Beginning of the Week Open Thread

Bunch of good interviews from the weekend, be sure to check them out if you missed them.

In the mean time, what's new?

Open thread, have at it.

San Diegans for 9/11 Truth

San Diegans for 9/11 Truth is growing in size much faster than we anticipated. We have multiple upcoming activities planned so if your down here in San Diego please join the group and join us in spreading the truth.

I really encourage anyone

I really encourage anyone with an interest to check out the Richard Grove material (scroll down main page for topic and links.) It's interesting both in terms of content and form -- he seems to see the radio show-esque podcast as a revolutionary power that 9/11 truth must harness. He is also a lot more action-oriented (mostly in the sense of a paradigm shift) than a lot of people with websites. Anyway, for anyone who is uncomfortable with "Bush/Cheney/PNAC did it" being the final word in the identification of the perps, it behooves you to get familiar with his material.

If for no other reason, I enjoyed it because I'd never heard Immortal Technique before. I just have to remember not to play it in front of my daughter ('cause I'm pretty sure she doesn't know the n-word yet, and that's one aspect of her linguistic development I'd like to delay as long as possible.)

Anonymous posted a link to

Anonymous posted a link to the Nafeez Ahmed article in a previous thread, entitled "Armageddon on the Horizon?" -- but, I feel it bears repeating here. The following excerpt near the end really struck me as particularly telling, albeit quite worrisome (emphasis mine):

The nuclear implications have never been lost on our leaders. Both Britain and the United States have adopted first-strike nuclear policies, and are actively pursuing tactical nuclear weapons to make such unconventional warfare strategically viable. Vice-President Dick Cheney continues to spend most of his time in secret nuclear bunkers where he oversees the establishment and functioning of an unelected network of unknown officials, planned to immediately come into power in the event of a nuclear strike against the United States.

Clearly, Cheney and the rest of the cabal have more insanity in store for us. From their power-hungry points of view, a nuclear bomb on an American city would be yet another "opportunity."

Article here:

How long does it take,

How long does it take, exactly, to prove "arson by thermite"? I assume Jones needs to find evidence of other chemicals (in addition to what he already found) for a full thermite fingerprint. And there might be different procedures to follow as well; hopefully he didn't need to start the analysis from scratch for this (repeating what he has already done).

Why don't the professors from the "two other universities" who verified Jones' findings come forward? What are they waiting for?

A pamphlet would be nice

A pamphlet would be nice that pretends to be something it's not. Like a Loose Change 2 debunking pamphlet with details and a list of sites that verify instead of debunk.
We've got to get to the people who put up a wall immediately when they hear of 9/11 conspiracy theories.
Is there such a thing already created that I don't know about or is it a silly idea?

itsa: http://www.tyrannyalert

It seems to me that if

It seems to me that if everyone in the movement around the country would use some "freeway blogger" techniques with creativity and tenacity it would begin to be noticed by local if not national press.

Good to see scholars for

Good to see scholars for 9/11 truth ad up on

"It seems to me that if

"It seems to me that if everyone in the movement around the country would use some "freeway blogger" techniques with creativity and tenacity it would begin to be noticed by local if not national press."

Excellent idea. I pledge to post some Tuesday.

Maybe we should decide on a

Maybe we should decide on a date, and all do it the same day?

Today is the first day of

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. One of my goals today is to fill the 7 postage paid envelopes from institutions that wish to make me a debt slave with 9/11 truth. This is what I'm inserting:

Jesus said: Perhaps men think that I am come to cast peace upon the world; and they do not know that I am come to cast dissensions upon the earth, fire, sword, war. For there will be five who are in a house; three shall be against two and two against three, the father against the son and the son against the father, and they shall stand as solitaries.

What about a section on this

What about a section on this site dedicated to pictures of freeway blogging and similar types of activism?

>"Why don't the professors

>"Why don't the professors from the "two other universities" who verified Jones' findings come forward? What are they waiting for?"

Wow! - I heard from a retired military officer the other day. He contends that things are shaking-out rapidly within the ranks of command. He did not give me 'hope' for a real 'stand-down,' although his 'read' on the Jones, Jones, et. all, situation is that "The proof is in!" - So, They do know what We know, -if you will!

Welcome to the "RED-List."

