CSPAN's Coverage of the American Scholars Symposium - Video Download

The American Scholars Symposium discussion panel aired on CSPAN featured Webster Tarpley, Steven Jones, Bob Bowman, James Fetzer, and Alex Jones. It also will re-air Tuesday (8/1) at 6:10PM EST.

If someone can get this up on youtube.com for us it would be much appreciated! Spread it around folks!

Big thanks to Dustin Mugford and Reprehensor for the video rips!

hey guys down here in

hey guys
down here in australia the 2 videos
911 in plane sight(shown on national tv) & now loosechange 2 (www.loosechange911.com) which is running around on the internet through google video, are doing serious damage to the respect we once had for your country!!!!!!!!!!!
the evidence is hard to ignore!!
i respect you as a people as we can see from the outside looking in what has been done to a once proud nation.

what will it take for world harmony & reaching for the stars to be our main priorities instead of death & devestation on home or foreign soil!!

FOR MONEY & OIL !!!!!!!

i respect you as a people

indeed, i don't - this is the most philistine nation of all time with a pop culture so trashy and vulgar you'd have to be a moron to find anything of genuine aesthetic value in it - nobody has any taste - it's just a gigantic cult of celebrety and unfortunately it's been spread all over the world - stay away it's poison


avi here, filesize

avi here, filesize 184,193,334

C-SPAN LA American Scholars Conference

Many thanks to all at

Many thanks to all at 911blogger.com :)

You guys ROCK !!!!


The leftwing gatekeepers

The leftwing gatekeepers continute to ignore the 9/11 Truth.

So far, nothing about the CSPAN broadcast on the following "leftwing" websites:


etc., etc., etc.,...

In fact, their silence is deafening. And very, very sad.

Left Gatekepsers

They so disappoint me as well. Chomsky's work for me in the early 80's was a real eye opener and did so much to shape my view of world events, as no doubt he did for many of these other "gatekeepers". Why they are so silent on this issue is exptremely puzzling and very unfortunate.

Isn't it obvious?

Isn't it obvious? They're all scared to death of being called "wacko" conspiracy theorists. Dialectics, now that's respectable, political analysis...scientific. Your conclusions and opinions may be described as inaccurate or radical, but you won't be labeled a "tin-foil" job. It's all about image. They've got to keep it up for their lecture seasons.

This thing may end up in the street before it's over. Don't expect to see Noam at the barricade. Amy could once have been counted on, but no longer. Corn will get called into analyze it for Jim Lehre, who wouldn't be caught dead across the microphone from a "tin-foil wacko."

Webster Tarpley said it

Webster Tarpley said it best:

"The main barrier [to 9/11 Truth] are the Left Gatekeepers: Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Air America (most of them), The Nation magazine, the left / liberal intelligentsia — the biggest barrier — they have obsessively parroted the racist warmongering official version, they have slandered people like us who try to fight against it. These people have got to be discredited…"

Damn right, Chris Rose!

Damn right, Chris Rose!

"Their silence" strongly

"Their silence" strongly suggests that they believe & endorse the "official story."

The commment at the end of

The commment at the end of the panel about the exposed 9/11 = end of social contract is basically right.

Chances to make this process peacefully is very small and "left gate-keepers" know it very well.

Think about it, exposed 9/11 means at the minum limited civil war, serious bump in the int. economic and political system etc.

The "left gate-keepers" are under the illusion they can preserve the rest of the current social contract by the anti war message and all the other progressive agenda.

This is bullshit since 9/11 was in fact one sided walk away from the contract by the ruling elite..

People like Chomsky &

People like Chomsky & Goodman can tell you, in the most intricate of detail, everything Bush/Cheney/Repug-licans, et al, have done wrong over the years, but 9/11--that was surely caveman Osama & his 19 flunkies!

Vile, disgusting, gatekeeping liars!

Great stuff

Great stuff truthers!!


San Jacinto

Thick cloud - steam rising - hissing stone on sweat lodge fire
Around me - buffalo robe - sage in bundle - run on skin
Outside - cold air - stand, wait for rising sun
Red paint - eagle feathers - coyote calling - it has begun
Something moving in - I taste it in my mouth and in my heart
It feels like dying - slow - letting go of life

Medicine man lead me up though town - Indian ground -
so far down
Cut up land - each house - a pool - kids wearing water
wings - drink in cool
Follow dry river bed - watch Scout and Guides make
pow-wow signs
Past Geronimo's disco - Sit 'n' Bull steakhouse - white
men dream
A rattle in the old man's sack - look at mountain top -
keep climbing up
Way above us the desert snow - white wind blow

I hold the line - the line of strength that pulls me through
the fear
San Jacinto - I hold the line
San Jacinto - the poison bite and darkness take my sight -
I hold the line
And the tears roll down my swollen cheek - think I'm losing
it - getting weaker
I hold the line - I hold the line
San Jacinto - yellow eagle flies down from the sun -
from the sun

We will walk - on the land
We will breathe - of the air
We will drink - from the stream
We will live - hold the line

OT: At the end of Stone's

OT: At the end of Stone's JFK movie something was mentioned that in the 1980s a congressional inquiry concluded that JFK's assassination was probably the result of a conspiracy. Or something like that. Does anyone have further information about this?

Keen observation Tono. The

Keen observation Tono.

The military industrial complex and the ruling elite breached the "social contract". The left-wing gatekeepers are endorsing and forgiving that breach by ignoring it.

That does nothing to repair the damage done. The country, hence the world has been ripped asunder. We need to be made whole.

This will not happen, indeed it cannot happen, unless we acknowledge the damage done. The TRUTH must will out! We must stay vigilant!

