The NYTimes publishes OpEd on Barrett

Conspiracy Theories 101 (registration required)

...Mr. Barrett’s critics argue that academic freedom has limits and should not be invoked to justify the dissemination of lies and fantasies. Mr. Barrett’s supporters (most of whom are not partisans of his conspiracy theory) insist that it is the very point of an academic institution to entertain all points of view, however unpopular. (This was the position taken by the university’s provost, Patrick Farrell, when he ruled on July 10 that Mr. Barrett would be retained: “We cannot allow political pressure from critics of unpopular ideas to inhibit the free exchange of ideas.”)...

...But in fact, academic freedom has nothing to do with content. It is not a subset of the general freedom of Americans to say anything they like (so long as it is not an incitement to violence or is treasonous or libelous). Rather, academic freedom is the freedom of academics to study anything they like; the freedom, that is, to subject any body of material, however unpromising it might seem, to academic interrogation and analysis.

Academic freedom means that if I think that there may be an intellectual payoff to be had by turning an academic lens on material others consider trivial — golf tees, gourmet coffee, lingerie ads, convenience stores, street names, whatever — I should get a chance to try. If I manage to demonstrate to my peers and students that studying this material yields insights into matters of general intellectual interest, there is a new topic under the academic sun and a new subject for classroom discussion...

...Rather, the question should be: “Do you separate yourself from your partisan identity when you are in the employ of the citizens of Wisconsin and teach subject matter — whatever it is — rather than urge political action?” If the answer is yes, allowing Mr. Barrett to remain in the classroom is warranted. If the answer is no, (or if a yes answer is followed by classroom behavior that contradicts it) he should be shown the door. Not because he would be teaching the “wrong” things, but because he would have abandoned teaching for indoctrination...

Despite the title, this is not a hit-piece. The author is re-framing the debate in terms of defining the role of the teacher, he's not castigating Barrett outright, unlike other pinata journalism we've seen in the past two weeks.

Perhaps now the NYTimes will heed David Ray Griffin's call;

...In light of this situation and the facts discussed in this essay---as well as dozens of more problems in the official account of 9/11 discussed in my books---I call on the New York Times to take the lead in finally exposing to the American people and the world the truth about 9/11. Taking the lead on such a story will, of course, involve enormous risks. But if there is any news organization with the power, the prestige, and the credibility to break this story, it is the Times. It performed yeoman service in getting the 9/11 oral histories released. But now the welfare of our republic and perhaps even the survival of our civilization depend on getting the truth about 9/11 exposed. I am calling on the Times to rise to the occasion.

Perhaps the Gray Lady needs to hear Griffin's call echoed a few thousand times.

Thanks Ed, for sending this in.

U.S. To Israel: Ok, Just One

well i sure as hell aint

well i sure as hell aint giving The Times any more money than i have to. anybody got the whole thing yet?

Well, I read the NY Times

Well, I read the NY Times piece-- a lot of words that don't say an awful lot we don't already know.

Teachers do nothing BUT give their opinion in class- their is no such thing as NEUTRAL information- that's not what we pay them for. If that's all they were to do, what would be the point of even HAVING a mentor/teacher/instructor. If you want neutral information, go to books, library, internet and read everything.

The purpose of a teacher is to consciously select SOME information out of the entire pool, and pass along what they feel is good, relevant, and healthy.

As for the NY TIMES, someone give us some eamil addresses so we can encourage them to WRITE A STORY that summarizes events/information that are being read all over the rest of the world, but completely surpressed here.

If the NY Times were a college professor- I would have fired them long ago for failure to provide a basic balanced view.


Whole thing...

When there are "registration only" articles, come to the YBBS... I'm registered most everywhere for the most part.

Well, this OpEd is little

Well, this OpEd is little more than a small fart. More hemming, hawing, and avoidnace by the NYT. My blood boils every time I read lame puke like this.

On the sex offender list,

On the sex offender list, too, Jon?

"On the sex offender list,

"On the sex offender list, too, Jon?"

No, and that's NOT even funny.

Check out the following good

Check out the following good article about Barrett here:

Be sure to click on "Watch The Show" just after the first paragraph, for a 20-minute interview with Barrett by a remarkably fair interviewer.

thanks Jon. FYI, geo is

thanks Jon. FYI, geo is going crazy over porn,you, and Howard Stern in the Ellsberg thread. its like the friggin Twilight Zone down there with that guy.

you know geo, same guy who

you know geo, same guy who says David Ray Griffin is the spawn of the devil.

Well, I'm doing my best to

Well, I'm doing my best to ignore that which will get me into arguments.

The fact that Kevin's name

The fact that Kevin's name in the NYT OPED and that it is not a hit piece indicates to me that the door is cracked a little bit open.

Maybe the writer found a way to introduce the subject and still make it past the gatekeepers at the NYT.

The trick is to get the information out there.

If this is a valid question

If this is a valid question to ask:

"...Rather, the question should be: “Do you separate yourself from your partisan identity when you are in the employ of the citizens of Wisconsin and teach subject matter — whatever it is — rather than urge political action?"

Think the times would EVER ask this of politicians?

"Do you separate yourself from your partisan identity when you are in the employ of the citizens of Wisconsin rather than urge political action?"

