Another Review of Oliver Stone's WTC Paints a Different Picture

The following review was written by Casseia and offers a different summary than the recent review posted here:

I hate to rain on anyone's parade, but having seen a preview of Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center" with hopes elevated by the review on, I was extremely disappointed.

Like that reviewer, I was looking for a cinematic subtext which suggested facts contrary to the Official Version of Events (OV). This is the way I approached "United 93", for example, and I found quite a few there (such as the script's indirect acknowledgement that cellphones can't be used at high altitudes.) The few examples of this "stealth truthing" I saw in WTC were far outweighed by an overwhelming number of propagandistic devices that are not going to help our cause.

A couple of examples:

The indybay reviewer notes the sounds of explosions when the crew of Port Authority cops arrives at the towers. However, the sound effects that are foregrounded are sounds of immense creaking and shifting, and popping noises that sound like bolts or "floor clips" failing. The buildings' imminent collapses are foreshadowed with the subtlety of an elephant rampaging down Main Street. I think the noises also suggested jumpers -- that is how I interpreted the line she cites about "don't think -- just move." The collapses themselves are represented both with real footage and as sound events heard by characters who can't see what is going on. Unfortunately, here the sound is the more vivid experience, and the collapses not only go on and on (I timed them all at well over 25 seconds, and Building 7 seemed to take more than 30) but have a distinct "progressive sound" to them -- i.e. the repeated "smacking" of successive layers of "pancake."

This leads me to the second example, which is that the script emphatically chooses language to support the OV, the damaging effect of which far outweighs any contradictory things Stone might have slipped in. (Personally, I think they have footage of Stone on a Third World child sex tour or something because it is so unambiguously and ham-handedly propagandistic.) A mother in a hospital refers to seeing the collapse on tv -- "You know, when it PANCAKED." The actress actually puts an unnatural emphasis on the word -- just to make it clear to us what we saw. Another character drawn from real-life intones with drama that "It's gonna take a lot to avenge THIS" and the film's postscript notes that he went on to do two tours of duty in Iraq -- you know, where the hijackers came from.

Depiction of molten metal may be there for those of us who know to look for it, but in the context of the film it seems present only as set-dressing for a scene that is meant to be quite literally hellish. How bad could it be trapped down there? Well, really bad, and then on top of it, fiery stuff is falling on you. This perplexing bit of information is entirely buried in an avalanche of statements that imply that when buildings are on fire, they fall down and go boom. Characters witnessing the collapse of WTC 7 (and here was the only glimmer of potentially positive effect -- seeing that footage on the big screen is pretty compelling) are AT THE SAME TIME panicking that the Marriott and Buildings 4 and 5 are also about to collapse (presumably at freefall speed, right into their own footprints.)

I had planned to do some sort of outreach or visibility action to coincide with the general release of the film, but now I think that's a lot more problematic. The movie obviously attempts to rekindle the extremely potent emotions that the events themselves did. I think Mr. Average American, walking out of "WTC" and being offered some facts about Building 7, for example, is probably going to tell me to get my terrorist ass back to Iraq where it belongs.

Thanks to Jon Gold for the heads up.

Although I don't feel

Although I don't feel intimidated by Mr. Average American, I can tell you that the convergence of so much more material upon Mr. Average American gives me much more pause about his knee-jerk response to a world clearly lying to him from "one place, OR the other".

The call for calm and patience as we sort through this mass, is greatly needed here-to-then. May it offset whatever else this gang of thugs is likely planning next.

What are the most common

What are the most common objections you are getting to 9/11 truth? In sales we were trained to overcome the most common objections before they came up. The one I get a lot is that it just couldn't be kept secret. To those people I say that 100,000 people worked for 4 years on the Manhattan Project and the world didn't find out about it until the bomb was dropped.

The one I hear most.... or

The one I hear most.... or at least the one which causes me to cringe the most is, "there's nothing you or I can do about it..... move on."

I want to punch them in the nose, to prove how close and real the pain is. I don't do this ofcourse, but maybe someday there'll be "nothing I can do about it".

The most common objection I

The most common objection I get to 9/11 Truth is fear, plain and simple.

People are horrified of what the "truth of the matter" really means for America.

They don't see an upside to exposing it! They fear for our country on a macro level and they fear for themselves on a micro level.

They fear being branded as nutty and unamerican.

