Investigate THIS!

Here's my reaction to Tucker Carlson's statement that perhaps a new 9/11 investigation is needed.

The evidence is now so strong that the 9/11 Commission was a whitewash, that even imperial lapdog Tucker Carlson is saying we may need a new investigation. Sorry . . . but the time for investigation is OVER.

Why? Because investigations are routinely undertaken by government when an administration doesn't want to DO anything. "Let's do a study" is code for "let's delay as long as possible, and hope people get distracted and forget the need to actually do something".

"Uh, we'll get back to you after we study it for a couple more years."

Its like studying global warming indefinitely instead of doing something like signing the Kyoto Protocol or demanding better gas mileage (if you don't agree about man-made global warming, then ignore this example. But you still know the bureaucratic dynamic I'm talking about).

I demand action NOW, and I'm not going to get distracted as a new 9/11 "investigation" drags on for years.

In addition to the delay and distract type of investigation, there is also a long tradition and history of whitewash cover-up investigations, like the investigation into how the Pearl Harbor attack happened, and the Warren Commission's investigation into JFK's murder.

I refuse to play this game. I know that any new commission or panel will be made up of cover-up artists and hacks, just like the original 9/11 Commission.

The time for investigations and studies are long past. It is time for justice NOW against all of the planners and perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks (we won't accept a couple of low-level scapegoats or sacrificial lambs) .

I demand JUSTICE NOW. And I stand with many millions of Americans (more than a third of the U.S. population).

So bring all of the 9/11 perps to justice now, or you will have the opportunity to investigate what hundreds of million angry Americans do when the People's will is ignored."

And -- I know many of you

And -- I know many of you don't, and I respect that -- but I believe in the power of prayer. Specifically (ignore if you don't agree!), I believe that praying for 9/11 justice will have an effect, ALONG WITH WORKING OUR BUTTS OFF TO MOVE THE BALL FORWARD.

That's just me.

Trials, aye. "Lawyers for

Trials, aye.

"Lawyers for 9/11 Truth"?

Still we really do need a

Still we really do need a truly independent investigation. The available evidence proves 9/11 was an Inside Job, but it doesn't tell us the full story. If we could manage to get a single 9/11 Truth spokesperson for each and every University in the U.S., this rather large committee might be capable of swaying public opinion and garnering the required media coverage.

Then we throw Dick Cheney the book. Maybe he'll give up some names for his plea bargain. Considering his life would be in the balance it might just work.

I agree George. Like

I agree George. Like yourself I am tired of playing games. I want a crimminal investigation not another 9/11 whitewash report.

A criminal investigation is

A criminal investigation is just as easily whitewashed as a regular investigation

The key is taking the power out of the hands of those who 'did it'. This includes not trusting ANY democratic leaders, ANY republican leaders, and probably ANYONE with current or previous ties to US intelligence and the CIA.

This needs to be done by the people.

Could someone add a few

Could someone add a few details about what exactly Carlson said or wrote?

VIDEO: The Dangers of a

VIDEO: The Dangers of a Nuclear War
Authoritative analysis of the devastating impacts of a nuclear attack on Iran

by Dr. Helen Caldicott

July 28, 2006

Perdana Global Peace Forum

Click on link, then click on "The Dangers of a Nuclear War"

40-minute video

also discusses depleted uranium

The Tucker Carlson quote was

The Tucker Carlson quote was conveyed on a previous blog by Rumpl.

I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could email me when the transcript for the Aug. 2 Tucker Carlson show is posted here:

gw, I agree -- but, let me

gw, I agree -- but, let me ask what mechanism can we the people use to bring the perpetrators to justice? a suit that goes to the Supreme Court?

I'm not really playing devil's advocate -- I'm just wondering how this can be achieved (short of a military coup or some such unlikely event).

CK, very deep question.

CK, very deep question. Here's one possible answer:

If 100 million americans went to D.C., they could tear down the White house piece by piece. But I DON'T advocate that.

Whose got ideas?

It's time for trials not

It's time for trials not investigations.

Very interesting new

Very interesting new eyewitness clip from 9/11, this time from a brige from miles away...there definately was planes involved, but what kind?