Hey Chris, dont bring me

Hey Chris, dont bring me into the middle of that.

Jon can do what he wants, his posts and BB are a big help.

And my posts on DRG agree with most of what DRG and JOn say,I just suspect that his one world agenda leads to a leap of faith. a false conclusion.

Lets debate that instead-the conclusion-was it a bloated CIA bureaucracy that did it , or a group of private operatives tied to Saudi Arabia and MI6.

Were not supposed to debate-but we can share evidence prop and con.

geo, you basically called

geo, you basically called the guy a pornographer.if you value his site and posts, why the hell would you come with bullshit like that?

Hello brothers and

Hello brothers and sisters,

I need help truthing over at "Crooks and Liars". The first post I put up today was deleted in less than a minute. And all the rest of my posts following that were also deleted.

I find it very strange that someone is monitoring and deleting all 9/11 posts at a moments notice. Anyway, please help me out on this thread if you can:

Here's the link anonymoused to protect your

If anyone decides to help me out, don't waste your time writing out a long post, because it will be zapped before you can make another. I'm blasting them with stuff like links to 9/11 articles and documentaries.

Also, if there are any hardcore researchers out there that can dig up personal info on the person that runs that website (John Amato) please post it here :) . I'm interested in knowing what his backround is. I'm convinced he's working for the criminals that did 9/11. Let's expose that bastard!

I thought the article was

I thought the article was fair, but completely avoided the question which the author raised, viz., "In short, whether something is an appropriate object of academic study is a matter not of its content — a crackpot theory may have had a history of influence that well rewards scholarly scrutiny — but of its availability to serious analysis."

So, what does the author think re 911 in an Islamic studies course? Is it "available" to serious analysis? (And, I'm sure the author would agree, is it PRESENTED in such a way as to make this abundantly clear?)

Well, neither the author nor myself has taken Barrett's course, so we can't say for sure whether or not serious analysis is PRESENTED responsibly, but judging from
Barrett's interviews on the subject, he gives every indication of approaching the subject in this fashion. I would have have preferred the author say so, also, but I don't have a big problem with him not doing so. (Even if it strikes me as a little cowardly...)

The question of whether you CAN approach the subject in a serious, analytic way should be answered in the affirmative - what, after all, are Professor Griffin's books about if not serious attempts to address these issues?

I think, though, it should be admitted by everybody that a lot of the 911 information is poor on verification. Part of this is because it's often impossible to get not only a straight answer, but even a relevant question out of the US government. (By "even a relevant question", I'm referring to the fact that the 911 commission wouldn't even ASK certain questions, including, IIRC, about 2/3 of the questions submitted by the Jersey Girls.) E.g., both CT'ers and OCT'ers refer to the fact that most of the WTC steel was shipped off to China and India, but nobody checks to see if "souveneirs" were kept or if, perhaps, some or all of it was dumped in the ocean and never made it to it's alleged destination.

Even more amazing is that NOBODY is confirming, or disconfirming, the work of Hopsicker . Hopsicker recently posted an article (" 5.5 Ton Cocaine Bust Reveals New Details of the 911 Attack" tying Atta to the US military-industrial complex yet AGAIN, which furthermore presents leads to actually solving the the case. The US government is doing NOTHING about this information, but neither is the rest of society. Not the "alternative press", not the 911 Truthers, not the "debunkers".

How, then, do we know that Hopsicker is correct, or not? In science, independent verification is essential. I see no reason why we should have to rely on the honesty of just one man - any man. This is no knock against Hopsicker, BTW. It is, in a sense, a knock against everybody else!

These are no trivial issues, because if you are going to teach a course such as Barrett's, you have to decide whether or not to mention Hopsicker. Through no fault of either Barrett's or Hopsicker's, Hopsicker's research is unverified.

Personally, I would include it with the appropriate caveats. Furthermore, part of the story of 911 is the ensuing COVERUP, and the lack of action by the US government to jump on Hopsicker's leads and find the evil-doers is certainly relevant to this particular aspect.


All in all, I'd give the article an "A".

Who called me a

Who called me a pornographer?

geo slandered you and anyone

geo slandered you and anyone else who has ever looked at porn as pedophiles.(he went by the name Enemy of LIHOP in the Ellsberg thread).he was going on about the fact taht you posted on Howard Stern.

No problem-except for the Misogyny and exploitation part-i.e. Dyncorp.
Enemy of LIHOP | Homepage | 07.22.06 - 7:46 pm | #
so you eqaute adult women having sex with adult men for money on film,legally i might add, with CORPORATE CHILD SEX RINGS? you cant be serious........
Chris | Homepage | 07.23.06 - 12:11 pm | #

It is apparently quite legal

It is apparently quite legal to put removeable stickers on U.S. currency!!!

As part of the campaign, NBC will pay retailers with stickered $1 bills, which cashiers will then distribute to customers with their change. The sticker will drive recipients to a Three Wishes section on the NBC Web site and encourage consumers to use the marked dollars to fulfill another person's wish to coincide with the show's theme...