Lastly, I think most people just think its beneficial to let the official story be the final word. They think that extremist muslims should be crushed. Many people have very real fears of suicide bombers coming to America and they think that the so-called "war on terror" is the best way of preventing that from happening.

In a nutshell, I hink most people feel that 9/11 served a valuable purpose, regardless of who is responisible for it.

I don't agree... but that's how I think most people fee.

I'm having a meeting with my

I'm having a meeting with my immediate family members to discuss the truth. Not necessarily about 9/11, I plan to focus on the truth in general and how we come to learn the truth.
I've got a list of quotes that I've put together and I'm going to hand out a copy to everyone and have each person discuss which quotes jump out at them just to get the ball rolling.

Chris: I likewise see your


I likewise see your description is far closer to the truth than the comment I said people leave with me. Deep inside they remain terrified, OR still harbor fancy thoughts of "winning" any such war.

Unfortunately for me, and/or my friends, because of my past ranting on such topics, my friends may also harbor well founded concerns for their own immediate well-being... if they were to ever admit to me there deadly fears (for not facing them), or there secret covets.

For all the annoyance or off topic remarks I've made here... I thank 911blogger for hosting such a place for me to voice what I see happening around me. Again, I thank you.

I discuss 9/11 truth with

I discuss 9/11 truth with friends and co-workers. The most common reactions are 1) that the administration is too incompetent to be able to pull it off and 2) that it wouldn't be possible for a secret like this to be kept.

Oh, I pine for the days your

Oh, I pine for the days your co-workers will speak with me.....

Mark, maybe this retort will work..... Tell them that the administration IS incompetent, because they tried to pull this shit off, and aren't getting away with it unless they (I told you people I'm agnostic, right? Hear me pray to God), God-forbid set of a hellish WWIII so as to completely burn away any remaining evidence. Yes, they ARE incompetent, confirmed. And most likely suicidal, in the grand tradition of Hitler.

And NO, they couldn't keep this a secret.

Maybe ask them whether or

Maybe ask them whether or not they are familiar with the profound difference between "strategy" and "tactic"?

Blowing up a building and making it look like for'neers is something any moral midget with a pipe-bomb can fig're out.

The strategy of only using means in full accordance with your hopeful ends, is a bit more perplexing for "freedom fighters" to get a handle on.

If you're going to become

If you're going to become despondent over a mainstream, widely distributed (and hyped) major hollywood movie not exposing the reality behind 9/11, then... you're going to be despondent for a very, very long time.

This is designed to be a slow leak, at best. The only thing we can hope for from mainstream media is that it gets a few people interested in delving in deeper. But the gameplan is for this to drag out so long that much of the truth is a distant memory by the time most people notice that something smells funny.

We have a corporate media that will not allow anything the Perps don't want revealed, until the time is right and a very watered-down story is accepted by the majority of the Truth Movement as "the best we can hope for." Political attrition, if you will.

People, have we stopped for

People, have we stopped for a moment to think that maybe Oliver Stone doesn't believe the alternative theory? We keep talking as if he's obliged to put in something we like...and yes, he may have his views on JFK, but that doesn't mean he will believe EVERY alternative theory that comes around.

At the end of the day, it's NOT a's a MOVIE!!

Rumpl4skn (a warped

Rumpl4skn (a warped "handle", i tell ya):

As it is, as you've described, the only way I can envision something useful coming out of the boob tube is if the anchors and producers don tri-tipped hats with long feathers and an eye patch, to deliver thirty seconds of truth some evening after "the news". Short of that, I suspect that f*cking box in the corner of the room will be our undoing. Unless..... we give them a better show!

Actually I'm quite serious..... pirating the air-waves.... is a particularly free and moral thing to do. You know, always in keeping with proper means.

"Fuck You Very Much, The FCC."

I don't think that Stone

I don't think that Stone necessarily believes anything other than the OV or that he even questions it. That's what I was trying to figure out while watching it, because the indybay reviewer clearly thought there were a lot of "hints" thrown in. Like I said, I don't think there were, or IF there were, they were deep in the rubble heap of propaganda (sorry, couldn't help it.)