Amanda, I'm going to get real religous, real fast, although I was never known to talk about Jesus, or God, so here goes: "Even the Goddamn WATCHTOWER -group are now warning us against the NWO!" I found this at one of their most user-friendly websites I could ever imagine. It mentions Ernst Zundel and Alex Jones by name!:

Fema Camp-

Fema Camp:

Alex's overview:

Personally, I never imagined having to relocate to take work in Indiana. Not that it's a bad place. We went to see the Great Sand dunes there one deadly cold December. (I think I would rather visit the Sahara about now.) Also, we saw the then 'undiscovered' "Crystal Gale" singing the blues, but that's another story.

"FREEWAY BLOGGER" is playing-out as contel, relative to 9/11 Truth. They really aren't doing enough. We'll need to send them photos of signs we commonly aware of, before making that final judgement. Somehow, I don't think they are shock-oriented enough. That's where an inocculous saying, like: "Google: Thermite!" -really will play out for mass appeal.

I staill say the bigger the better! You've got to understand that I had done a very serious campaign of this sort during the October Surprise. I used a cross-cut saw, -totally broadsiding public consensus. It had simply come to a point where "Viva La Sandinista" simply would not do! I was convinced that these Ops were special forces, "trained activists," -blaugh, blaugh.

Oh yeah, I may as well tell

Oh yeah, I may as well tell you about that campaign, because it literally meant the end of an art epoch, and led to the Mayor citing "all future Graffiti would be punishable by death!" - :(

This required very careful planning, since I can't spell, and could barely read at that time. I meticulously listed groups of *dead musicians* by numerous ideological, chronological, genre, and countries of origin. The patterns had to look implicit, and yet they were quite illusive, even to me, but that didn't matter. I painted over 250 of these names in a linear sequence over a 5 mile strech of fences. I would walk 35-paces between each, and made sure to use their proper initials on those from Classical and other historic, and foreign genres. The typefaces were equally precise, and I'm sure this bothered people to no end.

Nobody noticed the series at first, since the full pattern had not yet been made explicitly clear. All total, it took form for only about 11 days. Thirty-something cans of generic paint, if I remember...

Suddenly, on a Monday, out came the anti-defamation league and the Mayor, the Federales, you name it.- "By God! How dare that ass-* remind us of "Jimi Hendrix" and that damn "Edvard Grieg" -guy, while we're at War!"

NOW, If you are so inclined as to wear brackish-black, {and presume the role of a 4:00am paper-boy,} have faith in your ability to project innocence to all comers! I'm all for it baby, and I Do know exactly what it's like to take a whole city down, block-by block!

:) Ps. NSA, I do fully intend to **relinquish my US Citizenship** very soon... :)

TS Gordon- Google- Mystery

TS Gordon-

Google- Mystery Park

TS Gordon- I met Jimi

TS Gordon- I met Jimi Hendrix in the early 1970's

MABUS = BUSH Bill Kush & his


Bill Kush & his sing-a-long marching band

Shock & Awe of the highest

Shock & Awe of the highest order - the Earth was so soaked with the blood of nearly 3,000 innocents that it would ooze as you walked upon the ground.

Nights in white satin, never

Nights in white satin, never reaching the end
Letters I've written, never meaning to send
Beauty I'd always missed, with these eyes before
Just what the truth is, I can't say anymore

Gazing at people, some hand in hand
Just what I'm going through, they can't understand
Some try to tell me, thoughts they cannot defend
Just what you want to be you will be in the end
And I love you, yes I love you
Oh, how I love you, oh, how I love you

Breathe deep the gathering gloom
Watch lights fade from every room
Bedsetter people look back and lament
Another day's useless energy's spent
Impassioned lovers wrestle as one
Lonely man cries for love and has none
New mother picks up and suckles her son
Senior citizens wish they were young
Cold-hearted orb that rules the night
Removes the colors from our sight
Red is grey and yellow white
But we decide which is right
And which is an illusion

Excellent 9/11 Outreach

Excellent 9/11 Outreach Materials Available for Free On The Internet. This is the best IÂ’ve seen by far.

Download a great flyer 8.5x11
Download and burn a great CD which you can make copies of and give or sell to others.

Download Instructions:
Go to URL
Type the 3 digit number shown in the window at the bottom
Press “Submit” button
Wait up to 20 seconds as there is a brief pause and a countdown.
After the pause, “Download” button appears. Now press the download button.

1. DOWNLOAD ONE PAGE 8.5 X 11 INCH FLYER (Total download time a minute)
Download for free at:


These downloaded files are in zip format. Unzip each file, and it will become a folder. Use a free file like Winzip to unzip the files.
(If you donÂ’t have a zip extracting file, Winzip can be downloaded for free at )
You can either use the information on your own computer and stop there, and/or burn the information onto a CD if you have a CD burner.
To make a CD, use your CD burning software (e.g. Nero) to add all three unzipped folders onto a blank CD and burn the CD. All 3 folders will fit together on one CD. Label the CD “Building 7” or “Bldg 7”.
Each of the three folders takes about 20 minutes to download with broadband.

