(The following activism appeal was sent in by the owner of False Flag [site currently being updated] and enthusiastically endorsed by Webster Tarpley. Tune in to KPFK this afternoon around 12:30pm Pacific time for a live demo.)

Nag the Neocons-Grab the Gatekeepers: Radio Mass Mobilization For The 9-11 Roundtable on C-SPAN TUE 6:10PM EDT

What if you could stop the next false-flag terror attack and the descent into World War III?

On Tuesday August 1, C-SPAN will re-air the 9-11 Roundtable discussion at 6:10 pm EDT. This is an opportunity we cannot squander, because it may be our best opportunity to expose millions of Americans to the truth about September 11 as a new world war approaches. Anyone who likes to be considered a real 9-11 truth activist must flood the radio stations over the next two days with one point in mind: alerting listeners to the 9-11 conference Tuesday at 6:10 PM on C-SPAN.

Call in to neocons like Sean Hannity & Michael Savage, and make them squirm while alerting their millions of listeners. Get on the phone and badger left Air America jockeys like Randi Rhodes and Al Franken who have avoided 9-11 truth for so long. While mentioning the evidence of an inside job is important, the key must be constantly re-stating the August 1, Tueday 6:10 C-SPAN information.

One key tip:

Remember your audience. When calling neocon stations, talk about the evidence pointing to an inside job, but avoid shrill name-calling of Cheney/Bush and instead try phrases like "real conservatives should investigate 9-11, and they can do so Tuesday on C-SPAN at 6:10. This is not a left/right issue."

When calling the lefty shows, you can probably be more open with your rhetoric, but do not forget to keep mentioning the date, time, and network. Repetition is key! (Did we mention C-SPAN, Tuesday at 6:10 PM?)

In both cases, try to stress the scholarly nature of the conference and the credibility of the speakers.

These next two days are not the time for excuses or self-pity. Last night I called in on Drudge's national show and got the word out to hundreds of thousands, while he could only meekly compare me to Oliver Stone. I called WBZ in Boston and forced the neocon host to say "Wow, those are good points." We must overtake the airwaves in the next two days in order to save the lives of those who will be killed in the next false-flag terror operation, and the ensuing global war.

So get off the message boards, and on to your phones! End the defeatism! Reach millions of middle Americans, not just ten of thousands of like-minded activists in the blogosphere. We have a day and a half to get this done. 100 people making 10 calls a day could be the difference between millions waking up to the truth about September 11.

Will you be amongst those 100 who will save the planet? Or will you just sit at your computer waiting for the next false-flag and nuclear Armageddon?

Go pick up the phone! As one person you can alert millions!

(all times Eastern, if you see a mistake, note it in the comments section below)


9am-12pm Glenn Beck 888-727-BECK

8:30am-1pm Neil Boortz 877-310-2100

8am-11am Laura Ingraham 800-876-4123

10am-1pm G. Gordon Liddy 800-GG-LIDDY

12-3pm Rush Limbaugh 800-282-2882

12-2 Bill O'Reilly 877-9-NO-SPIN

3pm- 6 pm Sean Hannity 800-941-7326

6pm - 9pm Michael Savage 800-449-8255


Amy Goodman/DemocracyNow! 9am-10 am (212) 209-2900

Mark Riley and Rachel Maddow 5am-9am 1-866-303-2270

Al Franken 12pm-3pm 1-866-303-2270

Randi Rhodes 3pm-7 pm 866-303-2270

Majority Report with Garafalo and Seder 7pm-10pm 1-866-303-2270

Mike Malloy 10pm-1am 1-866-303-2270

Try your favorite local call in show as well! Get creative: try college radio, urban radio, anything where you can reach people. More talk radio networks in major markets can be found here:

Saw your great show and glad

Saw your great show and glad I've found you! I have been stalked,
harrassed and threatened by these "shadow govt." cretins for over a year.
There will be many others joining you. Credibility is EVERYTHING in spreading these truths!!
Thank You

I'm loving this stuff, way

I'm loving this stuff, way to go guys and gals!!!!

update on's

update on's myspace:

I'm working on it in pieces while I have free moments here at work.

looks good DHS! now all i

looks good DHS!

now all i need is some friends ;)

dz: working on that next!


working on that next!

has anyone tested out the

has anyone tested out the new social networking icons i added for digg,, etc?

guess we dont have many ppl here familiar with these yet..

