Another 9/11 Anniversary is just around the corner

Even a cursory search of the Internet yields many surprising discrepancies that totally destroy the official fairytale that has been literally shoved down our throats for years. But this knowledge could only be achieved if we are wise enough to disregard, or avoid, the twisted lies of the mainstream news media. If so, then it comes as no surprise. We already know it was an inside job.

Regardless of what we think we know in terms of justice, the killers believe they have pulled off the crime of the Century and will continue to politically exploit everyone and everything to pedal their propaganda and agenda. As history has shown, more times than not the guilty ones with cruel ideologies walk free. In this case, they arrogantly had the brass balls to smirkingly pin medals on themselves and give the accomplices promotions into high-level positions. And all they had to do was follow without question the blueprint of the neo-con New World Order. One thing for sure, thus far — NO person has been held accountable for his or her actions. It blows my mind that so many people still consider these traitors as "heros". Wow! Controlling one's gag reflex is all but impossible....

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This is f-ing hilarous in

This is f-ing hilarous in the context of what goes on with 9/11 Truth. I would expect something like this from Nico.

China accuses Dalai Lama of CIA links

Ugh... NEW YORK (Reuters) -


NEW YORK (Reuters) - Immigration activists clashed at the site of the World Trade Center on Wednesday when an anti-illegal immigration group called for secure borders to avoid a repeat of the September 11 attacks and counterprotesters yelled "racists go home."

Dang, that's a powerful

Dang, that's a powerful piece! But it's preaching to the choir to put it here. I wonder where I can send it next, heh, heh, heh...

bravo well said

bravo well said

Hell yes. Time time to go to

Hell yes. Time time to go to work for the dead. Its a job no one could want but many have taken it on. Good luck to all.