NY Post: 1 in 3 Americans...



August 3, 2006 -- More than one-third of Americans suspect federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East, according to a new poll.
The survey also found that 16 percent of Americans speculate that secretly planted explosives, not burning passenger jets, were the real reason the massive Twin Towers of the World Trade Center collapsed.

The national Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll of 1,010 adults also found that anger against the federal government is at record levels, with 54 percent saying they "personally are more angry" at the government than they used to be...

US government and 9/11 Commission are covering up - 42%

Half (49.3%) of New York City residents and 41% of New York citizens overall say that some of our leaders "knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001.

gotta love the mention of

gotta love the mention of space aliens in the article.

Check me out...

Check me out... www.mujca.com

Jon Gold, a leading 9/11 truth activist, has joined MUJCA's list of

For more on Jon, check out his website: http://www.yourbbsucks.com

And don't miss his letter to the Capital Times:

Jon writes:

MUJCA is great.

MUJCA has been fundamental in helping to educate the masses about the atrocities taking place at home, and abroad. It is important for us
to reach out to our religious leaders, and MUJCA has excelled at doing just that.

--Jon Gold


The survey found that people

The survey found that people who regularly use the Internet and not mainstream media are significantly more likely to believe in 9/11 conspiracies.

Wonder Why?!?

Net Neutrality will put an

Net Neutrality will put an end to that soon enough.

The survey found that people

The survey found that people who regularly use the Internet and not mainstream media are significantly more likely to believe in 9/11 conspiracies.

Wonder Why?!?

[sarcasm]Well, maybe it's because you damned bloggers are polluting people's minds!!![/sarcasm]

Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points from last night: (sorry to double-post this, but this made me so damned angry last night)

"Calling all leaders!

The Internet has drastically changed the way news reaches the public, but our leaders have not figured that out yet. When something happens, word almost instantaneously reaches millions of people, and the event is defined by bloggers, many of whom have an agenda. So, misinformation and false analysis is instantly out there, and sometimes widely accepted by Americans getting their information from machines. For example, Americans have turned against the war in Iraq because it is widely perceived as being a losing cause. But, is it really? On the Middle East, most Americans have no idea why Hezbollah even exists or who's winning the conflict. And why are we paying almost a buck more for gas for a gallon of gas this year than we did last year? What exactly made that happen? Unless you watch Cable News or read a good newspaper, and those are rare...you'll have a hard time figuring out this dangerous and complicated world. That's where an effective leader comes in. Not only do our elected officials have to make policy, they now have to clearly explain it to the public themselves. And they must do it over and over and over again, because we're a distracted bunch. Long gone are the days when FDR could reach most of the nation over the radio with fireside chats. Gone are the days of Cornkite, Huntley, and Brinkley could nightly define the world for the American public. Now, the President wants our focus and support, he must be a teacher, a persuader, he must sell his policies to the public that is often confused. In other words, our leaders must fight the machine. That is a daunting task, but it is leadership 101 in the internet age."

Catapulting the Propaganda

response to catapulting

I would start this with "I can't believe..." but actualy I can believe that people are as misslead as you.

To think that we should all just watch TV and turn off our internet, our connection to each other. How absurd can you get. Just trust what the TV tells us right?

Your position on truth is silly and juvenile.

Congrats, Jon. You're

Congrats, Jon. You're famous! Maybe Rep. Nass will call for you to get fired too! 8)

Oh Man! That comment by

Oh Man! That comment by O'Reilly really pisses me off too! Manage the news = Government approved lies = propaganda. We must fight this crap!

I used to think that people

I used to think that people that supported Bush and watched Fox were just ignorant and mentally challenged, but it's so much worse than that. You are truly diabolical if you choose to buy into their crap.
It goes beyond party loyalty. It's truly evil.

I remember the days O'Reilly used to host an entertainment tabloid show. What an act. What an idiot.

Stop the Specter bill and

Stop the Specter bill and save the Fourth Amendment!

Dear Friends,

The President’s warrantless wiretapping program violates the Fourth Amendment prohibition against wiretapping Americans without a warrant, which must be obtained by showing a judge there is a valid reason for the search. Yet, instead of holding the president accountable, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has teamed up with the White House to draft S. 2453 (nicknamed the “Cheney-Specter bill”), which would legalize the illegal wiretapping program and any other current and future secret programs the administration wants to use to spy on Americans—without ever having to secure a single warrant.

