Randi Rhodes Interviews Paul Thompson Over Recent NORAD News

Randi Rhodes Interviews Paul Thompson - 2MB MP3

Randi Rhodes interviewed Paul Thompson today in light of the recent Washington Post article.

Check it out and post some comments.

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Thanks Frank and Yarro.

Listening now.

hey everyone... i just

hey everyone... i just posted a little thing on the impact times and seismic spikes... pretty interesting argument, i didn't come up with the idea, so i'm interested in what everyone thinks of it.


i also wrote a summary for my site, any comments? i've got room for about 1 more line, so not much room to add without taking away... enjoy people.



thanks guys for putting it

thanks guys for putting it up.

Hey, I just thought of an argument that goes along with the Washington Post story to use:

Bring up the Washington post story with a skeptic who thinks that if it was a conspiracy it would have come out by now, and say this:

Now do you understand why the argument that "well, if it was a conspiracy we would have heard it by now" holds no water?

You have members of the 9/11 commission, who are just looking into what happened (this is taking for granted it was not a coverup job, which it was, but lets give them the benefit of the doubt for now) and covered up for 2 years that they felt they were deliberately and possibly criminally lied to by the pentagon. Now, the 9/11 commission wasn't just the commissioners themselves, but 80+ staff members that worked on it as well. So you have a huge story about the biggest crime in history, and the fact that the pentagon lied to investigators, and this lie lasted for 2 years before being exposed by The Washington Post. And not only the 80 staff members, you also have all of the Pentagon staff people who were contacted by the 9/11 commission during the course of the investigation, at least in the dozens. So we now have well over a hundred people covering up a huge story about 9/11 for 2 years.

You don't think that the actual perpetrators of the mass murder of almost 3,000 people couldn't keep a secret for 5 years, even if it was well over a hundred people that were part of the conspiracy?

I laughed for days at

I laughed for days at this:

On the 31st season finale of Saturday Night Live, in a commercial spoof, the actor Kevin Spacey portrayed Young promoting his "subtlest" album, I Do Not Agree With Many Of This Administration's Policies, about the Bush administration. Songs include President George W. Liar, Donald Rumsfeld is a Strait-Up Murderer, I'm Just Going To Say It, I Don't Think Iraq is Going Well, Dick Cheney is Overweight, and The NSA Wiretapping Shuffle. It also included duets with The Dixie Chicks and Bright Eyes and was "not sold at Wal-mart," considering that the store refused to sell his album Living With War.

Micahyah, I like your

Micahyah, I like your argument.

GW, I know it needs work,

I know it needs work, but you get the gist of it, right? Just something to push back at the idea that a group of well over a hundred people couldn't cover up something related to 9/11. Works with the story of the NORAD tapes coming out as well, but I think with the Washington Post instead of Vanity fair it holds more weight. Same thing I guess with the ABC stories. You have crucial evidence involving dozens if not hundreds of people concerning 9/11 that was covered up for 5 years by people who weren't even in on the crime.

Other examples are Able Danger, etc.

these are definitely cracks

these are definitely cracks in the dam----

Micahyah: check out

I just listened to Randi's

I just listened to Randi's entire show. There was a caller at the end who said he was an ATC, and he knew the procedures for when something like that happens. He claims that from inside sources, he knows that the tapes that were destroyed had to do with the initial time the "hijackings" started. When everybody's hair was on fire. He said the people he talked to said, and he put emphasis on this, "We were doing our job."

I took that to mean somebody wasn't doing their jobs... perhaps NORAD?

Randi gave a tremendous discussion today. It was really just incredible to hear it.

Something just occurred to

Something just occurred to me. When Cynthia Mckinney asked General Myers about the Wargames, he only described 4 exercises. Paul Thompson says there were 5, and Webster Tarpley says there were 15. Since I've seen Paul's stuff, I already know that Myers omitted at least one of the games.

I didn't get to listen to

I didn't get to listen to the whole show, but it did sound like Randi was on a roll and continuing on about Norad way after finishing with Paul Thompson! She started Thompson at two and a half hours in, so probably check the whole show from that point on.

Malloy said he'll have Webster Tarpley on tomorrow/Thursday night.

I canÂ’t forget 9/11. I

I can’t forget 9/11. I think it was exactly what it was written up to be before it happened. It was a “new Pearl Harbor”. For those of you who really like history, it was the Reichstag and the burning of it -- so that everyone would rally around the war president.

- Randi Rhodes, August 2, 2006

Comments were made on today's show @ 129:13

I'm trying to listen to your

I'm trying to listen to your link to the Randy Rhodes interview with Paul Thompson. It stopped a few times----at 3 minutes & 28 seconds and at 9 minutes and 15 seconds, not to buffer or anything. It just stops and goes back to the beginning. It doesn't start up again, it just says Stopped. I hate when that happens. I want it to play straight through.

Hi Carol. It worked for me

Hi Carol. It worked for me last night. Try right clicking and click "Save as" and see if it downloads for you and then try opening it in your player.

Also, anyone that's a member of the "Randi Rhodes Message Board", please post the quote from her onto this thread posted on that board:

Is Randi currently engaging in 9-11 conspiracy talk

Or start a new thread in the "Heard on the show" forum and post the quote along with the audio.

There are government apologists over there who are trying to say that Randi doesn't believe that people in the US government made 9/11 happen. But her comments above convincingly contadict that in my opinion. I would post it myself, but I was banned from that board a while ago for "engaging in conspiracy talk"... lol.



Carol FYI, here's another

Carol FYI, here's another link to the show I found, thanks to Yarrow Mahko:

randi rhodes' show today uploaded to 911blogger's ftp and available from yousendit here:


16mb 32kbps edited - i missed a few sentences, but that's most of it.
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