Exploiting 9/11 for Political Gain.

How Common Ground of 9/11 Gave Way to Partisan Split

...While terrorism remains a constant threat, it has subsided in the minds of many voters as the principal issue that will determine their vote in November.

Still, a survey experiment commissioned by The Washington Post and conducted by Stanford University communications Prof. Shanto Iyengar showed that, even five years later, visual reminders of the attacks of Sept. 11 can -- modestly -- affect attitudes about Bush, the causes of terrorism and how to combat it.

"The best way of summarizing this pattern of results is that it appears as though President Bush has a 9/11 halo," Iyengar said. "When people see 9/11, they immediately respond more positively to the president. In this context, given that his evaluations are fairly low, what we're saying is, it makes them less negative."

That makes it likely that reminders of those attacks and threats of global terrorism again will be seen in campaign ads for this fall's elections and in 2008. Just as likely, given public attitudes, are images of America's troubles in Iraq, with the first signs coming this month in an Internet ad by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee showing flag-draped coffins of U.S. soldiers.

These images will be put to work in the service of partisan advantage rather than national unity, a far cry from the immediate aftermath of the attacks, when extravagant claims about the lasting effects abounded...

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My site, http://www.truth911.net , is currently being worked on by my friend who's doing a total re-design of the site, so it should look dope in a couple weeks. I still welcome everyone to error check and send in more relevent information to post on my site for the re-design launch.

Mind the gap was a good movie, it'd recomend it all as it goes into a bit more detail than terror storm.

truth911.net: I see nothing


I see nothing about 93 except the claim that it was shot down.

Also, ou need more honest photos of WTC 7:


"Bush has a 9/11

"Bush has a 9/11 halo"...Shouldn't that read "9/11 Demon Horns"?? I mean come on, who are they kidding?? For every person who realizes the truth, his poll numbers are going down. For every person who gets informed, the number of Bush supporters is reduced. More msm nonsense.

I invite any discussion

I invite any discussion regarding 9/11, it will help my Campaign for Congress in '06. Visit my web site to help me out.

Here's a debate that I'm having here in Oklahoma with some staunch Democrats:

That last photo looks as

That last photo looks as though it was taken just after a WTC building fell so that it seems that it is being buffetted by the grey ash like smoke. To suggest that it seems to be issuing from that building is questionable since we can't see what is going on next to it.

I'm not an architect, but

I'm not an architect, but the WTC7 columns must have gone below ground level to support the structure. So the photos showing a ground level hit don't matter. It would have remained standing no matter what.

Just spend 80 minutes

Just spend 80 minutes watching LC2E.

If that doesn't convince you that, at the very least, we need a totally new investigation, done by many IMPARTIAL scientists, criminal investigators, privite detectives, etc., then I don't believe you're being honest.

Quoting the original blog

Quoting the original blog post:

visual reminders of the attacks of Sept. 11 can -- modestly -- affect attitudes about Bush, the causes of terrorism and how to combat it.

"The best way of summarizing this pattern of results is that it appears as though President Bush has a 9/11 halo," Iyengar said. "When people see 9/11, they immediately respond more positively to the president.

Well, DUH! That should be a no-brainer...

The corporate-run-government-controlled corporate media aired horrific, hard-to-turn-away-from images of 9/11 for days, accompanied by vocalizations of The Big Lie. That propaganda took its toll on people's psyche.

Now, like a post-hypnotic suggestion, all anyone needs to do is visually remind people of the horrors of that day, by showing pictures of fireballs and other deadly violence, to reinforce The Big Lie (and the associated smaller one: that we must all stand behind Bush or risk sudden horrible death -- what Hitler considered to be the greatest motivator, BTW).

That is why 911blimp.net avoids such imagery, and wonders about (supposed-)911-truth sites which promote it -- why would any site which claims/pretends to be deconstructing The Big Lie choose to go about reinforcing it so very powerfully like that?

("IMPARTIAL scientist"?????)


IMHO, the best single measure of a 9/11 presentation's value is how
impossible the presenter makes it for people to keep clinging to the
belief that they can blame "Muslim hijackers" for 9/11. Further, if
the presentation tries to advance that unfounded belief (especially
subliminally), then it is acting as government propaganda.


Oh Blimper, can't u and Nico

Oh Blimper, can't u and Nico and all those guys go the way of your holograms and blue screens?

Is the "Inside Job"

Is the "Inside Job" hypothesis itself a COINTELPROO generated

If so, where does the turh lie?

Support for the 911 COINTELPRO hypothesis of Angie at David Ray Griffin Responds & So Do I

1. The terrorist network has always consisted of terrorist mercenaries of small number supported by, funded, and directed by state intelligence sponsors allied with corporate interests. . A neglected paradigm for this organization is the example of Iran-Contra. According to the Walsh report, this was the actions of PRIVATE operatives, not the CIA, or the government, although some inside the government were aware of the operation. Nor was it bank-rolled by the government, the majority of its funding came from wealthy individuals in the US, and from those in Saudi Arabia-none of these individuals were ever prosecuted or named, to my knowledge, indicating their immunity because of involvement in other sanctioned non-rogue operations. This funding network, which controlled the Private "enterprise" of conducting murder against civilians in Central America, was therefore left undisturbed, and most likely persists albeit in modern form. This, together with HopsickerÂ’s evidence that Atta in Florida was an Iran-Contra operation, suggests that these private operatives were behind 911-irregardless of whether Atta was a patsy, or the actual organizer of events.


Info on Palast, Schoeman, other possible COINTELPRO here


Palast is not cointelpro,

Palast is not cointelpro, come on. he may not go far enough on 9/11, but the guy has done some great work and has never been caught lying.is he cointelpro to you because he doesnt buy peak oil?

To Chris: Not peak oil- Hes

To Chris:

Not peak oil-

Hes an employee of Big Brother-the UK gov't, and his sources are close to Mercenary activities in Nigeria, Central Asia:

read the article:


qoutes from the article: But

qoutes from the article:

But its generally seen to be in “bad form” if the BBC hack distorts the arguments so grossly so as to have the opining sources disagree with themselves in the same article; or to line up your experts from only one side of the debate. Its also in bad form when the hack presents a historical record which can be easily verified to be false. This is actually what the hack, Greg Palast, does in his “investigative” journalism on “Secret US plans for Iraq's oil”.

hack hack hack. sounds real objective.

im more interested in his

im more interested in his work on elections and stuff than on geopolitics and oil politics anyway.

is this what you do? go

is this what you do? go around slandering people with 6 degrees of seperation and shit? you think David Ray Griffin is a "plant" right? how about yourself? who have you worked for? who have they worked for? etc etc etc