On the other hand, there is no such thing as "just a movie." One of the deepest human needs/traits is storytelling. It's a huge part of how we construct consensus reality.

if Oliver Stone was

if Oliver Stone was realistic and brave enough to see the JFK killing for what it was, my guess is hes realistic enough to see 9/11 for what it was. which is why this movie is about 2 families/men and not the event itself like with JFK. JFK was made 30 years after the fact. 9/11 was only a short time ago compared to that. he knew damn well he wasnt going to be able to give 9/11 the "JFK" was hard enough for him to get JFK picked up by a major studio.just imagine Stone going to one of the even more corporate movie studios today and saying-"yeah, i wanna make a movie about 9/11 being an inside job just like JFK. care to be my distributor?".

And BTW, I'm far from

And BTW, I'm far from despondent.

I agree with you, Chris,

I agree with you, Chris, that there is no way that a 9/11=inside job movie is going to come out anytime soon.

However, I think Stone and the movie studio are being intellectually dishonest when they try to paint this as JUST a movie about two guys. It can't possibly be just a movie about two guys, because in the process, it vividly depicts extremely controversial events.

You might be interested to know how it handles the Pentagon, for instance. A lot of information is filtered into the film via newsbroadcasts in the background and minor characters trying to figure out what the hell is going on. So we have 1)something happened at the Pentagon 2) a missile hit the Pentagon (I'm not kidding -- it's made very clear) and the final word 3)some guy actually saw the "enormous tail section" of a commercial jet plow into the Pentagon. To me, that reads like an attempt to lead the viewer along a carefully designed path, toward what she is SUPPOSED to believe.

casseia: That's right, no


That's right, no such thing as "just a movie". It is one serious force in shaping people and their minds, because it IS a powerful force in storytelling.




movie theater.... must.

Just sell milkduds and soda.... talk about a cash cow.

An interesting

An interesting thought.

Shaespeare wrote the 'official version' of the Wars of the Roses, because his sponsor was Queen Elizabeth, whose grandfather Henry the Seventh had been on the winning , Lancastrian, side. He painted Richard the Third as a pantomime villian and pinned the blame on him for the murder of the little Princes in the Tower of London.

Then, four hundred years later, Josephine Tey, the detective novelist , did some research and came up with a stunning book that is still a bestseller after forty years, THE DAUGHTER OF TIME. She proves convincingly that Henry had the princes murdered himself and then framed RIchard.

What's new? Unfortunately, her theory is still considered 'conspiracy theory'.

The daughter of time is Truth. She sure does take her time.

Tks to Casseia. She is a

Tks to Casseia. She is a Great and Brave Woman.

EGLS translated in french:

Add it to your video list ?

A report:
on the french alternativ internet, most of the people are now convinced of false flag.
That was not the case one year ago... That's a great change.

A lot of people know about 9/11 in detail. That's too much for the contra-propaganda in France.

Your master fuckers will NOT re-write History, i am confident about it.

i am also confident about the fact my people will get rid of Sarkozy, who is a neocon shill whereas he is supposed to be the next President.


We'll support you if the left get to the power in 2007 in France. I and my fellows will support you. America, let's make a common front again petro-fascism !!

Oliver Stone has made a

Oliver Stone has made a movie that makes it socially acceptable to discuss 9/11 again in open company.

Think about it. How comfortable have you been bringing up 9/11 lately. Especially say, at work? Or at school? Or at church?

Now all of a sudden it will be "safe" to bring it up in "mixed company" without immediatly being branded as a kook.

It'll go something like this... "Hey did you guys see the WTC movie. Holy cow! What about that scene where WTC7 collapses! I wonder why we never saw that in the news? And where those explosions I heard? What the heck do you suppose could cause that? I don't know, but a buddy of mine told me about this cool blog called! You would not believe the information that is out there! Really incredible stuff. You should check it out. I'll send you a link."

;-) ;-) ;-)

Keep smiling Truthers... "we have not yet begun to fight!"

Now is the time to go into

Now is the time to go into overdrive to get out as much truth as possible before the 5th anniversary!

andreasvb: Moi frere!


Moi frere!

andreasvb: Forgive me for


Forgive me for not knowing how to include the grave in 'frere' with my keyboard.

Don't care Mr Erin S. Myers.

Don't care Mr Erin S. Myers. You're one of the best over here.

andreasvb: You're kind.


You're kind. That's all we need to get through this mess.

Btw, have you seen that French-made documentary, "Tranquility Bay"?

Those smart boys are working on another film, it may be hot enough to melt steel.

What a mess, right. Why not

What a mess, right.

Why not to join on mms ?

I got an adress...