Folder A

Folder B

Folder C

The positive features of this CD once you burn it is:

1. The CD very-user friendly, and does not overwhelm the user when they first look at Folder A, which has only a few files in it.
2. The title of the CD itself is low key and non-threatening to the newbie: “Building 7.”
3. The CD begins with the most interesting and obvious issues first, and progressively tells the story of 9/11 truth in a logical, progressive, methodical order.
4. The CD is packed with hundreds of hours of audio and video for those who are really interested in this topic, yet it is so compact that it fits onto a CD. (Some of the multimedia is via web links).
5. Because it fits onto a CD, almost anybody with a computer has the ability to make copies of your CD to distribute to others.
6. The contents of the CD have been specifically created and edited to eliminate red herrings, conjecture, disproved theories, and disinformation to the greatest extent possible.


If you have time, review the CD to get a feel for what is on it. You might learn some information you have not seen before.
Give CDÂ’s to your friends, family, and/or acquaintances. You can also give them out or sell them to strangers.
You can either give them away for free, or, if you consider this as an incentive to go out and do the work, you can charge up to $2 max. “donation” to reimburse you for your materials and labor.
Think about it, if you want you can earn some money while you are spreading the word about 9/11. You have the choice of giving the CDÂ’s away for free or selling them, whatever works for you.

Print the flyers. Use the flyers to get strangers interested in 9/11, and then try to give away and/or sell the CD. Go to public parks, or other places were people congregate, or start conversations with strangers. Also put them into any prepaid postage envelopes you get and mail them for free.

A good opening question is, “Do you believe everything the government has told us about 9/11?” Another two good follow up questions are:
1. “Do you know how many skyscrapers taller than 40 floors collapsed to the ground in New York on 9/11?” Most people say of course 2.
2. “Do you know approximately how long after the 2nd tower was hit that Osama bin Laden was both named by the FBI as wanted for 9/11, and at the same time formally indicted for the crimes of 9/11: Closer to 1 minute after the attack, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, or 2 years after the attack?” Whatever they say, it will be wrong, because it is a trick question. The answer is OBL has NEVER been named as being wanted by the FBI, has never been indicted for 9/11, and furthermore, the FBI recently admitted that there is “no hard evidence” linking OBL to 9/11.
Those two questions are surprising for most newbies, and gets them interested in learning more about 9/11.

You can give the flyers away free to known people or strangers, or leave them in a group of one or more in lobbies, on the floor next to elevators, or other public places where people are likely to take them and read them.

Once you start doing this, spread the word, and teach others to do this.
Everyone can make an impact spreading the word about 9/11, and if you are so inclined, you even have the option of earning a little small change in the process by selling the CD’s for a “donation.”

Another way to disseminate this information to friends or family who are far away is to email them these instructions, and they can download the information themselves from the Internet, and can follow the instructions so they can get the materials, learn about 9/11, and spread the word themselves.
Please post what you think.

P.S. when distributing CDÂ’s to total strangers in mass in a public, trafficked area, you might want to consider the advantages of asking for a token donation, even if itÂ’s only 25 cents, for the following 2 reasons:
a. Only those who really want to see the CD will pay you something for it. You may be otherwise giving out CDÂ’s to strangers who are not going to watch it, and maybe just throw it away.
b. There is a psychological incentive for people to value something they have paid for more than something they have gotten for free. Once they pay you, they have “invested” their money, so they are psychologically “invested” in getting something out of their purchase. In other words, everything else being equal, they are more likely to value and watch a CD they have paid for versus one they have received for free at no cost.

@anonymous, I remixed that

@anonymous, I remixed that "New world Order Alice in Wonderland" painting a bit to include 9/11:

Also, check out NYPD transmissions on 9/11 regarding police suspecting remot controlled planes and vans with explosives:]


I had a really good

I had a really good experience at a local Circuit City last night. I loaded four of their giant screen TV's with copies of Loose change 2, cranked up the volume and sat back to watch dozens of people begin to stop and plant themselves in front of the TV's for several minutes at a time -- many of them not wanting to leave until they absolutely had to for whatever reason -- and I was able to speak to many of them in detail about 9/11 while we watched parts of the film together.