If SpecterÂ’s Senate Judiciary Committee approves S. 2453, it will head to the Senate for a floor vote. The bill would make the Fourth Amendment almost completely disappear. We must act now!

Please phone both your Senators today and ask them to oppose this bill. Look up their telephone numbers at www.senate.gov. You may also click here to send them a fax. Please forward this alert widely.

WhatÂ’s so bad about S. 2453? Plenty!

It’s a win-win for Bush, a lose-lose for the people. Right now you can sue the administration for violating your Fourth Amendment rights. But if this lopsided bill passes, all cases involving warrantless surveillance would go to the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, which is off-limits to your lawyer: Only the Administration’s lawyers are allowed to present arguments before this court. The entire proceedings can be kept secret, including the court’s decisions. Your case can be dismissed for “any reason” with no chance of appeal. But if the Administration’s side loses, it has the right to appeal.

And the secrecy doesnÂ’t end there.

S 2453 goes even further than the USA PATRIOT Act:

by giving the President the authority to search your home and business with no warrant if war is declared,
by allowing the President the power to use roving wiretaps without a warrant, and
by removing protections, enabling the White House to conduct data-mining of AmericansÂ’ private information.
ItÂ’s a blank check for the president. The PresidentÂ’s program of electronic eavesdropping plainly violates the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that Congress enacted in 1978 to prevent warrantless domestic spying by the executive branch. But instead of asserting CongressÂ’s oversight authority to protect us from warrantless searches, this bill legalizes them and eliminates any meaningful checks by a court or Congress. If S. 2453 were to pass, the FISA Court could give the White House blanket authorization for its current warrantless eavesdropping program, and any other programs it desires. Individual warrants, one of the few safeguards that protect us from virtually unlimited surveillance, would disappear.

ItÂ’s not as advertised! Specter has claimed victory by bringing President Bush to the table with this bill. But his bait was irresistible for a president who claims absolute power and refuses oversight: Bush is even dictating to Congress that the bill pass with no changes.

Both your Senators need to hear from you that S. 2453 is a sellout of our Constitution. Phone calls, personal visits, and handwritten letters delivered to your local Congressional office are best. Look up phone numbers at www.senate.gov and call your Senators today. For quick and effective communication, send a free personalized fax, here. To start engaging your community in this effort, click here.

The American people need the Fourth Amendment’s protection from unreasonable searches and seizures. Congress doesn’t need to pass new legislation – it must enforce the laws on the books. This bill, and not the Fourth Amendment, must die in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Thank you for all you do to defend our civil liberties!
The Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Call the Senators toll-free

"Please phone both your Senators today and ask them to oppose this bill. Please forward this alert widely."


Call the Capitol Switchboard toll-free at:

1-888-355-3588 or 1-800-828-0498

and spread the word to everyone else you know to do the same.

Also, let them know that we know the truth behind 911, and we want it thoroughly and honestly exposed before the Bush cabal pulls off a 2nd 911 as an excuse to attack Iran and Syria, etc.


If you want to watch

If you want to watch O'Reilly actually speak this garbage, click on this link, then click on the link on that page to launch the video viewer:

Bill O'Reilly spews his venom

Rumsfeld is today testifying

Rumsfeld is today testifying to the Senate about the WarOnTerror. I assume he'll be "preaching to the (neocon) choir"

911 was an inside job it's

911 was an inside job

it's going be fun watching the chickens coming home to roast on all those FOX News guy and the 911 crimials

Hey guys, In response to

Hey guys,

In response to 9/11 FINALLY getting decent coverage on Daily Kos by none other than Kos himself, I have posted my first (and probably last) comment at the "great & powerful" Daily Oz, er I mean "Kos".

Talking about 9/11 at Daily Kos (0 / 0)

I thought this kind of talk was forbidden here? I guess the new revelations from Vanity Fair make it fair game now (excuse the pun).

Does this mean as some are suggesting that the "conspiracy theorist" have been vindicated?

