Another 9/11 Anniversary is just around the corner

Another 9/11 Anniversary is just around the corner -

Once again, that time-clock of terrifying consternation is poised to chime yet again as we approach the 5th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Be as it may, if Americans paid even a little attention all these years, surely by now they have a clue as to what really happened.

Even a cursory search of the Internet yields many surprising discrepancies that totally destroy the official fairytale that has been literally shoved down our throats for years. But this knowledge could only be achieved if we are wise enough to disregard, or avoid, the twisted lies of the mainstream new media. If so, then it comes as no surprise. We already know it was an inside job.
The pendulum swings for the 5th consecutive year that each of us has had to endure ongoing hardships. This nightmare must end. We cannot continue to be bombarded with stolen elections, soaring cost-of-living hikes, massive poverty increases, a diminishing middle class, hoards of homeless people living in the streets, unbelievable amounts of hunger and starvation, astronomical national debt, a trade debt getting as f**king high as the space station, endless wars (with many more on the chalkboard), secret gulag torture chambers strategically placed abroad, marathon amounts of displacement, destruction and death for mass populations at home and overseas, and of course -- our continuing wholesale servitude to our Masters of the Universe whom without our hard labor, funds and sacrifice they may never have been able to enjoy their royal life of rich pleasure. It's a hard job, but someone's gotta move the battle lines from side to side on the geopolitical map, inside the corporate board rooms. Are we enjoying this yet? Sometimes I wonder...
For me, the 5th anniversary of 9/11 is just like the four previous ones -- a shrill, never-ending scream of what should never have been allowed to happen. We should have stopped it, but we just stood there, transfixed by terror. Because of our inaction, we will never be the same. The horror of 9/11 will forever remain embedded in all of us as an evil lesson of what can happen -- what will surely happen -- to a nation's people when they lose control of their leaders' actions.

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dissapointing results. what story is this poll attached to Jon?

It's just a poll on their

It's just a poll on their front page. I think that's the same paper that that woman sued.

Yup... same paper.

Yup... same paper.

A HUGE thanks to Michael

A HUGE thanks to Michael Wolsey for the tip.

haven't been on in a day or so, any comments on the Netanyahu statement regarding "rockets/modified aircraft launched at the WTC"???

That link to CNN keeps

That link to CNN keeps crashing my Safari for some reason.

I did a word search for

I did a word search for aircraft, modified, and 9/11, and didn't find anything on that page?

DHS, i thought i heard that

DHS, i thought i heard that was on msnbc?

His comments could easily

His comments could easily have been interpreted as meaning that the planes were "used" like rockets , but I personally beleive he was refering to remote control planes.

Safari Jon? get

Safari Jon? get Firefox

NETANYAHU: No, but how about being equated with the United States and Britain? Britain had its cities rocketed in World War II by the Nazis, V-2 rockets. It leveled Dresden. It leveled German cities. Level them, level them.

Now, by the way, I am not make a moral judgment. It was total war by a fanatic Nazi regime that was forced on Britain. The United States had two rockets launched into -- it's not rockets, makeshift rockets, aircraft, launched into New York City dealing, obviously, terrible damage.

But the United States went halfway around the world, destroyed the Taliban regime, occupied Iraq and there were many, many civilian casualties. The difference is that neither Britain nor America nor many other democracies don't target civilians directly. They have hurt civilians indirectly and not intentionally. In the case of Israel, yes, there are tragically, 300-some civilian casualties.

o by the way I am off of

o by the way I am off of work this week to instead take FinalCut Pro training classes. That will help me in making a nice video package to burn to DVD.

Netanyahu was trying to make

Netanyahu was trying to make an analogy to 9/11. hes trying to justify the illegal and immoral Israel excursion into Lebanon by pointing out that this whole thing started because a couple of rockets were lobbed into Israel,much like our current crop of wars was started because of 9/11. so Netanyahu, did 3000 people die because of those rockets? not that i agree with the Iraq war, but if you wanna make the analogy to 9/11.........

oh, lets not forget the 2

oh, lets not forget the 2 kidnapped Israeli soldiers. thats so worth the destruction of a soveriegn nations infrastructure and the murder of hundreds of innocent civilians,and quite possibly the start of a larger conflict in the Middle East.(insert sarcasm here)

Especially when it may have

Especially when it may have been Israel's own "black ops" who did the "kidnapping."

(Not to sound ghoulish, but why wouldn't Lebabon just kill 2 Israeli soldiers? Why kidnap them & give Israel an excuse to launch an ongoing attack to get the 2 guys back?)

Even if it were supposedly

Even if it were supposedly Hezbollah, wouldn't they know kidnapping 2 Israelis is not worth having Israel bombard all of Lebabon to get the back?

geez, them^ back?

geez, them^ back?

My point is, they created a

My point is, they created a stupid "hostage situation" which they should know would give Israel the willing pretext to bomb the heck out of Lebanon in an excuse to get the 2 soldiers back.

Fuck Zionist Isreal....

Fuck Zionist Isreal....

Need I say more?

"By Way of Deception Thou

"By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War"