There is no longer the 'rule

There is no longer the 'rule of law' in America. It's a kleptocracy, and every leading journalist knows it. The administration thinks they are above the law.

Today, we can use 'brain-scans,' and according to the pResident, we can use torture when necessary!

You don't have to 'hurt' these guys, just explain to each of them, beginning with Hillary (the 3% canidate) that you will have to force them to parachute out into Iraq's hitherland, unarmed but wearing a suit made out of an American Flag. :)

Problem? Solution? - Solved!

I agree. They've 'backwards

I agree.

They've 'backwards engineered' our destruction, we're screwed six ways to Sunday.

drastic times - drastic measures

Hunter will have his revenge

Hunter will have his revenge , as will all the ghosts who hover over Ground Zero , waiting for recompense.

I've been doing research on

I've been doing research on a more logical and broader theory on 9/11 than the ad nauseum "Bush and Cheney did it".
It's a theory proposed by Peter Scott Dale, in whereby a "meta group", able to pull strings with both al Qaeda, drug runners, and the US played each part like a fiddle. It incorporates the research of Sibel Edmonds, Indira Singh, Richard Andrew Grove, David Ray Griffin,
ex CIA operatives, and a lot of well known and little known information:

I have tried to suggest in this paper that in fact the meta-group had both motive – to restore the Afghan opium harvest and increase instability and chaos along the trade routes through Central Asia – and opportunity – to utilize its contacts with both al-Zawahiri in al Qaeda and the CIA in Washington. It is furthermore the best candidate to explain one of the more difficult anomalies (or indeed paradoxes) of the clues surrounding 9/11: that many of the clues lead in the direction of Saudi Arabia, but some lead also in a very different direction, towards Israel.[122]

Here it is worth quoting again the well-informed remark of a Washington insider about the meta-group's predecessor, BCCI: "Who else could wire something together to Saudi Arabia, China, Israel, and the U.S.?"[123] The current meta-group fills the same bill, for it unites supporters of Muslim Salafism (Saidov) with at least one Israeli citizen (Kosman).

The meta-group's involvement in the Russian 9/11 of course does nothing to prove its involvement in the American one. However awareness of its presence – as an unrecognized Force X operating in the world – makes previous discussions of 9/11 seem curiously limited. Again and again questions of responsibility have been unthinkingly limited to false dilemmas in which the possible involvement of this or any other Force X is excluded.

My personal suggestion to 9/11 researchers is that they focus on the connections of the meta-group's firm Far West, Ltd. – in particular those which lead to Khashoggi, Berezovskii, Halliburton and Dick Cheney, and Diligence, Joe Allbaugh, and Neil Bush.

Whistleblower Scott Durr met

Whistleblower Scott Durr met with an apparent heart attack recently.

what's everyone think of

what's everyone think of this? Impact time vs. seismic spikes

My gut tells me 9/11 wasn't

My gut tells me 9/11 wasn't an "inside job".

itsaputon, your gut is a

your gut is a riot!

I made this thread on the

I made this thread on the Loose Change forum. Just in the interest of truth, gathered up all the latest plane wreckage from the pentagon, as well as ID's allegedly found at the pentagon of al Hazmi, etc:

I would not place my bet on "no plane",
or "unmarked plane" or any of that.
I don't know what the real story is, but it looks to me like American Airlines wreckage.

I suggest we offer an

I suggest we offer an amnesty to any lower-echelon perpretrators of 9/11 who come out and speak first.
That should get the ball rolling.

If that were possible the

If that were possible the first rat to turn would probably be Karl Rove...

Stunning GW!

Stunning GW!

I suggest we offer an

I suggest we offer an amnesty to any lower-echelon perpretrators of 9/11 who come out and speak first.
That should get the ball rolling.
Channing | Homepage | 08.03.06 - 7:14 am | #

I like this idea of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission that GW blog in May. Of course, it should be done by We the people. I think this solution to the present constitutional crisis should be push in the media by the mouvement leader.

