Guns and Butter Interviews Dr. Steven Jones

Thermite: A Case for 9/11 Controlled Demolition - Guns and Butter
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Guns & Butter interviewed Dr. Steven Jones today regarding his latest research. I am told this new interview is quite informative, so be sure to check it out.

While you are there check out their recent coverage of William Rodriguez and Webster Tarpley here.

Big thanks to SJ for the heads up!

It seems to me we get into

It seems to me we get into too many details when discussing 9/11 CT.

All you need to do is look at the way the WTCs fall down. Those are what implosions look like, and that's your null hypothesis. You need to prove those were random collapses and not implosions.

Second, show me any other skyscraper that has completely collapsed due to a fire: that doesn't happen on any other day.

The burden of proof should be on the other side. I can't believe we have to analyze fuzzy photos and thermite traces.

"Anyone at all?" How could

"Anyone at all?" How could you have missed my many rants here about Steven Jones' total intellectual dishonesty? (How many Anonymouses are there here, anyway?)

Jones doesn't do 911 physics, he denies 911 physics -- as if we need a trace of sulfur to conclusively prove that the towers did not passively fail but were actively failed, something only a physics-ignorant person could believe!

So Jones acts like a physics-ignorant, physicsless physics professor.

Beyond that, Steven Jones failed to keep his word to me (and others) that he would examine the WTC dust sample(s) in his possession for evidence of molecular dissociation (fragmented molecules). (...last time I heard from him was April 21, when, after months had already gone by, he said "next week"...)

If I thought that Jones was being honest, I'd tell you what an idiot Jones is. But Jones is dishonest, and also not a man of his word.

Since then he's gone on Webster Tarpley's audio show, and the two of them lied regarding the possibility that some kind of fusion device could have been involved. Jones said that since he'd only found small traces of evidence consistent with a fusion event having occurred, that we could rule out that possibility! This was after he'd falsely stated that a fission device is required to trigger a fusion event (as if it was still 1956, when that stmt was true), and there was no evidence of a fission event having occurred. Then Webster chimed in, in closing, signing off, telling the world that, see, there's no way a fusion device could have been involved. (check out the last few minutes of )

That is classic false-logic gatekeeper behavior on the part of both of them (I suppose Tarpley could claim stupid ignorance on his part, instead, though if you listen to the audio you'll hear that that is far-fetched after Tarpley tried to sound like he knew about this stuff, and then told us that we can assume that thermonuclear devices are excluded). Tarpley has thus either outed himself as disinfo or merely irreparably sullied his own reputation.

Jones is a liar, a scoundrel, a treacherous limited-hangout disinfo agent with ties to the U.S. Department Of Energy. There is absolutely no way that "thermite" can account for the barely-controlled disintegration (NOT "controlled demolition") of the WTC buildings, or any of the other highly UNconventional Ground Zero evidence. (Thermite could have been involved, but that misses the point -- by design. "Thermite" perfectly fits the definition of a limited-hangout dead-end red-herring; it gains us nothing, but throws us off the trail.),RainbowHunter.gif,RainbowHunter.gif,RainbowHunter.gif

It seems to be Dr. Jones' secret mission to get people to believe that 1)he's "on our side" so we can trust him to tell us that 2)a conventional chemical compound created so much highly unconventional evidence, and 3)we can just take the government's word for what struck the twin towers.

Steven Jones is a complete sham and an evidence-denying 911 'truth' fraud. (People who have difficulty accepting that remind me of people who have difficulty believing that 9/11 was, or even could have been, an inside job.)

The belief that "thermite caused all that" is no less absurd than the belief that "19 guys with boxcutters" or "jet (sic) fuel" did all that!!!!!!!!!!!!


IMHO, the best single measure of a 9/11 presentation's value is how
impossible the presenter makes it for people to keep clinging to the
belief that they can blame "Muslim hijackers" for 9/11. Further, if
the presentation tries to advance that unfounded belief (especially
subliminally), then it is acting as government propaganda.


Professor Jones is

Professor Jones is definitely the man.

BTW, while at the Guns and Butter site, I saw this interesting description of a talk:

"How the Failure to Identify, Prosecute and Convict President Kennedy's Assassins Has Led to Today's Crisis of Democracy"

That's part of what I keep trying to convey: if we don't prosecute the perpetrators of 9/11, things are going to get a WHOLE lot worse.

btw, i was the first to post

btw, i was the first to post news of our show, being the co-producer and all ;)

randi rhodes' show today uploaded to 911blogger's ftp and available from yousendit here:

16mb 32kbps edited - i missed a few sentences, but that's most of it.

Guns and Butter rocks.

Guns and Butter rocks.

check out the archives; lots of great stuff.

I also recommend;

Is there anyone here who

Is there anyone here who sees through Jones? Anyone at all?

I thought Jones was the real

I thought Jones was the real deal until I read your post anonymous. Thanks for opening my eyes.

"Thanks for opening my

"Thanks for opening my eyes."

If it was that easy, you haven't been paying attention at all.

waiting for the 911hoax

waiting for the 911hoax revelation..


fetzer--- for not bringing up building 7 during his fake msm skirmishes

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but he didnt---because he's never thought of himself as a hero---just some bitch ass

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Is there any scenario under

Is there any scenario under which we can imagine that 9.11 was not an inside job?

If the answer is no, then why are these people still in power?

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