Christianity Today Covers New Griffin Book

Official Presbyterian Publisher Issues 9/11 Conspiracy Book -

The September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were orchestrated by the U.S. government, according to a book to be released later this month by Westminster John Knox Press—a division of the denominational publisher for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action is the third book on the subject by David Ray Griffin, a professor emeritus of theology at Claremont School of Theology who is also a well-published and prominent process theologian.
In his book, Griffin argues the Bush administration planned the events of September 11 so they could provide justification for going to war with Afghanistan and Iraq. He writes that although Christianity began as a specifically anti-empire gospel, the church has been silent about an imperialistic America—which he compares to the Roman Empire.

"I became more convinced that if the truth about 9/11 was going to be exposed, the churches were probably going to have to be involved," Griffin told CT. "If we become convinced that the so-called war on terror is simply a pretext for enlarging the American empire, we have every reason as Christians to try and expose the truth behind 9/11."

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Awesome. I just started

Awesome. I just started reading A New Pearl Harbor and am very impressed with Griffin's methodical, evidence based approach. He already strikes me as much more credible and even-keeled than, say, Sander Hicks.

I've added the 9/11 books I've read and want to read to my profile on LibraryThing and created a 9/11 Truth book group. The groups feature is new and seems like a good place to get some discussion going - if a few more of us join it could be one of the larger groups.

Attacks the messenger, not

Attacks the messenger, not the message:

Earl Tilford, a professor of history at Grove City College who specializes in the military and war, said it is dangerous for people who study religion to comment about national security and that Griffin "obviously knows very little about conspiracy theories."

"It does not surprise me that the PC(USA) press would publish his work," said Tilford, the former director of research at the U.S. Army's Strategic Studies Institute. "They are very anti-Israeli and very much inclined to anything that speaks ill of the administration."

James Berkley, the director of Presbyterian Action for Faith and Freedom, said that Westminster's decision to publish Griffin's book "is both laughable and pathetic" and that the publishing company is not ideologically in line with most Presbyterians.

"Their choice to print this seems to be pretty idiosyncratic and kooky," Berkeley said. "What a waste of pages and ink that could have been promoting the Christian gospel and contributing to the health and vitality of the Presbyterian church."

So, according to Tilford the PC Press is antisemitic and Berkley obviously thinks that exposing an American dictator wannabe is ba for the church.

Since Tilford and Berkley are so smart, ask them why they attack the messengers and not the message.

Tilford's bio and email:,%20Ph.D..php

Presbyterian Action Feedback Form:

Some of Tilford's pet "conspiracy theories" he enjoys mocking include Americans sinking the USS Maine to get the United States into the Spanish American War, Roswell space alien cover-ups, the assassination of President Kennedy, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, and the machinations of an evil CIA involved in everything from political assassinations to drug running in Laos and Afghanistan.

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Oh yeah, if somebody wants

Oh yeah, if somebody wants to send Tilford a copy of "Terror Storm"

Earl H. Tilford, Ph.D.
Professor of History
Grove City College | Box 3043 | Grove City, PA 16127
Tel: 724.458.3825 |

Most christians in this

Most christians in this country don't act anything like what my idea of a christian is.
Mr. Griffin however is one of the exceptions.

Yes, indeed, attack the

Yes, indeed, attack the messenger and not the message...

In response, I just sent Institute on Religion and Democracy (James Berkley's organization) the following...

James Berkley's recent comment in CHRISTIANITY TODAY about Westminster John Knox Press's publication of CHRISTIANITY AND THE TRUTH ABOUT 9/11 is an outrage.

Your referring to the publication of David Ray Griffin's book as "laughable and pathetic" mars your own organization's attempt at any truth and goodness in reaching out to the broader religious community.

The United States of America is in a grave, moral crisis. And, no, it is not about homosexuality or reproductive rights. It is about the criminal elements in the U.S. government and their complicity in carrying out 9/11.

Please stop joining the Bush/Cheney Administration is spreading a vile, vulgar form of nationalistic idolatry that in no way resembles the message of the Prince of Peace.