Teacher under fire for his Cheney-9/11 theory

Kevin hits the mainstream, and he's under attack. We may need to organize something big to show our support. Any ideas? Please post them in the comments section:


More than 60 state lawmakers are urging the University of Wisconsin-Madison to fire an instructor who has argued that the U.S. government orchestrated the September 11 terrorist attacks.

A letter sent Thursday and signed by 52 Assembly representatives and nine state senators condemns a decision to let Kevin Barrett teach an introductory class on Islam this fall.

U.W.-Madison Provost Pat Farrell launched a review after Barrett spoke last month on a talk show about his views that the terrorist attacks were the result of a government conspiracy to spark war in the Middle East. After the review, Farrell said Barrett was a qualified instructor who can present his views as one perspective on the attacks.

Barrett has said he thinks the most likely theory about the 9/11 plot is that it was an "inside job" organized and commanded by Vice President Dick Cheney.(Watch why Barrett thinks Dick Cheney authorized 9/11 -- 1:45)

"I still have every expectation this will be a very positive educational experience for our students," Farrell said Thursday. "Some are upset about Mr. Barrett's viewpoints on 9/11 and don't want to pay much attention to what makes for a quality educational experience."

Republican Rep. Steve Nass said the lawmakers' letter, which called Barrett's views "academically dishonest," sends a strong message to top U.W. leaders.

"When 61 legislators condemn a decision by U.W.-Madison and demand the dismissal of Kevin Barrett, the leadership of the U.W. System operates at its own peril if it continues to ignore views of the taxpayers," Nass said in a statement.

Barrett has said Nass was "only interested in name-calling and witch hunting."

Update (dz):
I double posted, here were my comments on this:

Kinda interesting how CNN compares Kevin Barrett's comments alongside Ward Churchill. Another interesting point is how Rep. Nass is still lying by stating the University of Wisconsin is 'ignore[ing] views of the taxpayers', given that the ongoing poll currently shows 54% saying they support his ability to teach and only 34% saying they don't. The poll results are unfortunately a bit misleading in that the results popup window cuts off the last choice's percentage - the choice with the highest percentage - the choice which supports Barrett's ability to teach and states that he makes some good points.

Go vote if you haven't, and post anything we have missed related to Rep. Nass's obsession with Kevin Barrett.

Update, this story is also available here, without covering Kevin's POV:
Here is their contact page if you want to set them straight:

SomeBigGuy: Newsmax is


Newsmax is running a story also, without any link to Kevin's side of the story:


From the latest MUJCA

From the latest MUJCA newsletter:

"To My Supporters,

Thank you for calling and writing to Fox News, to my university, to the
local and national media, and to me. I am overwhelmed -- and my in-box
is overwhelmed too! In the past I have tried to respond to all emails,
but to do so now would leave me no time to do anything else. So please
accept this note of heartfelt thanks in lieu of a personalized

I never intended to become a public figure. Maybe you remember that
scene from a war movie where the sergeant describes a very dangerous
mission and says "if anyone wants to volunteer, please take one step
forward." Everybody takes one step backward -- except one guy. Maybe he
doesn't understand cowardice, or maybe he's just thinking about
something else. Bingo! He's the one!

It feels like I'm that guy who forgot to step backwards. But that isn't
quite it -- because none of you have ever taken a single backward
step. You all, and the millions of others who have bravely spoken out
about 9/11, are right there with me. It was sheer luck, or destiny, or
the will of God -- take your pick -- that two Bushite extremists, radio
host Jessica McBride and State Representative Steve Nass, decided to
make me famous for reasons known only to themselves. Since then, I've
just been polishing my mirror, and reflecting whatever they give me
right back at them.

Now that Bill O'Reilly has suggested on national television that I
ought to be murdered by my own university officials and found floating
in the harbor...well, I've already written to his boss, Rupert Murdoch:
http://mujca.com/rupertmurdoch.htm Guess I'd better write to O'Reilly
too. See below.

Keep those calls, cards and letters coming--let's flood the inboxes of
every journalistic outlet, take over every radio talk show, knock Fox
off the air and into a Nuremburg courtroom, and take this country back
for its people and its Constitution.

Kevin Barrett
Coordinator, MUJCA-NET: http://mujca.com
Alliance for 9/11 Truth"

So what do we do in response

So what do we do in response to this? Any ideas?

Can you believe these guys?

Can you believe these guys? This is for real, this is the PRIVATE CONTRACTER that our media gets it's Osama "messages" from. They even called what they produce "product". Evil, evil, evil...


Sorry to post something off

Sorry to post something off topic, just couldn't believe my eyes...

As for Kevin, I would suggest that we start writing our old college profs and appealing to their sensibilities. Perhaps they will get involved too. I doubt we'll get much media attention, at least our side of it won't.

For the arguments, we could say that believing in evolution is unpopular with much of America, but that it is science and should be taught. Just because Kevin's ideas are unpopular (according to msm, I know about Zogby) doesn't mean they're wrong. Well, duh.

Perhaps a website akin to

Perhaps a website akin to bravocharlie where people could sign a visible guestbook with comments supporting mr. barrett?

