Nass: Debate Barrett

As seen from this announcement from, Wisconsin state representative Steve Nass is trying to avoid addressing the facts raised by Kevin Barrett by using the old "I can't respond to your allegations, because that would dignify them" routine.

Wisconsin Representative Steve Nass and gubernatorial candidate Mark Green have repeatedly stated that University of Wisconsin instructor Kevin Barrett should be fired because his views on 9/11 are "academically dishonest" and because he has "no evidence" to back them up.

Yet both have thus far refused Barrett's call to examine and debate the evidence. "That would be like debating whether the bogeyman exists," a Nass spokesman said Thursday on WORT radio.

Barrett has cited dozens of books, hundreds of articles, and abundant audio and video footage, and is the editor of an academic book on 9/11, and the author of an academic article on 9/11 to be published this September: He is a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and cites evidence published in its website and journal: He is also a member of Society for the Physical Investigation of 9/11 (SPINE) and cites articles published at its website:

Barrett and his supporters are calling for every 9/11 skeptic on the planet -- and we number well into the billions, and include at least 42% of the US population -- to call, write, fax and email Steve Nass, Mark Green, Provost Patrick Farrell, Madison's Capital Times, Wisconsin State Journal, and Isthmus, and the Milwaukee Journal with the simple message: "NASS: DEBATE BARRETT!" That's all you have to say."

Get all the contact info you need by clicking on the link above.

As long as Nass doesn't

As long as Nass doesn't attack Barrett, based upon Kevin's publication of "jokes" about 9/11, which would make the entire 911 "truth" 'movement' look bad, such a debate would probably be beneficial, especially if Kevin does not continue to shy away from the most incisive 9/11 evidence, such as the facts that the aircraft [barely] seen in the Pentagon video is TOO SMALL TO BE A 757, and Bush's repeated remarks indicating that he was in the loop on the very beginning of the "secret" attack, etc (just because so much of the 'movement' tried to bury and tell lies about and otherwise get people to disregard the most incisive/incriminating evidence is no reason for Barrett to follow suit, right?).


IMHO, the best single measure of a 9/11 presentation's value is how
impossible the presenter makes it for people to keep clinging to the
belief that they can blame "Muslim hijackers" for 9/11. Further, if
the presentation tries to advance that unfounded belief (especially
subliminally), then it is acting as government propaganda.


Politicians don't like to

Politicians don't like to talk substance, it gets in the way of 30 second sound bites...keep it up 'Boogieman' Barrett

Kevin Barrett on O'really

Kevin Barrett on O'really Factor tonight.

Check the Fox News website.

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2. "Do you know approximately how long after the 2nd tower was hit that Osama bin Laden was both named by the FBI as wanted for 9/11, and at the same time formally indicted for the crimes of 9/11: Closer to 1 minute after the attack, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, or 2 years after the attack?" Whatever they say, it will be wrong, because it is a trick question. The answer is OBL has NEVER been named as being wanted by the FBI, has never been indicted for 9/11, and furthermore, the FBI recently admitted that there is "no hard evidence" linking OBL to 9/11.
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Hilarious, FTW pulls Loose

Hilarious, FTW pulls Loose Change from the Fitts article, now adds this:

"Scholars for 9/11 Truth

[While there are some good people involved with the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, FTW does not endorse their editorial policy nor most of the research presented by them. - MK]"

"Yet both have thus far

"Yet both have thus far refused Barrett's call to examine and debate the evidence. "That would be like debating whether the bogeyman exists," a Nass spokesman said Thursday on WORT radio."

That is the correct position to take with Barrett and all who have a political agenda divorced from the truth. Here's more info on deception from people like Barrett:

The PNAC and Other Myths: A Short List of Observations

here is my email to

here is my email to Nass

Fire Engineering magazine, the 125-year old journal of record among America's fire engineers and firefighters, says the FEMA investigation was "a half baked farce"

don't let pride get in your way sir


jj111, would it be possible to make a single link to all that?

Holy Crap. Barrett on the

Holy Crap. Barrett on the factor. Laura Ingraham is joining with O'reilly to debate, or rather ambush, Doctor Barett. If there is a God, Doctor Barrett will be make them both eat their own vile words.

O'Reilly Factor:9/11


(this should be good, get your tapes ready)

Laura Ingraham is worse than

Laura Ingraham is worse than O'Reilly, if you can imagine.

Wait a second. Am I to

Wait a second. Am I to understand that Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham are going to debate Kevin Barrett tonight?

Scott Ritter Puts To Rest WMD Myths - Video Inside

Yay! We get to see O'Liely's

Yay! We get to see O'Liely's head explode!

Anyone wanna take dibs on how many times he says the word "nuts"?

I'll do five bucks on five times.

How ironic. Kevin isn't nuts, he's just got bigger ones than anyone who works for Faux News.

