911 Eyewitness Hoboken Screening in Amsterdam Tomorrow Night

911 Eyewitness Rick Siegel in Amsterdam August 3rd at Milky Weg - ricksiegel.com

August 3rd at 7:30PM 911 Eyewitness Hoboken will be shown at the Milky Weg in downtown Amsterdam by Daan DeWitt and the local Dutch Community. You can see the site for this at Daan Speak Web Site. After the film and a Question and Answer session will follow. It is expected that Rick Siegel will also give and interview with the Dutch National TV during his visit there.

Further details from SD:

I just called the Melkweg, tickets can be bought at the door starting at 16:30. Reservations are not possible. Admission is 7,50 euro.

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Thanks SD for the heads up!

His new cut has a whole

His new cut has a whole section about how nukes were placed in the buildings.

This is the kind of shit that makes the entire truth movement look like a bunch of idiots. 9/11 eyewitness is the most contrived documentary on 9/11 that I have ever seen, and I've seen a bunch. It was made by some guy that filmed the attack (with just one camera and left it on a tripod) then figured he could make alot of money or become famous, based around his little video. He is hurting the truth movement. Pay no attention to this "nuke" claim, as it does not represent us, and is not true. I saw this new version at the 9/11 truth conference and people were actually yelling at the screen, asking questions, and getting pissed off. Just recently he added the "nuke" section of the tape, for his new edition. And with that the entire thing lost credibility for me.

Siegel still has you all

Siegel still has you all hoodwinked?

You're right, JackHorner,

You're right, JackHorner, but I found one or two scenes from his Hoboken edit to be potentially useful for instructing others. There is one scene in which you can see the flashes from the explosives (or from the thermite charges) going off as one of the towers crumbles. I have not seen that in any other film. It might have been the specific angle from which he was filming that allowed him to catch this.

The other useful scene is when Siegel talks about the physics of falling objects and puts a computer graphic beside video of some of the WTC tower debris falling in real time. It's a compelling visual, even if the idea is not Seigel's alone.

Other than that, there are many reasons to admonish this film. At the LA conference he put some kind of promotion before the film, and the promotion was selling another film that seems to focus on that holographic bullshit. So, in that sense, yes, he's making 9/11 Truth look foolish.

But if someone can do a video capture of the scenes I mentioned above, I think they would be useful for incorporation in other movies.

You seem to have forgotten

You seem to have forgotten that 911eyewitness has clear audio of massive explosions taking place , in each case nine seconds prior to the start of the collapses. I do not believe they are fake and recently found another video which backs it up.


Listen to the clip at the point when a motorcycle revs up. There is an audible deep booming sound and a woman says ''Oh my God". Start counting and it is exactly NINE SECONDS until the collapse of the North Tower.

Don't knock Siegel for this.The film is flawed but here he has given us priceless proof of demolition. Some people don't want to believe this, but it is a fact .
It will NOT make us look foolish. Ignoring it will.

The flashes that he says are

The flashes that he says are from the explosives could easily be fragments of broken glass spinning wildly in the air and reflecting light at the camera. ThatÂ’s what it looked like to me anyways.

The part with the sounds and the physics examples were very good and I was highly impressed. He should have left it at that though. I mean just think if fox news gets a hold of this, you can bet they will try and use it against us. I think that one of the main problems with the truth movement is that conspiracies about 9/11 are getting ALOT of attention, and where most of the people making them are truly in it for truth, it seems there are the few that have migrated to 9/11 from the near dead world of UFO conspiracies. IÂ’m not speaking of Siegel necessarily but some of the videos I have seen really hurt us as a group.

This Friday in Aachen,

This Friday in Aachen, Germany we are going to screen 'Loose Change' (2nd Edition) and 'Painful Questions' with a subsequent public discussion.
See www.911komplott.de for details.

Great .. the MELKWEG is a

Great .. the MELKWEG is a superb venue.

I like the HASHISH dealer-booth... boy they got some awesome black-afghani and red-libanese... not to mention the zero-zero..

One shillum opf that and you will not need the movie..

Channing can you make a mp3


can you make a mp3 available of the public discussion afterwards?

I believe AACHEN has a superb technical university and aircraft-school FH..