I think this is an issue worth raising within all academic communities, until the issue of complicity is laid to rest, one way or another.

"A letter sent Thursday and

"A letter sent Thursday and signed by 52 Assembly representatives and nine state senators condemns a decision to let Kevin Barrett teach an introductory class on Islam this fall."

WOW! I have a feeling this thing ain't going away anytime soon....Good! :)

Here is a little recap of

Here is a little recap of one viewpoint that points the finger right at Dick Cheney.

Mr. Barrett is on Yahoo

Sam Danner's Pentagon story

Sam Danner's Pentagon story is a lie


From Sam Danner's son:

Hey, for those of you who just listened to the Michael Collins Piper show.....I am Matt Danner.(sam danner's son) I really had no desire to get involved in this mess, but here i am.

On the record, my fathers story is pretty much a lie. He was at home during the 9/11 attacks, infact he is the one who woke me up to tell me what was going on.
I have been battling with him this entire week about coming clean with his story.....and well....since he didn't call into the Michael Piper show tonight....i felt i had to get this problem taken care of. I'm seriously sorry that my dad totally deceived all of you. I am a firm beleiver in telling the truth...so...here i am. I just talked to my father right after i was on RBNlive...and he is going to make a public confession.

Once again, everyone, please find it in your hearts to forgive my father.........i know everyone is searching for the truth....and things like this only get in the way. I really want nothing more to do with this whole debacle....as i truly did not want my name dragged into this mess. So other than posting in this post.....I seriously plan to stay out.

Hopefully, my dad will come clean on-air in the VERY near future.

Special thanks to Russell Pickering, and Merc. your support really helped.


Fri., July 21, 2006


Someone should conduct a

Someone should conduct a poll of the state voters.

But the key to this situation will be PR, unfortunately, because the poll #s won't matter if they aren't in headlines. Nothing will matter if it can't make the headlines.

The politicos are deciding what headlines will happen now.

Barrett should take out a second mortgage his house and hire Cindy Sheehan's PR firm, ASAP.

Excellent 9/11 Outreach

Excellent 9/11 Outreach Materials Available for Free On The Internet. This is the best IÂ’ve seen by far.

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Think about it, you can earn some money while you are spreading the word about 9/11.

Print the flyers. Use the flyers to get strangers interested in 9/11, and then try to give away and/or sell the CD. Go to public parks, or other places were people congregate, or start conversations with strangers.

A good opening question is, “Do you believe everything the government has told us about 9/11?”

Also, regarding the flyers, you can give them away free to people, or leave them in a group of one or more in lobbies, on the floor next to elevators, or other public places where people are likely to take them and read them.

Once you start doing this, spread the word, and teach others to do this.
Everyone can make some money and have fun spreading the word about 9/11.

Please post what you think.

this is like mc carthism

this is like mc carthism

I have never once asked for

I have never once asked for any money for DVDs I burn for people.

DHS Nobody said you had to.

Nobody said you had to. Some people are poor, and cannot afford to give away their time and materials. For the altruistic, doing it is reward enough. For the poor and altruistic, a little pocket change for your time doesn't hurt.
To each his own.

jj: i know i just felt like


i know i just felt like boasting ;-)

When giving CDÂ’s out to

When giving CDÂ’s out to total strangers in mass in a public, trafficked area, you might want to consider the advantages asking a token donation, even if itÂ’s only 25 cents, for the following 2 reasons:
a. Only those who really want to see the CD will pay you something for it. You may be otherwise giving out CDÂ’s to people who are not going to watch it.
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i know i just felt like

i know i just felt like boasting
DHS | Homepage | 07.21.06 - 10:25 pm | #

show off :)

looking for video clips,

looking for video clips, please help:

I'm looking for the full version of the CNN - no wreckage clip in high quality, not that flash one, and longer than the loose change one. anyone know if the full clip is in a movie or somewhere on the internet?

Also looking for the jack kelly, usa today truck bomb clip, other than the real player file.

Anyone taking such heavy

Anyone taking such heavy fire on the beaches of the mainstream should get an infusion of cash. I assume this address is proper in this case:

PO Box 221
Lone Rock , WI 53556


Here is what I want. Take

Here is what I want. Take that 7 minutes of Bush looking like an a-hole in the classroom and slap Gore's face on there, just for comparison's sake. Could you imagine the outrage in this country and how much he would have been labeled as a puss? Somebody get this done.

Does Barrett need cash right

Does Barrett need cash right now for a lawyer? Certainly if he loses his job, that is a monetary loss that would merit financial support.
Is Barrett asking for or accepting donations? And if you donate to MUJCA can that money be used to help Barrett?

Call your local paper and

Call your local paper and tell them to run this article! First time a 9/11 Truth- related story can be found on the AP network.



some good stuff from CNN there.

You should be able to use xisoft's net transport to rip the streams to your harddrive.

Re-watching DBLS' movie and

Re-watching DBLS' movie and the Donna Marsh O'Connor portion is the most heartbreaking thing in the world.

