Fliers for the Tuesday's CSPAN broadcast

Matt from 9eleven.info was kind enough to send these in. If you want to promote Tuesday night's C-Span broadcast in your community, these are a great way to do so:

1 Page Flyer
2 Page Flyer

These flyers are also available here: 9eleven.info

Also, Cynthia McKinney is on C-Span tonight at 7:30 EDT:

OT: The Tim Osman picture

OT: The Tim Osman picture inspired me a little bit:


I know where I'll be at

I know where I'll be at 7:30.

Fliers work. I've been

Fliers work. I've been posting them for our family's bar for years. We have a standard route, and we hit areas with the maximum number of working people, loading the company cafeterias where possible.

I'm still saying this is a time for freeway-scale messages. My latest is the simplest yet: "Thermite the NAU"

Starbucks around here have

Starbucks around here have community bulletin boards. The only requirement is that what you post be informational and that you are not selling a product.

Sibel Edmonds stayed on one of the Starbucks in my neighborhood for several months.

It's all good, but isn't

It's all good, but isn't 6:10 p.m. Eastern a rather odd time to show it?

8:10 or 9:10 pm Eastern

8:10 or 9:10 pm Eastern would be cool, but I guess beggers can't be choosers.

It really does seem like a

It really does seem like a delibertate tactic to limit the size of the audiance. What could C-SPAN have to show on prime time that is more important than 9/11 truth?

Let's try to get some re-broadcasts in prime time.

The show is almost two hours

The show is almost two hours long so it goes until 8PM, which is almost prime time.
We don't get to set the schedule, we just have to make the best of the opportunities we get.

Excellent flier. Thanks. I

Excellent flier. Thanks. I passed out about a hundred of these tonight.