And i am ready to speak about the european position towrads you master monster

I give u my adress:

Try the msm !

PS; i don't gieve a fuck to the lurkers

I love you Cassaia. You're

I love you Cassaia. You're great, you're fighting hell cat.

You're welcome in Europe.

I discuss 9/11 truth with

I discuss 9/11 truth with friends and co-workers. The most common reactions are 1) that the administration is too incompetent to be able to pull it off and 2) that it wouldn't be possible for a secret like this to be kept.

How dumb, indeed. Amazing conditioning.

Imagine the effort that went into producing this outcome.

its the 30year PR effort of PRIVATE CORPORATION think tanks and PR firms to let everyone know that


(therefore we don't need regulations for corporations!)

Once the great dialectic was capital versus Labour.
Now it's the conflict between the comfortable and
the deprived.
And the comfortable see government as the threat, because
it is the only hope for the deprived.

John Kennth Galbraith, Harvard Economist

It is arguable that the success of business propaganda
in persuading us, for so long,
that we are free from propaganda
is one of the most significant propaganda achievements
of the twentieth century.

Alex Carey, Australian researcher
Managing Public Opinion: The Corporate Offensive 1978

Suppose that humans happen to be so constructed that they
desire the opportunity for freely undertaken productive work.
Suppose that they want to be free from the meddling of
technocrats and commisars, bankers and tycoons, mad bombers
who engage in psychological tests of will with peasants
defending their homes, behavioral scientists who can't tell a
pigeon from a poet, or anyone else who tries to wish freedom
and dignity out of existence or beat them into oblivion.


Chomsky is the most

Chomsky is the most notorious of the 9/11 deniers. he hugs the official story like a security blanket."blowback". HAHAHAHA. ok.

Headline any pamphlets about

Headline any pamphlets about 9/11 and WTC:

September 11, 2001 was not a Hollywood movie being played out live before your eyes. Oliver Stone is a great Hollywood movie producer/director. And Hollywood is great at producing fictional movies. It is your responsibility to discern between what IS fact and what IS fiction. The movie, World Trade Center, is a fictional tale based on factual events. Responsible citizens research the truth and separate the FACTS from the FICTION.

"Chomsky is the most

"Chomsky is the most notorious of the 9/11 deniers."

There's a reason he's "most notorious"; his work is absolutely indispensable, far more important than Tarpley's or Schoenman's or anyone else in the 911 truth movement; thus, people are dissapointed. Chomsky is essential reading for anyone who cares about solutions rather than just problems. I agree, it's lame that he hasn't spoken up about 911, but then neither have 95% of other intellectuals worldwide. I think people should give the old man a break, personally. There's lots of young blood out there.

Funny..or it's

Funny..or it's ironic that Oliver Stone would go completely with the governments "facts" on 9/11,...but yet..he went with the "conspiracy theory" in JFK,not the governments "Warren commission".
Just more proof of how the corporate media has control over those who are called "leftist" by the same media lackeys.

Rising, see threads above

Rising, see threads above fro how i really feel about CHomsky. yes, the guy has been right so many times, on so many issues, but he is a COWARD. have you heard his excuse? its disgusting. he claims he "didnt do the research, because its not important enough". do you take that excuse seriously?

the old man can go home and

the old man can go home and take his ball with him. ignoring the most relevant event of our time is irresponsible as hell and quite frankly, makes him no better than the mindless flag wavers on Fox.

Not good

Not good news.

Stepford-citizens will see the WTC movie and then self-congratulate each other that "they" are in the majority and on the right side of things. They'll boast they are not part of the nut-job conspiracy groups. The blockbuster WTC movie proves it, they'll think.

Not until the bombastic terror that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice are spreading around the world comes home to roost in one's life and personal pocketbook will more people sit up and take notice.

Until then, they'll join Big Bush in focusing on AMERICAN IDOL performers - on matters that really matter.

O, contraire - Chomsky has

O, contraire - Chomsky has spoken up about 9/11, and it was disappointing, to say the least.

Disregard the heavy ideologues - they have entire lifetimes invested in Left-Right sparring, too much to give it up now, and 9/11 has little to do with partisan politics. If the reality of global control ever comes out, partisan politics will be revealed for the one-bribe-fits-all, Professional Wrestling exhibition that it is.

You won't get any more 9/11 out of Chomsky that you have out of Michael Moore.