On an unrelated topic, I

On an unrelated topic, I would like to ask if any members of this board listen to the Sunday night radio talk show, Alan Handelman? Our local Clear Channel affiliate in Columbus, GA, WVRK , failed to air last night's show and I am wondering if any other Clear Channel stations pre-empted last night's show. One of the guests scheduled was Jim Marrs, author of the book "The War on Freedom/The 9/11 Conspiracies."
I am curious if this a case of censorship by Clear Channel and if this was network wide or just isolated to my local station. An email to WVRK has so far gone unanswered.

Oh, man! Al Franken is such

Oh, man! Al Franken is such a disappointment to me! I used to think he was great!

has anyone tested out the

has anyone tested out the new social networking icons i added for digg,, etc?
guess we dont have many ppl here familiar with these yet..
dz | Homepage | 07.31.06 - 2:03 pm | #

What are they?

Franken is such a sharp guy!

Franken is such a sharp guy! He must have 50+ IQ points over O'Reilly + Hanity combined.
I just don't get it that Franken doesn't get that 9/11 was an inside job.

Yeah Mike Malloy and the

Yeah Mike Malloy and the occassional Randi Rhodes are the only talk show hosts i can stand anymore.

Actually, I think someone posted some Tom Hartmann shit here that was pretty cool, but I've never listened to him.

Someone just busted through

Someone just busted through on Thom Hartmann! Good job! (Last night someone got through on Laura Flanders' show, but fumbled in the end zone, forgot to mention the Tuesday broadcast!) Focus!

I am calling in on Randi

I am calling in on Randi Rhodes today and will try for Sean Hannity. I will make sure to mention Tue, 6:10 pm, C-SPAN.

Which shows will you be calling? Lets do this now. Enough with the defeatism and self-pity, make one call.

Remember, it's easy- you can still work, travel, etc while you are on hold. The call itself only takes 3 minutes.

PLEASE, LETS GET 10 million people to watch this C-SPAN broadcast


Somebody just got through to

Somebody just got through to Hannity! Amazing! They said "watch C-SPAN at 6 pm tomorrow!"

The call was at 3:28 pm

I am on hold with Hannity now- I will make sure to plug it even harder.

Tonight I am calling Savage...I tried Randi Rhodes but the screener claimed they were going to mention the 9-11 conference. We shall see.

Next time I have to remember to lie...the gatekeepers are worse than the neocons!



Thank you to the caller who

Thank you to the caller who just got through and mentioned tomorrow night's show on the Randi Rhodes Show! ;-)

Randi hadn't seen it but promoted it also as the caller spoke about the various speakers. The caller was able to get in the part where Bob Bowman says if the U.S. Government had done NOTHING all four flights would have been intercepted.


Kick ass!!!!

Kick ass!!!!

Just called Hannity but he

Just called Hannity but he cut me off and claimed that I lied to his call screener! ARG!!!!

I am going to call him tomorrow...

Next target: Michael Savage at 6-9pm

unfortunately .... al

unfortunately ....

al franken is one of "them"
fake left shill

Some guys have gotten

Some guys have gotten through on Ed Schultz Show and mentioned the C-SPAN show and BIG EDDIE is getting a little pissed! LOL TFB

RAND Killer, Can you please

RAND Killer,

Can you please go over to Hannity's website and give him the blow job you obviously believe he deserves?

Buh bye.

Ed Schultz has either no

Ed Schultz has either no balls, is a government shill or gets paid way too much for his job.

