New York Daily News Calls on Mayor Bloomberg to Take Action on 9/11 Environmental Crisis

Abandoned heroes - Mayor must face WTC health crisis

They rallied for New York and America in the terrible hours after the World Trade Center collapsed - and ever since, thousands have paid with their health. Some have given their lives.

Forty-thousand-strong, they labored at Ground Zero under miserable conditions in a time of crisis, working 10 and 12 hours a day to search for the lost, extinguish underground fires and haul off 2 million tons of rubble. As a direct result, well over 12,000 are sick today, having suffered lasting damage to their respiratory systems.

In increasing numbers, they are the forgotten victims of 9/11. The toll has risen steadily over the past five years, yet no one in power - not Gov. Pataki, not Mayor Bloomberg, not the state and city health commissioners, not the U.S. government - has acknowledged the epidemic's scope, much less confronted it for the public health disaster that it is.

They cough.

They wheeze.

Their heads and faces pound with the pressure of swollen sinuses.

They lose their breath with minor exertion.

They suffer the suffocation of asthma and diseases that attack the very tissues of their lungs.

They endure acid reflux, a painful indigestion that never goes away.

They are haunted by the mental and emotional traumas of having witnessed horror.

Many are too disabled to work.

And some have died. There is overwhelming evidence that at least four Ground Zero responders - a firefighter, two police officers and an Emergency Medical Service paramedic - suffered fatal illnesses as a consequence of inhaling the airborne poisons that were loosed when the pulverized remains of the twin towers erupted seismically into the sky.
In the Fire Department, more than 600 firefighters - soon to be 700 - have been forced into retirement because they were deemed permanently disabled. Most suffer from asthma that disqualifies them from battling blazes. And fully 25% of the FDNY's active fire and EMS forces have lung-related conditions - more than 3,400 people in all.
Still more frightening: Serious new conditions may soon begin to emerge. Top pulmonary specialists say lung-scarring diseases and tumors generally begin to show up five to 20 years after toxic exposure, a time frame that's about to begin.
The betrayal of the 9/11 responders began with a lie that reverberates to this day.

When the twin towers collapsed, the remains of 200,000 tons of steel, 600,000 square feet of window glass, 5,000 tons of asbestos, 12,000 miles of electric cables and 425,000 cubic yards of concrete crashed to the ground and then spewed into the air. To the mix were added 24,000 gallons of jet fuel burning as hot as 1,300 degrees.

At The Pile, the air was "darker than a sealed vault and thicker than pea soup," in the description of one deputy fire chief. But officials pronounced that would-be rescuers were safe.

As then-U.S. Environmental Protection Administrator Christie Whitman put it in a press release on Thursday, Sept. 14, 2001: "Monitoring and sampling conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday have been very reassuring about potential exposure of rescue workers and the public to environmental contamination." Two weeks later, Mayor Rudy Giuliani said rescue workers faced minimal risk because the air quality was "safe and acceptable."

In truth, those who rushed to the scene were at the epicenter of "the largest acute environmental disaster that ever has befallen New York City," according to a 2004 analysis by several dozen scientists in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. In truth, every breath at Ground Zero was noxious to health and even to life.
It is vitally important for Bloomberg to take charge.

To take the full measure of this growing epidemic.

Thanks to Jon Gold for the heads up

I just posted this on

I just posted this on

And... it's completely

And... it's completely deleted.


This never gets any

This never gets any attention in the movement, and I think it's time that it did. We should have people calling the Mayor's office, and demanding that he do what he can for these people. We should have people emailing, and writing letters to his office. Why don't we do that?

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)

FAX (212) 788-2460


its just sickening at this

its just sickening at this point

Mayor Bloomberg,

Mayor Bloomberg,

Christie Todd Whitman lied, and now 1000's are sick and several have died. Help them. This isn't something that requires a lot of thinking on your part. Do it.


Jon Gold

It would be interesting to

It would be interesting to try to bring litigation against a site like C&L, if only to test the courts and the extent of free speech.

The Internet represents a different medium, and many blogs can hide behind the guise of deleting "indecent" comments, whereas in reality they're suppressing facts, minority viewpoints or other issues.