Wikipedia defines conspiracy theory as attempts to explain the ultimate cause of an event (usually a political, social, or historical event) as a secret, and often deceptive, plot by a covert alliance of powerful people or organizations rather than as an overt activity or as natural occurrence.

Based on that rather general explanation, it would seem that the theorist have indeed been vindicated. So I guess the only question that remains is, now that we know there was indeed a conspiracy to cover-up what really happened on 9/11, what are "we the people" going to do about it?

by Chris Rose on Thu Aug 03, 2006 at 08:47:16 AM PDT

If you have 5 minutes to

If you have 5 minutes to spare, please view this video. The speech was given by JFK about 10 days before his death. It gave me chills. He was a true visionary and was killed by the very things he apposed. Please see it and please pass it on.


9/11 coverup talk



New 9/11 Audiotapes Reveal U.S. Military's Information Breakdown
(based on the Nightline story)

"Every commercial plane is equipped with a beacon that broadcasts the name and type of the airplane — information which would have been up on civilian air traffic controllers radar scopes. The 9/11 hijackers turned those beacons off, ditching the civilian air traffic controllers, who were the crucial informational link to the military."

Erin- you've said this is untrue, right? They can still track without the beacon?

Does anyone know where to

Does anyone know where to access the draft of Big Bush's "enemy combatant" detainee bill?


Rest assured...those speaking 9/11 truth will probably be some of the first to be put in the Civilian Inmate Labor Prisons when the time is ripe.


Thanks for the link, Mr.X.

Thanks for the link, Mr.X. Great speech.

Mr X It was rumored that

Mr X

It was rumored that JFK jr was planning a speech calling for the reopening of investigation into JFK's death because he wasn't satified with the warren report just moments before the plane that he was flying crashed.

Just a rumor.

Not sure if true or not

Not sure if true or not

Hadn't heard that one.

Hadn't heard that one. Interesting thought though. Hard to prove.

Remember when the plane

Remember when the plane piloted by Salem bin Laden, w. bush's former business partner, crashed in Texas back in 1988? Haha ahhh jeez

Is the video from ABC

Is the video from ABC Nighltine about NORAD of 2 nights ago online anywhere yet?

E-mail ABC to protest the lies in "The Path to 9/11"

Go to the following website to contact them and protest the LIES in their "docudrama" which is set to air on September 10th and 11th - in time for the 5th anniversary, and tell everyone you know to do the same thing.


It's designed to get people to vote Republican in the National Election so that the Republicans stay in power and prevent a true investigation of 9/11 and other Bush cabal scandals.

who wants to join me in

who wants to join me in protesting at Fox studios in NYC? We could interupt their live broadcasts which they air live with a window in the background.

we could hold up signs in their windows that will go out live across the nation.

who wants to join me in rallying and doing a sit-in in FoxNews' lobbies?



I might...

Im going to bed, Send me an email at sleepy_y2k_23@hotmail.com

Tell me more about it, I may consider it.

Nice post at FreeRepublic.

Nice post at FreeRepublic. Are the helicopters circling your house now?

Rumsfeld is today testifying

Rumsfeld is today testifying to the Senate about the WarOnTerror. I assume he'll be "preaching to the (neocon) choir"
Greg | Homepage | 08.03.06 - 12:03 pm | #
im no fan of Hillary Clinton, i certaintly dont want her to be president, but she did a number on Rumsfeld. it was beautiful. so much so that when she was done, Rummy started by letting out a huge sigh.

11 Questions Avoided By The

11 Questions Avoided By The Media In Recent Reporting Of DoD Violations Of Law

John... if you ask dz, I'm sure he would post something regarding your request for people to pounce on Fox News with you. You should write something up, and submit it.

"By failing to press for the

"By failing to press for the impeachment of President Bush and his most bellicose advisors, the American people and their elected members of the House of Representatives expose our country to ever greater hatred and isolation. By permitting President Bush to pursue his policy of domination through threat and lawless force, we risk ever widening international violence.

The new tragedy of Lebanon has brought death to hundreds of civilians, children, women and men. Hundreds of thousands, approaching one fourth the population of four million, are fugitives from their homes within and outside of their country. Destruction of the infrastructure will require decades to rebuild if/when peace comes. And rage at Israel and the U.S. dominate all other emotions in Lebanon and throughout the Muslim world. New anger is spreading over every continent.