2. He has disgusting friends

2. He has disgusting friends that miss his thousands of posts on Stern Planet(which he's luckily deleted)
"All Gold9472 posts disapeared. It's like he never existed. Doc and spicabella only had a few dozen posts but Gold had thousands." sh...hlight=Gold9472

3. He discredits and embarasses the movement when he mixes his private behavior with the 911 message. t=11942


This is a member of the 911 truth steering committee?

but now hes saying he values your site and posts, so hey? what are you gonna do right?

geo, this is how moles act.

geo, this is how moles act. they try to create division and attack people. that isnt very "christian" of you.

And there is the not as

And there is the not as legal permanent way too:

I read those posts. There

I read those posts.

There are no refrences to JG and pedophilia.

Chris, take this argument off the blog if u want.

Youre not doing anyone a favor

I just watched the Barrett

I just watched the Barrett interview. I would like to thank Kevin for doing an excellent job. I just wish everyone in the country could and would watch it. Only a brain dead Bush backer would still believe the official 9/11 "sham" report after listening to Kevin. Thanks again Kevin, job well done!

Speaking of Hopsicker.... We

Speaking of Hopsicker....

We need a citizen-funded media that proactively seeks the truth, and at least attempts to do some of the work that the US Government is supposed to do, but does not. I have written a proposal for just such a media, wherein small automatic disbursements could be made from subscription fees to fund specific investigative reporting topics of interest to the subscriber.


Please check out the entire (but short) thread at

and forward to anybody who might be interested.

Gentlemen, Take the porn


Take the porn debate to a different site, please.

when you need a password to

when you need a password to read any article on the net that requires registration, go here:

a database of passwords for free use.

Here here reprehensor

Here here reprehensor


this is how moles act. they try to create division and attack people.

Stop republishing LIHOPs irrelevent stuff and stick to 911

More--it is legal to put

More--it is legal to put removable stickers on U.S. currency!!!:

NEW YORK — Money talks, and now promotes as well: Dollar bills are the medium being used by two independent media specialty companies to reach viewers for new TV shows.

50,000 U.S. bills

New York-based Media Kitchen affixed 50,000 one-dollar bills with peel-off stickers stamped with the air date, time and channel of Traffic: the Miniseries to promote the three-part cable special for its client, USA Network. The bills went into circulation Jan. 8 at bars in New York and Los Angeles.

I'm sorry... are you

I'm sorry... are you insinuating the, "thousands of posts" I posted to, and were porn related posts?

Sorry, but the "thousands of posts" were 9/11 Truth related.

My posts were deleted by the owner of the board, much like the owner of "Crooks & Liars" does every single day.

Anything else you'd like to lie about?

Oh, and I haven't been on the Steering Committee for months.

If you want, I can get 100

If you want, I can get 100 people to attest to that.

Updated research from this

Updated research from this guy at DU who followed up on the WKJO movie.
He thinks 9/11 was almost entierly privatized.

Today, I've been called a

Today, I've been called a sex offender, and a porn blogger. Yay for me.

Jon, stop paying attention

Jon, stop paying attention to the b.s. "discredit-the-messenger" tactics being aimed at you.

Go put some removable "9/11

Go put some removable "9/11 was and inside job--watch Loose Change" stickers on all your money! It's legal!

OT - Hey.... I have been

OT - Hey.... I have been submitting topics from here and other sites recently on Netscape.

This is a great opportunity to obtain greater visibility!

I have put mine in the politics areana for the moment.

Just an FYI!

I think this could really help the truth movement!

sl, Why aren't YOU


Why aren't YOU confirming or disconfirming Hopsicker's work?

It's easy to confirm his speculation that Atta and co weren't "fundies", as their bizarre behavior was reported in the mainstream by various journalists in different geographic locations.

Beyond that, I find that he relies heavily on "guilt-by-association" to press home a point. I find the reporting on his website byzantine. This is in contrast to "Welcome to Terrorland" which seems to have been blessed by a good editor.

I'm not "on the ground" in Florida, otherwise it would indeed be tempting to follow up on his reporting.

In my opinion, and this is pure speculation, Hopsicker may be helping to build a "legend", the dimensions of which are hinted at by this "citizenspook" character, of whom I know nothing, other than he made me think;

The video that made me

The video that made me realize that there was more to 9/11 than meets the eye was one of the towers collapsing and tilting to one side and the flashes going off at critical points so that the
top of the building didn't slide off onto another building. What about you? What sealed the deal for you on 9/11 truth?

for me it was the Pentagon

for me it was the Pentagon that got me to start looking closer at 9/11.

i feel like such a fool,

i feel like such a fool, looking at the towers collapse after the fact and not realizing how wrong it looked until long after the networks stopped showing endlessly.

OT: How does one subscribe


How does one subscribe to a RSS feed?

I knew on Septembner 11 it

I knew on Septembner 11 it didnt look right but thats because I walked on a bridge to Brooklyn with thourands of refugees--I looked down into the pit, it was so clean, rectangular, not llike photos of Dresden, partial collapses, so on.

Just a sugical strike with the attempt to minimize casulities.

That was the first clue that it wasnt Islamic fascists trying to kill Americans-but a psych-op.

And the resulting financial damage of that op, the wars, the homeland security, all of it-is much worse than any nuclear attack would have been.