Since they are "private," the theory goes, they aren't subject to free speech obligations. Or at least that's what I've understood.

The blatant censorship at C&L is clearly a violation of free speech rights. I've compared it to a certain supermarket or shopping mall banning any discussion of competing malls or products in their stores. Would that hold up in court?

Just some food for thought ...

C'mon guys... I know this

C'mon guys... I know this isn't "exciting" 9/11 stuff, but it requires attention. Just send a few words. Thanks.

I empathize completely with

I empathize completely with these poor sick volunteers. While this should of course be a huge issue, the media's glossing-over of it should surprise no one.

There are two major things that struck me in that text, which point to controlled demolition of the towers:

1) Fire in the basements/extinguishing underground fires

2) Pulverized concrete and debris (down to microns in particle size)

This may be one of the reasons why the people in power won't touch it with a ten foot pole.

It's even worse to think that these people were exploited in order to carry out the destruction of evidence.

Sickening indeed.

I remember Prof. Jim Fetzter

I remember Prof. Jim Fetzter giving the New York Times grief at the L.A. conference for not covering this issue. Was someone at the New York Daily news paying attention?

The fact they LIED about the

The fact they LIED about the 9/11 enviromental horror, then blocked funding, and now so many are sick...SHOULD BE ONE OF THE BIG FOCUSES RIGHT NOW in the 9/11 Truth movement. Get off the total MIHOP or else bandwagon, and embrace all parties and people angry at some aspect of the government and 9/11. This needs to be called to attention, but sadly there is a total blackout on any 9/11 news in the mainstream media it seems.

This travesty by the EPA can be a great oppurtunity for the 9/11 truth movement.

Crooks and Liars is such a

Crooks and Liars is such a letdown. They are afraid to let anyone post about 9/11 truth because the Republican blogs use it to label the left as "nuts". Just like the democratic party, they are a bunch of babies who are too scared of ridicule to take a stand.

i sent the mayor an email,

i sent the mayor an email, urging him to save some face.

= + = 9/11 Poll: VOTE

= + =
9/11 Poll: VOTE NOW!

From: "reggie501"
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 03:32:48 -0000
Subject: [v911t] 9/11 Poll -- Vote now!! PASS THIS ON. VOTE NOW !!

9/11 Poll -- Vote now!! PASS THIS ON. VOTE NOW !!

Please go to this page and vote "yes" on the poll asking if 9/11 was a
cover up at the bottom of the page.

Right now it is:
54 % NO
46% YES


Dkos members- vote for me to

Dkos members- vote for me to stay on dkos! banned twice and newly threatened by Mia Dolan it's all on the line. Vote in the "should i be banned or not poll".

God i hope i get at least one vote. :)

Drew, tell that

Drew, tell that C-U-Next-Tuesday to eat shit and go out with your guns blazing. Fuck Kos. At least DU has a truth basement.

DHS: That is one hell of a


That is one hell of a front page.... thanks.

is this video

Drew M I voted for you, but

Drew M

I voted for you, but Daily Kos is as much as a disappointment as C&L.

They send their attack dogs out to get anyone who steps too far out of line. How is that any different from any other one-party, facist state?

They're all part of the same beast. Cowards and traitors to their constitution.

Why do you guys even bother

Why do you guys even bother going to those sites?

Just the fact ALL "do you

Just the fact ALL "do you think theres a coverup?" poll show a majority or half the responders believe there is a coverup shows a direct shift in thinking.

@DHS: LOVE that front page. The US/Israel/UK are the modern day axis of evil, and if there IS a WW3, they will be what Germany/Japan/Italy were.

DHS: I've seen that video before, and it shows the nose penetrating through the structure(thats some nose!) as do a few other videos.
Are you asking is it fake, as in someone on their computer did something to it? It does not appear so. Again, this is why I dont say parts were planted, as a lot of shit came flying out of that thing.

DHS | Homepage | 07.25.06 -

DHS | Homepage | 07.25.06 - 12:10 am | #

I'm not really sure what that little blip is supposed to be and/or represent, but it could easily have been inserted.