If the capture of two soldiers, or one in the case of Palestine, justifies assaults against whole nations and peoples, as Israel has done, then there is no law, no alternative to war, no hope for peace. Only a person with a memory no longer than three weeks could believe the capture of three Israeli soldiers began the present violence. Was not cross border violence between Israel and Lebanon commonplace for decades? Had not Israel kidnapped half the Palestinian cabinet, destroyed its Foreign Ministry offices and other government buildings and engaged in summary executions throughout Palestine, the West Bank and Gaza, since the elections this year of the Hamas majority in the Palestinian parliament? Was there not a continuum of assaults at will against the Palestinian people over decades?....." RAMSEY CLARK

If you are interested in

If you are interested in contacting your senators regarding the Senate Bill 2453 (mentioned above) or maybe the 9/11 INSIDE JOB... here are TOLL FREE NUMBERS to contact them. Just ask to speak to your senators office:


John, I'm with you. Time

John, I'm with you. Time for debate is over. We MUST get organized and start protesting, hitting the streets and getting this offline and out in the open.

Unfortunatly, I live too far away to really hit the streets with you but, I'm trying to do my part alone here in Newfoundland. I just don't understand why all the 911 Truth groups aren't banning together and hitting the streets. There's power in numbers and until the general public sees how large the number of people who are fighting for truth is, they will never truly realize.

What's happening on 9/11 this year? How big is the group going to Ground Zero? Is everyone planning on going to one spot or are there several places being tackled? Is this even being discussed?

What's happening on the ground now? Anything? Is it always going to be screenings of films and various debates and discussions? Time for that is over, in my opinion, or at least we need to start building on it.

We need more mobilization like we had over the past week and we need it offline. Moreover, we need it now.

Here in Cincinnati we plan

Here in Cincinnati we plan to gather in the downtown "square" areas and pass out flyers, dvd's and speak to passersby.

How much to get your

How much to get your Cincinnati people on a bus to NYC? i know its a long disgusting trip on a bus..... but, jesus, america is in SO much trouble, it is time to take extraordinary measures to combat this.

NYC is the center of the world when it comes to the media - and the actual scene of the crime.

if we could just get people to all agree to come to NYC for the day - and do a major civil disobedience - on just ONE day, we could inspire people all over the country to rise up and take action.

jesus - something as simple as a few dowzen people throwing eggs at the FoxNews windows while they are broadcasting can demonstrate to the world that Americans are rising up.

The same can be done at NBC where they broadcast LIVE every morning from outside on the street.

what the hell are we waiting for?

I know I personally can't

I know I personally can't make it but another guy in our group is going to NYC on 9/11/06 and we're trying to get an entire group together. I just started this CINCY 911 TRUTH Metup Group back in early July and we're getting more people interested in this each week. We'll definitely do what we can.

John, again, you're

John, again, you're absolutly correct. All these live shows can be 'hijacked' (for lack of a better term) and used to spread the truth. This should be the next target.

9/11 Anniversary 2006 –

9/11 Anniversary 2006 –

Day of Outrage

Many of us in the movement have come to the conclusion that the time for polite debate is over. The time for civil disobedience is now.

Schedule of Events for 9/11/06

8:00 am -

FoxNews Studios - 48th Street & 6th Avenue
Egg-throwing protest
§ Join us as we interrupt the Fox and Friends live broadcast by throwing eggs at their open-studio windows. Make sure to bring your drums and whistles and make a lot of noise.

8:30am –

NBC Studios – Rockefeller Center
Egg-throwing protest
§ Join us in interrupting the Today Show’s live broadcast

10:00am –

The New York Times
Red-paint protest
§ Join us in throwing red-paint (water-based please) on the sidewalks outside The New York Times building, while papering the block and lobby with our literature and signs.

12:00pm –
Ground Zero
§ Join us in our human chain protest as we lock arms and block traffic. Please be prepared to be arrested for the cause.

Sounds great John! I wish I

Sounds great John! I wish I could be there.

My only question is why is everyone waiting for 9/11 to do this? This should be organizated for this week or next or tomorrow or now. Who knows what the heck will happen by the 11th.

Regardless, the 11th should be quite the historic day.

we need numbers. we need a

we need numbers. we need a mass of people. if we start now we can organize this for the anniversary.