I also did not receive one critical comment from anyone who I explained to that it was me who had put the DVD into the TV. And during the two hours I spent there, I actually met four people that were awake to 9/11 and thrilled I was presenting the material in this fashion.

Some of the employees at the store were also watching my presentation and didn't make me turn it off or tell me to leave the store or anything like that. Some were even kind enough to help me set up the DVD player/TV so I could play my DVDs (when I first arrived at the store, I just acted like I was interested in buying something and only wanted to test out the equipment).

Since I personally had such a good experience doing this, I would definitely recommend it to others. These stores are perfect locations for such presentations. It's basically something anyone can do and it costs nothing. Just bring a couple of your favorite 9/11 DVDs with you to your local home entertainment store and pop them into their biggest TV screens and sit back and watch the response you get.

It was my first time using this method to present information to people and I originally got the idea to do it about a month ago from one of the people who are associated with Gypsy's 9/11 group who went around video taping their experiences playing DVDs in home entertainment stores (I think it's posted on 911Blogger somewhere, if not it's on the net, probably Google video and/or Youtube).

Anyway, just thought I'd share.


LOVE the guerrilla activism

LOVE the guerrilla activism ideas folks!
Even the anti war crowd is behind the times in cultural hacking and adjamming.

Well, new book detailing ISI-CIA and 9/11 connections!

what I don't understand is

what I don't understand is how bush can hold on to power.

u2r2h, I wonder myself. I

u2r2h, I wonder myself. I think bush/cheney not being impeach and 9/11 truth not being meanstream demonstrate the vaste corruption existing in the media/judicial/political sphere in the USA. There could'n be other reasons.

Keep up the GOOD

Keep up the GOOD WORK

Google: 100th monkey

Stallion4, that is

Stallion4, that is Brilliant!!! Good job!

Regarding picking a day for Freeway Blogging, I've been thinking of that too. Pick a day, that everyone puts big-ass signs up in their community somewhere.

I just think I'd share...

A jigsaw piece in the 911

A jigsaw piece in the 911 puzzle is surely Dr David Kelly. It appears that he was murdered by/for/with agreement of UK authorities. Why? Can anyone make sense of this?

Syria, Lebanon, USA,

kelly was able to

kelly was able to SINGLEHANDEDLY stop UK involvment in Iraq War.

kelly knew too much.

TNF, did you hear ROBERTS on


did you hear ROBERTS on ELECTRIC?

Now, THATS frightening.

u2r2h, I didn't. But now

u2r2h, I didn't. But now that you've pointed it out to me, I'm downloading it and will pod it this week. Thanks.

Thanks to all of the people

Thanks to all of the people that manage and provide an important resource for the growing populace becoming aware of the 9/11 hoax.

What you are doing is a gift to the U.S. and to the world.

Thanks again.

The fasces, the fascist

The fasces, the fascist movement's symbol.
Our Congress is still displaying the fasces.

Let's show some support for Lt. Ehren Watada, the first active duty officer to refuse to serve in an illegal and immoral war. He faces trial coming up August 16.
This is an excellent opportunity to forward some 9/11 Truth to him, and maybe through him to a wider audience as his case gets higher-profile.

Does anyone have that link

Does anyone have that link with info on someone calling Nass' office, and their people said that they hadn't even looked into Barrett's claims?

I remember seeing this, but I can't seem to find it.

Clearly, Cheney and the rest

Clearly, Cheney and the rest of the cabal have more insanity in store for us. From their power-hungry points of view, a nuclear bomb on an American city would be yet another "opportunity."

Article here:
CK | 07.24.06 - 1:50 am | #
i forget where i read this, but its been verified that Dick Cheney is known to travel around with a chemical/biological protection suit.

im doing a freeway blog

im doing a freeway blog within the next week!!!!

i also live within miles of Daniel Ellsberg and am thinking about leaving him a sign that i know he will see... im not sure what it should say to him but im thinking...

i think my freeway sign will say "911 was done by our government!" or "911 was an inside job"...

pocky, i emailed you but im thinking you might be to right wing for me... 8)

Regarding picking a day for

Regarding picking a day for Freeway Blogging, I've been thinking of that too. Pick a day, that everyone puts big-ass signs up in their community somewhere. somebigguy

I think, a Fri. night to 4 or 5 AM Sat. morning. If you put them up during the week, there's a higher chance that city workers will come by and take them down. This way, they will be up on the weekend, when people have time to ponder them, and they will probably still be up for Mon. morning rush hour (and some will last alot longer than that). This Sept. 11 is a Mon. (perfect) so the signs would go up Fri. the 8th.