I used to love to listen to him. But when a 9/11 caller (God bless you whoever you are) called and questioned the 9/11 "official story" he totally cut them off.


IMHO Ed Schultz is just like

IMHO Ed Schultz is just like Al Franken... NO BALLS AT ALL!

Schultz actually said that the members of the panel on C-SPAN need to go back and do more research. So let me get this straight. On one hand you have Physicist Stephen Jones and Aeronautical Engineer Bob Bowman and then there's.... talk show host Ed Schultz. Yeah...that's even. ;-0

Kurt, RANDKILLER, don't have

Kurt, RANDKILLER, don't have that fight here. Find a message board where you can fight, or take it out on each other via email.

We're too busy for this.

Talk show hosts that refuse

Talk show hosts that refuse to talk 9/11 are NOT OUR FRIENDS!

I think it's AWESOME what this site is doing, this is all about a revolution. Forget the left and right and forget who you thought were your talk radio heros, they're all covering for criminal jackasses that did 9/11, except maybe Mike Malloy.

Give em hell!

Just called Hannity but he

Just called Hannity but he cut me off and claimed that I lied to his call screener! ARG!!!!

I am going to call him tomorrow...

Next target: Michael Savage at 6-9pm
Dan | Edit comment Delete comment | Email | 07.31.06 - 4:38 pm | #

I heard you, you had quite a nice rational speaking voice! Keep it up! :)

hitting coast to coast am

hitting coast to coast am would be a good idea----first act like your question goes with the show and then let loose with 911truth info

they try to censor 911truth in the call screening---but when theyre on the air they try to act all cool like theyre on our side

a little clumsy---but i have gotten thru 3 times this way

Guys when you are in the

Guys when you are in the rage don't forget to click on the cover page link to make it stay there as long as possible. Rememeber Colbert was there for weeks!

Please watch this video and

Please watch this video and then decide who did 9/11

“Theories about 9-11 (American Perspectives) (7/29/2006)”


5:10 EST NOT 6:10 EST!!!!!
And YES YES YES to inundating radio and medias on the C-SPAN's rebroadcast of 9/11 terrorist attacks LA conference!!!!! WHERE IS THE OUTCRY???????????????????????????????????????????????

No. The schedule still shows

No. The schedule still shows 6:10 EDT.

Where did you get your info?

I HATE TO SAY IT..I used to

I HATE TO SAY IT..I used to love to listen to these progressive radio personalities, Randi, Big Eddy, Al...TODAY I'M FRUSTRATED AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I called several times last week trying to get on Randi Rhodes...The screener either is an idiot or he's one of THEM...Or he has instructions not to talk about 9/11...I hearken to a Dick Cheney quote: "They've got nothing...They are an echo chamber"...Speaking of the progressive movement's many whining echoists who talk about 9/11 grudingly from the Let It Happen On Purpose camp. They miss out on the
to use their air time to interview the experts who COULD blow
SUDDENLY...........................................................THE CURTAING LIFTS...........................................
but, that would fix things, right?.............. Then....Where...where would the money come from if there were no longer villians to whine about?....Um....The Trials Of THE Century!!!!!!!!!!!

Estevan, I don't want to say


I don't want to say that you have to be deceptive when talking to the call screeners but you have to LIE LIKE HELL to get through!

Just talk to the screener about whatever the subject the talk show host is covering at the time...then when you get on the about 9/11 Truth.

Yes it's deceptive but when we're dealing with a corrupt government and a lapdog press..DO IT ANYWAY!

Greetings Truthers. I've

Greetings Truthers. I've been listening to big Eddy. He's getting bombarded with emails and calls. KEEP IT UP.

He made a request. He wants to talk to anyone in congress that is willing to talk about 9/11. Someone later called and mentioned Cynthia McKinney. Truthers are on this!

Big Eddy said he'd call McKinney. Is she still calling for real investigation? Lets hold Eddy to his on-air commitment to get her on.

She needs to call into his show. It would be good for her campaign as well as the movement.