I just looked. I can't tell

I just looked. I can't tell whether this will be a live debate, or edited clips from an old interview, or snippets from news broadcasts by other people.

It says "the [O'reilly] Factor investigated". It doesn't say "we'll have Barrett on to talk about ..."


Kevin Barrett on O'lielly

Kevin Barrett on O'lielly Factor?

HAHA, Briliiant! Hope all goes well!!

PS I've got Bob Bowman's DC Emergency truth convergence speech, and his Congress run info up on daily Kos;

Dr Bob Bowman for Congress!! (One of America's brightest hopes!!)

It also says "find out if he

It also says "find out if he backs away from his views." That might indicate that they will be asking him questions ...?

Anyway, I'm more interested in finding out who's the more dangerous leader - Chavez or that Iranian dude. The story's at 6! Ooh, ooh ... can't wait, can't wait!

Laura Ingraham joins Bill -

Laura Ingraham joins Bill - When a college professor alleged that 9/11 was an inside job, the "Factor" investigated. Tune in to see if he's backing away from his claims!

I can't tell if this is

I can't tell if this is pre-recorded or live.

yeah, it doesnt say they are

yeah, it doesnt say they are gonna have anyone on. my guess is they will show some clips of him talking about 9/11, then proceed to tear him apart while hes not there to defend himself. i hope its a real debate though and they have the balls to have him on, but it doesnt sound like it.

It says "9/11 Conspiracy

It says "9/11 Conspiracy Theorist Confronted!" 8pm / 11pm ET

Sweet, this should be fun. Please someone get ready to record and rip to the web. Wish I had the capability to do that...

From Just the Facts

From Just the Facts link:

"Mr. Legge, like many critics of the administration in recent years, attributes both the
9/11 attacks, and the subsequent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to a plan produced by the
group Project For a New American Century (PNAC). From the introduction to his paper:
It is certain that there was a strong desire on the part of some members for a
“catalyzing event”, like P earl H arbor, 3 in order to provide the im petus of the
invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq; however desire is not proof of complicity.
The footnote supporting this argument then points to:
3. A plan existed. The Project for the New American Century (PNAC)
“T he process of transform ation.” T he plan said, “is likely to be a long one, absent
some catastrophic and catalyzing event- like a new P earl H arbor.”
While the somewhat edited quote1, is superficially accurate, the conclusion which is
drawn from it, is completely wrong. This is not only "not proof of complicity", this is
such a mischaracterization of what that quote says as bordering on academic fraud."

This is typical logical reasoning of 911 "scholars"

The commission lied-Cheny did it
The commission didnt mention wtc 7-cheny did it
The buildings were bombed-cheny did it

Only a child's mind, trapped inan adults body, would fall for this type of propaganda on behalf of the NWO.

Theres a medical word for that.

It says, "the "Factor"

It says, "the "Factor" investigated", past tense...

"Factor Follow Up Segment U

"Factor Follow Up Segment
U of Wisc prof saga continues
Guest: Wisconsin State Representative Stephen Nass

The latest in the strange saga of University of Wisconsin lecturer Kevin Barrett."

that's from his site.

I think they might just bash him again. w/o kevin there to defend him self. Oreilly's too much of a pussy to have him on.

If it's live, he might stand

If it's live, he might stand a chance... if not... they're going to bash him.




This could be how they're

This could be how they're trying to spin it... they know he won't back down, but he "should" back down because it would be the "honorable" thing to do... that's what they're going to spin this with I bet.

Because if he doesn't "back

Because if he doesn't "back down", then he's "unAmerican".

The funny thing is, you KNOW

The funny thing is, you KNOW FoxNews is monitoring this conversation as we speak. :)

Hi Fox! You rat bastards!

Hi Fox! You rat bastards!

Wow, if they have Nass on

Wow, if they have Nass on and not Kevin, what a bunch of wuss-bags.

Heh, you know O'Reilly is

Heh, you know O'Reilly is gonna lie and say that Barrett is "too afraid" to appear on his show. Fucker always does that.

How do you know it's Nass

How do you know it's Nass and not Barrett?



"Factor Follow Up Segment U

"Factor Follow Up Segment
U of Wisc prof saga continues
Guest: Wisconsin State Representative Stephen Nass

Oops... I missed that.;jsessionid=36AC510A6738C1C41BC4C2FCE500F...

Factor Follow Up Segment
U of Wisc prof saga continues
Guest: Wisconsin State Representative Stephen Nass


Seeing how this goes...maybe

Seeing how this goes...maybe we can pressure Olbermann have Barrett on. I know he hasn't touched the Truth yet, but besides 9/11 he's the best on t.v.

One thing i did notice is that he always tears o'reilly up when he makes crazy comments. But he has never mention the Bill's comment towards Kevin. I think that might be clue that he doesn't want to touch the subject.