An Israeli Invasion Of

what i find funny is on that

what i find funny is on that CNN link i just sent, the "play video link" for "Video crews are allowed to capture images of the damage to the Pentagon (Sept. 11)" actually goes to WTC footage.

You have to click the image to the right of it for the pentagon video, which I think many will find interesting.

DHS, can you speak in

DHS, can you speak in English with the techie stuff motherf'er? OK, I think I downloaded bittornado and NERO 7 Premium or Platinum or whatever it is...but, what does this mean: "use the crack for a serial." Now, tell me what discs to buy and what buttons I gotta push with this software to burn the movies.

Another Bin Laden Tape On



plug that into nettransport to download that pentagon scene.

Al C: inside the download of

Al C:

inside the download of nero is a CRACK program, which generates a SERIAL NUMBER.

When installing Nero (using the supplied INSTALL or SETUP file), you copy/paste the "CRACK-GENERATED SERIAL" during the installation, which will then install the full version, instead of the demo.

Is this a good start?

and Al C: I have not "f'ed"

and Al C:

I have not "f'ed" anyone's mother in a long time. I am perfectly happy with my girlfriend. ;-)

faux news dot com now has

faux news dot com now has this story on their front page.

I knew that guy's Global

I knew that guy's Global Hawk story was bogus. Why did Alex Jones have this guy on? He doesnt even promote the Pentagon theory.

Wow! Talk about a

Wow! Talk about a mind-blowing thread!

First, I wish to say to Kevin that we could not have nominated a worthier 'soldier' to address this class-action suit. You have already performed a hero's mission, both through your unfettered committment to the process of Education, and for your stature in dealing with the onslaught of commentary to the contrary.

Second, I wanna kick some

Second, I wanna kick some friggin ass up there in MI, and lemme say that I started my feedback campaign with some patient and tired commentary about 'Justice' and 'Truth.'

Finally, I realized that this Nass, your Governer et. all simply neeced to have their 'mailboxes loaded with BOLD: F****-YOU! -s. Which was more than satisfactory in the build-out region of our reactionary campaign.

Now, we are up to phase III; -FREEWAY BLOGGING!

"Yo Nass- Stick this up your Ass!"

We ALL need to step up to our own party and support Kevin's cause, by whatever means. I think we can forget about the teaching gig, like it really makes a flying-* wheather American kids EVER learn another valuable lesson, or not. Historically, our Empirical 'colonization' suggests our immediate demand: "Trial for Acts of Espionage and Treason," -or no more Republic! -END Transmission. -full stop.-

Why don't we publicly

Why don't we publicly denounce him on this website. That way the press could have a field day ("even the loonies disown him"). Then he'll get the sympathy vote - and may even keep his job, since people will deem him a harmless nutter.

The other course of action - and Kevin may have other views on this - is that he go 'all in' and immolate himself on the steps of Congress.

Whichever way you go Kevin we're behind you pal. Cheers!

PS People are genuinely

PS People are genuinely cheering for you Kevin. Best.

The only problem is it's not

The only problem is it's not Nass like Ass, it's Nass like "Hoss".

My suggestion would be to

My suggestion would be to arrange some of the high profile truthers to stand with him. Anybody have connections to Ray Mcgovern, Ed Asner, Ralph Nader wanted questions answered also.

So what do we do in response

So what do we do in response to this? Any ideas?
somebigguy | Homepage | 07.21.06 - 8:41 pm | #

Look up prominent college professors' e-mail or snail-mail addresses, and write to them a.s.a.p.

Even better if you could mail them a copy of LC2E, or at least a 9/11 flyer.
Also, do the same for journalists.

(Calling your old profs. is a great idea too, like someone said above.)

Hopefully, my dad will come

Hopefully, my dad will come clean on-air in the VERY near future.

Special thanks to Russell Pickering, and Merc. your support really helped.


Fri., July 21, 2006

http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Piper/ 060...1_Fri_Piper.m3u
road66 | 07.21.06 - 9:39 pm | #
as soon as he gets on air and makes his "confession", i'll believe that note is real.its just some post on a website message board. doesnt exactly prove its his son.

Can you believe these guys?

Can you believe these guys? This is for real, this is the PRIVATE CONTRACTER that our media gets it's Osama "messages" from. They even called what they produce "product". Evil, evil, evil...
Stuart Provine | 07.21.06 - 8:42 pm | #

Wow, that IS outrageous!

Where did Sam Danner's "son"

Where did Sam Danner's "son" come from all of a sudden? Looks like b.s. to me too.

Can you believe these guys?

Can you believe these guys? This is for real, this is the PRIVATE CONTRACTER that our media gets it's Osama "messages" from. They even called what they produce "product". Evil, evil, evil...
Stuart Provine | 07.21.06 - 8:42 pm | #
yes,ive seen that before, very disturbing stuff.they sell all of their "products" to the public too.

Click Here to Order al-Qaeda

Click Here to Order

al-Qaeda Videos Vol. 38 DVD:
Osama bin Laden:
Elegizing Abu Musab al-Zarqawi - NEW

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, fuckin shameless.

who actually orders that

who actually orders that shit? thats what i would like to know.whos the guy that spends his money on that propaganda?

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