9/11 Video Screenings in Your Area

“Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime” to be shown on Dutch Public Television – VARA.

A high resolution copy of “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime” has been provided to Dutch Public Television – VARA, upon their request, for airing. Having already been translated into Dutch, “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime” has already gained an audience in the Netherlands, but this is the first airing of this film on Dutch TV.

Cui bono? WTC 9/11 video to be screened in NY 7/19/06

A reminder to all those 9/11 truthers and non-believers alike, Newfilmmakers has selected our short video documentary Cui bono? WTC for a showing 7/19/06.

The venue is Anthology Film Archives; 32 Second Ave, NYC, NY 10003. The films start at 6:00pm so don’t be late cause Cui bono? WTC is scheduled to be first.

More info: http://www.erratikproductions.com

9/11 Summer Night Screening: Huntington Beach, CA

Outdoor projection screening of "September 11th Revisited (re-edit)" w/ discussion following.

Saturday / August 5th / 9pm to 10pm

1208 Huntington St.
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
contact: Aaron (714) 553-1030

Check out the official flyer and help promote this event.

Finally, make sure you check out Mind the Gap, a film by David Shayler discussing the 7/7 attacks and their numerous inconsistencies. I am downloading the torrent and will have a version up at 911podcasts, but you can check it out at either of these locations until then. Thanks to everyone that sent these in:



Update, this was just sent in, sounds like things are going well in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam local television station "Salto" has been broadcasting Alex Jones' and other 9/11-documentaries for the past few days during evening hours, and will probably continue to do so throughout this entire summer.

Dutch regards,

Regarding mainstream

Regarding mainstream celebrities....

Where are they on 9/11? Why are we not seeing other MSM celebrities like Charlie Sheen take a public stand on 9/11 and assist in demanding a truly independent investigation?

Ray McGovern And Scott

A Dutch subtitled version of

A Dutch subtitled version of "What's The Truth' can be viewed on google video:


Great news that the VARA will be broadcasting EGLS on Dutch TV. There are rumors that many more documentaries and movies about the alternative theories of 9/11 will be broadcasted in september in The Netherlands

I noticed the Bushflash guy

I noticed the Bushflash guy linked the YouTube "V" for Vendetta 9/11 video to his site, & he wrote "I USUALLY DON'T POST 9/11 STUFF...But I thought this was pretty clever..."
(near-top, far-right side of his homepage: http://www.bushflash.com/ )

Why doesn't the this guy post more "9/11 Stuff"? Can anyone get through to him, I think he's in New Jersey: http://www.bushflash.com/bio.html

(He accepts blog ads on his site, but I don't know how much they cost.)

Also, the Bushflash^ guy is

Also, the Bushflash^ guy is another intelligent person who rightly blames Bush for all sorts of evil--except basically nothing on his biggest crime of them all, 9/11! WTF???

I wish we could do a brief interview with this dude to see why he & others like him won't broach 9/11.

Professor Steven Jones'

Professor Steven Jones' keynote speech at the Chicago Conference, June 2-4, 2006, expanding on his scientific hypothesis that the WTC collapses are best explained by controlled demolition. See full description below.

Our next 9/11 Truth Video and Action Meeting will be

Friday, July 21st, 2006, 7:00pm


Hooked on Colfax Coffee-Books-Community
3215 E. Colfax Ave., Denver (303-398-2665)
(1/2 mile west of Colorado Blvd., between
Adams and Steel, on north side of Colfax

Israelis pummelling milk and

Israelis pummelling milk and pharmaceuticals factories. Great guys.

Wednesday, July 19,

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Conspiracy theory in the classroom


In the jungle of today's political scene, there has been a lot of shrill, intemperate and vicious rhetoric from the right directed at liberals, leftists and, particularly, liberal academics.

In the rhetoric of such people as talk show host Sean Hannity or activist and writer David Horowitz (to use just two examples), liberals are portrayed as fuzzy-headed naifs at best and terrorist sympathizers at worst, as people always ready to believe the worst about the United States and the best about its enemies.

It's too bad that, at times, some on the academic left seem determined to live up -- or down -- to this stereotype.

The latest in the academic follies comes from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where the administration has cleared the way for an instructor to teach his belief that the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were plotted by the U.S. government to create an excuse for war.

There's nothing new or surprising about Sept. 11 conspiracy theories. E-mail messages with "conclusive proof" that the attacks were an inside job land regularly in my mailbox.

They are subject to automatic deletion, right along with "proof positive that evolution is a fraud" and invitations to collect $150 million from a Nigerian bank.