The world is counting on us!

The Fruit of 9/11

58 Lebanese Civilians

58 Lebanese Civilians Massacred in Qana by Israeli Terrorist Air Strike, Including 34 Children
Israel Kills More than 58 Lebanese, Most of them Children and Women in Qana^.

That's a hell of a lot of murder for 2 "kidnapped" soldiers who were probably abducted by Israel's own "black ops."

Let's persuade C-SPAN to

Let's persuade C-SPAN to continue re-playing the program!

vesa&JFK> Yes after the

vesa&JFK> Yes after the Nixon fiasco there was a big tornado inside the Beltway so some brave legislators allowed some work to be actualy done in the House Committee on Assassinations - one of the results was an scientific audio study which confirmed that multiple shots from different angles were fired with 95% probability and that JFK was killed in broader conspiracy..

Actualy we know the names of the mob hitman, their mafia and gov/cia handlers and even some of the higher ups like Dulles, gen. Lemnitzer/Lansdale. The sponsors were from the industrial-mil. complex like Prescott Bush and that kind of bastardly clique.

The fatal head shot marksman even confessed and is still alive.

More details here:

just sent encouragement

re: 911

please pay attention to growing world wide interest in the revision of the events of 911. there is a sizable number who correctly think the official 911 story is incredoulos. remember that our world has turned up side down and that responsible reporting should engage this current crisis.
we need all the help that we can get to stop any further crimes being commited in the name of confronting "islamo fascism". Your help in engaging with 911 truth movement will be a helpful measures to stop another Falujha.


"OT: At the end of Stone's

"OT: At the end of Stone's JFK movie something was mentioned that in the 1980s a congressional inquiry concluded that JFK's assassination was probably the result of a conspiracy. Or something like that. Does anyone have further information about this?"

Google "House Select Committe on Assassinations" and "probably the result of a conspiracy" and you will find what you're looking for.

Chris> another problem is

Chris> another problem is that if you wipe out the neocons with the final 9/11 truth you get a contra reaction and the massive unquestioned support for Israel in the USA will either end or will be substantialy limited.

That means vital artery in their existence cut. That's their #1 national interest, survivor's mechanism will kick in!

So, they can either subvert the 9/11 movement, kill some of its heads (we are near a point were it would be unproductive to do so) or push forward on the same line hence further wars and false flags.

So, the highest probability is we will get our little WWIII in any case.

RE: JFK Keep your eyes on

Randi Rhodes of AAR has come

Randi Rhodes of AAR has come out firmly as a LIHOP'er (which I give her enormous credit for, though I suspect she's actually a MIHOPer).

However, threads related to the C-SPAN show were moved from the high-traffic General forum to the low traffic 911 forum.

This becomes funny when you consider that Randi Rhodes is a C-SPAN junky, and so one might have hoped that C-SPAN coverage would have bestowed some acceptability as a mainstream issue.

Alas, Randi Rhodes does not do the moderating.

leftgatekeepers.com Read it


Read it and weep.

(not endorsing all of it, of course)

A solid couple of clips of

A solid couple of clips of Henry Rollins beating on Bush, the media, and Walmart culture. If this guy wasn't collecting checks for commercial voice overs, I guarantee he would be on board 9/11 Truth.

sl Randi Rhodes has been on


Randi Rhodes has been on the LIHOP/MIHOP fence for quite some time now.

She continues to put the onus on the family members. Especially the Jersey Girls to stand up for 9/11 Truth.

But you're right. Randi is a self-confessed CSPAN junkie. You can bet I will be tuned in on Monday to hear her take on the 9/11 Truth panel. Hell, I may even call in.

No doubt that Mike Malloy will have more to say later on Monday evening. I've given up on the rest of AAR. Now that Garafolo is gone from the Majority report, I've cancelled Sam as well. Besides which, Sam Seder is so far up Markos (Daily Kos) Malitos' ass, he can taste his polyps.

Of all the AAR hosts though, when it comes to 9/11 Truth, I've got to say Al Franken, and Jerry Springer are the absolute worst!!!

Remembering back to Stephen

Remembering back to Stephen Colbert's popular speech at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, it earned top billing on www.cspan.org's homepage (under Recent Programs) for weeks afterward. And aside from the fact that CSPAN will likely ask others that post this video online to take it down, the more people that watch it at CSPAN, the longer it will top the list there.

So I recommend that we link primarily www.cspan.org, or perhaps some more direct link if anyone can figure it out.

Speaking of the Jersey

Speaking of the Jersey Girls, does anybody have any info on when this documentary is supposed to be released? And what it will tell us, that we don't already know?

The "press4truth.com" website appears inactive?

Chris Rose... 9/11: Press

Chris Rose... 9/11: Press For Truth won't tell us anything those of us in the movement don't already know, however, it will tell it to us from the perspective of the family members. It will show what they went through before, during, and after the Commission. It will only use mainstream coverage (provided from Paul Thompson's timeline) to explain how the Commission's report was full of sh_t.

All I know is that it is due out by this anniversary.

A lot of the footage in the

A lot of the footage in the film is absolutely priceless.

For instance, how many of

For instance, how many of you are familiar with Max Cleland's statements regarding the Commission? "It's a sham against the American people, etc..."

Now... how many of you have actually seen that footage?

It's in there.

Thanks guys. Interestingly,

Thanks guys. Interestingly, the committee concludes that Kennedy was killed by a shot from behind, although in the Zapruder film the killing shot seems to come from the front.

On left gatekeepers, I liked

On left gatekeepers, I liked Barry Zwickers high-speed list of names that he squeezed into the microphone faster than Dylan Avery could say "oh stop."