The reason I asked what

The reason I asked what sealed the deal for you about 9/11 is that if you were persuaded by that one thing then focus on that one thing when discussing it with others. I'm not talking about what made you start questioning 9/11, but what did you see that made you say, that's it! I know it for fact.

I remember reading the

I remember reading the claims that 9/11 was an inside job in the days after it happened, and dismissed it as too unreal. I wasn't particularily interested in the topic until I did a Google search last year and came across the controlled demolition theories and the Pentagon Strike video. That small hole in the Pentagon, undamaged lawn etc woke me up. Logically, a lot of the evidence for controlled demolition made sense right away, however it took some months to get to grips with it anyway.. absolutely mindboggling. What really confused me, was to participate in debates with people that already knew about all of that, yet still didn't think there was anything wrong with the official story.

" sl, Why aren't YOU

" sl,

Why aren't YOU confirming or disconfirming Hopsicker's work?"

Because I live in NJ, and have no budget for doing so. Furthermore, I have been more than generous with my time, which has been directed these last couple of years towards the physics of the building collapses.

While the donated efforts of 911 Truthers is admirable, THEY ARE ALSO INSUFFICIENT, at least if you value timeliness.

What I DO have is $1.00 per month, which I would be happy to donate to serious investigative reporters of 911 and other scandals. Furthermore, I also believe that there are millions of other US citizens who also would be happy to donate $1.00 per month towards the same ends.

There is no SYSTEM in place to do so - that is (in part) what I am proposing. This results in a colossal ineffectiveness with regards to all kinds of activism.

If YOU wanted to solicited funds for investigating Hopsicker's work, who would you go to to obtain them? The NY Times? The Ford Foundation? The Republican or Democratic parties? Amy Goodman?

Please don't confuse criticisms of society, groups, or even groups of 911 activists with personal criticism.

And please don't confuse my systemic criticism, which springs out of my being frustrated at how SUB-OPTIMAL activists' efforts are, with lack of appreciation for the honest efforts of activists of all stripes (including those at odds with what I believe.)


If you think that relying on volunteer efforts, "semi-volunteer" efforts (where their survival depends partly on the sale of videos and books), bloggers who work for nothing (except donations) such as, and so forth, then please explain WHY this should be so. Especially when we are up against corporations, governmental entities, and other, more shadowy groups whose budgets are quite enormous and whose workers draw a steady paycheck.

We need a diary on this. We

We need a diary on this. We need to take a poll and decide what the strongest issue is to focus on.

What sealed the deal for you

What sealed the deal for you on 9/11 truth?
itsaputon | 07.23.06 - 1:09 pm | #





Does have a

Does have a feed that is available that pulls information into an aggregator whenever new information appears or a new thread is started?

Building a Better

Building a Better Mirage
NIST's 3-Year $20,000,000 Cover-Up
of the Crime of the Century

itsaputon- No one here knows

No one here knows it for a fact that September 11th was planned and carried out by members of our own government, but I do believe that's the best possible interpretation of the available information. That said, the government's lack of cooperation (putting it mildly) with the 9/11 Commission is what caused me to examine September 11th in greater detail. I also think a few simple facts regarding the Commission (the administration opposed its creation, the administration originally appointed Kissinger, the Commission only got $3 mil., etc.) are enough to get anyone to ask, "Well what are they hiding?" And then you can say, "Well they're hiding building seven, and all this other stuff." Just thinking out loud here.

I found the RSS feed for

I found the RSS feed for!

If this site was suddenly

If this site was suddenly taken down , where would we meet?

"No one here knows it for a

"No one here knows it for a fact that September 11th was planned and carried out by members of our own government"

Maybe what I should have asked is what made you realize the official story was bunk?

For me it was accidentially

For me it was accidentially seeing Barry Zwicker on my local cable access channel a few times. Each time I became more convinced & started looking into things myself.

Watching "Painful

Watching "Painful Deceptions" & "LC2E" clinched the matter for me.

I'm not talking about what

I'm not talking about what made you start questioning 9/11, but what did you see that made you say, that's it! I know it for fact.
itsaputon | 07.23.06 - 1:34 pm | #

I think the blocking/charade of an "investigation" sealed it for me. I originally started looking to "disprove" things I saw (one of the first things I ever remember seeing was a video of Kerry and Bush regarding skull & Bones, and it had the name alex jones added to it, so i looked him up and downloaded some of his videos (road 2 tyranny, etc).

I originally tried to find evidence to counter his arguments or show that he was showing only pieces of information and leaving out the rest, but the more I looked the more things started to look ugly.

I took the red pill, and I can never go back.

Welcome to the Real World.

Here's the video I refer

Here's the video I refer to:

It's only 5 minutes long

yeah, Alex Jones helped

yeah, Alex Jones helped knock me over the head pretty good too. he helped me "see the light" so to speak.

Skull and Bones 322

the more i look the more i

the more i look the more i realize how little i know.

that was great DHS, i had to

that was great DHS, i had to post that shit again. especially the part with the dancing skeletons, hahaha.

lol Chris I just posted that

lol Chris I just posted that above you.

disregard my previous

disregard my previous comment. That was one of the first things I saw after road to tyranny

i read that womens book from

i read that womens book from the 60 Minutes interview. it was pretty good, she went to Yale herself and was also in a secret society.(if its who i think it is.)