Also, forget Daily

Also, forget Daily Kos...theyre as nuts as the right blogs. Stick with open minded REAL liberal and paleo conservative sites. Daily Kos is just the overated blog of CIA ass kisser Marcos and his trove of group think parroting leftist idiots. Embrace the ones more friendly, like RawStory, CounterPunch, BradBlog, etc

pocky: I ask because of


I ask because of Netanyahu's response on TV, and found some things like this:

Perhaps he's talking about this:,6903,5...

As we got closer, the second plane hit. The streets were packed, like New Year's Eve on Times Square. We were about a block away when it hit. When we got out a cop told us he had seen a rocket hit the tower which had come off the Woolworth building. I'm saying, 'Oh my God. How we gonna fight this fire when they are shooting at us?'

or this quote:
"Can you send somebody over to the Woolworth Building to check the roof?" a Port Authority police officer asked. "There's a possible ... they said it was ... we just had a second explosion, possibly a missile from the roof of the Woolworth Building."

"The Woolworth Building?" replied a police operator.

"`Yeah, on ... on Broadway," the officer said.


I just wonder if it was a Freudian slip.

Thanks for your

Thanks for your support.

Glad to know others despise Mia Dolan as much as i..

Dkos is dead to me.

I just really think that

I just really think that there is so much potential in dkos... I guess its just the "ideal" dkos.

It's so pathetic that they all come back to the same damn thing: "It's kos' site, he can set what policies he wants"

Seriously, if he is the king of the new democrat... where does that put the new democrat? as a subjagate of fucking Markos?!

Drew M It's a weak excuse

Drew M

It's a weak excuse because they have no other argument. That's part of the approved strategy.

It's either

1) You are breaking the Holy Rules of Markos (by talking about a taboo subject)

2) You have no evidence

3) The evidence (that you don't have) has already been debunked

It's a circular argument designed to lead people in circles so as to go round and round so that there is a circular pattern to the discussion which causes people to turn in circles and state the same things over and over again, repeatedly. :)

Oh, the Beauty of Kos!

(Maybe we can do some diary entries about incest, intergenerational sex and female genital mutilation, just to vary things a little bit)

great website Drew M

great website Drew M

Monsieur le Prof and Drew M

Monsieur le Prof and Drew M -

You guys haven't been banned yet? I've been banned twice! (just keep creating new usernames) I got banned the last time because I called Kos a pussy for not addressing the 9/11.

Hey Drew, I voted for you

Hey Drew,

I voted for you over at kos, violating my self-imposed ban on visiting that obnoxious site. Mia Dolan is one evil bitch.

Yeah, I've been banned once

Yeah, I've been banned once for the 9/11 stuff, and mia dolan is one of the worst people online, lol

I've been banned twice

I've been banned twice too...

And Kos IS a pussy.

just posted this on

just posted this on
Jon Gold | Homepage | 07.24.06 - 10:43 pm | #


And... it's completely deleted.

Jon Gold | Homepage | 07.24.06 - 10:46 pm | #

I get banned from C&L and AmericaBlog on a regular basis for discussing 9-11 as anything but the official story.

I just posted it again on

I just posted it again on C&L, so a banning is in the offing.

Ian, reffering to

Ian, reffering to

I've owned it for a while, wish i had snazzy html skillz.

The goal was to put up links to stories that everyone can get pissed about... For instance "Gay prostitute admitted to whitehouse nearly 200 times"... well that's my favorite :)

Ian, reffering to

Ian, reffering to

Drew M | Homepage | 07.25.06 - 1:15 am | #

yeah...thought it was pretty funny. the simplicity is great

OK: I emailed the

OK: I emailed the 'webmaster' of Nass's website to express my dismay over the current backlash to the prof a few days ago, and I just recieved this reply (no kidding, folks, this is for f'n real) from the webmaster:

"Sent: Friday, July 21, 2006 9:42 AM
To: Webmaster
Subject: Urgent!

Exposing the 9/11 Conspiracy Wingnuts

By Bill Douglas
07/13/06 "Information Clearing House" -- -- I began researching the mainstream media coverage of the controversy regarding the attacks of 9/11/2001, when reading an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Newspaper, dated June 29th, 2006. It was titled, "Sept. 11 claim stirs UW probe -- Instructor says U.S. planned the attacks to provoke war." This led to my discovery of some wild conspiracy theorists that endanger our government and media establishments, with quite frankly insane assertions. I'll address this in full in the final paragraph.