Remember the image of

Remember the image of Israeli children writing messages on those Israeli missiles?

I wonder how many of those missiles killed these 34 Lebanese children?

Lest we forget, who the #1 supplier of weapons to Israel is...

Tono says "exposed 9/11

Tono says "exposed 9/11 means ... serious bump in the int. economic and political system etc. The "left gate-keepers" are under the illusion they can preserve the rest of the current social contract by the anti war message and all the other progressive agenda. This is bullshit since 9/11 was in fact one sided walk away from the contract by the ruling elite."

This is right on, except I'd have used stronger words. Everyone's place in the old system (including the left-liberal politicians) is at extreme risk; they will no longer have a seat at the table of power or a role (and income) derived from the system if and when the system is exposed for what it is, and what it does to people. If this breaks wide open, we will have to re-invent a system. 9/11 is the leverage for great Constitutional upheaval within and of the Republic. In my mind, it is not a revolutionary or destructive act (the way others will portray it) so much as it is an act of love, re-modeling, and returning to the essential values, truths and rights of the old system. But either way, it would serve us to read the heavy thesis written by John Boyd called "Destruction and Creation" which can be found here: http://www.goalsys.com/books/papers.htm

He says, in short summary, that we can't just "think outside the box"... that we have to destroy the box and re-build a new one.

BTW, I think John Boyd

BTW, I think John Boyd actually has a lot to do with the events of 9/11... not that he was involved (he died prior to it)... but that his theories about warfare, tactical thinking et al were embraced and adapted to nefarious ends by Cheney, Rumsfeld et al. To follow this line of thought, read three sequential entries in my blog from last spring which can be found here:


Mssr. Jouet: I like your

Mssr. Jouet:

I like your contributions. Thank you.

Thanks guys. Interestingly,

Thanks guys. Interestingly, the committee concludes that Kennedy was killed by a shot from behind, although in the Zapruder film the killing shot seems to come from the front.
Vesa | 07.30.06 - 1:45 pm | #


Nobody said that!
We only refered you to the House Selected Com. on Assassinations which
scientifically tested with above 90% probability multiple shooters which coroborates the real autopsy records with fatal shot wound in the front head (from the knoll) another wound in the chest etc..

Fetzer has got briliant lecture on the autopsy incl. slides somewhere on videogoogle or youtube can't find itnow..

This 80s video features some top medical experts, survivors and the basics about the case:

I have a dream that echoes

I have a dream that echoes what Dylan and Corey have said.

On the next anniversary of 9/11, skeptics arrive in tens, if not hundreds, of thousands in New York. They are dressed in "Investigate 9/11" T-shirts (remember the closing sequence of "V for Vendetta"?). They hand out carefully crafted information packages and discuss the issues with anyone who wishes to ask or say something. They don't sing or shout. And yes, they absolutely refuse to give in to possible provocations, and many of them are equipped with digicams to make sure that any provocateurs can be identified.

I feel this is possible. Is it?

There is still time to call,

There is still time to call, or text message family and friends about the 2:15p est showing of CSPAN1 9/11 Truth Panel.

I tried calling into the Jesse Jackson radio program this morning, but couldn't ge through.

I'm really disappointed with the lack of 9/11 truth from Jesse Sr. (& Jr.), though I can't say I'm surprised. The Jesse's have never been ones to bite the hands that feed them.

Keep hope alive my ass!!!



The Committee further concluded that it was probable that:

* four shots were fired
* the third shot came from a second assassin located on the grassy knoll, but missed.

The HSCA agreed with the single bullet theory...

Tono, the JFK kill shot

Tono, the JFK kill shot definitely came from the front. Vesa is referring to the Zapruder film link from above.

For those of you who can't

For those of you who can't remember the last time you've thrown up...


There has been quite massive

There has been quite massive release of declassified material after the JFK act of early 90s mainly in terms of the faked autopsy records by CIA so if you by chance meet scumbags like Peter Jennings, senator "magic bullet nutter" Arlen Specter, or some Bush crime family memeber just spit in their face it's legal no sane court can jail you they are part of the cover-up even today, unbelievable, I get sick from this topic..

Additionally, the Zapruder

Additionally, the Zapruder film proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the "single bullet theory" is a lie.

Believe your own eyes. While it's debatable as to whether or not the driver shot JFK (although it seems clear to me), it is indisputable that JFK was hit by more than one single bullet.

This fact alone calls the entire government "official version" into question.

Thanks, Erin. Right back at

Thanks, Erin. Right back at ya.

We all throw something into the pot.

Now, as Emeril Legasse would put it, let's stir it up and let it "get happy".

In order to do that (and I wish I had a stack of cash to fuel this idea), I would suggest that someone gather together quietly a closely-held group of the best of the best and go to work on a mirrored server some where with "concept mapping" software. See http://cmap.ihmc.us/ .
This tool, a share-able, edit-able resource, allows the construction of a very sophisticated educational or informational collection of facts, links, text, graphics, etc. You can download the free software.

There is so much to the 9/11 question (some of which needs to be preserved) that it boggles the mind. That is why we need a "mind extender" in the form of a concept map. Such a tool also allows concepts and facts to be linked, charted, visualized, tested, debated, and more.

The HSCA agreed with the

The HSCA agreed with the single bullet theory...
Vesa | 07.30.06 - 2:07 pm | #

Well, I said the HSCA did the best what they could at the given opportunity window after Nixon's fall, the CIA was under big presure. However, the panel in the end loose its grip although they produced evidence to the contrary of the magic bullet theory but in the end by some hand twisting had to reaffirm it..

"For those of you who can't

"For those of you who can't remember the last time you've thrown up..."


