Lecturer Under Fire for 9/11 Conspiracy Belief

More coverage for Kevin, this time at ABCNews. Thanks to SS for sending this in:


Wisconsin lawmakers are demanding that a University of Wisconsin-Madison lecturer be pulled from his fall teaching position because of his belief that the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks were not carried out by terrorists, but by the U.S. government.

Kevin Barrett, who is scheduled to teach the course "Islam: Religion and Culture," said during a recent talk-radio show appearance that the attacks were carried out by the government to start a war in the Middle East.
It appears he is not alone with his controversial Sept. 11 conspiracy theories. According to a March 2004 Gallup poll, 53 percent of those surveyed said they thought the Bush administration was covering up pre-9/11 intelligence.

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ouch, what is

ouch, what is this

UW-Instructor Barrett Pushes Woman's Deportation


ouch, pulled? sounds like

ouch, pulled? sounds like Larry Silverstien is in the Wisc legislature...

ouch is right -- this really

ouch is right -- this really paints Barrett as being quite petty. From the article:

Bittar said Barrett stunned parents of school children when Barrett told her she would go to prison as she worked as a crossing guard.

"He screamed at me."

Barrett and his wife also filed police reports over the theft of a comforter and pillow and suggested Bittar was the thief. Foust termed their efforts a "rabid pursuit."

Barrett also claimed to police an abandoned grocery store cart on his front lawn was the work of Bittar and amounted to a sinister "message" to Barrett and his wife.

This is bad news regarding Barrett's character, and therefore taints his credibility, IMO. Even if Barrett is correct in his allegations about this woman, if these stories are true, it really paints him in a bad light.

For rationale, the article says Barrett justified his targeting of Bittar as a means of trying to help her estranged husband in the couple's divorce case.

You know, he could have just kept out of the whole situation and helped his professor friend in other ways.

Now I won't be surprised to see future news reports about Barrett's views on 9/11 coupled with this controversy.

^ I'm referring to the link

^ I'm referring to the link anonymous posted above.

isnt it funny how anyone

isnt it funny how anyone even a little prominent in the media comes out about something like 9/11 they get slandered shortly after that? remember Charlie Sheen? didnt he "kill a pornstar" according to "unnamed sources" in The National Enquirer juat a month or so after coming out about 9/11 truth? what a bunch of bullshit.

Although OT, a much needed

Although OT, a much needed "moment of Zen" from the late night master...



HAHA, Lettermans the man.

HAHA, Lettermans the man.

Thanks Chris. That was a

Thanks Chris. That was a classic! So, does everyone have their TIVO programmed to tape CSPAN tonite?

i wish i had TIVO.......

i wish i had TIVO.......

I calling all my friends

I calling all my friends with TiVo to record a show for me because "I don't have a TiVo" (nor a TeeVee for that matter).

It so cool, because they all know I'm just a "loony political junkie", and may unsuspectingly catch a few moments of my "more radical side".... MUWAAAAAA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA.

As for the hit piece, and those so many more to come, I remind.....

If you pick through last night's coals, you're bound to find something warm.... but you hardly have any fire left. You must isolate it, cover it with tinder, and blow your lungs out to bring it back to life.... If you pile on it with enough fuel, you can shame that coal's former pathetic life.

Good luck, you arson freaks.... this looks like a fire bound to escape your illusion of control. Thanks again, assholes... for nothing!

course, I just got done

course, I just got done watching the Symposium for the intenth time on that new fangled "World Wide Web thingymajerger"....

And people call ME a Luddite for not trusting Real I.D.???????

Got brain?

I've never heard of the

I've never heard of the Gallop poll before. Anybody heard about it in 2004?

Gallop is one of the leading

Gallop is one of the leading polling services.

Chris -- I know about

Chris -- I know about Gallop. But this poll was taken in 2004, and I've never heard about the specific poll before.

oh, my fualt. i misread. im

oh, my fualt. i misread. im not sure what poll that would be.



ouch, what is

ouch, what is this

UW-Instructor Barrett Pushes Woman's Deportation

http://www.wkowtv.com/index.php/...ry/p/pkid/ 24527
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How does this, if true, mitigate the fact that Bush/Cheney/Rummy et al, murdered 3000 citizens in cold blood on 9/11???