Then by using a "google video 9/11" search, I recently viewed a FOX News interview on Hannity and Colmes with an Arab Studies teacher from the University of Wisconsin named Kevin Barrett. I had earlier seen an interview with another, a professor named James Fetzer, University of Minnesota Duluth. A few weeks earlier I had seen an interview on MSNBC Scarborough country interviewing a Mike Berger representing

Some of these guests referred to an organization called "Scholars for 9/11 Truth" with a website, which offered a physics research paper questioning the official explanation of the events of 9/11/2001. While visiting this site, I read that they pointed to the temperatures of the fires in the WTC buildings, and construction of the buildings, and the speed they fell, as evidence they claimed proved that what we saw on 9/11/2001 when the towers fell had to have been the result of a controlled demolition. Like the ones we've seen with Las Vegas hotels being brought down. Their claim was that the WTC buildings could not have been caused solely by the aircraft hitting the WTC buildings that day.

Then, I contacted the office of a Wisconsin State Legislator, Rep. Stephen Nass (R-Whitewater), and asked to speak to someone in the office who could speak on this issue. I asked if he was familiar with the Scholars for 9/11 Truth website, and he replied they had learned of it this week. I asked him if he and the Representative could comment on the charge that the fires on 9/11/2001 in the WTC buildings did not burn hot enough to bring down the buildings, and if he'd read the scholars organization's charge that thermate traces had been found on debris from the fallen towers (thermate indicating demolition type explosives were involved). The gentleman responded that no, they had not looked at this information, and this would not be something they would look at, further indicating that anyone who made such charges was blinded by their hatred of President Bush.

Which leads back to the interviews of guests on the three television news programs. The main theme of all three of the guests on these programs appeared to be concern of the physical evidence of 9/11/2001, mentioned above and particularly regarding the collapse of three of the World Trade Center buildings on that day.

The main themes of the interviewers on these programs appeared to be two-fold:
1) The guests were representing a fringe movement, and most Americans do not dispute the official 9/11 explanation of the 19 hijackers defeating US military and intelligence forces on 9/11/2001.

2) The guests and those they speak for, who question the official 9/11/2001 account, are of questionable sanity.

This motivated me to do some research. First I looked at the fringe movement issue that the majority of Americans disagreed with the programs guests and accept the official explanation, and secondly, the sanity and expertise of people like their guests who question the official story of 9/11/2001.

First, regarding the fringe issue, asserting that the guests questioning the events of 9/11 reflected a small minority of American opinion. I looked at the only polls I could find on these questions, and the results were surprising. A CNN viewers poll, which is not scientific, held Wednesday, November 10th, 2005, asked, "Do you believe there is a U.S. government cover-up surrounding 9/11?" 89% replied "Yes," they did believe there was a cover-up by the U.S. Government (9,441 votes), while only 12% felt there was no cover-up.

In a national Zogby poll, of May 2006, found that 45%, of the American public felt a new 9/11 investigation should be launched because "so many unanswered questions about 9/11 remain that Congress or an International Tribunal should re-investigate the attacks, including whether any US government officials consciously allowed or helped facilitate their success." An earlier Zogby poll of New York City residents, from August of 2004, found that Half (49.3%) of New Yorkers felt that U.S. government officials "knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act." While 66% of New Yorkers called for a new probe of Unanswered Questions by Congress or New YorkÂ’s Attorney General.

Now to the second issue the television media interviewers were most concerned with, which was the expertise and sanity of the people demanding a new 9/11 investigation, and some even suggesting possible U.S. government complicity in the attacks of 9/11/2001. Again, a simple google "video 9/11" search, provided a wealth of information.

This too yielded some surprising results.

One of the loudest advocates of the most damning charge that "members of the U.S. government actually orchestrated the events of 9/11 to fool the nation into unpopular wars", was not a tree-hugging Green Party activist, but rather a prominent Republican, in fact a Former Chief Economist under George Bush, and professor at Texas A&M, Morgan Reynolds.

