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This no-frills Digital Video is a basic recording of Morgan Reynolds' July 22, 2006 appearance at the Lakewood Theater in Dallas, TX. Reynolds covers a host of anomalies, and sketches out what a legal pursuit of the 9/11 perps would look like. Remember, Carl Person wants to pursue this legal challenge as New York State's Attorney General. Help him out on the ground if you are in NY. (Video includes 15-20 minutes of Q&A at the end with some interesting dialogue.)

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sweet, thanks for the hookup

sweet, thanks for the hookup :)

dz, who says Carl Person is

dz, who says Carl Person is a 9/11 truther? He just wants more benefits for the sick 1st responders, from what I see on his website. Who would oppose that?

I think people may be duped about him being a truther.

Anonymous, Check out


Check out Tarpley's archive for last Saturday - 7/29/2006

Hour 2:

He's MIHOP all the way, and not afraid to say it.

As an aside, Robert Bowman

As an aside, Robert Bowman doesn't post his 9/11 platform issues on his website either. It attracts too many fucktards.

Excellent then, reprehensor.

Excellent then, reprehensor. I was concerned that it wasn't mentioned on his website. Of course more healthcare for 1st responders is great, but we need 9/11 truth too.

Paramount Sues Over Hijacked

Anonymous, I sent Person an


I sent Person an email asking him to "throw us a bone" or write a letter of intent that we can get around.

I suggest you do the same. Or call him, his number is listed on his webpage.

Nice! I didn't expect all

Nice! I didn't expect all that reprehensor. Thanks.

If the A3 Skywarrior -wings

If the A3 Skywarrior -wings thing is true, then this is see i told you so for all that beat the drum of "Pentagate".
Now the Pentagon lie might break the neck cover-up even before WTC7 does - wow!!!

Reprehensor and all: if you

Reprehensor and all: if you get a copy of the photo of the wing sections of the aircraft at the Pentagon, please email link to

Does anybody know if the

Does anybody know if the insurance company that presumably paid Larry Silverstein those millions for his policy on the WTC -- if that company did much of an investigation?

One would think that with Steven Jones' research, that insurance company would want to know more... unless, of course, they were paid off somehow (which wouldn't surprise me).

It just seems with that much money at stake, there would be mega-questions from the insurance company. Maybe this has been talked about here before, but I don't recall....



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CK> the insurance company is

CK> the insurance company is covered by anoter institution which spreads the payment across ordinary insureres..

In fact we all paid to that Larry PullerStein pocket.