Thanks Jon. I needed that.

one of the main reasons

one of the main reasons Kennedy was killed:


CSPAN1 is showing the John

CSPAN1 is showing the John Bolton Confirmation Hearing!?!?!

What gives!?!?

Did they "pull it"?

I'm 58. I was 15 when JFK

I'm 58. I was 15 when JFK was killed. Since then, I've read or watched virtually every major book, film and TV show produced about it.
Is an understanding of what happened on 11/22/63 critical to understanding what happened on 9/11/01? In general, yes. Indeed, some of the same people were involved. Knowing about MK-Ultra, and the killing of King and Bobby Kennedy, and Watergate, and reading about the Church hearings, and following the Iran-Contra affair, are also useful in the background and in terms of seeing patterns. But it is background... it is history. Understanding and/or proving anything about these historical events will not stop the current madness. The issues, questions and evidence pertaining to 9/11, however, is still fresh and "wet", and does indeed have the potential for stopping the madness. History is instructive, but the leverage doesn't come from there.

Stick to 9/11; stick to the critical core of 9/11; there is enough there to convince anyone if presented effectively, and there is enough there to put a lot of people out of government, in jail and perhaps even in front of a firing squad.

he was becoming too radical

he was becoming too radical near the end:

"The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to
destroy the Americans freedom and before I leave office I must inform the
Citizen of his plight." PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY(10 days before he was
On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order
11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve
Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at
interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the
privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business.

it comes on at 3. C-SPan

it comes on at 3. C-SPan didnt pull it, dont worry.

Mssr. Jouet: Thanks for the

Mssr. Jouet:

Thanks for the link.

The mapping stuff should be a helpful tool, and about time I tried it out with some friends.

Mr. Slesenger is busy doing other work... if anyone else in the DC area wishes to spend some time working on this together, drop me a line.

Ok...it's 2:28pm (Eastern

Ok...it's 2:28pm (Eastern Time)on Sunday and I don't see C-SPAN rebroadcasting the American Scholars Symposium on 9/11 right now.

I tried to call the C-SPAN main number but just got a recorded message because their offices are closed.

Folks, the best punch of the

Folks, the best punch of the day is that they put it into the linked selection of recent/most popular!!!

Keep it there!

Colbert was there for number of weeks!

3:05p Just saw the schedule


Just saw the schedule update.

Okay, so there is even more

Okay, so there is even more time to call/text family/friends.

Encourage them to watch.

Mssr. Jouet> Well, the

Mssr. Jouet>

Well, the problem is that people involved in the JFK case are alive and kicking:

- Arlen "magic bullet nutter" Specter
- Dan "the honest error on Zapruder film" Rather
- Bush the elder
- Geral Ford
- Peter "lie in your face" Jennings

Also, People are still in $mil. legal battle with LAPD about the RFK and stolen footage from this event among other stuff like the push for Sirhans new trial..

Too bad that the definitve site on JFK is down today. The guy actualy confessed. It's called I shot JFK. Great info on the whole network mobsters, cia/mil., the sponsors etc:


I will begin my Concept Map

I will begin my Concept Map with a three parallel trunks, and a back-history limit of 100 years so that I can include the FRN:

I want to include the FRN because as I see it, it has been a ticking time bomb for the US, just like all other fiats throughout history.

Second, the martial activities of Americans so easily distracted into foreign adventure.

Third, the love/hate mind splitter where Americans have yet to embrace the underlying securities offered by a true separation of Church and State.

Feedback, welcome.

Tono, Peter Jennings is no


Peter Jennings is no longer "alive and kicking".

I'm reminded of that sad fact everytime I tune into Charls Gibson and his abhorrent taste in neckwear.

did Dan Rather ever try to

did Dan Rather ever try to explain himself? did he really say it was an honest mistake? haha.

Chris> Yep, sorry -

Chris> Yep, sorry - nightmares from his pulp production on the JFK anniversary still haunts me therefore I think about him as he is still around..

One could say the "Pharao curse", you deserve it Peter, burn in hell..

Tono, agreed, in some

Tono, agreed, in some general sense, though I think not of the people involved, but the forces behind the people. Jennings is no longer, but ABC-TV is, and it presented that abominable simulation crap and will present its series on 9/11. Specter is still at work. So, yes, in that sense, the history is instructive in that it allows us to see the means, modus and mechanism of their input, control, propaganda, etc. But we have to focus our awareness of that on the current 9/11 "debate" in terms of government, media, etc. in which there are new people coming on to play the same type of role who have no connection to history or the people involved in that history but who are beholden to the same powers and influences and will use now-updated tools and techniques for propaganda, provocation, etc.

My point is that the 'game' is in this current arena, not the old one.

Erin, your map sounds wonderful. The key thing is that it's YOUR map, and others to the extent that they participate and collaborate with you.

What I had in mind for a concept map about 9/11 is simply a way of keeping track of things. These HaloScan threads are always full of people asking "where can I find ___?" or "does anyone have a link to the quote by _________ about _____?" or "where is that video that shows _______?"

The concept map tool allows people to construct a repository that thinks... that allows people to see the linkage between that quote, and that video, and the evidence, and the theory.

I personally think that the scope of your map is too broad, and that people will not want to or be able to navigate through it. But that's neither here nor there. It's your map.

Over time, of course, we get to a place where my map links to your map, and to someone else's map.

Yes, Dan Rather is with the

Yes, Dan Rather is with the Zapruder narration scandal on the record, "honest mistake" well that sucker got immediately such a rocket launcher promotion inside the TV network that I don't buy it..