Itsaputon... I came across


I came across this article which was crosslinked on the wrh site

Then while performing further research on each of the 22 points made in this article, I came across several good sites such as

Then I became convinced after the katrina disaster when I find out the bush adminstration are criminally capable of allowing the 9/11 attacks to occur for their benefit.

It wasn't until Ive decided the us govt had a hand in the attacks when each and every of the alleged 9/11 suspects were released under court orders due to lack of evidence.

Good reference

Good reference Anonymous!


Updated research from this guy at DU who followed up on the WKJO movie.
He thinks 9/11 was almost entierly privatized.

It appears that Kroll was in fact owned or affiliated with MI6-agents of the Euro-Oil Cartel in the Balkans, Azerbaijan, London:

"Kroll merged with Armor Holdings thus adding two more specialized teams to their company: Defence Systems Limited, a British Private Military Contractor who protects the British Queen among others and Alpha Firm, the former top-KGB team during the cold war. With that merger they had at least four teams in their company and probably the best teams as well. AIG international reinsured the WTC buildings and made sure that their competitors got most of the reinsurance."


I'll be waiting for Dr. David Ray Griffin to incorporate this into his next interview.

Oh, sorry, its not consistent with the CIA inside job, maybe we wont hear about it.

geo, do you plan on bashing

geo, do you plan on bashing David Ray Griffin in all of your posts from here on out? just wondering.........

If this site was suddenly

If this site was suddenly taken down , where would we meet?
Anonymous | 07.23.06 - 2:28 pm | #

Very important question. This site is a nightmare for the powers that be. 9/11Blogger might end up being the grassroots tool that pushes the movement over the top.

My biggest fear is that the guilty will eventually be forced to smear these kinds of websites with patently false charges of "domestic terrorism." We need to be ready to prove that we are peaceful.

I think a good project for this website would be to establish a "manifesto" of sorts that clearly spells out a mission of peaceful resistance & civil disobedience in the spirit of MLK, Ghandi, etc...

We need some kind of insurance. Something prepared in advance that would make false charges backfire bigtime.

Painful Deceptions was the

Painful Deceptions was the first 9/11 documentary i saw. it blew me away. too bad about Hufschmid now. so far hes been the only one smart enough to include a segment about the media in his film.

geo | Homepage | 07.23.06 -

geo | Homepage | 07.23.06 - 2:51 pm | #

i posted some thing relating to this about 2 weeks ago. Interesting stuff, a "passing the buck" so to speak, sticking a sucker with the bill.

Chris Im really not trying


Im really not trying to offend you or the other DRG fans. Ive said I think DRG made great contributions.

But I think he reaches a false conclusion conveniently helpful to his cause celebre.

And I think he cherry-picks the evidence to support his thesis.

I think its fair to point this out to get others to look at the alternative interpretation other than the one funded by Ford foundation-WBAI.

I might never reach the die hard cult believers but others sometimes read this page.

The only thing I've ever

The only thing I've ever read by david ray griffin was the list of 115 points that completely demolishes the kean commission report. I consider it a good source for beginners needing some guidance in their research

Everyday I check this site

Everyday I check this site ,and in the few seconds it takes to load , I keep expecting to see bold headlines about the next false flag event. When the site goes down I wrack my brain trying to figure out where to meet with folks here(online), if it is a government/hacker action.Wouldn't Alex Jones site be yanked too? WHR ? Perhaps gatekeepers like kos and others who are so vigilant about deleting 911 comments are preparing for a near future in which domestic terrorism laws are immediately put into place and ruthlessly enforced.

"Everyday I check this site

"Everyday I check this site ,and in the few seconds it takes to load , I keep expecting to see bold headlines about the next false flag event."

You're in the wrong frame of mind. Focus on the good, don't waste time thinking about what could happen. Focus on what did happen and exposing it. If a false flage happens, you'll know what to do and it won't involve the internet.

geo,and i think you read

geo,and i think you read into, and dwell on his personal beliefs WAY too much. but hey, you also worry about what sites people here post on in their spare time and pass judgement on them as well, so i guess we should expect that from you.die hard cult believers? i would venture to say those of us here that appreciate Griffins books dont take him and his personal life as seriously as you do. and for you to say he comes to the same interpretation as the Ford foundation shows your full of shit and just interested in slinging mud.weve seen many like you before.

Al Gore just confessed to

Al Gore just confessed to blowing up the World Trade Center in order to set up a "Coordinated Catastophic Climate Cycle (C4)" throughout the globe, ensuring the rapid progress of global warming trends and the destruction of the planet, in retalliation of his stolen 2000 Presidential election!

:-) just having some fun.

Off topic: I'm not surprised

Off topic: I'm not surprised by this, but Huffington and Maher are really blind.
"Because it's symptomatic of a profound problem that afflicts the left practically to the same degree as it does the mainstream: An inability not only to think critically about Israel but, worse, a total inability to discuss the influence of the Jewish community on American life."

and you dont offend me geo,

and you dont offend me geo, but your endless bashing of Griffin does get tiresome and annoying. we get it, your paranoid as hell. most of us here are paranoid to some degree(which is healthy when its not over-board), if not as much as you.

ps geo, your links are dead.

ps geo, your links are dead.