As a rule of thumb, conspiracy theories are bunk. People are not smart enough to carry out their scenarios, and not discreet enough to keep their secrets.

It is particularly a stretch to believe that the Bush administration, given its track record in managing such things as the Iraq war and the Hurricane Katrina response, could have pulled off a conspiracy so immense.

Kevin Barrett, an instructor at the University of Wisconsin and the head of something called the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth, thinks otherwise.

On the group's Web site, he claims there is "compelling evidence" that the attacks were planned by the United States. This fall, Barrett is going to teach "Islam: Religion and Culture," a course in which he plans to present his theories to the students (along with the "official" version, which he calls a "big lie").

After he shared his views on the radio and in a newspaper interview, a controversy ensued, with some politicians demanding Barrett be fired.

The university provost, Patrick Farrell, and two other officials have reviewed the course as well as Barrett's past record, and have given him the green light.

In an official statement, Farrell declared, "There is no question that Mr. Barrett holds personal opinions that many people find unconventional. These views are expected to take a small, but significant, role in the class." He added that Barrett has assured him that students will be free to challenge his viewpoint.

Defenders of the course say that academic freedom is at stake. But does academic freedom really protect the teaching of what Farrell politely calls "unconventional" views?

How about a course expounding on Flat Earth theory and presenting "compelling evidence" that the moon landing was faked?

Or, better yet, how about a course called "Germany: History and Culture," in which the instructor presented his "unconventional" view that the Holocaust is a myth and Hitler was a misunderstood great leader?

According to Farrell, "We cannot allow political pressure from critics of unpopular ideas to inhibit the free exchange of ideas." Would he use the same kind of reasoning to defend a course in "creation science" or a Holocaust-denying course?

When it comes to those issues, it is widely understood that even to open up an academic "debate" about certain crackpot theories is to give them a legitimacy that will be corrosive to genuine scholarship.

It is one thing to say that professors should not be penalized for whatever views they preach outside the classroom; it's quite another to say that they have the right to poison the well of the college curriculum.

Mir Babar Basir, a recent University of Wisconsin graduate and former president of the Muslim Students Association, told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that Barrett had many supporters, which was not surprising since "Madison is fairly liberal."

But what exactly is "liberal" about the belief in bizarre conspiracy theories? If one wants to promote tolerance toward Muslims and counter the stereotypes that equate all Islam with terrorism, denying the link between Islamic fanaticism and Sept. 11 is hardly the way to go about it.

No one knows if Barrett's nonsense will persuade any of his students.

One thing, however, is clear: His course, and the university's lame defense of it, are a gift to all those who want to malign liberals as America-haters and to portray the academy as a hotbed of left-wing lunacy.

Cathy Young is a contributing editor at Reason magazine and a regular columnist for The Boston Globe.


@ somebigguy Thanks for

@ somebigguy
Thanks for posting this info.
I'm Dutch.
Do you know if th VARA is planning on airing the whole documentary
or are the planning just to use some fragments of it, because they will air an documentary about 9/11 theories (programname: Zembla)
on 10 sept.

Does anyone know where one

Does anyone know where one can find an mp3 copy of the speech (or speeches) where Big Bush has stated "You're either with us or with the terrorists!"?

I found an incredible site

I found an incredible site packed with all of the rhetoric and evil lies of the Bush Administration over the last five years.

Of particular interest is Bush's twisted, maniacal speech on September 20, 2001 given as an Address to Joint Congress. The 9/11 lies were in full throttle at that period when people were still reeling from the psy-op events of 9/11.

The site is here:


I'm very pleased to read

I'm very pleased to read about the Dutch public broadcaster Vara receiving a copy of Everybody's gotta learn sometime.

However, I am not sure if Vara is planning to show the movie as a whole, or will use parts of the movie for a documentary about the growing dutch 9/11-truth movement.

Still, this is very good news!

Diebold Machines Rip Off

Diebold Machines Rip Off McKinney Votes
Tuesday July 18th 2006, 1:29 pm

Last night, CNN told us Cynthia McKinney “enjoys solid support as she heads into the July 18 Democratic primary” in Atlanta, Georgia.

However, in America, 2006, it does not matter if a politician is supported by her constituency because elections are little more than smoke and mirrors, a crumbling facade slapped over the ugly face of dictatorship. Democratic Underground posted the following press release this afternoon:

July 18, 2006


(Decatur) After one hour of voting, the McKinney campaign has received numerous calls that the voting machines are malfunctioning. Voters casting votes for McKinney are reportedly having their votes switched by the machines for Hank Johnson. This is not a new problem with Diebold machines. Lawyers for the campaign have been alerted and said that If this situation is not corrected, Cynthia McKinney for Congress will be forced to take additional measures.