C-Span Schedule indicates

C-Span Schedule indicates rebroadcast of the LA 9-11 Symposium will be on Tuesday Aug. 1 at 6:10pm ET; 3:10pm PT.

Dz, I recon you should

Dz, I recon you should change the main link on the blogad to the 911podcasts hosing of the show;


That'll send people right to the video and boost podcast's hits etc.

PS Bowman rocked it!!

LOL I meant "hosting" not

LOL I meant "hosting" not "hosing".

Actually thinking about it

Actually thinking about it that might cane the bandwidth.

Since this video most

Since this video most probably will stay on the cover page of C-Span for a couple of days we have the unique opportunity to storm the gatekeepers:



Every time I've turned on

Every time I've turned on Randi Rhodes, all I hear is the same old MSM nonsense about how great the democrats are, and we just need to elect demorats and everything would be perfect. She constantly pumps up the issues like gay marriage and "tax cuts for the rich" to get everyone to buy into the phony left/right paradigm.


Let's keep working on Amy Goodman, even though I'm suspicious who's pulling her strings.

Randi is right about gay

Randi is right about gay marriage, and the tax cuts for the rich, and just about everything else she speaks on. you dont give her enough credit. she may only be LIHOP, but she has plugged Paul Thompson and others numerous times.shes not as typical as you make her seem.

Well, Goodman has some sort

Well, Goodman has some sort of intelectual and pseudosexual obssetion with Chomsky. So she will be hard to turn around. On the other hand she might at least allow some limited exposure like Griffin, local NY truthers etc.

I don't want to bash her completely - basically all the innitial election fraud 2004 coverage I got from DemocracyNow..

dbls, updated the blogads,


updated the blogads, would've done it earlier but had some previous engagements ;)

Mssr. Jouet: Agreed, MY map

Mssr. Jouet:

Agreed, MY map may be more 'esoteric' than others may be interested in, although I do hope others with a better capacity to focus in, will create maps that eventually overlay neighboring edges. If substantial numbers of people and/or groups work on the material that interests them, many maps will cross reference, cancel heavy conflicts, and reaffirm the links others see as well.

The reason my maps studies FRNs, foreign adventure, and Church/State, is because I'm far more interested in lasting solutions that would prevent this bull shit World War crap, than what I see as coming from dissecting 9/11 as a stand-alone element. Don't get me wrong, I'm here at 911blogger precisely because I feel that the domestic treason of 911, could bring the whole house-of-cards down. It, "9/11", was an over-reach. A blunder of unimaginable consequences, where the perpetrators thought (hoped to high god) they could get away with it, and prolong an already strained hold on Power.

I do NOT share the sick sentiment of BushCo, that "9/11 is a great opportunity", but I will take advantage of their fantastic foolishness in attempting such a thing, to dedicating my life to searching for a lasting solution to preventing, or ending, the dynamics which spawned it.

C'est cela, bonsoir moi monsieur....


Erin: For openers, the name


For openers, the name "Mssr. Jouet" shouldn't be taken as evidence I am French. It is a pun on my real name, the Anglicization of a French name centuries ago, the meaning of which is gamesman, or jester, or gambler. I do speak French "un peu", what I can remember from my six years in grade school and high school.

Secondly, don't take my commentary on your map as criticism or rejection. Quite the contrary... Cartography is first a question of attention, focus, scale and scope. Your focal themes are good ones, even if requiring more energy or time for effect to occur, or in looking beyond the immediate future to the long-term future. I commend you.

A concept map could be built to focus solely on the Pentagon, or on WTC, or on the war games, or on any aspect of 9/11. Or, as you are doing, on the reasons, the background, the history, the hidden themes...

I too am interested in doing work that is more preventative, or builds toward a better way. I've been exploring and working lightly in the field of personal coaching and counseling, based on a lot of reading I've done in the cognitive sciences, various psychologies, performance enhancement, etc. It seems to me that we can get to a better place if we can learn and teach how to get the most of ourselves and each other for good, in service, in creation of what we desire, and through love.

There is a lot of room on this spectrum; we need to know how we got here, we need to know where we are, and we need to have a map that helps us get where we are going.

But then I remember that I am talking to a pilot who knows something about map-reading, navigation, and the way an autopilot works.

For closers, my other name was derived some time ago based on my work entitled "Summon The Magic"... MAGic MAKer ...

good stuff, Magmak1: I'm

good stuff, Magmak1:

I'm reading that again. Never do I think what people say to me as "rejection", nor criticism which I welcome.

Thanks again,


I really look forward to

I really look forward to seeing concept maps on the Pentagon attack. There is a mountain of STUFF out there, and I suspect some heroic lone individual is slaving away on one, as we speak. I'm content to waiting until he/she has finished their work, and comfortable with the timing of their choice, and releasing it to Us.

You must be familiar with the art of Lombardie (sp?), yes? His work was fantastic while he was here with us, at least we have the inspiration he left behind.

I feel that the domestic

I feel that the domestic treason of 911, could bring the whole house-of-cards down. It, "9/11", was an over-reach. A blunder of unimaginable consequences, where the perpetrators thought (hoped to high god) they could get away with it, and prolong an already strained hold on Power.

Oh, it was a f*ck of a lot more than an an "over-reach" or "blunder", as the perpetraitors will find out when they're sitting in the electric chair!

Randi Rhodes is a shill that

Randi Rhodes is a shill that rarely talks 9/11.
She may be right about gay marriage but it is irrelavnt to the MAJOR issues, #1 being 9/11 Truth.

The income tax itself is a fraud and anyone who supports MORE taxes is supporting the NWO and their goals, including Empire. Bush's "tax cuts" are a joke, he merely appeases corporations who want monopoly, just like Clinton did, etc.

