Former NSA Director: "By any measure the US has long used terrorism"

This essay seems to be going over well with people afraid to look at the facts surrounding 9/11. It documents false flag operations by the U.S. government, but deletes all mention of 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, two issues that seem to illicit knee-jerk reactions and close-the-gate defensiveness in alot of people. If you need to educate someone about false flags before they're ready to hear about 9/11, this might be a place to start.

If nothing else, look at the historical examples and links, to see if any are new to you.

Tower block fire aids 9/11

Tower block fire aids 9/11 debate

A high-rise block in Glasgow has been set alight in an attempt to understand how blazes affect buildings and ensure future safety in emergencies.

He also hopes it will shed light on why the Twin Towers collapsed on 9/11.

Prof Torero said he believed the World Trade Centre in New York should have "withstood burnout" after it was hit.

The collapse of the towers in September 2001, after they were hit by hijacked aircraft, resulted in the deaths of almost 2,800 workers and 350 firefighters and emergency workers.

Prof Torero said: "It didn't even cross my mind the buildings would collapse.

^ Prof Torero said: "It

Prof Torero said: "It didn't even cross my mind the buildings would collapse."

Yes, but what about the next statement from Torero: "From my perspective, those buildings were designed to last structurally for between three to four hours, enough time to get everyone out who had survived." ?!?!?

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has cut a disturbing deal with Dick Cheney and the White House that is on its way to a committee vote tomorrow morning in the Senate. This horrible bill would set government spies loose in new ways that further undermine our Constitutional freedoms.

We urgently need you to read a few facts below then call him right away.

Senator Specter's bill -- that some are calling “Big Brother on Steroids” -- would make the president’s illegal surveillance program legal. And it would allow this president and future presidents to wiretap any American, secretly, indefinitely, and without any mandatory judicial check. The government could also secretly search Americans’ homes and businesses without warrants for the duration of the “war on terror.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee, which Senator Specter chairs, is expected to vote on this bill tomorrow morning. Senator Specter needs to hear your outrage. Here are the phone numbers of his offices in Washington and Pennsylvania:

In Washington, DC: 202-224-4254
In Allentown: 610-434-1444
In Erie: 814-453-3010
In Harrisburg: 717-782-3951
In Philadelphia: 215-597-7200
In Pittsburgh: 412-644-3400
In Scranton: 570-346-2006
In Wilkes-Barre: 570-826-6265

Spector caves yet

Spector caves yet again.............

That's a great story Chris,

That's a great story Chris, coming from the BLAIR BROADCASTING CORPORATION.

50 bucks says Blair gets a

50 bucks says Blair gets a seat on the board of Carlyle when hes done ruining your neck of the woods.he already got offered a spot.

What's he waiting for? Go

What's he waiting for? Go Tony, your country doesn't need you any more.