Has 9/11 changed your life? Tell us about it

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From subtle shifts to complete transformations, the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, changed the lives of millions of Americans.

First, of course, there were those who faced the devastation of losing family and friends, as well as those who witnessed the attacks or were uprooted from their homes and workplaces in and around the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Then there were the thousands of reservists who were called up to serve in America’s armed forces or made the decision to join up and serve in the armed forces.

And then there are the less obvious effects of being in a country that no longer feels comparatively cushioned from the troubles of the rest of the world.

If your life was transformed in some way by 9/11, we would like to hear from you. As part of a special section marking the fifth anniversary of the worst attack on the United States since Pearl Harbor, we will be featuring the stories of how ordinary Americans were affected by an extraordinary act of hatred.

Ditto to what most have

Ditto to what most have written here, especially geo. I haven't watched your video yet -- it's still downloading -- but I look forward to it.

My life too changed more from the realization that what we've been told about 9/11 was a lie (at least three years after the fact for me) than it did on 9/11 itself. Realization is not even the best word for it -- it did not happen in a moment. It was a process for me, after having a few seeds planted over several months that eventually caused me to spend a night Googling and reading. I sucked it all in, up to and including missiles hitting the Pentagon and holograms at the Twin Towers.

A year and half later all I know for sure (as much I can know anything) is that the official story is swiss cheese -- both in texture and in odor -- and that the implications of the most compelling evidence are disturbing indeed. The incessant invocation of 9/11 by this administration as justification for so many horrible things makes a lot more sense. I can no longer believe that 9/11 was just a happy accident for these monsters.

Since my "coming around" didn't happen overnight, the realization that members of our government had murdered (or allowed to be murdered, I will allow) thousands of its own citizens did not evoke the same kick-in-the-gut feeling it must do for people who realize it in a moment. In some way I wish it had hit me at once. I still have not had a good cry over it; I should work on that.

One of the biggest points of disappointment for me is the reaction to 9/11 by prominent atheists, skeptics and "freethinkers" like Penn Jilette, Michael Shermer and James Randi, to name a few. People whom I have admired for so many years and who have rejected the establishment lies and bullshit on so many other fronts accept the official story at face value and throw out the same ad hominem attacks and straw man arguments when someone questions what our government and corporate media have told us. What a shame. Sometimes I wonder if those people NEED the official story to continue justifying their disdain for religion in general. As long as they accept the official story they can continue to rail against "radical Muslims" and, consequently, "radical Christians." I'm guilty of that too. Or at least I have been. I try to rise above that now.

I am embarassed for myself at how I suppressed my own skepticism in the aftermath of 9/11. There were clues, to be sure. When the Justice Department trotted out those 19 names and faces (the same day or was it 9/12?) I remember thinking, "Gee, that was fast." Also, I fucking watched WTC 7 come down on live TV. I know this because I watched a building collapse later in the day and I vividly remember a reporter for some time before that collapse, standing there in the street, with a building in the background, saying more than once something along the lines of "Whitey McAnchor, we are being told that officials are concerned that this building may collapse." I don't remember how long that went on but I do remember seeing the collapse when it finally happened. And then I blocked it out for about three years. My own capacity for denial still amazes me. One of these days I'll quit smoking too.

Godspeed to the rest of you who have done WAY more than I have in trying to open peoples' eyes. Jon Gold, in particular, a few days ago I read a thread on Conspiracy Smasher's blog (I nominate CS for Most Ironic Blog Name) and you are one brave soul to subject yourself to the crap those people throw at you. Keep on keepin' on.

I want to throw an idea out there and see if it has legs... I've been thinking about writing an essay telling the story of how I went from 9/11 believer to 9/11 skeptic. Has anyone started any kind of repository for such stories? I'm thinking it could be helpful for us to find new ways to break the ice and open peoples' minds. We each had our own paths but surely there are more effective ways than others.

All I did was raise good

All I did was raise good questions that seem to remain potentially very important, follow up on them, lose my job, stress out my family, get angrier and angrier, yes, 9/11 changed my life, you schmucks.

this should be fun..........

this should be fun..........

Bring it folks!!! Post your

Bring it folks!!! Post your responses here for everyone to see!!

And don't forget to make

And don't forget to make sure someone writes in with a 9/11 Truth Movement angle that sounds totally bizarre, uneducated and possibly anti-Semitic, so they can display all the bullshit flag-waving ones and then play one Truther email and make him sound like a fringe lunatic.

Well.... I suppose we at least have to write in, to prove the point that they'll marginalize us again.

These are not my responses,

These are not my responses, but responses posted by others today:

"It changed more after the fact than it did that day. When I learned that the 911 attacks amounted to our Reichstag fire, followed by the gutting of the constitution and various wars of conquest for the financial backers of this administration, I was appalled. However, your complicity (corporate media) in concealing what has happened has essentially left America without a press. We cannot rely on you for the truth. I fear for the future of our Republic. Please, start spreading the truth, we need you. How many lives will you allow to be lost in these wars based on lies before you begin performing your duty to inform the public and challenge those dangerous men that now hold the reins of power?"