This country can easily operate without the income tax. The income tax does not pay for our roads, schools, etc. as some would have you believe.

One of the first things we need to do AFTER we expose 9/11 Truth is to once and for all abandon the income tax & the federal reserve, both of which are stealing money away from the working class of America.

Seems that "sitting in the

Seems that "sitting in the electric chair" for some of the NWO contingent, would qualify as "unimaginable consequences".

We done hurling mud at each other yet?

I'll be curious to hear if

I'll be curious to hear if this was the experience of anyone else.

I DL'd the WMV file. It was plodding along 30-45 KBPS. About an hour and it was about 55% complete. Then moments later Firefox DL manager says it's done.

I look at the file, XP reports it's 167 MBs, 1:46 time duration.

I play it, it plays fine, WMP reports the file is 1:46 duration. I'm watching it, and at 1:05, with the WMP progress bar showing accordingly, it just stops playing, progress bar zips back to the beginning.

Separately, I can't jump ahead in the video by moving the progress bar. I can pause it, or I can stop it but then the only option is to start it again from the beginning. Also, the audio on this file is very low, everything full blast and it's a strain to hear... I found headphones work best. Maybe someone can re-rip the WMV file, cranking up the audio?

My experience with the Chicago WMV file posted several days ago is virtually identical, except the audio on that one is fine.

I think this may just be me, coz I picked up some nasty nag-ware (popup ad consoles (dating, porn, online casino), a fake "system alert" bubble appearing from the tool tray every 30 seconds advising of spyware on the box, click to download their special cure software... haha. Yes this all began when I downloaded/ran some video codec "needed" by some "free" porn site a few days ago. Insert jokes here. I've run both Spybot and AdAware, and after finding/cleaning some stuff, and rebooting, this ad/nag-ware continues. It's nasty, and it seems they're a step ahead of the various cleaning software. I only got this laptop brand new a week ago-- I was being reckless coz I've installed very little on it and I figure I can just restore the factory OS image from the DVDs provided if it gets bad enough... which I'm now prolly going to have to do.

So just curious if anyone else had this issue with the WMV file??

one of the main reasons

one of the main reasons Kennedy was killed:

http://www.john-f-kennedy.net/ ex...eorder11110.htm
Chris | Homepage | 07.30.06 - 2:28 pm | #

Money talks. It's always money in the end.
Like the 6 insurance companies who won't pay Silverstein.

Andrew Lowe Watson: I

Andrew Lowe Watson:

I thought Pullerstein was already getting his money. Have you heard that payments have been discontinued?

That would be a good sign.

Erin, I wasn't hurling mud

I wasn't hurling mud at all, I was making the point that 9/11 Truth far outweighs any other issue facing this country right now. Gay marriage, abortion, etc, affects only a tiny percentage of Americans' everyday lives.

The Tax fraud is also another symptom of Empire, like 9/11, so they are very much relevant.

However, I agree with you, we need to stay focused and push towards our goal of a new investigation, and put aside our differences until we attain that.

If we are able to attain

If we are able to attain that... our remaining differences will be cause for celebration.

The "mud" comment was for

The "mud" comment was for the tit/tat above with an anon. All's good.

Concept maps on the Pentagon

Concept maps on the Pentagon issues won't be done by me (lol). I'm still struggling with my own shit, let alone that pile. For some reason, as alluded to by others, I feel I can't go forward until I do whatever I can to insure the question is called, the rabbit hole examined enough that people can get clear on the fact that they need to turn inward, and to each other, and not to "leaders". Politically (collectively), I feel no need to insure that every last strand of that day's history is properly tucked and tied. Nor do I feel the need to prosecute, per se, though that would be appropriate and functional and provide closure. But as a collective people, we can change when we face the truth and come to understand viscerally, or spiritually. It's not about religions or one's belief structure; it's about who we are and where we are going. And right now we are going to hell in a hand-basket, so we'd better change course.

Vesa, concerning your

Vesa, concerning your question: in 1978 the House Select Committee on Assassinations created a sensation when it said that John F. Kennedy's assassination was likely the result of a conspiracy. (See U.S. Congress, House of Representatives, House Report No. 95-1828, Select Committee on Assassinations; U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 1979; Final Report, pp. 76, 94.)


Referring to the report by the Warren Commission, "it was the greatest hoax that has ever been perpetuated," Nixon said. He did not elaborate why he questioned the report.

(From "Revelations and gaps on Nixon tapes," Kevin Anderson, BBC News, March 1, 2002 http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/1848157.stm .)

Mssr. Jouet I like your

Mssr. Jouet

I like your comments, thanks again.

That reminds me: You were ending with this "change course" thing which certainly brings to mind Titanic references or maybe trains heading for cliffs, and so on. Here's one I like much better, and you reminded me of it.

Have you heard of Bob Hoover? He's a (darn, I know he's old but I can't recall if I heard of his obit yet, anyway)... he's one fine ACE in a stick and rudder. (An unparalleled stunt pilot, known the world over for his aerobatic performances while warring a formal tie.)

He demonstrates a spin recovery.... (a "spin", or "flat spin", is a particularly dangerous situation where the aircraft enters a gyroscopic-force inducing horizontal "twisting" of the aircraft).

Differing from a "loop" or "roll", axis which an airplane can easily handle and problems are easily resolved, a spin occurs around the yawl axis (imagine a single vertical line running up and down through the center of the plane) where the plane begins to spin, much like a top on a table but without the table, and drops like a stone.

It so dangerous because it's dropping fast, straight down, and there is virtually NO response from the flight control surfaces connected through the stick (or yoke) and rudder pedals.

