New Book by David Ray Griffin

Here's an announcement for a new book by David Ray Griffin. Please pay attention to what some of the reviewers, like Ray McGovern and William Sloane Coffin (a prominent liberal minister, recently deceased), are saying.

More and more Christian leaders are embracing 9/11 truth. And since all of us know a Christian, recommend Griffin's new book as widely as possible. And if you go to church, please give a copy to your ministers.

Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11:
A Call to Reflection and Action
Westminster John Knox Press, 2006
David Ray Griffin

"Professor David Ray Griffin has a well-deserved reputation for the thoroughness of his research. All Americans who love their country enough to dig into the facts of these critical times will be well rewarded by examining his books. 9/11 truth is a very important issue---one with the power to bring lasting change to our country.”-—The Reverend William Sloane Coffin Jr, author of Credo: Letters to a Young Doubter and A Passion for the Possible: A Message to U.S. Churches

“If you are open to recognizing that the United States behaves much as other great powers have behaved, but you get your information through standard American channels, I dare you to expose yourself to the facts Griffin summarizes, facts that have been suppressed by our newspapers and magazines. If you are one who wants to be a disciple of Jesus, you will have some hard thinking to do about what American Christians are called to be and to do at this historical moment.”
-—John B. Cobb Jr, co-author of The American Empire and the Commonwealth of God

“Are we brave enough to read this nerve-wracking book, one of the most important theological texts of our time? Rooted in the longstanding belief that Christians share responsibility for shaping a more justice-loving world, Griffin makes a strong case that the real "conspiracy theory" about 9/11 is the Bush Administration's silly notion that nineteen young Arab men could have pulled it off. Griffin helps us wrestle with questions that are almost too much to bear, yet which may empower us, if we dare, to build a more truthful and, over time, more deeply moral nation and world.”---The Reverend Carter Heyward, Robbins Professor of Theology Emerita, Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and author of Saving Jesus from Those Who Are Right and God in the Balance: Christian Spirituality in Times of Terror

“A gripping account of precedents for the current global empire, from the Rome of Jesus to twentieth-century ‘false-flag’ operations. . . . His wake-up call to U.S. Christians will be evaded at our peril.”—-Catherine Keller, Professor of Theology, Drew University, and author of God and Power.

“In two earlier books, David Ray Griffin established himself as one of the foremost researchers into 9/11. This book is of immensely greater scope and importance. . . . It sees the contemporary world clearly and synoptically in an informed Christian perspective, so that it makes questions of theodicy and the roots of evil as contemporary as the events of 9/11. Even though it makes some claims and arguments I disagree with, I consider this one of the most significant and original books I have ever read.”-—Peter Dale Scott, author of Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina

"WARNING: If, like most Americans calling themselves Christian, you prefer the comfort of acquiescing in the official version of 9/11 and the imperial wars it facilitated, DROP THIS BOOK NOW. But if you are open to the grace of honest inquiry and the risk of following the historical Jesus in confronting the evils of empire, this rigorously argued book is a MUST READ.”---Ray McGovern, CIA veteran analyst now with Tell the Word, a project of the ecumenical Church of the Saviour, Washington, D.C.

"David Griffin has previously made the case for the Bush administration’s complicity in 9/11 and the cover-up of this evidence by the 9/11 Commission. Here, in this important book, he puts these shocking realities in the context of Christian theology and the challenge to the churches. In a profound exploration of the nature and history of the demonic, Griffin suggests that American empire is a culmination of human demonic alienation from God."-—Rosemary Radford Ruether, emeritus scholar, Claremont Graduate University and Claremont School of Theology

“Do American Christians want the United States to act like the New Rome, invading other countries to impose its imperial rule and its control of other peoples’ resources? That, however, is just what the US is doing, increasingly so since 9/11, explains David Griffin. In this gripping summary of evidence for the truth behind 9/11 and the 9/11 Commission report, Griffin makes a compelling case that the imperial practices of the American government have become a destructive force in the world. And he clarifies the biblical and theological basis for Christians to challenge the resurgent American imperialism that often claims divine blessing on its destructive actions.”-—Richard A. Horsley, Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and the Study of Religion, University of Massachusetts, and author of Jesus and Empire: The Kingdom of God and the New World Disorder