The more trivial questions

The more trivial questions about whether or not the operations were "privatized" is not going to be of great importance if the events are never properly investigated.

Our energies should be directed there for the moment. It's certain there were private companies involved - Controlled Demolition Inc if only for the cleanup ;) - as well as government operatives.

It's not really worth attacking prominent researchers such as DRG, who have spent countless hours advancing the cause, on such minute points which could be easily resolved through an open investigation.

Today's articulate column on

Today's articulate column on "Conspiracies 101" (reproduced at Jon Gold's website) marks a huge step forward for 9/11-truth dissemination, IMO. Avoiding both advocacy and attack, the article gives beautiful publicity to the Scholars' website. Furthermore, the column sheds light, not heat, on the Kevin Barrett matter. His detractors get no support here, and their arguments are made to look irrelevant. Moving to a related topic, I hypothesize this: the three articles on 9/11 truth published in the last month or so in the NYT ("Conspiracy Buffs," the Van Auken letter, and today`s column) sll tell the Bush Administration, 'If you want to call us on the carpet in public for revealing your banking-data surveillance, just know that we are well aware of the evidence against you regarding 9/11 and we can bring it out in a subtle or sudden way, before elections or after. So, no more public condemnation of our newspaper. You hear?' This is an educated guess on my part. I think it's no coincidence that also appearing in today's "Week in Review" section is an array of letters to the public editor on the above referred to secret program to monitor bank transfers disclosed by the NYT, some of which letters call the Times a traitor.

Anonymous | 07.23.06 - 2:52

Anonymous | 07.23.06 - 2:52 pm | #

Your suggestions are extremely important. We should definitely look into to mirroring servers, if that's not already done, and alternatives if this site should "disappear."

And yes, anticipating all possible attacks against us would also be prudent.

@ geggy: DRG has done

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - The

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - The condition of Ariel Sharon, the former Israeli prime minister who masterminded the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, has deteriorated, doctors said on Sunday.

I didn't know he was still alive

Hey thanks sitting bull...!

Hey thanks sitting bull...! I'll get to reading these links. I heard the entire text from "the new pearl harbour" by griffin is availble online. Got that link?

I've watched griffin's lecture in the reopen911 dvd (which you can order one for free at their site but takes forever to get to your mailbox). I thought he kicked ass.

all this stuff is mysql

all this stuff is mysql driven, is it not?

all that needs to be done is a backup of the MYSQL database every week or two

Geo, I take from your


I take from your comments you haven't read Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor. Nothing cherry-picked there, it's pretty clear that there are many questions that haven't been answered--and I'm not convinced we are the ones to answer them--we need a full investigation. IMHO, that's what our movement needs to focus on.

geggy, please email

geggy, please email me:

habiru at web . de

I got the word version.

geggy, Griffin New Pearl

geggy, Griffin New Pearl Harbor in PDF format is here:

Chris You must be pulling my


You must be pulling my leg

Everyone whose done any research knows that the Ford Foundation supports a lot of the one world religion-one world government stuff.
And DRG did not engage in this as part of his private beliefs-it was his job-he was and remains a professor of "process theology"
engaged in studying ways to achieve this Ford foundation agenda. Theres a huge paper trail on this.

So youre right his private beliefs dont matter but if hes going around prosletizing on behalf of hi pagan one worldism-its important to explain his logical fallacies.

But in deference to you I wont bring this up again, at least until you guys start start in a frat frenzy about how Great he is.

google search:

" world governance" "david ray griffin"

Results 1 - 10 of about 26

" world governance" "Ford foundation"

Results 1 - 10 of about 410

Anybody know how to download

Anybody know how to download the 25 minute video from the local news interview of Barrett that took place 2 days ago?

Excellent 9/11 Outreach

Excellent 9/11 Outreach Materials Available for Free On The Internet. This is the best IÂ’ve seen by far.

Download a great flyer 8.5x11
Download and burn a great CD which you can make copies of and give or sell to others.

Download Instructions:
Go to URL
Type the 3 digit number shown in the window at the bottom
Press “Submit” button
Wait up to 20 seconds as there is a brief pause and a countdown.
After the pause, “Download” button appears. Now press the download button.

1. DOWNLOAD ONE PAGE 8.5 X 11 INCH FLYER (Total download time a minute)
Download for free at:


These downloaded files are in zip format. Unzip each file, and it will become a folder. Use a free file like Winzip to unzip the files. (If you donÂ’t have a zip extracting file, Winzip can be downloaded for free at )
Use your CD burning software (e.g. Nero) to add all three unzipped folders onto a blank CD and burn the CD. All 3 folders will fit together on one CD. Label the CD “Building 7” or “Bldg 7”.
Each of the three folders takes about 20 minutes to download with broadband.