"We will starve terrorists

"We will starve terrorists of funding" Bush said in that 9/20/01 Address to Joint Congress.

That comment does not square with this:


>not seeing other MSM

>not seeing other MSM celebrities >like Charlie Sheen take a public >stand on 9/11 and assist in >demanding a truly independent >investigation?
>Anonymous | 07.19.06 - 9:11 am | #

One problem i've found is that you just can't contact them. Because of their celebrity status, they're always shielded from the outside by some manager, their email and phone, address are top secret etc.
They should all be challenged on the subject of 9/11 - they're either with us or against us....

Bush Gropes Germany's Merkel

Bush Gropes Germany's Merkel

Huffington Post/Taylor Marsh | July 19 2006

President Bush took time out from the G-8 Summit to grope German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It boggles the mind. John has the video up.

Iraq and the Middle East are in flames and we have no credibility around the world, but our Groper in Chief decides to give the little lady some attention. After all, it's what women really want, now isn't it. But what can we expect with a "fratboy," prepubescent president in charge? It is an outrage.


celebs have so many frigin

celebs have so many frigin people in their ears telling them what will and wont hurt their careers and when a celbrity wants to make a decision about anything, they have to usually get it "ok'ed" by a fleet of management and lawers and shit.lot of money involved there so celebs dont always take chances.speaking out on 9/11 is taking a chance for sure. i dont think it was any coincidence that Charlie Sheen was accused of killing a pornstar right after he came out with his comments about 9/11.remember that? who planted those stories? and why did they run them if there is in no way any proof of Sheen killing a pornstar? what kind of bullshit is that? somebody was trying to send him a message, and to Sheens credit, he went ahead and showed up at the L.A. conference anyway.i just hope he keeps going, its very brave of him.

there is a HUGE blank spot

there is a HUGE blank spot in the middle of this thread. im assuming its a picture of some sort. can somebody tell me what it is?

I had not heard that Charlie

I had not heard that Charlie Sheen was accused of killing a porn star. Where was this story run? Please post the link.

Chris, the "blank spot" is

Chris, the "blank spot" is between what... & what....?

Wow, there is an amazing

Wow, there is an amazing number of pathetic rationalizations in that CATHY YOUNG^ article.

Did military exercises

Did military exercises facilitate the Pentagon attack?

George W. Bush's 9/20/01

George W. Bush's 9/20/01 address to Joint Congress really should be listened to. It is absolutely crazy – especially in light of what we now know about 9/11 and what has transpired and is currently transpiring.

The drumbeat of war is sounding everywhere and it appears the U.S. is setting up to strike Iran and Syria.

What is going to happen to this country?

Anonymous, its between

Anonymous, its between this:Thanks to everyone that sent these in:

and the mind the gap link.huge friggin blank spot.

"There's nothing new or

"There's nothing new or surprising about Sept. 11 conspiracy theories. E-mail messages with "conclusive proof" that the attacks were an inside job land regularly in my mailbox.

They are subject to automatic deletion, right along with "proof positive that evolution is a fraud" and invitations to collect $150 million from a Nigerian bank..... Cathy Young

E-mail re: proof that 9/11 was an inside job is automatically deleted???

This asshole claims to be a journalist???

Chris, no gap nor blank spot

Chris, no gap nor blank spot there for me. Strange!

Cathy Young"...It is

Cathy Young"...It is particularly a stretch to believe that the Bush administration, given its track record in managing such things as the Iraq war and the Hurricane Katrina response, could have pulled off a conspiracy so immense..."

Oh, but Cathy, Bush didn't exactly "pull it off." Many people like us are on to him!

Moreover, the "Bush administration couldn't pull off anything so immense," but caveman Osama & his 19 flunkies could???

You're reasoning is preposterous, Ms. Young!

sorry, your reasoning....

sorry, your reasoning....

i'll be at the 9/11 Summer

i'll be at the 9/11 Summer Nights screening in Huntington Beach. Anyone else from 911Blogger attending?

Does Miss Cathy Young not

Does Miss Cathy Young not realize how compartmentalized the federal governement is and the criminal activities in which the CIA and FBI have been involved through the years? Does Miss Cathy Young not realize Big Bush is a most suitable pawn for long-timers like Big Dick Cheney and others to conveniently use?

Has Miss Cathy Young not seen WTC 7 fall and it be blamed on fires on two floors?

And even with the pancake theory, is Miss Cathy Young able to explain how WTC 1 & 2 came down at free-fall speed? And WTC 2 coming down FIRST when WTC 1 was hit first and also head-on?