"My God, yes, the effects of our government's attack on our homeland and the complete media blackout of the disclosures of the truth has shifted my political orientation. I no longer accept at face value, anything I'm told to believe by our government or any mainstream media source. Our republic has been hijacked by vile, contemptible, pathological liars and the press goes along with the charade because they're afraid to speak truth to power. Thousands have died since 911 because of wars based on lies. Millions (all Americans) are now being spied on by our own government because of lies. I have a suggestion for MSNBC--report the truth on the anniversary."

"I didn't realise that the majority of Americans could be duped into believing the lies of the official story of 9/11. I am unbelievably disappointed in our leaders who are entirely compromised and the citizens who are clueless.

We are a Nation of liars and murderers. MSNBC and other MSM are accomplices in the coverup. It is so unsetting that I wonder when this corruption and deceipt took root."

Before 9/11, I was a

Before 9/11, I was a happy-go-lucky American citizen without a care in the world. After 9/11, I was turned into an activist who spends every day telling people that the attacks of 9/11 were orchestrated not by 19 men directed by a man on dialysis in a cave, but by elements of the very Government sworn to protect us.

9/11 gave us a new "JFK"

9/11 gave us a new "JFK" syndrome that had not appeared ever since the 1960/70ies: halve the population has been corrupted by their political affiliation, you can't trust anyone anymore, especially the 'deciders' in our society.

Yes, my life has been

Yes, my life has been transformed by the extraordinary act of hatred perpetrated on September the Eleventh, 2001.

I fully admit to a pre-existing cynical mentality regarding the honesty and benevolence of modern United States Federal Government. I admit a pre-existing distain and lack of faith in mass media to hold accountable the actions of our government. I also admit, that I held deep and well reasoned concerns for my countries self sufficiency and behavior upon the world stage, before "9/11".

I could never have imagined before that day, how much worse We as a country could, and ultimately would, behave after such an event. My love and devotion to our Great Experiment has been deeply shaken. My dedication to the principals, ideals, and possibilities embodied in The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and Bill of Rights will most likely be my final undoing. For no man or woman who reads and chooses to embrace such concepts, can long live with this manifestation of unchecked raw power made possible by that day.

I will fight with every ounce of my blood and watt within my soul, to bring ruin upon those who have capitalized this latest "Pearl Harbor". I will NEVER forget the "Shock and Awe" perpetrated in my name. I will never forget the knot in my stomach lasting days after coming to terms with the inescapable truth, that I must now live within a vast land of deception and propaganda.

I will never forget those who executed this fiendish plot, in order to satiate an unsatisfiable ego.

I will never forget those who have betrayed their Oath, to uphold and defend The Constitution of The United States of America, from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Sham, endless sham be upon you...... long after I depart this otherwise Eden called Earth.

As Alexander Pope said "A

As Alexander Pope said

"A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, and drinking largely sobers us again."

My little learning is causing me nightmares. That is the legacy of my finding the TRUTH.

Some days i wish i had remained in ignorance. Then i look in my sons' eye's a realise i owe it to them to speak out for the truth.

Heres what I wrote I would

Heres what I wrote

I would have never thought our own government would murder thousands of its own citizens for its own geo-political interests. I was left scratching my head after 9/11 hearing the Bush Administration say "They attacked us because the hated our freedom" and "They didn't think they would retaliate." None of this every made sense to me. If Bin Laden wanted us out of the middle east why would he provoke us like that? How could he possibly think the world's only superpower wouldnt respond to an attack on its own soil? I thought about these questions whenever I thought about 9/11. But then I learned that 3 skyscrappers collapsed on that fateful day. The government has decided they do not need to explain why this building collapsed, nor do they answer the hundreds of unanswered questions that remain unanswered. What the 9/11 Commission Report claims happened is not supported by the facts, and what they ommit is even more telling. Learning the truth about 9/11 has forever changed my life. I no longer feel our government serves and portects its citizens but rather attacks and intimdates them.

Well, I'd have to say the

Well, I'd have to say the 9/11 attacks have opened up my eyes to what is really going on in the world, politically and corporately.

Since the governments are bought and paid for by corporations, it matters little who is elected, events are simply orchestrated to acheive whatever agenda they are pushing. Take Operation Northwoods, a plan back in the 60s to fake terrorist attacks to justify war with Cuba.

Of course we also have the Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, and now 9/11 as even better examples of the amount of corruption in our governments.

However, this wouldn't be possible without the complicity of the media, but I'm sure you won't be doing anything about that anytime soon...

Is there somewhere on the

Is there somewhere on the page you can see all the posted comments?

WTF, they're opening up a

WTF, they're opening up a can of worms...