Folder A

Folder B

Folder C

The positive features of this CD once you burn it is:

1. The CD very-user friendly, and does not overwhelm the user when they first look at Folder A, which has only a few files in it.
2. The title of the CD itself is low key and non-threatening to the newbie: “Building 7.”
3. The CD begins with the most interesting and obvious issues first, and progressively tells the story of 9/11 truth in a logical, progressive, methodical order.
4. The CD is packed with hundreds of hours of audio and video for those who are really interested in this topic, yet it is so compact that it fits into a CD. (Some of the multimedia is via web links).
5. Because it fits into a CD, almost anybody with a computer has the ability to make copies to distribute to others.
6. The contents of the CD have been specifically created and edited to eliminate red herrings, conjecture, disproved theories, and disinformation to the greatest extent possible.


If you have time, review the CD to get a feel for what is on it. You might learn some information you have not seen before.
Give CDÂ’s to your friends, family, and/or acquaintances. You can also give them out or sell them to strangers.
You can either give them away for free, or, if you consider this as an incentive to go out and do the work, you can charge up to $2 max. “donation” to reimburse you for your materials and labor.
Think about it, if you want you can earn some money while you are spreading the word about 9/11. You have the choice of giving the CDÂ’s away for free or selling them, whatever works for you.

Print the flyers. Use the flyers to get strangers interested in 9/11, and then try to give away and/or sell the CD. Go to public parks, or other places were people congregate, or start conversations with strangers.

A good opening question is, “Do you believe everything the government has told us about 9/11?” Another two good follow up questions are:
1. “Do you know how many skyscrapers taller than 40 floors collapsed to the ground in New York on 9/11?” Most people say of course 2.
2. “Do you know approximately how long after the 2nd tower was hit was that Osama bin Laden was both named by the FBI as wanted for 9/11, and at the same time formally indicted for the crimes of 9/11: Closer to 1 minute after the attack, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, or 2 years after the attack?” Whatever they say, it will be wrong, because it is a trick question. The answer is OBL has NEVER been named as wanted by the FBI, has never been indicted for 9/11, and furthermore, the FBI recently admitted that there is “no hard evidence” linking OBL to 9/11.
Those two questions are surprising for most newbies, and gets them interested in learning more about 9/11.

You can give the flyers away free to known people or strangers, or leave them in a group of one or more in lobbies, on the floor next to elevators, or other public places where people are likely to take them and read them.

Once you start doing this, spread the word, and teach others to do this.
Everyone can make an impact spreading the word about 9/11, and if you are so inclined, you even have the option of earning a little small change in the process by selling the CD’s for a “donation.”

Another way to disseminate this information to friends or family who are far away is to email them these instructions, and they can download the information themselves from the Internet, and can follow the instructions so they can get the materials, learn about 9/11, and spread the word themselves.
Please post what you think.

P.S. when distributing CDÂ’s to total strangers in mass in a public, trafficked area, you might want to consider the advantages of asking for a token donation, even if itÂ’s only 25 cents, for the following 2 reasons:
a. Only those who really want to see the CD will pay you something for it. You may be otherwise giving out CDÂ’s to strangers who are not going to watch it, and maybe just throw it away.
b. There is a psychological incentive for people to value something they have paid for more than something they have gotten for free. Once they pay you, they have “invested” their money, so they are psychologically “invested” in getting something out of their purchase. In other words, everything else being equal, they are more likely to value and watch a CD they have paid for versus one they have received for free at no cost.

I think it was Jon Rappaport

I think it was Jon Rappaport who "turned me" on 9/11. Yet before him, I found his link on Lexrex. Also, War is a Racket, Mark Twain, Bastait, Voltaire, Socrates. Yet another, was that rudimentary animation titled The Philosophy of Liberty. I do believe it can still be found on Lexrex behind Wash Your Brain. have fun.

jj: net transport from


net transport from xi-soft.

google it.

You can type the stream URL into Nettransport and it'll save to the computer.

I'll be home in an hour and will do it if you can't get it.

Chris You must be pulling my


You must be pulling my leg

Everyone whose done any research knows that the Ford Foundation supports a lot of the one world religion-one world government stuff.
geo | Homepage | 07.23.06 - 4:04 pm | #
WRONG DUMBASS!!!!!!! i was CLEARLY talking about his views on 9/11 specifically. and you know that i was. THIS IS WHAT SHILLS DO, THEY TWIST YOUR WORDS. stop being sucha fucking shill geo, you knew damn well what i meant you paranoid fuck.

this 29 minute video should

this 29 minute video should be burnt to VCD/DVD and handed out at movie theatres showing "World Trade Center"

You might also want to print out some of the firefighter's/employees testimony available at

world class shill tactic

world class shill tactic geo. taking my words and misinterpeting them. too typical.

Hey Chris, I promissed,but

Hey Chris, I promissed,but have you looked at your friend's publisher, interlink....


Suppose CIA-Ford was publishing some stuff it funded in Interlink, and then it published a 911 truth critic, woulnt you be suspicious that this critic was also serving the CIA-Ford agenda some how?

Wouldnt you want to understand how that critic fit into their psy op on the American people?

Probably yes, right.

Now assume its not a critic, but someone you value and trust

What would you do?

What I did was reconsider everything in light of this.

Ever play chess, sacrifice a pawn, to get a bishop, they say the good players think maybe thirty or more moves ahead.

So knocking down the towers is the first move

The official story comes out in minutes including photos of the hijacjers,

Im enbarassed to admit I had questions but falled for that-got emotional, wanted revenge for my dead friends.

That was move two.