I like the ideas for civil

I like the ideas for civil disobedience, but I don't agree that throwing eggs will help any. In fact, you can't do much civil disobedience sitting in a jail cell for disorderly conduct. A large crowd of people with T-Shirts, signs and voices is enough.

As long as those people are

As long as those people are seen and heard, yes. Besides, chances are everyone is going to be arrested anyway so, it's just as well to give them reason too. hehe

yeah yeah yeah - T shirts

yeah yeah yeah - T shirts and Signs - just like the last 5 years where we were ignored.

sure - 3,000 people killed on 9/11 and we should wear T-shirts.

inthe 1960s people disrupted. their CHILDREN were being sent off to die. get it? on 9/11 we watched people jump from the WTC. T-shirts?

eggs is non-violent. it creates no real property damage. but ANGER is justified.

As long as the eggs aren't

As long as the eggs aren't thrown at people, I see no problem with it. I also really like the red paint idea.

Either way, this has to be spread accross the entirty of the Truth Movement and as many people as possible have to ban together and show how huge this movement is. A couple hundred thousand marching folks would certainly make a statement and we all know that many, at least, are available.

I know the Loose Change folks have said they're going to NY on the anniversary. Has anybody spoke with them on their plans?

John A, I can understand

John A,

I can understand your anger and frustration !00% but consider this. I'll use myself as an example... if I get arrested in NYC...and have to spend a few weeks in jail...I lose my job... I go basically paycheck-to-paycheck... jobs in my field are not plentiful therefore...NO JOB and I can't pay bills...I lose my house... I lose my car... and my credit rating is shot for years. If you are willing to do that...GREAT. I'm not. I can't afford to do that. See what I mean?

Well, when you consider the

Well, when you consider the possibility that none of us will be working in any of our fields in the near future, it's definitely worth the risk. I do understnad where you're coming from though.

In other news, here's a link to what the LC folks have in the works for the anniversary:

"if we could just get people

"if we could just get people to all agree to come to NYC for the day - and do a major civil disobedience - on just ONE day, we could inspire people all over the country to rise up and take action."

Exactly what I think.

I'll probably not be participating, though. :-)

Tarpley energized all of us through his phone campaign. Now this must be taken on to other forums. There probably has to be a central figure like him to get things going effectively.

Haven't heard what they

Haven't heard what they plan.

9/11 falls on a Monday this year. It is a real opportunity to be heard. But I am dead opposed to simply using the same failed formulas of marches and banners.

we need the largest gather so far. if thousands showed up in Chicago - then thousands need to show up in NYc on 9/11.

We need people willing to wear read-paint makeup and banging like maniacs on pots and pans and stopping traffic and being ANGRY.

World War 3 is starting and we are lucking if all hell is not breaking loose by 9/11/06. Israel is poised for a huge invasion and we could see Tal Aviv hit. Congress is conveniently leaving town for recess - and unless this movement starts to exercise its beliefs - through ACTION - then this is all just a stupid waste of time.

yeah - i know we are making progress. but how many people need die while we march politely?

"Egg-throwing protest" Hmm.

"Egg-throwing protest"

Hmm. Not sure if that is going to give the desired impression...

What if you only carried "Stop the 9/11 Bullshit" and "Sue the real 9/11 Perpetrators" signs or something like that?

In all cases, the protest must be 100 percent peaceful. It's best if some people record it in case provocations happen.

Cincy911 - I plan to

Cincy911 -

I plan to arrange for a few vacation days for that week - just in case I do spend a few days in jail.

But - if you can't - you can't.

but - i wonder is ay of us will have jobs of this war go catastrophic - IRan gets hit - America gets hit - oil get interupted.

i wonder what excuses the Germans had in the 1930's to not take the time to rise up, when it was still possible, and stop Hitler.

no - they were probably too busy with jobs and personal problems.

therein lies the hypocracy of this movement. we CLAIM to believe that OUR government caused 9/11 - yet are too busy to do anything about it?

