Killtown Analyzes Infamous 9/11 Photo From Shanksville

Val McClatchey Photo: More Smoking Guns, or Total Fraud? - Killtown

Valencia (Val) McClatchey, a real estate agent who lives almost 2 miles east from the Shanksville crash scene, is the person who took the famous photo of the mushroom cloud rising above a red barn that was supposedly from Flight 93 crashing down in Shanksville. Her photo, which she has called "End of Serenity," has been cheered by a lot of 9/11 researchers, including myself, who have argued that her photo proves that the crash of Flight 93 is fake because the smoke plume in her photo looks more like the plume coming from an ordnance blast because of its grey color rather than from a plane crash since smoke from jet fuel fires are almost black in color.

Now after nearly five years of speculating over this photo, evidence has been discovered that conclusively shows that the mushroom cloud in her photo did not come from a Boeing 757 crashing at Shanksville and not only that, but there is something else about this photo that makes it a 100% proof positive smoking gun photo!

However there is one slight problem, her photo may be a fake.

Go check out the entire article, send in some feedback to Killtown, post some comments here, and if you track down any video or images (like this) that might provide further context post that as well.

Whoever wrote that analysis

Whoever wrote that analysis needs some English classes. I didn't even get what the point was, other than to prove he's also bad at photo analysis.

If the photo is a fake, it removes one piece of evidence out of a million pieces that all prove 9/11 = inside job. Not a big deal.

The stuff about the smaller plane coming from the wrong direction is interesting though, although if the lady faked the photo her testimony is no good either.

The point is that the

The point is that the mushroom cloud depicted in McClatchey's photo is entirely too large. Therefore it was either much closer to her than the government's "hole", or the explosion was 2200' across (and still off-line from the hole), or her photo is faked.

Note - the goverment has never sactioned this photo as "authentic." That will be their out - McClatchey is a rogue charlatan who was trying to make money off a trajedy. Their simple answer will be "then no one captured the crash at all."

I wonder if she'll refund the money she's collected? (-:

I agree with carn. That

I agree with carn. That presentation wasn't very professional. I found it particularly surprising that no where in the article was wind speed taken into account. As the author states, the photo could be a fake, and so out goes the latest attempt at a smoking gun. Let's get over the smoking gun already. As carn implied, this isn't about finding one big fact. Its about the conclusions that can be drawn from a great collection of facts. The may be no holy grail for the 9/11 truth movement.

McKinney: "IÂ’m The One

Jules said... I found it

Jules said... I found it particularly surprising that no where in the article was wind speed taken into account.

Swipes at my "professionalism" and English skills aside, this photo was supposedly taken just SECONDS after Val was "nearly knocked over" by the shock wave of 93 crashing.

How fast would the wind have to be to blow this smoke plume a mile away from the crash site towards her direction in just a couple of seconds?

Think people, think.

Check out a video slideshow

Check out a video slideshow I put together of the available images of the supposed crash site in Shanksville:


The music is Immortal Technique's "The Cause of Death"

Killtown, here is an short

here is an short analyse i made on your blog, what do you think guys? :

don't forget that the wind is blowing from N-W to S-E ! It could be possible that the smoke cloud simply moved.
But even if the wind bring the smoke cloud there, it still prove the conspiracy, here is why:

The smoke is perfectly straight up in the air, this mean(if there is wind) that the entire smoke colum was created at the same time (so from a bomb) or else the top part of the smoke would have started to move to the left a bit before the bottom of the
colum if the fire was really created by a jet fuel (the fuel burn longer and thust create smoke for a longer time). We can really see the different angle os the smoke colum in this photo you provided : plume-comparison3.0.jpg

I think you should add this in your investigation (and write it in a clearer way then me ;) what do you think?


According to Popular

According to Popular Mechanics (cough, cough), the wind that day was SE to NW. They also had the plane approaching from the SE as well, just for props.

But screw the wind - look at the SIZE that cloud would have to be is it was at the distance of the hole - over 2,000' across. Two football fields. 3,520 Shaqille O'Neil skeakers laid end to end. More than 1/3 of a mile across.

Is anyone getting this yet? I don;t casre if it blew in from Cleveland - it wasn't a tactical nuke that went off, it was a plane crash. or so I'm told.

I took my wind information

I took my wind information from the pictures killtown provided in his analyse.

The music is Immortal

The music is Immortal Technique's "The Cause of Death"
CMS | Homepage | 07.20.06 - 12:08 am | #
great song.


The wind COULD NOT HAVE moved that plume that far in less the 10 seconds. Also, if you look at the plume in her photo, it goes perfectly straight up, not affected by any wind.

Just added this about the

Just added this about the wind:

Remember that Val supposedly took this shot just seconds after the crash and the plume in her photo is seen going straight up in the air, apparently not affected by any wind.

Also added a summary list near the bottom.


Or this:

Just another illustration of the point in Killtown's diagram. That some people seem to be missing.

good stuff Killtown.

good stuff Killtown.

thx killtown Nicolas

thx killtown


I took my wind information

I took my wind information from the pictures killtown provided in his analyse.
Anonymous | 07.20.06 - 3:05 pm | #
I know you did. My point is, we have 2 exactly opposite wind directions that day, depending where you get your info.

My larger point is - the wind doesn't matter. The cloud is TOO BIG, no matter where it's rising from, to be from that distance. It did NOT rise up from the hole.

Perhaps this better explains

Perhaps this better explains the size discrepancy:

That's how big the explosion would have to have been to be the size it is in McClatchey's photo, and originate from the distance of the government's alleged crash site.

Nice pics Rumpl!

Nice pics Rumpl!

Regarding wind, any wind

Regarding wind, any wind would have dissipated the blast to a certain extent.

That explosion looks fairly intact, if it had moved as much as required to account for the descrepency, wouldn't it have spread out a bit, leaving a trail from its original location?

Excellent find BTW.

Excellent find BTW.

Yes, it's obvious that the

Yes, it's obvious that the plume in Val's pic has NOT been affected by wind.

: )