The professors need to make these calls and try to get on the air also. James Fetzer, Steven Jones, and David Ray Griffin should also get on the phone to call in.

Please keep calling and emailing the gate keepers.

Anyone up for doing vigils in front of firehouse studio? Please NY truthers, start banging on the doors of Democracy Now.

I asked the screener for the

I asked the screener for the Randi Rhodes Show, which topics are out of bounds for Randi? What current news story is too difficult for her to discuss? She can confront a conservative with the FACTS...Can she be CONFRONTED???? WHAT IF THE FACTS DON'T CONFORM TO HER PRECONCIEVED NOTIONS? HOW CAN SHE MOCK THE CONCERVATIVES FOR NOT FACING FACTS?

I called the Mike Malloy

I called the Mike Malloy show, told them the screener to let mike malloy know about the C-Span 911 show, he said ok and then hung up

About to call Alan Colmes

About to call Alan Colmes and Mike Malloy...

Tomorrow, I am calling that shill Hannity and pushing them around. I called Mike Savage tonight but the screener blocked me when I said the topic was 9-11...

Guess who did the same thing? Randi Rhodes...This, from a supposed rebelious leftists?

But I feel more energized than ever!

We will break through! Many of these people are paid ops, but do not be afraid, they cannot turn everyone of us away.

Thank you everyone for making these calls! We are WINNING and alerting millions, even when they try to destroy us.

Tomorrow I will be calling plenty of hosts, making sure to hit up our good friend Hannity. I will dare him to debate me. But maybe his call screener will block me.

Listen to Colmes now...and then Mike Malloy...You will hear me, Dan, calling in and givin' em hell.

-Dan (

One more quick

One more quick point...TOMORROW is the key day to alert people, because we can say "tonight at 6:10 pm" instead of making people remember to do something "tomorrow"

Sadly, with people's short attention spans, this matters! We can say "Don't watch Seinfeld reruns and turn on C-SPAN instead tonight at 6:10 PM!"

Updates coming soon!

Thank you to those who made calls. You are my heroes.

-Daniel (

Just called Alan Colmes- I

Just called Alan Colmes- I talked about C-SPAN at 6:10 and the minute I mentioned it, he hung up on me.

WOW! Well, he did so too late, because the word got out.

Mike Malloy is next.


i got a call from my dad

i got a call from my dad tonight he tivo'd the cspan show after i told him that he might see me in the audience. said it had lots of points to think about. when i told him about the rebroadcast tues., he said he knew, he heard a caller on randi rhoades, he thought, wasn't sure. anyway, wanted to let y'all know that you're getting thru. I'm planning on calling morning radio guys, either or both stacy taylor (air america) and/or Rick Roberts (neofascist)

try reverse psychology: Bush

try reverse psychology:

Bush is great and what should be forbidden is 6pm CSPAN 911 tru[cut]

Sending my best wishes to

Sending my best wishes to all involved in this important effort. The tide is turning. I would like to mention that we do not necessarily know why some of the gatekeepers i.e. Amy Goodman are refusing to step up to the plate. She may have received a "Do you love your family"? phone call in the middle of the night.

Left gatekeepers and even

Left gatekeepers and even the Right gatekeepers will jump all over 9/11 inside job once they see the tide is turning.

And it IS turning. Think about it, it took 30+ years to get JFK assination truth generally accepted. It has only taken about 5 years to get results like those in the most recent Zogby poll where 70 million Americans disbelieve official story and want independent investigation.

Nothing on The Majority

Nothing on The Majority Report today? Janeane Garofalo is gone from that show now which is a real blow to getting 9/11 truth onto Air America, since Sam Seder is a complete waste of airtime when it comes to discussing or uncovering critical truths about the real nature of the U.S. and global government.

I'd love to see Sam Seder

I'd love to see Sam Seder BOMBARDED with 9/11 truth calls.


KUDOS TO RANDI RHODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big Eddy is next? Keep calling...It's working.