I TOTALLY agree! How many

I TOTALLY agree! How many more times must the committ mass murder on U.S. soil or otherwise? We NEED TO DEMAND AND NOW, U.S.TROOPS arrest Bush and cohorts and NOW, before they pull another 9-11 FALSE FLAG ATTACK ON US OTHERS! PLEASE, ALL CALL EVERYONE AND DEMAND THEY BE ARRESTED AND NOW! GET THEM SAFELY OUT OF OFFICE AND THEN HANG THEM AS THERE IS ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO DO SO

The amnesty offer is a

The amnesty offer is a decent idea for someone down from the "top" but not so close to the bottom that they're lacking true inside knowledge.

May I remind again, and as the essence of this has been repeated above by others.....

There will be NO gain and NO chance of redress, recompense, or correction by asking, begging, or demanding that some portion of the current system of "Law and Order".... "Please, please help us simple people to bringing these criminal public officials to justice".....

It will never happen. The Bar is bought and paid to protect the status quo.

We, have the right and know-how... to hold our own (binding) court in town parks, backyards, state capital steps, and upon the green grass of the U.S. Capital Mall. That is how we should do it, because that is the only way to assure We retain the dynamics of the court, and prevent 'outside' interests from "hijacking" our court, its findings, and verdicts.

No need to organize here on a blog.... just go out, research common law for yourself, gather a group of people together, and call court to order.

It's that easy.

I cant get that eywitess vid

I cant get that eywitess vid to work the link correct?


the only acceptable

the only acceptable investigation is the one that will be done by the impeachment committee or the special prosecutor

Consider this. What if all

Consider this. What if all is going as they planned? Knowing this whole administration as well as plenty of politicians are simply puppets to a bigger chess player, did you ever consider that someone wants to see Americans fighting (civil war) in the streets, funding each side. With this immigration issue, there are plenty of ignorant people that want to shoot Mexicans.

You don't need a million people to march on Washington. You need the Governor of each state to send a platoon of National Guardsmen to Washington and arrest them all. This country would run fine for a whole year without a politician in sight. Don't forget these people are servants and just about everyone of them is guilty of participating in this cover up.

We need to show the world we are serious and that we are sorry for not keeping our powerful house in order. Face it, most Americans have been sleeping for the past fifty years. When we wake up, tell every one: "DON'T RIOT"

Everyone come to this site

Everyone come to this site to talk about 9/11...

Why do they call GHWB

Why do they call GHWB "Poppy"?

Like George Washington I

Like George Washington I also believe in the power of prayer. I am not a religious person. All organized religions are a sham as far as I am concerned but I do believe in a Universal God that is infinite and eternal. Our minds are a part of this "God" and every thought is a prayer. People like Jesus knew this and this was the basis of all his teachings. I can assure you an enlightened man like he was didn't start any religion. He found "The Father" within himself. The true meaning of the word "Emmanuel" is God within us. "It is done unto you as you believe" he once said. The deeper our faith, the more powerful our prayers are. That is why I know we are going to win this 9/11 truth thing, because I BELIEVE we will. I will take that one step further, I KNOW we will!

I forgot to add that faith

I forgot to add that faith without works is dead so we still have to work our butts off.

Well here is some work for

Well here is some work for you ya to work your faithful butt off. Let us throw the Money Changers out of the peoples house... again.

Then take back our country and run it properly from the municipalites up with the very Constitution people gave lots of blood for. From there you trickle up, and lead by example. The strongest branch of our Government should be the people and Jury Duty is our greatest sword.

If any of you start taking about Jesus, all I will say is this. "Jesus aint coming, it is up to you and me.!" Feel free to walk like him though.

DNT: I'm certainly not a

DNT: I'm certainly not a fundamentalist, and I can tell maddog isn't either.

And I agree - Jesus kicked butt by throwing out the money-changers, which churches don't really like to talk about.

And -- "whether or not Jesus is coming" -- it IS up to you and me. If, hypothetically, Jesus comes, he will be FURIOUS if we aren't working our butts off to spread 9/11 truth!

is tucker carlson secretly

is tucker carlson secretly one of us??

maybe wolf blitzer too??



when the shit starts going down and they have to arrest the pnac---they should go to ted kennedy and have him hold on to governing power until order is restored in the executive branch---

we can all make it through this together---with peace and honor