Steve Jones on Tarpley - TODAY

Sorry about the short notice.

I noticed in the comments bin that Prof. Steve Jones is reported to be a guest on Webster Tarpley's "World Crisis Radio". He's supposed to be on at 5pm Central.

You can listen to a live stream here.

Either way, Tarpley puts on one of the most interesting shows in Radio.

EDIT: RBN is usually very fast with their archive updates, look for today's show here.

Bush blushes when Putin

If you miss the Tarpley

If you miss the Tarpley stream you can download it here later. I am sure Tarpley will have some interesting observations about the situation in the Middle East.

from wayne madison

from wayne madison report:

July 15/16, 2006 -- EXCLUSIVE TO WMR. Our U.S. intelligence sources in Lebanon have exclusively reported to us the extent of Israel's Blitzkrieg attack on Lebanon, which has destroyed most of the country's critical infrastructures. Beirut International Airport's newly-restored terminal, where many passengers, including Americans, were stranded after the Israelis carpet bombed the runway during flight operations, was bombed in the latest Israeli attack. Israel has turned Lebanon into another Iraq -- there is no electricity and airports, roads, and bridges have been knocked out across the country. Israel has even bombed small ports preventing civilians from escaping to Cyprus. CNN and other Israeli lobby-influenced broadcasters are understating the number of civilian casualties in the repeated Israeli attacks. CNN's Washington bureau is editorially controlled by Wolf Blitzer, a one time employee of the Jerusalem Post and American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). According to our U.S. intelligence sources, the numbers of dead are in the hundreds. In south Lebanon, Israeli planes bombed three vans carrying families after they were turned away from a UN outpost while seeking protection. A total of 23 people were killed, including nine small children. The Israeli attacks have been described by various sources in Lebanon as "sub-human," "monstrous," and "animalistic." Our intelligence sources phoned us before what they believe will be the targets of the next wave of Israeli attacks against the nation's telecommunications networks, including cell phone towers and exchanges.

The Israel regime is acting with the full approval of the Bush administration, both regimes that are totally beholden to neo-con interests intent on throwing the entire Middle East into a firestorm of destruction and death.

Israel systematically turning Beirut and the rest of Lebanon into another Iraq.

This is World War 4ever.

This is World War 4ever.

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The convo with Tarpley and

The convo with Tarpley and Jones just winding down.... Good stuff.

We MUST Stop The

We MUST Stop The Madness!:
"Administration To Request Another $110 Billion For Iraq Next Year"
Absolutely nauseating.

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Great interview. Dr. Jones

Great interview. Dr. Jones starts a little slow, but gets cranking in the end. He explains that the sulfur lowers the melting point of steel. Jones thinks that the thermite would be packed in something called solgel. He also promoted the Gordon Ross work here.
The best quote is how he talked to some controlled demolition expert and this guy was like: "controlled demolition does not leave pools of metal." Dr. Jones says it wouldn't take that many people and his estimate is that the towers would only each need 1,000 pounds of superthermite or something to be destroyed. He completely dismisses thermonuclear possibilities based on the forensics.

Dude, calm down. I knew

Dude, calm down. I knew about Zebuhr months ago.

There was contact with the Minneapolis Police Department, and they were aware of his membership with ST911Truth.

If anything, this blog is exposing the crimes of 9-11. Maybe you should keep that in mind first and foremost.



????? Excuse me ?????

David Leakey you make me

David Leakey you make me wonder, not about 911blogger, but about you. 911blogger posted an article in march letting us know what happened to Zebuhr.

Then you post a link to a site, I did read the article, and they say blogger pushes "idiotic" theories.. which is simply not true. They post 9/11 related news and don't push their own views.

I'm not sure if you're a troll or what, but you obviously don't know all the good stuff 911blogger does... or you are just trying to make people think otherwise.

Wow! David Leakey you really

Wow! David Leakey you really blew my high.

"David Leakey you make me

"David Leakey you make me wonder, not about 911blogger, but about you."

You know, just because a site offers open discussion doesn't mean they are promting one theory (exp. blue screen)or another, let alone mean they are "criminal".

Investigating the death of this man is definately worth while. I just wish you would stay more focused on that and stop calling members of some sites "criminals" just because a few may believe in something you don't.

Furthermore, Tonya knows

Furthermore, Tonya knows that I don't snore nearly as loud as the rest of the guys that run this site.

Whatever thats worth, just wanted to put that out there...

The Tarpley-Jones interview

The Tarpley-Jones interview is finally up for those who missed it. You can download it here.

Did anyone ever record

Did anyone ever record and/or post a copy of Jim Fetzer's appearance on Alan Colmes's radio show on Thursday?

Anybody know if there is a

Anybody know if there is a short streaming video or a downloadable video of the molten yellow metal dripping from the South Tower just minutes before its collapse, and what the web address is?

jj111, Here is a YouTube