Here's what a friend of mine

Here's what a friend of mine just posted:

How has 911 changed my life? Thanks for asking. 9/11 was an inside job, and a clear majority of educated citizens know this. There are dozens of credible online sources (and you know it), so I won't bore you. The problem is that the mainstream US media are still hiding from what is perceived as journalistic suicide by coming out first with stories suggesting anything other than the official (lie) story of 9/11. Those who speak out are shunned or labeled as conspiracy theorists, and those who claim to be officials hide from public debates knowing their lies would be unveiled. The first news outlet that embraces the search for the truth will become the next CNN, and get the lion's share of worldwide approval and respect. Until such time, we cannot rely on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, or CBS or any others for much more than sitcom reruns and sports coverage. In the meantime, 911 has changed my life in that I will never trust a Republican administration with ties to NeoCon interest groups who push the ideals of PNAC to shape this country. Cheney is an evil man and Bush is an unelected and useless village idiot. And both are as innocent as a virgin lap dancer at Sunday mass. The truth will come out, newspeople, so why not lead the pack and start covering the real news for a change? But you cannot, because your news and production bosses prohibit your corporation from covering this topic. Start a rebellion, tell the truth, and let's settle 9/11 for what it really was - a deception of mass destruction.

9/11 taught me to be

9/11 taught me to be extremely selective of who and what I pledge my allegiance to.

Wow. I am absolutely in awe

Wow. I am absolutely in awe by some of the postings here. (GeorgeWashington, Jon Gold, Erin S. Meyers, etc.) They capture some of the feelings I have been having over the last several months after coming to realize what has really happened.

I just finished watching a Biography television program on the Brill Building about all the songwriters that cranked out great music during the Sixties. Although that was a turublent time in American history, little did everyone know where we would find ourselves in the 21st Century - living in a country that is operating at the mainstream level on a mountain of lies while our media is not covering it.

It amazes me night and day how different citizens are living in two different worlds at the same time. Some are living in their easy chairs, kicked back watching AMERICAN IDOL, loving how America kicks ass and tells the rest of the world how things are going to be. The other citizens realize that treasonist criminals are continuing their plots and devastation around the globe banking on "family values" Americans being too busy and involved with their spouses, children, houses, and careers to research and understand what evil is embedded in our federal government.

Will we make a difference? I think so. Those who know that what we've been told about 9/11 is a sham are strong people and will be around to see justice and punishment come to those perpetrators who keep pointing the finger away while three point back at them.

When I walked out of

When I walked out of Manhattan with a huge crowd over the bridge to Brooklyn, I could smell the soot and burnt people, deep in my lungs, and I looked down into the fiery furnace of molten steel, I at once knew it was too clean, to surgical, so nicely buttressed by the buildings footprints.

So I didnt believe.
Thenlater I learned more , and more, and now had real substanital reasons to dount and distrust the government theory.

But when I found that the 911 movement was led by researchers with ties to the establishment, and then the Ford-Rockefeller crew were funding some of its distribution.
then I started to do my own research.

Just to know
The truth, or a version of it.

Here's my version :

(apologies for compression errors, audio)


9/11 itself didn't change my

9/11 itself didn't change my life in the least. Learning the TRUTH about 9/11 changed my life forever. I had to throw out EVERYTHING I had ever believed about my country, it's government and it's people.

yea, it's like waking up to

yea, it's like waking up to a nightmare. but it's real and it will continue like it has for generations. armed and waiting for the revolution.

here's what i wrote: it

here's what i wrote:

it really made me see how State Sponsored False Flag operations are being done throughout the world manipulating the populace to not only accept unending wars, but to clamor for them. Since 9/11, I've become familiar w/ terms like the "Hegelian Dialectic" and "Problem, Reaction, Solution" It has also left me immune to partisan squawking about governmental policies and programs, I perceive that both sides of the debate is completely full of it.

Er, sorry, that was *maddog*

Er, sorry, that was *maddog* who drew a distinction between 9/11 proper and the learnin' that came later.

I'm still going to watch your video, geo.

geo: i am downloading it now


i am downloading it now and will let you know what I thought. thanks!

geo- tight flick, man! I


tight flick, man!

I really liked the history of the bosnian terror. seemed to be a lot of parallels in all these terror schemes, excellent research!

Hey Geo, is that your work?

Hey Geo, is that your work? Do you have a slightly better version I can put up on Podcasts?

Someone, possibly you, submitted a copy, however it wasn't the best quality and when I convert it to MP4, it will probably get a little worse...

drew: thx man, I think

drew: thx man, I think theres some important points here (not mine necessarily, but i try to connect the dots)

somebigguy Theresz something weird with my web host, I view it fine (with errors etc still) but others only get like a three inch picture-could they be converting it when I exsceed bandwidth quota?

(Amateur at this)

Be great if u could podcast ,what do u need ,mp4?

How big?



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MP4 would be good, but we

MP4 would be good, but we also host WMV for those M$ users out there. We can host that particular WMV, but the quality is so low, I don't believe people will want to watch it...

I need to try it on another

I need to try it on another machine-on drive its not great, but not bad, maybe issue in hosting




vIDEO BIT RATE MIGHT EXCEE YOUR connection speed, if u get a small picture, bad audio, download it or wait for a better version thank you.