“Compelling reading. Here is a remarkably thorough presentation of facts regarding 9/11 events. Professor Griffin sets the events of 9/11 in a historical, religious, and philosophical context that is most enlightening. Although this context is also somewhat chilling, he holds out hope in his discussion of where we can go from here. I most highly recommend this book!”---Steven E. Jones, Professor of Physics, Brigham Young University


This book is listed at $17.95. But it can be purchased for $11.67 at Amazon at"

Does anyone have an e-books

Does anyone have an e-books of any of Griffins?

Excellent 9/11 Outreach

Excellent 9/11 Outreach Materials Available for Free On The Internet. This is the best IÂ’ve seen by far.

Download Instructions:
Go to URL
Type the 3 digit number shown in the window at the bottom
Press “Submit” button
Wait up to 20 seconds as there is a brief pause and a countdown.
After the pause, “Download” button appears. Now press the download button.

1. DOWNLOAD ONE PAGE 8.5 X 11 INCH FLYER (Total download time a minute)
Download for free at:

This file takes a short time to download.

2. DOWNLOAD FILES FOR YOU TO BURN YOUR OWN COMPUTER CD (Total download time about one hour):

These downloaded files are in zip format. Unzip it, and it will become a folder.
Use your CD burning software to copy and paste all three unzipped folders right next to one another onto a blank CD and burn the CD. The 3 folders will fit together on one a CD. so the three unzipped folders are right along next to one another on the CD. Label the CD “Building 7” or “Bldg 7” with, for example, a small label, or CD marking pen.
Each of the three folders takes about 20 minutes to download with broadband.

Folder A

Folder B

Folder C

The positive features of this CD once you burn it is:

1. It is very-user friendly, and does not overwhelm the user when they first look at Folder A, which has only a few files in it.
2. The title of the CD itself is low key and non-threatening to the newbie: “Building 7.”
3. It begins with the most interesting and obvious issues first, and progressively tells the story of 9/11 truth in a logical, progressive, methodical order.
4. It has so much material in it that it is packed with literally hundreds of hours of audio and video for those who are really interested in this topic, yet it is so compact that it fits into a CD. (Some of the multimedia is via web links).
5. Because it fits into a CD, almost anybody with a computer has the ability to make copies to distribute to others.
6. The contents of the CD have been specifically created and edited to eliminate red herrings, conjecture, and disproved theories, and disinformation to the greatest extent possible.


First review the CD to see if there is anything about 9/11 you can learn from it.
Give the CD to your friends, family, and/or acquaintances. You can also give it to strangers.
You can either give them away for free, or, if you consider this as an incentive to go out and do the work, you can charge up to $2 max. “donation” to reimburse you for your materials and labor.
Think about it, if you want you can earn some money while you are spreading the word about 9/11. You also have the choice of giving them away for free or selling them, whatever works for you.

Print the flyers. Use the flyers to get strangers interested in 9/11, and then try to give away and/or sell the CD. Go to public parks, or other places were people congregate, or start conversations with strangers.

A good opening question is, “Do you believe everything the government has told us about 9/11?” Another two good follow up questions are:
1. “How many skyscrapers taller than 40 floors collapsed to the ground in New York on 9/11?” Most people say of course 2.
2. “Approximately how long after the 2nd tower was hit was Osama bin Laden both named by the FBI as wanted for 9/11, and at the same time indicted for the crimes of 9/11: 1 minute after the attack, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, or 2 years after the attack? Which is closest?” Whatever they say, it will be wrong, because the answer is OBL has NEVER been named as wanted by the FBI, has never been indicted for 9/11, and furthermore, the FBI recently admitted that there is “no hard evidence” linking OBL to 9/11.
Those two questions are surprising for most newbies, and gets them interested in learning more about 9/11.

Also, regarding the flyers, you can give them away free to people, or leave them in a group of one or more in lobbies, on the floor next to elevators, or other public places where people are likely to take them and read them.

Once you start doing this, spread the word, and teach others to do this.
Everyone can make some money and have fun spreading the word about 9/11.