Cynthia McKinney Speech

YouTube | July 24 2006

An extraordinary speech presented by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney from the Alex Jones film "Matrix of Evil." Included is a clip of Mario Savio's fiery, "gears of the machine" speech he delivered at Berkeley.

Could someone tell me where

Could someone tell me where to download a professionally designed 911 info. flyer for an intellectual audience? My working environment is very techie and visual astute. Thank you.

lots of 9/11 in that speech.

lots of 9/11 in that speech.

Any news about Netanyahu

Any news about Netanyahu talking on MSNBC about the "modified aircraft" that hit the WTC?

ranshay, This PDF is my main

ranshay, This PDF is my main tool to open eyes around me:

It's complete with facts, credibles individuals that have come forward, a lot of links, pictures, etc... Very good.

Hope it helps

I've just been printing an

I've just been printing an other dozen of and I hand them to co-workers for their vacation reading... :)

CJ I've been trying to keep

CJ I've been trying to keep that on the surface too .

no CJ, nobody knows

no CJ, nobody knows anything. where/who did you originally hear it from? were they sure?

Ever since I moved to

Ever since I moved to Victoria BC ,I've felt that the 911 truth paradigm will prevail , and IS prevailing.Few people doubt US government complicity , but real activism is curtailed by the veiw that it is an 'American' problem . With awareness & organization however , the whole west coast of Canada ,including Vancouver Island could be a bastion of 911 truth . Pressure from without and within !

i heard about it on this

i heard about it on this board:

did anyone see the interview on MSNBC with Benjamin Netanyahu today. i just read on another forum that he said and i quote the poster from from the other forum:

"he was speaking about how the missle that hit the israeli ship was no different than the "modified aircraft" that slammed into the twin towers on 911,
those were his exact words "modified aircract"

wtf? did anyone see this?
boast | 07.23.06 - 4:51 pm | #

Later, boast reported "the only other info the OP on that thread was able to give is that the interview was by Alex Witt."

I have asked boast to post on what forum he read this, in case there is more info to be had. I may call MSNBC myself and inquire discreetly about this alleged interview.. nothing on the net that I can find... all help appreciated..

I found a Netanyahu

I found a Netanyahu interview with a Martin Stanford on Sky News, where he makes reference to previous attacks, and says "when New York was rocketed by makeshift rockets, basically improvised aircraft used as rockets. the response was to go halfway across the world, wipe out the Taliban regime, conquer Iraq..." etc..,,31200-netanyahu_grab_230...

Was this the clip boast was referring to? If so, it's not quite the 'modified aircraft' wording that was rumoured, and could easily be interpreted quite innocently, i.e. using planes 'as' rockets...'

I'll consider this matter closed unless I hear otherwise. Was there a different interview in MSNBC?

Too vague for doubters , if

Too vague for doubters , if that is the clip.

OP said the interview was by

OP said the interview was by Alex Witt. So it wouldn't be that piece.



Anyone know where the

Anyone know where the original thread started about the Netanyahu quote - on some other board ?

Netanyahu is on CNN right

Netanyahu is on CNN right now. scumbag.

his response to the fact

his response to the fact that a U.N official criticized the destruction of Lebanons infrastructure?-"thats Hezbollahs fault". really, it was that simple for him.

4:00 p.m. EST is a terrible

4:00 p.m. EST is a terrible time to watch the MSM... Tucker Carlson and Wolf Blitzer on simultaneously... both Israel sympathisers...

I want to pull an Elvis and shoot the TV.

ive heard that Blitzer once

ive heard that Blitzer once worked for AIPAC, and also an Israeli newspaper. can anyone verify this? yes,Blitzer is hopelessy and blindly pro-Israel.

Dick Cheney is known to

Dick Cheney is known to travel around with a chemical/biological protection suit.

Hello Pillock!

Yes, I forgot where I did read it (TIME magazine?), they said Cheney has an INTENSE interest in Bio/Chem.

yeah, it might have been

yeah, it might have been Time, i know it was a very mainstream source like that.

Amanda, :) You are a trip! I

Amanda, :) You are a trip! I checked out that Thomas Quote. "We are as a divided house." Amazing that 'Nights in White Satin' still applys! I thought maybe you were 'the Purple Lady,' if so, pass the bong! Shucks, I didn't meet Jimi, but saw him twice, as well as the Who, who opened for him in Memphis. Shame they couldn't have put together a better show line-up!