David Ray Griffin did an

David Ray Griffin did an excellent summary of the "new Pearl Harbor" quote (The New Pearl Harbor, Chapter 7), which is linked of course to a larger context. It clearly shows there was a possible motive for LIHOP, although it does not explicitly prove LIHOP or MIHOP.

However when combined with other physical evidence, the motive argument becomes essential when looking for suspects.

But truly, we must strive to have, as someone suggested, the minds of children - out on the playground - so that we can toss aside the scholarly debate and insult each other with four word sentences.

If u crack down on Barrett

If u crack down on Barrett it will produce martyrs...

"Al Qaeda linked Islamic Human Rights Commission & Muslim Council of Britain 'warn' that UK terror crackdown could produce martyrs"

(Barrett has praised the writings of this group)

FYI if not shown

FYI if not shown elsewhere

The Secrets Behind ‘State Secrets’: How Turkey's Mafia-like 'Deep State' (and its Neocon Friends) Penetrated the American Government

By Mike Mejia

French filmmaker Mathieu Verboud is set to release a new documentary for European television this fall, which will reveal important new insights into the case of former FBI translator and president of the National Security Whistleblower’s Coalition Sibel Edmonds. Edmonds, a Turkish-American whose wrongful termination lawsuit was suppressed by the government’s invocation of the all-too-common “state secrets privilege”, reported to her superiors espionage and deliberate mistranslations on the part of fellow Turkish translator, Melek Can Dickerson. It seems Ms. Dickerson had relationships with targets of FBI investigation working at the Turkish Embassy and the American Turkish Council, a fact which meant that anything she translated was likely to be false. However, instead of receiving a promotion for bringing Ms. Dickerson’s’ espionage to the attention of her bosses, Edmonds was fired after she went in frustration to the U.S. Senate. The FBI refused to investigate Edmonds’ claims, at least in part, because the contract linguist had discovered quite a messy scandal: the content of the mistranslated documents revealed that some very powerful people in the U.S. government, including House Speaker Dennis Hastert, were connected to foreign organized crime. Even worse, these foreign criminals connected to the high and mighty in the U.S. were also connected internationally, through the heroin trade and associated money laundering, to international terrorist organizations like al Qaeda.

(Barrett has praised the

(Barrett has praised the writings of this group)
geo | Homepage | 07.25.06 - 7:34 pm

You're an idiot.

(That does work well.)

Seeing how this goes...maybe

Seeing how this goes...maybe we can pressure Olbermann have Barrett on. I know he hasn't touched the Truth yet, but besides 9/11 he's the best on t.v.

One thing i did notice is that he always tears o'reilly up when he makes crazy comments. But he has never mention the Bill's comment towards Kevin. I think that might be clue that he doesn't want to touch the subject.
Ian Campbell | Homepage | 07.25.06 - 7:31 pm | #
absolutely Ian, i sent Olbermann an e-mail, and im sure a lot of other 9/11 activists did as well in regards to the Barrett death threat. Olbermann is by far the best on cable news, if only for his show on the Nexus of Politics and Terror, that basically exposed the fact that the Bush administration used "terror threats" to scare people into supporting was so meticulous, point by point it showed how obvious it was that the threats were fabricated to help poll numbers was the most amazing hour ive ever seen on cable news to this'll notice the color coded terror system has not been used since then,and the fake terror threats died down some after that.i wish Olbermann would give 9/11 a fair shake, if anyone would, it would be him.but so far only Tucker Carlson,Hannity types wanna have him on, so they can attack and be good little soldiers.

geo is the new resident

geo is the new resident "splinter". he does drive-bys on prominent 9/11 truth activists on an almost hourly'll get used to it, hes just taking over for the last dude that did it. nobody pays attention to "splinters".

Factor Follow Up Segment U

Factor Follow Up Segment
U of Wisc prof saga continues
Guest: Wisconsin State Representative Stephen Nass

SJ | 07.25.06 - 7:27 pm | #
cowards. goddamn cowards.

why does this site erase my

why does this site erase my name?

Remember what happened to

Remember what happened to the last Muslim convert who hanged around Al-Qaeda?

Muslim convert charged over alleged links with al-Qaeda

The terrorism suspect "Jihad Jack" Thomas has been arrested and charged over direct involvement with al-Qaeda and its international network

__________---- jj111, would

jj111, would it be possible to make a single link to all that?
Loud Studios | Homepage | 07.25.06 - 6:46 pm | #

Loud Studios - tell me how. If it's easy and free I will do so (assuming I read your thread).

I am trying to advertise this free info because I think it will be a helpful tool for people, but if I can follow your suggestion I will try.

I noticed that Chris , Geo

I noticed that Chris , Geo or someone like him would through up some huge distraction post whenever a real truther would offer up somethimg of interest . I think there main job is to discourage organized grassroot activism .

I think you need to put a

I think you need to put a stop after the word 'Chris'.