No, the criminals did not do a good job. It's just that the psychological pressure and release syndrome of the psy-op event is fading away. And the masses are starting to learn the truth and learn the truth fast.

I'm sure this is why trolls are sporting around these sites to see what's going on. They are scared as they well should be. Perhaps this is why the drumbeat of war to attack Iran is filling the airwaves. They are running scared.

Check this out. Coulter is

Check this out. Coulter is hanging out with some Dead Heads and String Cheese Incident and this is what she says:

Ann Coulter: Well, I had a great time, they were all very friendly. The 'String Cheese Incident' band members were hilarious, and they agree, obviously, on many conservative principles, on capitalism, for example. 'String Cheese Incident' famously -- and I found out last night that it was my former fiancé who was the lawyer who brought the case -- 'String Cheese Incident' sued Ticket Master so they could sell tickets at different prices. Ticket Master had total control of it, and they now have control of it. So, they're totally with me on that, although, I must say, they said to me, 'You have to explain why you support George Bush.' And I said, 'Ok, I'll give you a thirty-second explanation,' because what they were talking about was Iraq and not tax cuts, for example. And I said, 'Ok, I'll give you a thirty-second explanation,' and I began with the attack on 9/11. And they did say something that cut me off at the knees and I could go no further. They think it was an inside job and then I just laughed and said, 'You know, if you think it's an inside job, the rest of my explanation falls apart.'

i think the world is on the

i think the world is on the verge of a major enema:

North Korea Launches Wartime Alert

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.
by Staff Writers
Seoul (AFP) Jul 19, 2006

North Korea has launched a wartime alert, putting its armed forces and nationals in a state of a war mobilization, an unconfirmed news report said here Wednesday.

Kim Jong-Il, head of the communist country, issued an order to that effect hours before the United Nations Security Council unanimously condemned North Korea's missile tests last week, said the Joongang daily, quoting an unnamed government source.

North Korean soldiers on leave were told to return to their barracks, camouflage nettings were being draped on military vehicles and weapons, and people were prohibited from entering the countryside, the source said.

The alert was not issued publicly but spread quietly through military and civilian emergency networks, the daily said.

could this be true?

do you get the feeling that there is going to be a very dark day coming?

Ann Coulter is open about

Ann Coulter is open about discussing 9/11 and she thinks by being open she is cutting the truth movement off at the knees. As though the idea is too preposterous....

Daniel Ellsberg on Alex Jones today again.

>Has Miss Cathy Young not

>Has Miss Cathy Young not seen WTC 7 >fall and it be blamed on fires on >two floors?

Those that defend the official story are exclusively media types and others with a political agenda.

I've never heard of anyone with common sense saying he believes even 50% of the OV - that is, after they got informed. And no one ever has turned back from 9/11 truth and bought the official version again.

I guess it's time this was

I guess it's time this was brought up again:

What's the latest on CSPAN coverage of
9/11 + The Neo-Con Agenda
American Scholars Symposium ?

Recently read the "Big Lie"

Recently read the "Big Lie" explanation at 911blimp.net and i think that's really the reason for the stunning success of the 9/11 liars: A big lie is always believed, out of too big respect for the liar, while a small lie can make it to the headlines as a 'scandal'.

- And that's precisely 9/11:

The really Big Lie (=inside job) can't get enough credibility, after all it would expose one of the worlds most respected (50% of American voters chose him, respected by all western nations, see G8) men as a plain Asshole.

The Small Lies however, like Bush ignoring warnings about evil hijackers, or Bush lying to cover up his incompetence, those make it to the Wash Post and NYTimes, and are 'furiously' debated by the Democrats.
The 'Big Lie' seems to be the achilles heel of this whole stupid world. Al Gore is wrong: we should NOT save this planet, it isn't worth it.

C-Span still doesnt have it

C-Span still doesnt have it on its schedule as far as i know. looks like they might be full of shit. my guess is that it will appear on C-Span 2 or 3 at 2 in the morning in like a month so they can say they didnt lie.



Hit piece from hell. I thought these guys were progressive?? Why are Common Dreams, Daily Kos and others turning their backs on the movement?

John Albanese, being that

John Albanese, being that you featured a Beck song so prominently in EGLS, have you ever spoken w/Beck or heard from him re: 9/11? Beck seems like a very techo-savvy kind of guy, I would think heÂ’d be into the truth, yes?

