Michael Wolsey Interviews Dr. David Ray Griffin on 2nd Anniversary of 9/11 Commission Report

Visibility 9-11 - July 22nd, 2006

On this, the second anniversary of the 9/11 Commission report, Visibility 9-11 welcomes professor emeritus at the Claremont School of Theology Dr. David Ray Griffin. Dr. Griffin is the author of over two dozen books which include The New Pearl Harbor; Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11 and The 9/11 Commission Report; Omissions and Distortions. Dr. Griffin also has a new book out, which he touches on briefly, called Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action.

OMFG guys what were you

OMFG guys what were you thinking?!? I've just heard that radio ad for 9/11blogger and LOL.... Dudes the guy doing the voice over sounds like the bus driver Otto from the f*cking SimpsonÂ’s lol, really not cool.

I recommend for future ads etc you should put them up on here first test it out on us and get peoples feedback. That'll help make sure that the ad that goes out is actually decent. Sry guys.

geo, I browsed through the

geo, I browsed through the entire .pdf [ http://www.ctr4process.org/publications/Newsletters/PastNewsletters/Vol2... ] and this page [ http://www.fordham.edu/philosophy/graduate/syllabi/phga6256_process_phil... ] -- no David Griffin "new world order" comment in either.

So where is the actual original text of Griffin saying or writing that?

Because I don't see it.

And the paragraph at this main page [ http://mysite.verizon.net/vze25x9n/id25.html ] which contains "My major project at present is, in fact, to develop a theology for a new world order", and that those other two links were posted at, doesn't count if there's no actual reference to look at.

Would you please tell me where exactly that comment by Griffin is located.

And please link me directly to it, if possible.

geo: some might argue that


some might argue that in this information age, with an ever shrinking world, cooperation between continents is essential.

The ad on Woolsey's show was

The ad on Woolsey's show was cool.

Can we expect to hear it on other outlets, too?

It's good to hear you again

It's good to hear you again Dr. Griffin.

Congratulations Michael.

Congratulations Michael. You just made the big time.

BTW... there's a surprise in

BTW... there's a surprise in this broadcast for blogger fans...

On DRG: Creepy Also, before



Also, before I encountered your work David, I had assumed that theologians studied various religions or were on a quest for some sort of divine truth. You, however, are consciously seeking to mold an entirely new religion (by pulling and transforming bits and pieces from the religions that already exist) to further your goals. You even ask me in your reply: “Should I infer from this that you think the usual ideas--those of traditional theism--have been good enough?” Your sort of calculated synthetic creation of a religion is something I do find to be very creepy:

“Our efforts toward global governance must be two-pronged: at the same time as the case is being made for the necessity and possibility of global government, people in various religious and philosophical traditions need to be interpreting those traditions, probably through a combination of retrieval and reformation, so as to reveal and emphasize their support for this transition to world unity. . . My major project at present is, in fact, to develop a theology for a new world order . . .” (from your chapter in the library book cited at beginning).

ThereÂ’s documentation out there that the Rockefellers have played a role in re-engineering religion, so my mention of your Rockefeller ties was not gratuitous. As you yourself mention, all applications to the Bellagio-Rockefeller are directly reviewed by the Rockefeller Foundation, and approved based on their content, so your organizationÂ’s conference was not merely funded by them. And it is interesting to learn from your reply that it was actually during your five-week Bellagio-Rockefeller Study Center stay in the early 90Â’s that you first developed your conviction that a new global structure is a necessity.


The Second Anniversary?

The Second Anniversary? Times goes so fast, and yet, so slow.

its easy to see that the 911

its easy to see that the 911 "inside Job" hypothesis is consistent with the desire for one religion, one government-globally..

Who would be the biggest enermy of this?

Christians, patriots, gun-nuts-average americans, so pefect:

Christian, Texan Bush did it.

Which is not to say that the official story is not a liue, and there is an ongoing coverup.

But whats the real truth, not the official unofficial Rockefeller truth?

geo, would you please

geo, would you please provide a screenshot or a scan of David Ray Griffin's book where he makes that New World Order statement.



9.11 Truthers really need to

9.11 Truthers really need to read this. Just remember its fiction.


By the way, as apparently

By the way, as apparently "thorough" as this document "appears" to be, it manages to make to mention of WTC7.

A glaring ommission, to say the least.


Make that NO mention of

Make that NO mention of WTC7.

Getting sleepy...

"The nation was

"The nation was unprepared."

... and thus, the lies began.


"We have endeavored to

"We have endeavored to provide the most complete account we can of the events of September 11"

- The 9/11 cOmmission

Yeah, except that we make NO mention whatsoever of the third WTC structure that collapsed at 5:20p on the afternoon of September 11.

Other than that event, our account is complete... sort of.

- Ø®£Z- As cited in

- Ø®£Z-

As cited in the reference I already gave you, AND eres more info:


Toward Genuine Global Governance

Nine well-known authors associated with the world federalist movement critique the 1995 Report of the Commission on Global Governance entitled Our Global Neighborhood. Although the contributors manifest a variety of viewpoints, styles, and approaches, they are unanimous in condemning the Report as insufficiently imaginative and visionary. Despite repeated calls in the Commission Report for a radically new way of thinking, the substance of the Report mindlessly rubber-stamps the legitimacy of the sovereign nation-state system of today,

Table of Contents:

Global Government: Objections Considered by David Ray Griffin


Geo, STFU with this anti-DRG

Geo, STFU with this anti-DRG nonsense.

also: Just because DRG is a


Just because DRG is a Rockefeller one world government fan that hates America (at least the nation state America) and loves the UN does not mean hes wrong about 911, or the 911 commission report (in my own opinion)
at least on the points that the official story is a cover up.