Vesa - you are worried

Vesa -

you are worried about perceptions? The perception should be that the boiling point is being reached and the truth about 9/11 cannot be stopped.

throwing eggs IS non-violent. it is a statement. and if your only concern is about being perceived as polite - while thousands are dying at this administration's hands - then i do not really think you grasp the seriousness of this situation.

marching politely? LOL!!!! how MANY marches do we need to have while the media laughs from their ivory towers?

so - was the civil rights

so -

was the civil rights movement wrong for using civil disobedience?

was the antiwar movement in the 1960s wrong for using civil disobedience?

was Ghandi wrong for using civil disobedience?

9/11 was an inside job only gets T-shirts?


John, I do fully understand


I do fully understand the seriousness of this all. (I wouldn't otherwise use almost all my free time, and some of my work time too, for this.) I am just thinking along these lines: what if the FOX viewers (we know how they tend to think anyway) just see 9/11 Truth people as raving maniacs, as the hosts probably will try to portray you?

But the protest could also, or primarily, be a sign for FOX that their ways will no longer be tolerated.

I wrote what I did because

I wrote what I did because all possible consequences should be carefully considered, as so much is at stake. Egg-throwing protests may be the right way, but no rash decisions should IMO be taken.

John A.... spare the

John A.... spare the lectures dude. You don't know a fucking thing about me or what I've been doing. Go get arrested and sit in jail for disorderly conduct. I'll make sure I send you a pack of cigarettes while you're rotting in there.

desperate times call foe

desperate times call foe despeate measures.

i tend to see the opposite effect.

can you imagine the reverberations associated with throwing eggs as Fox? People all over this country would stand up and cheer!!! People all over this nation feel helpless and isolated. They need to see that there ARE people organizing and rising up and angry and acting out.

in the 1980s people were dying of AIDS by the thousands - and Reagan would not even mention the WORD.

a group called ACT-UP started. the premise being to act up and disrupt.

people were dying for Christ's sake!

I choose the ACT-UP model. it is appropriate for this situation.

Cincy911- consider yourself

Cincy911- consider yourself ignored.

"People all over this

"People all over this country would stand up and cheer!!!"

Would this include many Fox viewers?

Whatever you do, just plan carefully and try to take "everything" into consideration.

I'm just worried about those FEMA detention centers and it all... What if things get out of hand and that is exploited somehow by the admin? I know this may be far-fetched (an egg-throwing protest against Fox isn't obviously enough for that kind of thing), but I'm just considering the worst scenario.

Hey guys, calm down a bit.

Hey guys, calm down a bit. Don't forget that you are on the same side.

Woooohooooooo!!! I'll go get

Woooohooooooo!!! I'll go get myself arrested and spend a few weeks in jail....that will definitely revolutionize the 9/11 Truth movement. Yup...that'll show the Bush/Cheney who's boss!

Ok...now my rant is over ;-)

I agree with John. Many key

I agree with John. Many key members in this group are too timid to really stand up and demand answers or fully speak the truth - although I can't say I blame them. It takes brass gonads to confront something of this magnitude.

Anyway, the time for pussyfooting around has expired. We are at the point where we need drastic change - this may only happen with drastic, yet peaceful, measures.

Many Fox viewers may have

Many Fox viewers may have seen "V for Vendetta", although they may not have realized its deeper meaning.

What about large numbers of protestors wearing Guy Fawkes masks and carrying 9/11 slogans?!

That would connect 9/11 to something many people have seen. Younger viewers, especially, might get excited.

Perhaps not a good idea. I'm

Perhaps not a good idea. I'm just "brainstorming" by myself. :-)

The mainstream media

The mainstream media definitely portrayed the antiwar movement of the 1960s as a bunch of hooligans - hippies - freaks - commies, etc etc etc

they did not let that stop them.

I could give a rat's ass what FoxNews viewers think. they already hate liberals, smear good people's names, assassinate reputations and spread lies.


that's the POINT. THEY are the enemy. and unless we are willing to fight them - head on - then what else do we have?

people died to preserve our freedoms. people stormed the beaches of Normany to prevent fascism to take a toe-hold in america.

and we are afraid to throw eggs?

i respect anyone's decision to NOT throw eggs. If Cincy911 cannot afford th erisk - i respect that.

but why in hell is he attempting to chastise me? Because my wife and i witnessed 9/11 and our lives were almost ruined? Because we saw the reactions of people who jumped? because we were there and believe this is worth fighting for?

whyt would Cincy911 wish i rot in jail - and he/she suggested?