Pilots die, because try as they might, with ALL their might, they just can't seem to get any response from the controls and the aircraft suffers from too low an altitude.... crashes into the ground.

The gyroscopic force of spinning [flat] overpowers any remaining effectiveness the flight control surfaces (ailerons, elevator and most of the rudder) may have. Wrestling with the controls, in a genuine effort to save ones own skin, can be futile, if not even aggravating the situation and making the spin go even faster.

(I trust some of you may be seeing some analogies already, and why I'm rambling on about silly airplane stunts?)

Ok.... so in steps your "Spin Recovery Instructor for the day".... ta da.... Bob Hoover.

"Ok class..... we've now entered a spin.... hold on.... lets get things a bit worse.... I know many of you may have had your previous instructor pull out by now.... wait..... wait.... ok things are really bad now..... were heading straight for the ground as were about to throw-up last years turkey dinner because the horizon is spinning around faster that that old bully used to do to you on the merry-go-round......

Now, how do we get out of this fix, you ask?

First, we bring back the throttle.... ya all the way back...... that engine isn't doing us any good. Mater of fact, it's only adding power to the spin. Right, RPM all the way down.

K, here's the hard part..... you got'a trust this one... This ain't your dirt track racer back home, "never take your hand off the wheel" thing, that's right, you got'a let go of the stick.

Right, just let go of it.

You've bin twisting that thing like never before, as if your life depended on it.

Let go.

Sit back and watch it fly all around on it's own.....

ya.... ya see that? Look there it is.... calming down now (flops over to one side).

Now, opposite rudder, just a touch of nose forward to pick of air over the wings.... power on..... recover.

See how easy that is boys and girls...... No need to die today.

Happy flying, take care."

"Their silence" strongly

"Their silence" strongly suggests that they believe & endorse the "official story."
Anonymous | 07.30.06 - 12:24 pm | #





The moral of the story, as

The moral of the story, as always, is about the illusion of "control".

When things get bad, we instinctively act by trying to add MORE control. Pulling the stick to the left, nothing happens, we try pulling the stick to the right, nothing happens... up, down, repeat... repeat with more feeling this time.... nothing happens, or worse, things get worse!

All the while we've got the throttle fire-walled (max).... and this just adds fuel to an already bad situation.

Sometimes, no not ALL the time, we've got to let go, and let the natural aerodynamics show us what can happen, if we're not trying to fix the situation with our "brilliant skills".

Sometimes, not all the time (God isn't going to fly the plane for you), we've got to let go.

Let things calm down, stop adding fuel to the fire (expedited shipment of bombs to Israel? Bush, you're an ass), and trust that nature once released from the death grip of control freaks, will have people sharing water, growing food, doing business again....

At least until some religious fanatics (all of you shit heads who think you have a direct line to God), start talking shit again. "My God can beat up your God. My God said I can kill you, and still go to Heaven. My God said this was my piece of dirt, get off"......

Well, I don't know when that shit is ever going to end..... but at least I won't be adding to the problem by whipping the stick all around, and pumping fuel into the motor full bore.

Take care all.....

I'm going back to the shop, and making something neat'o. Something that someone else might make a good trade for.

At least until some

At least until some religious fanatics (all of you shit heads who think you have a direct line to God), start talking shit again. "My God can beat up your God. My God said I can kill you, and still go to Heaven. My God said this was my piece of dirt, get off"......

Myers, you seem like serious COINTELPRO to me. Your posts a few months back were very meek, calm, etc., you said you were a pilot & engineer or something. All of a sudden you're all arrogant & belligerent! What's up with that? You established some false credibility, & now it's time for the real game plan?

how many people normaly

how many people normaly watch this tv programm?

JFK: Anyone questioning the

JFK: Anyone questioning the lone gunmen assasination theory is called a crazy kook, despite an ocean of evidence refuting the official claim

9/11: Anyone questioning that it was more than just Osama and 19 boxcutter wielding flight school flunkies is called a crackpot, despite an ocean of evidence decimating the official story.

JFK: The magic bullet theory

9/11: The theory that 19 guys with boxcutters managed to go undetected without setting off major redflags, penetrated both our intelligence and trillion dollar air defense forces, caught us off guard, and brought down THREE TALL high rises with two planes....and then managed to pinpoint a reinforced special area of the Pentagon without being shot down or detected.

JFK: secret security detail is pulled off protection, motorcade route changed,
and millitary detail ordered from surveiling Dallas

9/11: Air Defenses stood down, confusing war games, security level and bomb sniffing dogs removed from WTC.

JFK: Oswald named within hours as sole conspirator

9/11: Osama and 19 guys named as sole conspirators within hours

JFK: Oswald intentionally drew a big stink and drew attention, and was all over the US creating a back story, with Oswald mysteriously being in two places at the same time

9/11: 19 hijackers seen all over the country drawing a attention to themselves, with receipts and eyewitnesses showing possibility of multiple Attas, Jerrahs, etc all to create a backstory

JFK: Oswald was trained by the CIA and millitary, was over in the Sovet Republic,
and according to a Lt Col trained in defense language to speak Russian

9/11: 5 of the 19 hijackers trained at US bases, and at least one according to a Lt Col Butler trained at the Defense Language School In Montery California

JFK: Three hobos found on a Dallas train suspected of being involved

9/11: 5 Israeli Mossad dressed as Arabs filming and cheering as the attacks happened...even filming the first plane

JFK: Right wing foreign millitia trained by the CIA to fight communist Cubans

9/11: al Qaeda trained and funded by the CIA to fight Soviets and Serbs

JFK: Massive coverup, witnesses surpressed, evidence tampered, and
a total compromised white wash commission formed