Another way to disseminate this information to friends or family who are far away is to email them these instructions, and they can download the information themselves from the Internet, and can follow the instructions and hopefully be able to learn how to download and use Winzip if they havenÂ’t used Winzip before.

Please post what you think.

P.S. when distributing CDÂ’s to total strangers in mass in a public, trafficked area, you might want to consider the advantages of asking for a token donation, even if itÂ’s only 25 cents, for the following 2 reasons:
a. Only those who really want to see the CD will pay you something for it. You may be otherwise giving out CDÂ’s to people who are not going to watch it.
b. There is a psychological incentive for people to value something they have paid for more than something they have gotten for free. Once they pay you, they have “invested” their money, so they are psychologically “invested” in getting something out of their purchase. In other words, everything else being equal, they are more likely to value and watch a CD they have paid for versus one they have received for free at no cost.

so its out now?

so its out now?

Wow this is great, a new

Wow this is great, a new revenue $tream for DRG and it's endorsed by real SPOOKS , so it must be true.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown.

Hmmm, P.T. Barnum is SO MISSING OUT.

Dear XXXX (a dear

Dear XXXX (a dear friend):

As I was born into the Christian faith, yet did not grow into it as my years have passed, I nontheless feel no impropriety appealing to that in you which I must grant you posses; true forgiveness, and an underlying desire for peace.

The issue between us, far beyond material concerns and financial liabilities, I strongly suspect arises from a moral, ideological, and principled question: I have nearly begged you to "speak out" as a true christian, as only true christians are capable, to denounce the hijacking of our nation by false christians.

Yet you do not. And this baffles me.

I have repeatedly failed in my attempts to appeal to your sense of humanity, to step back and view the nuts and bolts of our culture's situation. This IS NOT because I am some kind of "self-hating American" (a most disgusting piece of propoganda used against people like me who insist that We clean our own house, before Storm Trooping around the world), but rather a person who loves our land and planet.

Our need to flush this out, goes against the common refrain "do not discuss religion and politics with friends and colleagues". Well, that would be fine, if We hadn't allowed a hijacking of American politics by charlatans disguised as Faithful.

To the point, I can not for the life of me, figure out weather you just don't comprehend the dire striates humanity has found itself (and how America is not the one warring the white hats).

Or weather you secretly support this stuff that is going on. THAT possibility (through your continued silence), drives me nuts.

Please have a look at what this gentleman is saying below (link to this blog on Griffin). As a cynical-ized christian please take heed, that I'm recommending the words of a christian theologian.

Your loyal friend,

Wow this is great, a new

Wow this is great, a new revenue $tream for DRG and it's endorsed by real SPOOKS , so it must be true.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown.

Hmmm, P.T. Barnum is SO MISSING OUT.
PerpetualYnquisitive | Homepage | 07.22.06 - 11:17 am | #
whats wrong? you mad that Griffin wont subscribe to your "cartoons hit the towers" bullshit?

oh im sorry, i meant CGI.

oh im sorry, i meant CGI. ha.

Chris said "whats wrong? you

Chris said "whats wrong? you mad that Griffin wont subscribe to your "cartoons hit the towers" bullshit?"


Dude, you gotta do open mike night at Yuk-Yuks.

you too man, that CGI

you too man, that CGI bullshit would KILL!!!!!!!!

PerpYnquisitve, do you feel

PerpYnquisitve, do you feel that CGI is the most important issue to convey in regards to exposing the truth about 9/11? honestly? with all the available evidence, this is your main thrust? really?

and why are all you CGI

and why are all you CGI pushers always so condescending? is that how "they" teach you to act? your not gonna win too many people over acting like Nico.

Chris: So why not ask the


So why not ask the followup question to CGI pushers (a topic used for distracting people?): So IF fancy electronic methods where used on that day, Who do you think would have been in a position to insert such stuff? If high level power brokers, the Administration is STILL responsible as if they had conducted this in meat-space for real, the same a virtual, for the overriding effect it has had on people in meat-space.