What does it take to get the

What does it take to get the MSM to talk about this?

That is the fundamental question that we need to answer.

the MSM is starting to talk.

the MSM is starting to talk. the story is breaking out everywhere.

maybe they are starting to realize how serious this war is.

maybe they are trying to goose the public into action.

utimately it is still just up to us.

people stormed the beaches

people stormed the beaches of Normany to prevent fascism to take a toe-hold in america.

That is a damn good point John. Every thing Americans faught and died for over the past 250 years is at stake.

Let alone what the rest of

Let alone what the rest of the world faught for...

i believe in 100%

i believe in 100% non-violence. but, change has never come easy in this country. fighting the status quo and the powers that be has always been a difficult fight that involves self sacrifice.

but it is the one truly honorable tradition this nation has. people willing to fight for social justice - and winning - through self sacrifice and tenacity.

the 911 Truth movement will NEVER end. i just hope it wioll not take historians 100 years to pick through the rubble to tell us what really happened. i hope we can blow the lid off of all the taboos that bind us - and let the chips fall where they may.

I dont believe these polls

I dont believe these polls at all Id lay odds they are rigged.

I bet in reality at least 50+% of the US feels this Government is involved in 9/11..."minimum".

anytime you see an Internet poll on CNN or MSNBC etc it is almost always in the 80+% range that believe the Government is involved and those polls are of usually 10s of 1000s of responses not just 1000 and they are from everybody all over and totally anonymous so the answers are probably closer to truth.
Any pollster can manipulate a telephone poll with ease.

i'll tell ya - 2 years ago i

i'll tell ya - 2 years ago i could get no one to even listen to me. now i have people in my office who outright agree with me. The Washington Post story went through my office with people talking about it.

IT is so clear - once you open your mind to the concept - how all these little "loose ends" Thomas Kean referred to make perfect sense.

What has happened in the

What has happened in the past few days is that skepticism about 911 has gone mainstream, become OK for the media to talk about without attaching those stupid and meaningless adjectives ''bizarre'', ''outrageous'' and ''fanatical''.

Absolutely the last thing we should be doing is acting like a lot of students on a sit-in. Egg-throwing? Banging on pots and pans? It will put the movement back where it was before this week.

The establishment would love to see us behaving like a rabble. What they fear is quiet, calm , rational debate from intelligent, informed truthers such as DRG and Sander HIcks. You won' t see either of them on an egg-throwing spree.

"The establishment would

"The establishment would love to see us behaving like a rabble"

Like those Boston Tea party guys?

Civil disobedience is an effective tool that has often served as a force-multiplier in history, bringing more people and energy into movements and ultimately effecting change; if it's non-violent, people have no right to criticize truthers engaging in this tactic.

There's a place for "rational debate" from people like Sander Hicks and there's a place for civil disobedience, however much it pisses off the timid.

The 9/11 issue IS exploding

The 9/11 issue IS exploding before our eyes! This is a revolution that blogs like this have helped create.

When this shit all goes down I want to see O'Reilly, Gibson, Hannity & Colmes, and every single one of the mainstream media WHORES get taken down and throw in the slammer with the key thrown away. We need a clean slate not only in government but in the media. Throw them ALL out! We can keep Malloy and Rhodes on AA, but everyone else needs to pay for their sins!

I agree with Andrew Lowe

I agree with Andrew Lowe Watson... I don't think egg-throwing and stuff like that is the way to go, it just seems childish to me... Make signs, walk peacefully around, stand in places where live Fox cameras can film you, let your message be broadcast throughout America... Teach people... Trying to bring a public debate about this issue... I can imagine it, just like in V For Vendetta, the people in the streets, calmly, marching in this emerging revolution, as the people are starting to wake up...

remember when o'reilly

remember when o'reilly promised to apologize to the american people if we didn't find any WMDs in Iraq?

we're still waiting for it.

Tucker Carlson and WMDs

Tucker Carlson just lied on his show on MSNBC today and said that WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) WERE found in Iraq. Of course, he qualified it a little by saying that there weren't too many.

No wonder even MORE Americans this year believe that WMD's were found than the number who believed it last year.