Another Norway Paper Covers 9/11 Skepticism.

Article title: "The Third Tower"

Dagbladet, Norway’s 3rd largest paper has now covered 9/11 skepticism in a non-adverserial manner. This follows the monthly broadsheet, Le Monde Diplomatique, and Norways’s second largest paper, Aftenposten, a widely distributed tabloid-style paper.

Norway is exposing the US corporate-puppet media’s stance on 9/11 skepticism for what it is... pathetic.

Article roughly translated from the Norwegian by 247X-files. Mirrored here.

Sometimes I forget that the

Sometimes I forget that the world is still "waking" up to this. Because to me, this should be front page on every news paper around the world, ever single day!

So remember folks, go easy on your neighbors.

wow, Norway is on a roll.

wow, Norway is on a roll. Italy has been doing a fair amount of 911 coverage as well. Hopefully if enough foreign media outlets pick this up it will put enough pressure on US media to break the silence. I can sort of see a domino effect coming into play here... Italy now Norway, who's next?

Someone should call this

Someone should call this cabbie and ask him what he say:

I want to share a little

I want to share a little 9/11 truth story.
I went on a road trip with two brothers who have accepted the official version of 9/11 hook, line, and sinker.
When things got quiet I told my son a story about how a long time ago everyone thought the earth was flat and that people who believed it was round were called crazy, but eventually the truth got out because some brave people spoke the truth.
I then explained to him about Galileo and how he was intimidated by the church to recant what he said about the earth revolving around the sun, but how later everyone found out he was right.
My son asked me why people don't want to know the truth and I explained to him that sometimes the truth is scary and goes against what we want to believe. I told him to stick to finding out what the truth is and eventually he would be proven correct.
I have to believe my brothers got the gist of what I was trying to say. I tried to make the analogy fit 9/11 as best I could.

At last rational coverage

At last rational coverage that explains very clearly how labels are used to dissuade people from asking logical questions about what went 'wrong' that day.

Many, many Europeans have family and friends in the US and we have the right to have our concerns answered about exactly how air defenses failed so badly and how those buildings collapsed. Those who name call and derride our motives are behaving like a 'mafia' for the Bush Administration. I for one care more about my family and friends in the US than pleasing morally bankrupt people who don't even try to hide their disdain for the truth - the 9/11 report cannot even survive critical analysis.

Did that article suggest

Did that article suggest that Don Delillo was writing a 9/11 conspiracy novel? I better get cracking.

Please send your thanks to

Please send your thanks to the author of the article. Her name is Pernille Rygg, email:

My feelings for some of the

My feelings for some of the Norwegian newspapers are mixed. And a little pissed.
Their attempt to destroy discussions and hide them away makes me pretty much sick. Especially VG.
When the Breaking News arrives somewhere in the future and they realize its time to jump on the rollercoaster to take part in this "unbelievable news", Im going to tell them a media conspiracy-story, which happened a while ago.
Im almost tempted of saying the best thing they could do when the day arrive, is to shut up and be ashamed.
Actually, I think I will throw up when I see the fancy "journalists" move their fat ass from the celebrety-desk for a change to tell us some real news. Oh dear, where have you been lately? To many weddings and divorces maybe?

BIG credit to those who have done a good job lately!
And a great article by Pernille!

It seems that the media in

It seems that the media in Norway, Finland, Italy, Holland, & a few others have been better at spreading 9/11 truth than the media in the U.S.! God bless them!

As was mentioned on a

As was mentioned on a previous thread, Since Ann Coulter (a/k/a Ava Braun) is verbally bitch-slapping the Jersey Girls with impunity, why don't the Girls counter with MIHOP or at least some LIHOP to get the ball rolling again???

Or are the Jersey Girls really plants who are supposed to fade away now, to make it seem like they're satisfied with the 9/11 Ommission Report???

Way to go, Norway !

Way to go, Norway !

Yes, I am an American who in

Yes, I am an American who in not too proud to admit that we need all the world's help now!!! S.O.S.!!!

Bush & his minions have

Bush & his minions have brazenly wiped the American Flag in the blood of innocent men, women, & children!!! He must be impeached & imprisoned!!!

DHS, dude, what happened to

DHS, dude, what happened to that cabbie's windshield? Never saw that image before, is it related to the Whatever that hit the Pentagon?