The actual response of common people, matters NOT, how the cause and "effect" was originally generated. Right?

i would ask a follow up if

i would ask a follow up if any of these CGI pushers was capable of answering simple questions. they can never really explain why they ONLY focus on CGI. pretty suspect if you ask me.

why even argue with CGI'ers.

why even argue with CGI'ers. its a waste of time.

Chris , I want to see a door

Chris , I want to see a door to door thing from you. That would be interesting .Where do you live?

I'm not religious and I

I'm not religious and I highly doubt anything like God exists. So I don't care how 911 relates to what I believe are superstitious notions and I'm wondering whether this book is worth getting if one wants to read the case that 911 was an inside job.

I'm not religious and I

I'm not religious and I highly doubt anything like God exists...

Sure, George Bush is of the species that represents the highest form of intelligence in the Universe.

For help with Christians

For help with Christians trying to wake them up to 9/11 truth, tell them to stop by the site I'm the news editor for, the Christian site (non-denominational), we've got over a hundred articles about 9/11 and videos.

You know, despite being

You know, despite being studied in theology, it wasn't til I started researching coverups, the globalist agenda, nwo, etc that I started realizing how important Jesus' message is, and by that I mean from a Ghandi or MLK point of view, not "OMG ACCEPT JESUS!" point of view. I am not Christian, but I definately believe in most of what Alex Jones and others are saying...scary stuff. And sadly, it makes sense.

Too bad Griffin buys into

Too bad Griffin buys into people being dumped into the sea and not crashed into the Pentagon.

Chris, you are hilarious. Do

Chris, you are hilarious. Do you really buy that crap that you spew?

FYI, the demolition of the WTC has been something that I have spoken about since 2001.

The CGI planes/real planes aspect is important for it is the BASIS of ALL other points of discussion.

No planes = absolutely NOTHING but explosives were used to destroy the WTC. Is that important enough for you?

No planes, explains the military's supposed 'stand-down'.

No planes, explains why Bush was allowed to remain in a school near an airport.

No planes, explains the impossible physics of the second 'impact' videos.

Not like this is anything new for me, I have been arguing that the footage was doctored from the day it happened.

BTW, do you believe that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon or that Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville?

I've actually already

I've actually already ordered my own copy from Amazon. I need something "spiritual" to put all of this insanity of 9/11 lies into perspective.

Considering that Big Bush declared a war against evil, I believe, two days after 9/11 from a church, will not the NeoCons say that what they are doing is for the Kingdom of God and "people of faith"? Is not this reasoning being used somewhat to support the terror campaign that Israel is waging in the Middle East?
Has not Big Bush declared that Jesus and his own personal faith have told him to do the things he and his Administration are doing?

I know some bloggers here

I know some bloggers here have the priviledge of having carried Griffin's bags from the airport, or something;

but Im afraid inquisitive is right.

Griffin has showed up to put a Christian face to the "inside job"
cult tenet, but hes really a one world government pagan;


911 Truth Movement Musings (Watching the Watchers)
David Ray Griffin Responds & So Do I,

Support for the 911 COINTELPRO hypothesis

David Ray Griffin:

THIS HAS TO BE the decade for spreading this {Rockefeller ] world view and for seeing it become the emergently dominant one.

An ] Interview with David Ray Griffin, by Alan AtKisso,$$n

why even argue with CGI'ers.

why even argue with CGI'ers. its a waste of time.
yizzo | 07.22.06 - 12:13 pm | #
true, but perpY goaded me.

BTW, do you believe that

BTW, do you believe that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon or that Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville?
PerpetualYnquisitive | Homepage | 07.22.06 - 4:05 pm | #
no, and most likely no.

alright, im done with the

alright, im done with the "cartoon hugger", to use his style.

Chris said, "BTW, do you

Chris said, "BTW, do you believe that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon or that Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville?
PerpetualYnquisitive | Homepage | 07.22.06 - 4:05 pm | #
no, and most likely no."

You're already halfway to being a 'no-planer' yourself and you ridicule my perspective.

Doubleplus doublegood doublethink in action.

Choco-rations went up 25% this month. Each prole now receives a 75 gram ration, which is more than last month's 100 gram ration.

