Eyes on the Prize

Given the mihop versus lihop war that the new Norad revelations have stirred up, I've updated this essay.

No offense GW, but I am so

No offense GW, but I am so sick of the labels LIHOP and MIHOP.

The more attention given to those labels, the more divided we are as a movement.

That's my personal opinion.

Jon, I agree. But since

Jon, I agree. But since people have been fighting on Haloscan about mihop v. lihop, I thought better to address than ignore.

Also, newbies might waste

Also, newbies might waste alot of time and energy getting sucked into one camp or another, and missing the other half of the coin.

I'm trying to provide a roadmap for the newbies.

Some of the people I quote anonymously are leaders who I know you respect, Jon.

Like another poster

Like another poster suggested, I'm 100% IHOP - It Happened on Purpose!

Funny, IHOP for me used to mean where I'd go to eat at 3 AM stoned out of my mind ...

Monsieur le Prof: exactly!

Monsieur le Prof: exactly!

So much has happened in the

So much has happened in the last 24 hours, I give props to Hillary bashing that SOB, Rummy!

Great words George.

I think the time is now and it seems as if the "ball" is rolling, lets keep it moving untill it smashes all the "pins"!


Hey, PrisonPlanet just

Hey, PrisonPlanet just picked up "Scapegoating Norad". Thanks, AJ!

"Funny, IHOP for me used to

"Funny, IHOP for me used to mean where I'd go to eat at 3 AM stoned out of my mind ..."


Excellent article. Keep up

Excellent article. Keep up the good work.

I don't see the fundamental

I don't see the fundamental importance of the LIHOP and MIHOP question. Morally, there is no difference.

LIHOP has only importance in

LIHOP has only importance in the world of government fiction.
It is also the last line of defense the neocon gangsters have put up: A few puppets in the CIA and FBI and DOD are blamed for the whole thing, Bush will be dispised by history, but not hanged, and the War On Terror can go on.

thats my point. LIHOP will

thats my point. LIHOP will be the last defense, and its sad to see some people in the movement are happy with that.

I have something new (i

I have something new (i think) for you to read. Get out your "Pentagon building performance report". Open the appendix page B13. Now check out the pictures of 3M-north and 3M-south. See something strange? Exactly: it's the SAME PILLAR.

I don't think it's just an error. Remember the exit hole. Besides, there's a picture of 3M-north here:
Another anomaly to put on the list?
Or was this already known?
Or am i wrong and have i just made a fool of myself?

Sorry George Washington,

Sorry George Washington, this is the first article I've read of yours I do not agree with.

1. The mainstream, even the left consideres "LIHOP" crazy, and hell it got Howard Dean and Cynthia Mckinney in a lot of hot water.

2. It's not LIHOP vs MIHOOP,
it's official incompetence theory believers versus US(LIHOP/MIHOP/etc)

3. I don't buy the Pentagon theories for one second(as far as it being a "missile" or some millitary plane)
Ive seen so many plane wreckage parts refuting these claims, Im surprised they havent reconstructed the damn plane. Now the fact it WAS allowed to hit is odd.

4. Why is "MIHOP" centered on tower and pentagon theories????

NO, the REAL smoking gun is Pakistani ISI used as a proxy to the hijackers...thats the REAL smoking gun.