But time and time again, he takes evidence that is irrelevant, and jumps to a conclusion,i.e.

Hijackers were alive-->Cheny did it
Controlled demolition-->cheney did it
Commission report is a lie-->Cheny did it.

This is the primary logical error to Griffin.

I believe Grifffin becuse of his beliefs jumps to a flase conclusion.
Thats why his beliefs are relvant.

And, thers an obvious conclusion different from Griffin's-a different conclusion consistent with evidence from Hopsicker, Indira Singh, and Sybll Edmunds.

None of which, to my knowledge, believe in an inside job-despite their whistle blower status.


Idea for the next radio ad,

Idea for the next radio ad, get Jon Gold to do the voice over. I say that because firstly I'm sure he'd do it for free (wink and a nudge lol). And secondly the man has got a wonderful voice, and the passion for it. Also think about the music used, I say for the next one a thread should be made so we can all help with feedback and recommendations. IÂ’m totally down for helping out!

Ø®£Z Here's how


Here's how scholarship works in all graduate faculties I know of-

1.. Someone reads a lot of books and finds excerpts from those books, and then hopefully finds some new idea from an analysis of these books, which she then tries to formulate in an argument, often using excerpts to bolster her case/

2. The scholar when publishing cites a reference to the material.

3. Academic dishonesty occurs when someone finds out that a quotation has been fabricated in whole or in part. The claimant reads the book and announces that the quotation does not reside in the book cited.

Ø®£Z-if you are claiming that Angie did this, then you should write her and make the claim that she is a liar.One of you is a liar anyway.

This will be easy to refute for Angie if she is telling the truth.

I believe she is telling the truth so I am under no obligation to read all the books she has researched and provide scans of each paragraph cited, in my own reference to her work.That would be ridiculous, dont you agree?

Also I find many examples in the literature of others close to Griffin, and many examples of Griffin himself, very close in context, and conclusion; to wit:

DRG believes in one world government, likes the Rockefeller agenda, hates the American nation state, so on.

As I said, I think this weird creepy side is important in that it explains his illogical jump to conclusions.

But heÂ’s not alone, I have not found a logical explanation anywhere of why WTC controlled demolition required government knowledge or

Indeed the technical expertise seems to lie only in the private sector.
Hence the CIA/NSA/DOD did not have the capability to do it.

Someone might argue that its possible that elements, or people in the government, arranged for private operatives to do it.

Yes, Yes, Yes, but note this is very different than an inside job per se.

And more importantly, it is very threatening to DRGs friends if this line of inquiry goes to transnational interests also sharing DRG's desire to destroy the nation state America.

David: We're in the decisive period. These ideas have started to move very quickly. People who were being formed in the 1960s are moving into positions of influence, so now these ideas can flourish in the public realm, the media, the political realm, and perhaps soon in the economic realm.

I don't think the Worldwatch Institute is alarmist - because usually people who are funded by Rockefeller and similar kinds of money are not alarmist crackpots - and yet, they say that unless the decade of the 90s is the turnaround decade, we may not have a turnaround decade. So this has to be, and may be, the decade for spreading this world view and for seeing it become the emergently dominant one.

Nobody knows exactly what shape it will take. I've got my own preferences, and other postmodern thinkers have more or less different ideas. But something that we could call, in the broader sense, a postmodern world view and spirituality could spread and start to become institutionalized. Then we could hope that in the first decade or two of the 21st century, major structural changes on the global scene would already be in place, or would be rapidly put into place. If we can move that fast, I believe there will be hope - and I do, increasingly, have the hope that we will move that fast.

When you look at the figures on population, arable land and the like, it's hard not to be pessimistic. So like most thinkers, I have a very grim picture of the future that's ahead, but at the same time I maintain a hope that we can change radically and quickly enough that even though the times ahead will be very difficult in many respects, they will not be absolutely disastrous.


Ø®£Z I have the


I have the reference for u as requested:

The book is:

Toward Genuine Global Governance, Critical Reactions to “Our Global Neighborhood”, Edited by Errol E. Harris and James A. Yunker, Copyright 1999. Publisher is Praeger Publishers, 88 Post Road West, Westport, CT 06881. The Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 98-47746; ISBN 0-275 96417-5. David Ray Griffin has a chapter in it entitled ‘Global Government: Objections Considered’.

The quote beginning “Our efforts toward global governance” is in last paragraph on page 62. The quote beginning “My major project at present” is on top of page 63.


"Its an endless control grid, but the borders are brokem, we fear the terrorists, but not the illegal horde within the gates,
poison in the vaccines, RFID, 24/7 surveillance, satellite tracking of your cell phone,its a prison planet"

"you live in the factory, and the product being manufactured,

is you."

Paraphrases (AJ infowars, LLS videos)