9/11: Massive coverup from the getgo, no real investigation, witness testimony and whistleblowers stricken from the report, and conflict of interest heads appointed by the President for a white wash sham of a commission

JFK: Theory that a team of operative s dressed as movers able to freely come and go in th ebook depository were able to setup the assassination

9/11: The theory that a team of operatives dressed as repair men able to plant explosives during powerdowns in the WTC, as well as having front moving companies
inside the towers

JFK: Whistleblowers in the FBI, CIA, Pentagon, and elsewhere come forward
but whose testimony is surpressed

9/11: Scores of FBI and Pentagon(Able Danger) whistleblowers, but are gagged and censored

JFK: The Mafia was involved...but only in a compartementalized low level point man position...as the mafia cant change parade routes, stand down the secret service,
or engage in a massive coverup

9/11: al Qaeda was involved, but only in a brainwashed compartmentalized role.
al Qaeda cant: stand down air defenses, cant engage NORAD and the Pentagon in massive wargames, cant obstruct the FBI, and cant engage in a massive coverup

JFK: The Why's and the Who Stood To Gains? For JFK, the need to go into Vietnam
Who stood to gain: oil companies, defense planners, CIA, Pentagon and Vice President

9/11: Afghanistan, Iraq, possibly Iran and countless other things planned.
Who stood to gain? Defense/Oil, globalist neocons, and the millitary industrial complex

JFK: Many warnings ignored that an assasination attempt was coming to Dallas, sent to FBI and other agencies

9/11: The "Osama Determined To Strike America With Planes" PDF and countless other warnings ignored

JFK: Dozens and Dozens of witnesses who all say the shots came from the grass knoll....yet whose testimony was stricken from record

9/11: The hundreds of people who say explosives were going in the towers

JFK: The total media blackout on investigating JFK, and the media hostility and humiliation of anyone questioning the official story

9/11: Lack of any real investigation into 9/11's many unanswered questions by the media, as well as a heckling and anger at anyone questioning it

JFK: Media refusal to show Zapruder film on tv, and government witholding

9/11: Media refusal to show WTC7 on tv, and government witholding
scores of Pentagon tapes

JFK: Jim Garrisson's belief that the public deserves the right to know the truth, and
that to remain a free republic the truth...even if its scary must come out, otherwise bad men and dastardly ideals will rule America

9/11: Same

JFK: Only one trail in the JFK conspiracy, which produced no results

9/11: Only one trial of a patsy who had nothing to do with 9/11

And in both JFK and 9/11, the coverup and lies continue. THANKFULLY, it's only been five years since 9/11...its been 43 years since JFK AND while public opinion changed, disclosure did not prevail. IF ONLY they had the internet back then.

Do we REALLY want to have 9/11 conventions in another 5, 10, 20 years going "someday the public will believe us...someday there'll be a real investigation"

WHO will be the Mr. X Prouty/Deep Throat of 9/11?
WHO will be the Jim Garrisson of 9/11?
WILL we see 80% of America believing 9/11 is a US conspiracy with US complicity and a major coverup like 80% believe JFK was killed by the government?

I finally have a family

I finally have a family member that will back me up.


Anon: So you've seen web


So you've seen web site or two on change agents. Maybe you even scanned a book on the subject. I don't know, but all of my "arrogant & belligerent" talk is just for you, my dear anon. And those like you who don't know when to back off, you know, like your fellow God Poofters.

You either, have your heart in the right place on 9/11 but haven't found any zen yet..... or you're actually the provocateur your comments paint you as.

Don't know, don't care.

So you've seen web site or

So you've seen web site or two on change agents.

Holy shit, I was just guessing. There's actually a name for what you're doing? A "change agent." WTF?

Like I said before, a few months ago, you were this really meek & thoughtful guy, now you're a complete scumbag!

A God Poofter? Again, WTF?

A God Poofter? Again, WTF?

Anon: This is Agent Soma,


This is Agent Soma, I've been asked to step in here, because "Erin" was falling apart right before your eyes. Thank you for your diligence. Without your astute powers of perception, Agent Erin might have blown the opperation here a 911Blogger.

To explain further... well, ya see... The original Agent Erin wasn't getting any progress made with his meek and thoughtful approach... So we up at HQ thought it would be much better to install a new operative, with the same name of course, and have the new Agent Erin play a more dommonerring and derrogotory role.

We're very please you notice, and a Thank you check will be sent to you in the mail. Ya, ya... we know who you are and were you live... blah blah blah...

Go fuck yourself, Anon.

hate to tell you kevin, but

hate to tell you kevin, but realistically speaking, if Randi Rhodes turned her show into Jack Blood,Tarpley or Alex Jones or whatever, she would lose her job extremely fast. she gets more 9/11 talk in than most radio talking heads. that may be sad, but its true.she could learn a thing or 2 from Malloy though..

just wanted to say its

just wanted to say its reassuring to see so many comments posted by americans who know whats up... there are some true patriots out there... keep up the good work 911blogger - from a concerned neighbour in canada

If Nine Eleven was such an

If Nine Eleven was such an amazing masterminded inside job as people say, than why would these people who are smart enough to pull it off be stupid enough to let a missile hit the Pentagon. Why wouldn't they just use another jet and not risk the use of a missile in their operation?

Can someone get this on to

Can someone get this on to DVD then seed the torrent at Conspiracycentral.net?

We need this on DVD ASAP for mass distribution!

Can someone get this on to

Can someone get this on to DVD then seed the torrent at Conspiracycentral.net?

We need this on DVD ASAP for mass distribution!