National Reading Month

I declare August to be National Reading Month

Wisconsin State Representative Steve Nass has called for the University of Wisconsin to fire professor Kevin Barrett for his belief that 9/11 was an inside job, but hasn't looked at any of the facts concerning 9/11 for himself.

Texas pastor Toby Brown is attacking David Ray Griffin's newest book, "Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11", but hasn't bothered to read it.

Okay, Listen up . . .

I am declaring August to be "National Reading Month". Everyone who still believes the official story about 9/11 -- but hasn't looked at the evidence for themselves -- has until the end of the month to get up to speed on the subject.

During National Reading Month, political, religious and other leaders cannot make any ill-informed, half-baked statements about 9/11 unless they include references to the facts cited by Professors Barrett and Griffin, and honestly explain what homework they still have to do and which facts they have not yet looked into.

After September 1, 2006, any leaders defending the official story will be given a failing grade.

Reading the cliffnotes summary will not be allowed. And "the dog ate my homework" is not an acceptable excuse.

Class dismissed . . ."

GW :+: :+: :+: 8)

GW :+: :+: :+: 8)

Class dismissed... NEXT!

Class dismissed... NEXT!

Holy Shite, the time is upon

Holy Shite, the time is upon us, the truth is being realized on a massive scale... Keep up the excellent work, GW!

Failing grade my ass!

Failing grade my ass! Impeach those who do NOT stand up and NOW and demand the immediate removal of Bush and cohorts! What does the MF'ER HAVE TO DO? NUKE America before you dumb bastards wake the hell up? And to GW above! GO TO HELL AND TAKE THAT PURE EVIL BASTARDS WITH YOU!

ah man, I think the clock is

ah man, I think the clock is slow.

gimme a pencil.

Sue, why don't you go arrest

Sue, why don't you go arrest the bastards youself NOW!?

No, dude, big problem with

No, dude, big problem with that ...

You're assuming that Nass, Brown and others know how to read!

from the other side...

Email from Kyle

Email from Kyle Hence.

Recent articles in corporate media examine deception and lying by the Department of Defense relative to the attacks of September 11th 2001. They shed light on an effective cover-up by the 9/11 Commission in its refusal to bring Government deception to the American people by way of their discredited 9/11 Report. Links to these articles follow as do 11 questions which these revelations and NORAD tapes beg to be asked and which must be answered:

Washington Post
9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon
Allegations Brought to Inspectors General

Vanity Fair
9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes

The New York Times
New Tapes Disclose Confusion Within the Military on Sept. 11


The real and problematic confusion and fog is one which is seemingly preventing the corporate media from grappling with any of the following pressing questions which have been advanced for years by the 9/11 families, advocates and independent researchers.

Here are Eleven Questions that the corporate media have thus far refused to raise or attempt to answer in their examination of the NORAD tapes and related issues:

Who was responsible for scheduling multiple war games and terror exercises involving aircraft for Sept. 11th

Who moved "Global Guardian" normally scheduled for October to September?

Who designed the war games to involve 'hijackings'?

Who planned and scheduled the movement of Airforce aircraft north to Canada, Alaska and Greenland?

Who planned the terror exercise at the NSA involving an evacuation in response to threat from the air?

Who was "hands-on" responsible for coordinating all the war games the morning of September 11th?

Who would have been responsible for turning off the war games to enable a timely real world response to the attacks?

How were as many as 21 false radar blips or possible targets (per Jane Garvey) inserted into FAA radar screens?

Who was responsible for the identification of ghost flight 11 which allegedly continued to fly south past Manhattan and which may have caused NORAD's Langley intercept jets to vector North toward NYC rather than D.C.?

[NOTE: John Farmer of the 9/11 Commission said to me personally that the 9/11 Commission was never able to identify the individual for this information--to resolve this anomaly.]

Why was there no reference to the pattern of 9/11 Commission cover-up including that of Able Danger as revealed by Capt. Scott Philpott?


The bottom line question that corporate media refuse to answer and which the 9/11 Commission ignored is who, specifically, would have been responsible for creating the circumstances that led to the confusion or fog the morning of 9/11 and who should have immediately ceased any and all war gaming activity and deceptive radar data?

To begin to answer these questions journalists intent on getting answers to questions long asked by the families and others should visit:

Center for Cooperative Research: Essay -- "U.S. Military Exercises up to 9/11"

Randi Rhodes interview with Complete 9/11 Timeline author, Paul Thompson on Air America

Enough with excusing those responsible by pointing to 'confusion' or 'fog'. The real and dangerous 'fog' here is that which prevents journalists from doing their jobs and asking and answering the hard questions about 9/11 including those posed above and those surrounding the growing evidence for controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers and WTC #7. [Google Dr. Steven Jones & World Trade Center]

So has Ed Schultz commented

So has Ed Schultz commented on air about the fact that 50% of his listeners think the "U.S. attacked itself".

What about the Rothschild

What about the Rothschild family and extended families who own more than 50% of the Earth, its natural resources and all forms of life - and, let's not forget to include our very own homegrown Rockefeller family and their extended families (Bush, et al), who own more than 25% of the same.