We have never been at war with Eurasia.

This is the book I have been

This is the book I have been waiting for! I happen to be Christian and don't need this book to tell me that it was an inside job but I hope that this book will help me to open the eyes of my mother (ultra conservative-right-wing-christian-Bush lover) and others like her. If I can connect it to her belief then maybe she will feel obligated to try and look at it objectively---instead of closing her mind to anything anti-Bush.

Some people need info that dares to make them look like a hipocrite before they will give it a chance. No one wants to be a hipocrite. Tell a chrsitian it is their duty to look into this, to seek only what is true and just--not to blindly buy what their leaders tell them, not to worship their leaders. These are just a few of my thoughts in the possible use of this book. PLUS, I will lend it to my pastor too---and my "religious" aunts. I am dying to hear what they have to say after looking into this. They are such Bush lovers and still christian?---those two just don't mix in my mind, but whatever!

Oh man! I'm going to ask the

Oh man! I'm going to ask the local Christian book store if they carry this book and if they don't I am going to request that they do. Also, Christian radio shows/broadcasts could be called in about this books topic too. Get people thinking!Wake them up! HA,wouldn't that be great if we could turn the tables and get the "christians/moral majority" on our side for a change! I would love that! Get the Bush voters that think he is such a "good , religious man" to see him for the evil piece of crap he is! Wow! Now I am dreaming. But what a dream!

no im not halfway to being a

no im not halfway to being a "no-planer" just because i dont think planes were at the 2 sites THAT WERE NOT CAUGHT ON FILM. i knew you were gonna come with that argument as soon as you asked the questions.sorry jackass, that 1984 stuff doesnt apply(i noticed you NICOites use Orwell references a lot,do "they" teach you that as well?).im not married to the fact that Flight 77 didnt hit the Pentagon, but i lean towards that for various reasons, mainly because they needed to hit the Pentagon, and they couldnt take a chance of it getting shot dow, hence the military aircraft that likely hit.Shanksville is maybe the toughest to crack.they needed to explain where the 4th plane went and i think its likely they created some kind of explosion in Shanksville to account for it.this is all conjecture though, unlike you, in not narcissistic enough to claim i know exactly what happened. IT WAS CARTOONS YOU FOOL, YOUR AN IDIOT, IT WAS CGI YOU ORWELLIAN FOOL!!!(this is what you and the other NICOites sound like.not exactly helping your cause asshole.)

Chris said, "IT WAS CARTOONS

Chris said, "IT WAS CARTOONS YOU FOOL, YOUR AN IDIOT, IT WAS CGI YOU ORWELLIAN FOOL!!!(this is what you and the other NICOites sound like.not exactly helping your cause asshole.)"

My, aren't we fierce?

Must've hit a nerve or three.

I would like to see Jim

I would like to see Jim Wallis, author of God's Politics, take a look at 9/11. He has high regard for the late Rev. William Sloane Coffin Jr. Give him a nudge. Remind him of what this man said shortly before his death. And send Wallis a copy of David Ray Griffin's new book.

Chris said, "IT WAS CARTOONS

Chris said, "IT WAS CARTOONS YOU FOOL, YOUR AN IDIOT, IT WAS CGI YOU ORWELLIAN FOOL!!!(this is what you and the other NICOites sound like.not exactly helping your cause asshole.)"

My, aren't we fierce?

Must've hit a nerve or three.
PerpetualYnquisitive | Homepage | 07.23.06 - 1:21 pm | #
its called satire dumbass. thats how you and the NICOites sound. you attack us and call us children and shit for not believeing in your cartoon delusions.try and keep up.

hey Perp, see what i

hey Perp, see what i wrote:(this is what you and the other NICOites sound like.not exactly helping your cause asshole.)"

uh huh, this is what you and the other NICOites sound like. clear as day dumbass.

Wow, you can use two

Wow, you can use two syllable words for name-calling, I am SO impressed.

BTW, when you're this good, they call you MISTER. So for future reference, Mr./Mister Asshole, should be used as it is the proper, customary title.

ok MISTER Perp, carry on

ok MISTER Perp, carry on with your cartoon delusions.