But the anti-war left understood that the administration was not actually pursueing anti-terrorism, they didnt buy the whole thing.

So then they trickled out, Incompetence, Bush knew,Move three.

Let it happen, move four.

Made it happen move five.(Inside job)

Made it happen-mainstream, CSPAN , new yorkers, NY times, Vanity Fair

The funny thing- incompetence, LIHOP, MIHOP, PNAC, always the same fall guys, Bush-Cheny-Haliburton.

So if the hijackers were patsies(tarplay), is pnac a patsy, a chump,

Theres the official story, and the official unofficial story, neither requiring conscious conspiracy, merely funding and restraint, funding of the official and unofficial, restraint of the stiff that gets too close--censorship.

So Im embarassed by falling into their manipulation once. then twice with MIHOP , (maybe still a hypothesis).

The most funny and ironic outcome for the history of this episode would then be:

Web-Fairy-NH hypothesis is correct.

Then we're all fools, and agents of COINTELPRO. for restraining that debate.

For following your friend over the cliff like Lemmings into the New world Order.

The end of the nation state-america.

so thats it geo? you believe

so thats it geo? you believe in no planes too? its good to know where you stand. now do you want to address why you misconstrued my words on purpose to fit one of your paranoid, non-sensical rants?

It's not really worth

It's not really worth attacking prominent researchers such as DRG, who have spent countless hours advancing the cause, on such minute points which could be easily resolved through an open investigation.
Monsieur le Prof | Homepage | 07.23.06 - 3:34 pm | #


Chris, No, I didnt see the


No, I didnt see the planes myself, but I saw the videos,so I believe in planes, esp. with eye witnesses.

I admit tho, that the fact that the videos repeat frames is somewhat troubling.

and the pig crawling up the building kind of freaks me out.

and to:

Monsieur le Prof
translated as
Sir, the francophile professor

STFU if you cant add anything but a whine.

waaaah waaah be nice to the Professor, Sir, he speaks french,


All I did was attack his logical fallacy-conclusion.and where he probably gets that ("he worships a different God" to quote Dr Monteith).

Enough already.

wow geo, you make perfect

wow geo, you make perfect sense. did i mention that the internet doesnt convey sarcasm well?

The point is there should be

The point is there should be another, objective and international investigation into the 911 attacks.

Enough said.

Attacking me and whatever supposed characteristics you wish to give me will not change that.

Where can you get 911 inside

Where can you get 911 inside job removable stickers, or where do you buy the material to print your own?

Does anyone have any

Does anyone have any arguement to this little article?

I am in a discussion on Netscape and someone posted this. It makes some sense but I still don't buy that this is enough.

Anyone here have a way to verify this and or pass this on to Dr. Jones/Griffin for comments?

geo sounds so much like nico

geo sounds so much like nico with his "logical fallacy-conclusions.

My first reaction to 9/11

My first reaction to 9/11 was: "Those bastards!" By "those bastards" I meant the U.S. Government and the corporate interests that control it.

Having been a long-time environmental activist, by 2001 it became more and more obvious to me that corporate interests were attmpting to revers the laws related to environmental protection that I had worked so hard to see implemented. By 2001 I had begun to look into their nefarious deeds with respect to other national and international issues. Therefore, when 9/11 happenbed, I saw it as "blowback," actions against us for the terrible deeds we were inflicting on other countries. I initially bought into the reports that the attacks were the work of the 19 hijackers under the control of Osama Bin Laden.

As I began to investigate Bin Laden, I found out about the efforts of oil companies to build a pipeline from the rich oil and gas fields of Central Asia through Afghanistan and I realized that the war on Afghanistan was being conducted with another purpose in mind.

For several months I participated in a weekly vigil against the war in Afghanistan with a poster showing the proposed pipelines.

Then one day, a trusted older friend of mine, who was a veteran of WW II, said that on 9/11 he was at a meeting of veterans and that as soon as they heard about the attacks some of them said to him that "it looks like an inside job."

This got me to looking into the events as reported and the contrary claims of those who questioned the "official" version of what happened on 9/11. The first thing I read about that turned me around was the reports that some of the alleged hijackers were still alive.

Then I read Griffin's book, "The New Pearl Harbor" and the rest is history. Gfiffin's book led me to the PNAC report, "Restoring America's Defenses," which is the "Mein Kampf" of the neo-con movement. Once your read it and see who the supporters of it were, the events of 9/11 fall into place.

However, we must realize that even the neo-cons are being used as tools of the corporate interests. When Wolfowitz attmpted to implement a plan for using the oil revenues of Iraq to pay for the invasion, the oil companies stepped in and said "no deal." They want to reap the benefits for themselves.

For an excellent overview of the influence of corporate interests on world affairs see "Escaping the Matrix" by Richard Moore at:

and check out his Cyberjournal Forum (, which includes a posting on March 25, 2006, by Kevin Barrett entitled "The 9/11 Truth Revolution":

geo sounds so much like nico

geo sounds so much like nico with his "logical fallacy-conclusions.
Colin alexander | 07.23.06 - 8:45 pm | #

same tactics, same

same tactics, same objectives.(funny how they both cant speak proper english too. i guess we even outsource the job of internet shills now in this country.)