>What's the latest on CSPAN

>What's the latest on CSPAN coverage >of

I also wonder about any Charlie Sheen coverage. I beg the MSM's pardon, but here is a superstar making a speech, meeting people, and no single boulevard press picks up the story. The only coverage was the Reuters article, that was censored by all western news outlets, and it only mentioned Charlie Sheen being someone of the movement, not his L.A. appearance.

censorship has never been more obvious

The Small Lies however, like

The Small Lies however, like Bush ignoring warnings about evil hijackers, or Bush lying to cover up his incompetence, those make it to the Wash Post and NYTimes, and are 'furiously' debated by the Democrats.

Excellent point!

Mind De-Programming Video

Mind De-Programming Video Jukebox


"Our war on terror begins

"Our war on terror begins with al Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated."
-Bush 9/20/2001 speech

Wait until YOU become the terror group.

"You're either with us or

"You're either with us or with the terrorists!"

Nice to see they gave us a choice...not!

Cynthia McKinney article

Cynthia McKinney article doesn't mention vote stealing. Let's do something about this. Anybody have an email address for Associated Press.


Eric B, yeah that Common

Eric B, yeah that Common Dreams piece really angered me. So, I let them have it with the following e-mail, sent to editor@commondreams.org

Dear Editor,

You do your readers a big disservice by featuring a viewpoint on 9/11 truth that's essentially a hit piece -- full of skewed logic and speculation, not to mention name calling ("pathetic lunatics") and absurd conclusions about 9/11 truth being a partisan issue.

Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?

You offer NO BALANCE by publishing this piece. Are you really that naïve on this subject to realize that there are many respectable and reputable 9/11 researchers available who would gladly take issue with the viewpoint of this article? And, it's not just about viewpoints any longer, I might add. Professor Steven Jones has scientific PROOF that thermate was used to bring down the WTC towers.... if the media would even bother to look. No, instead, Common Dreams falls into the Rovian trap that you'll be labeled "conspiracy theorists" and therefore lose credibility. In fact, you are being a "good German" by falling into that trap and your readers are being left behind.

The premise of this piece to somehow paint 911 truth as a partisan issue is so far off the mark that it's pathetically ignorant. Those of us who have looked carefully at the evidence have realized one big truth -- both parties are guilty of covering up this issue. There certainly haven't been any Democrats willing to stand up and speak the truth or merely even ask the big questions, other than the honorable Cynthia McKinney.

Perhaps you need to re-read the following article, published on Common Dreams last year, and learn from it:

Threshold Fears and Unanswered Questions About 9/11

"Overall concerns with the official version of 9/11 have been published and discussed by scholars and writers around the world including: Jim Mars, Nafeez Ahmed, Michael Ruppert, Cynthia McKinney, Barrie Zwicker, Webster Tarpley, Michel Chossudovsky and many others. The response to most has been to label these discussions as conspiracy theories unworthy of media coverage or further review. Pursuit of a critical analysis of these questions is undermined by the psychological barrier about 9/11 issues as threshold concepts - too awful to even consider."

The editors at Common Dreams should offer BALANCE. And, if you consider the "Threshold Fears" piece from a year ago as balance, then you're sorely mistaken, and your readers are not being presented with legitimate, scientific viewpoints on 9/11. That's shameful, in my opinion. Just remember that the truth will out, and Common Dreams will be left behind when that happens.



DHS, that Mind Deprogramming

DHS, that Mind Deprogramming Video Jukebox is absolutly great. Thanks for the link. I've just cut'n paste to embedded it in my own blog. It's a snap. AWESOME!!!

Awesome, CK. BRAVO!

Awesome, CK.


TNF: glad you liked it.


glad you liked it.

If Ann Coulter said 9/11 Was

If Ann Coulter said 9/11 Was An Inside Job by Clinton that'd be a HELL of a lot better than what so many of the leftgatekeepers are saying, and I have no love lost for Coulter. The funny thing is if in bizarro world An Coulter said 9/11 was allowed or an inside job, she'd be dismissed as a loon.

And thankfully that Daily Kos diary about Ellsberg is pro "Lihop/Mihop", which is good. I mean DailyKosers dont even seem to be LIHOP when they post, and are JUST as rabid as right wing war supporters...but, every poll shows that most support 9/11 truth. Very odd.

What's with the blank at the

What's with the blank at the end of the entry above the Daniel Ellsburg interview on 911blogger main page?

Yes, most everything seems

Yes, most everything seems to work better w/Firefox.

really? im the only one with

really? im the only one with the HUGE blank spot in the middle of this thread?

What's with the blank at the

What's with the blank at the end of the entry above the Daniel Ellsburg interview on 911blogger main page?
anonymous | 07.19.06 - 6:00 pm | #
hahaha,nice, i guess im not the only one after all.

Hey guys, occasionally

Hey guys, occasionally people get that for some reason, try Firefox, maybe that'll work a bit better...