Google research of the growing list of other 9/11 skeptics of the official story, some "convinced of U.S. government involvement," while others not going that far, but pointing out that"the official story is highly questionable and demands further investigation," yielded surprising results. Including a host of high level Republican administration officials, defense experts, intelligence experts, and respected scholars, as well as well known celebrities who are now adding the spotlight of their names to the issue of 9/11.

Among them were:

Former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force, under President Reagan, and combat fighter pilot Col. Robert Bowman (Caltech Phd in aeronautics and nuclear engineering).

Former CIA Intelligence Advisor to Reagan and George HW Bush and founder of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Ray McGovern

Kevin Ryan, former department head at UL (Underwriter Laboratories) the company which certified the steel which went into the WTCs upon their construction, and inspected it after the WTC collapses in 2001.

Former assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Research Fellow at Stanford's Independent Institute, and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, Paul Craig Roberts

Canadian National Defense Minister, the Honourable Paul Hellyer

Minister for the Environment, and Member of Parliament (United Kingdom) Michael Meacher

National Minister of Defense (Germany). Also, served as Minister of Technology Andreas Von Bulow

Former Chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces, and chief of the department for General affairs in the Soviet Union 's ministry of Defense, General Leonid Ivashov

Former MI6 British Counter Intelligence Officer, David Shayler

Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota, former Marine Corps officer, author or editor of more than 20 books, and co-chair of Scholars For 9/11 Truth, James Fetzer

Professor of Physics, Brigham Young University, and co-chair of Scholars For 9/11 Truth, Steven Jones

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of Religion & Theology, Claremont Graduate University, and author or editor of some 30 books, including "The New Pearl Harbor" and "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions" David Ray Griffin

Professor of mathematics, University of Western Ontario, and founder of the Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven (SPINE), A.K Dewdney

Aircraft crash investigation authority, USAF Col. (Ret) George Nelson

Former chief Pentagon arms negotiator for the Middle East, USAF Col. (Ret) Don de Grand-Pre

Actor Charlie Sheen (Platoon, Wall Street, etc.)

Actor, Ed Asner

Actor, Ed Begley, Jr

US and Britain Set Israel

US and Britain Set Israel Up for Media Attack and NATO-Type Intervention
by Jared Israel
Editor, Emperor's Clothes

Did anybody get a transcript

Did anybody get a transcript or tape of the network TV show the other day when Netanyahu or some other Israeli supposedly mentioned the MODIFIED airplane that hit the WTC? Has this been confirmed?

Ian Campbell | Homepage |

Ian Campbell | Homepage | 07.25.06 - 1:02 am

Dude, Kos is a total pussy. Way to call it like it is.

I basically posted before that banning people serves no purpose because you can just clear your cookies, or sign up with a different username. They don't like people knowing those small details.

While I generally avoid C&L and Kos now, because it's a total waste of my time, I do like Americablog and as far as I know they don't cut comments over there unless you insult other commenters or use a lot of hate speech. I'm generally supportive of A-blog.

anonymous | 07.25.06 - 1:27 am

If Nass' own webmaster has three brain cells and turns against his own, then that is indeed very encouraging.

jj: it's a few threads below


it's a few threads below this one, re: netanyahu

Just sent a few words to

Just sent a few words to Mayor Bloomberg

Kos is getting a bit too big

Kos is getting a bit too big for his britches. Plus, right now, I am sure Kos is making some decent money on advertising. If, they would start discussing the real 9/11 truth, those ad revenues would be in jeopardy.

Not saying it is right. Just saying that is the way it is.

As for C & L, I have to admit that I like that site. BUT, it is a bit ironic that a site called "Crooks & Liars" is ignoring the biggest crime of the century.

Screw both of them.

C&L is by far the worst of

C&L is by far the worst of the gatekeepers as far as "liberal" blogs go.Markos from KOS was on NIghtline last night. hes more concerned with his own ego than with the quality of his site.

How often does one have to

How often does one have to say it:

Re: Andreas von Buelow

1) use the UE if you cannot find the ü on your keyboard

2) he was NOT Minister for defence. He was a STATE SECRETARY, and (later?) Minister for R&D

3) He was not the secret service chief of part of the german CIA (BND).. he was a PARLIAMENTARY (people's) overseer, a go-between.