights could get everyone out. Assuming that everyone can be notified and can get to Beirut International Airport. That won't happen. The remainder who are at risk will probably be advised to move into Christian areas east and northeast of Beirut and to keep their heads down for the duration. It is also possible that discussion of Cyprus notwithstanding, the path will be through Syria, but we doubt that.

In the meantime, that Israel has not sent major ground units into Lebanon yet (lots of small units are operating there) but is taking rocket attacks and hunkering down indicates it does not plan to act piecemeal. If we were to guess, the main thrust would likely begin late Sunday night or Monday morning. They will be ready by then. Of course we are not privy to Israeli operations, so it could be delayed 24-48 hours to give forces a chance to gear up. But given the Hezbollah bombardment, the Israelis are under pressure to move sooner rather than later.

We are in a relatively quiet spell (emphasis on quiet). Both sides have made their strategic decisions. Both know how the war will be fought. Hezbollah thinks it can give as good as it will get for a while, and will ultimately be able to regroup for a guerrilla war against the Israelis. Israel thinks it can immobilize and crush Hezbollah quickly and decisively and will be able to withdraw. Both sides know Syria is the wild card, and neither is quite sure how it will play its hand. One side is wrong in its expectations about the outcome. That's the nature of war.

How can the Jersey girls not

How can the Jersey girls not be on our side? Surely if my spouse had died in 9/11, it would become my life's mission to expose the truth.

Where are they? Why should I give a damn if they dont?


I've seen how firefighter,

I've seen how firefighter, police, whistleblowers, survivors, you name it have been slandered, fired, defamed, threatened etc for speaking out.
"Why isnt there more whistleblowers"...there is. There is a lot. And sadly we see what happens when people like Sibel Edmonds/Behfooz, LKt. Anthony Schaefer, etc speak out.

As angry as what happened to this cop and April Gallop makes me, I know they are but the tip of the iceberg.

The people calling us conspiracy fools don't care about people like this, or the thousands of Iraqi and Afghani dead. All they do is attack, attack, belittle, slander, attack. They've shown their hand.

What S King and other heartless cowards dont realize, as that we fight to expose 9/11 because it truly is the pandora's box of all the wrongdoing and evil justified by that event in the eyes of the government.

How can the Jersey girls not

How can the Jersey girls not be on our side? Surely if my spouse had died in 9/11, it would become my life's mission to expose the truth.
Where are they? Why should I give a damn if they dont?
Chris Rose | Homepage | 07.15.06 - 10:07 pm |

Anyone who has been so deeply involved in 9/11 information as the Jersey Girls has to know, or must have extremely powerful suspicions, that 9/11 was an inside job.

Some possible reasons they might not be coming forward with the truth are:

1. They have been threatened.

2. They have been paid off a huge sum of cash in addition to the "hush money" everyone received after 9/11.

3. They are agents/plants who didn't actually loose husbands on 9/11. Their job was to run interference for the 9/11 Commission, and then wimp-out after the bullshit report was released.

I know if my

I know if my mother/father/son/daughter/wife clung to a tower 1,000 feet in the air like a smoked ham, and then fell to his/her grusome death, I would scream bloody fucking murder every day at the top of my lungs until people listened to me!!!

Where are the Jersey Girls?

Where are the Jersey Girls? if ann coulter is going to slander them every chance she gets, why not jst come out and say 9/11 is inside job
Anonymous | 07.15.06 - 5:06 pm | #
Because the Jersey Girls... are not on our side. (Shhhh.) Which is why Ann Coulter attacked them, instead of attacking someone who IS, and putting THEM in the spotlight.
Rumpl4skn | 07.15.06 - 7:24 pm | #

Damn good question & response!!!

And believe you me when a

And believe you me when a LOT of the 9/11 families AND survivors are LIHOP or MIHOP.

I just got an e-mail from a

I just got an e-mail from a good friend who lived across from the Towers when they came down. She is still angry about what happened and she didn't loose anyone on 9/11. Like myself she can't get 9/11 out of her mind. She knows it was an inside job and I am sure the Jersey Girls also know. She will be back in the Bay Area at the end of the month and after I talk to her I will post a report on what the feeling is in NY.

what a great guy. this is

what a great guy. this is tragic if he really is dying.

" She knows it was an inside

" She knows it was an inside job and I am sure the Jersey Girls also know."

No, she doesn't. She may "think" it was, but she doesn't "know" it was. Neither do any of you.

i respect the Jersey Girls,

i respect the Jersey Girls, but to be honest, im very dissapointed in them.various MSM appearences and they walk on egg shells and play it safe every goddamn time.

The Jersey Girls need to

The Jersey Girls need to speak out NOW, not 50 years later!

I might know who this is! I

I might know who this is! I have been feeding info about 9-11 to a retired cop from N.Y. He maybe the same one! Good guy who now believes totally 9-11 was an inside job! Will ask him if this is him!

I think people don't want to

I think people don't want to admit 9-11 was an inside job BECAUSE that would mean they would have to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Comepletely agree with you

Comepletely agree with you annoymous. A lot easier to put a "support outr troops" sticker on your car.

Hey what do you guys think

Hey what do you guys think of http://www.cloakeddagger.com/ and http://www.osindex.net/ ?