When do we point the finger at those who put these evil people into power so that they could own 100% of the Earth, its natural resources and of course, keep all the fodder in perpetual wars to control population and the obvious, they are the god that has the gold and therefore it is them who makes all the golden rules.

Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, UN, WB, WTO, IMF, et al.

These are the people who pulled off 9/11.!f.htm

BushInc is working for the

BushInc is working for the Saudis and they are taking over the Middle East's oil. 911 was an inside job and was executed to get citizens' backing for this conquest. The US government is supplying Israel with weapons, a nudge, and a wink. This is only the beginning ....!

And, the saddest truth of

And, the saddest truth of all -

The US media is owned almost in its entirety by the Rockefeller famiy and its extended families, the members of the CFR, TC, et al.

Look at the member list (at August Review) for the Trilateral Commission.

Go to the website of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Until the ruling elite are exposed and their money source stopped (the Federal Reserve System), there will be no end to "terrorism" and the propaganda machine, "mainstream media" shall continue its brainwashing of the masses.

GW, they have until the end

GW, they have until the end of the month? At the rate this is breaking open, I'd say they'd best enroll in an Evelyn Wood course and get it done by the end of the week... before another "false flag" is run up the flagpole and Congress starts saluting it.

National Reading Month ...

National Reading Month ... Are there pictures? You betcha! Waking Up From Our Nightmare by Don Paul and Jim Hoffman is an easy read and great for beginners. And look at that picture on page 29! Does that look like a "hollow steel shaft"?

I am declaring August to be

I am declaring August to be "National Reading Month". Everyone who still believes the conspiradroid story about 9/11 -- but hasn't looked at the evidence for themselves -- has until the end of the month to get up to speed on the subject.

And TRY not moving you lips when you read...

Roberta you are absolutely

Roberta you are absolutely right.These people need to be exposed,brought into the limelight...but the way to do it is through Congress..started with grassroots pressure pushed by We the people.It's the only real chance We have left..but then there is also this to deal with;

Ellen Mariani, who lost her husband Neil on United Air Lines (UAL) Flight 175, filed the first 9-11 wrongful death lawsuit against UAL on December 20, 2001. Interviewed on national television in May 2002 by Bill O'Reilly of FOX News, O'Reilly repeatedly questioned Mariani about why she had chosen to pursue litigation instead of accepting the government fund.

"I want justice," Mariani said. "I want accountability. Who is responsible? I want the truth."

Today, Mariani, like the other 9-11 plaintiffs, is under a legal gag order which prevents her from speaking about her on-going lawsuit. Likewise, thousands of employees of federal agencies, such as the Federal Aviation Administration, have received secret gag orders in the mail preventing them from speaking about what they know about the events of 9-11.

After more than four years, however, Mariani's determined pursuit for the truth about 9-11 through the court system has failed to yield any answers or discovery about who is responsible for 9-11. Today, she is no closer to obtaining what she has clearly and repeatedly said she wanted from the beginning – a trial by jury.

Why have the many victims' cases like Mariani's, brought by relatives of loved ones lost on 9-11, not been heard in open trials with juries – a basic American right?

And why has the Israeli-owned airline security company involved in the shocking security lapses, which apparently enabled the attacks of 9-11, been granted complete immunity by the U.S. Congress?

All of the relatives' wrongful death lawsuits, i.e. criminal cases, against the airlines and their security companies were consolidated by the presiding judge into a negligence lawsuit, which, as a civil case, is much less likely to be argued or investigated in an open trial with a jury.

All the 9-11 wrongful death and personal injury cases against either American Air Lines (AA) or United Air Lines or any of the foreign-owned airport security companies, namely Argenbright Security (British), Globe Aviation Services Corp. (Swedish), and Huntleigh USA Corp. (Israeli) have been handled by United States District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein of the Southern District of New York.

In the case of at least one of these security defendants, Huntleigh USA, there would seem to be a serious conflict of interest for the judge because the airline security company who is responsible for the shocking security lapses at both the Boston and Newark airports on 9-11 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of an Israeli company (ICTS) headed by Israelis with clear ties to Israel's military intelligence agency, the Mossad.

Judge Hellerstein, on the other hand, has deep and long-standing Zionist connections and close family ties to the state of Israel. A Zionist is a supporter of the Jewish state of Israel.

Judge Hellerstein's wife, for example, is a former senior vice president and current treasurer of a New York-based Zionist organization called AMIT. AMIT promotes Jewish immigration to Israel and stands for Americans for Israel and Torah. AMIT's motto is "Building Israel – One Child at a Time."

Judge Hellerstein, 73, is also a long-time member of The Jewish Center of New York and a former president of the Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York.

This raises the obvious question about why, in the 9-11 terror case in which an Israeli security company is a key defendant and in which individuals from Israeli military intelligence are suspected of being involved, was Hellerstein chosen to preside over all 9-11 victim lawsuits – and who chose him?

Huntleigh USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of an Israeli company called International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS) International N.V., a Netherlands-based aviation and transportation security firm headed by "former [Israeli] military commanding officers and veterans of government intelligence and security agencies."

Menachem Atzmon, convicted in Israel in 1996 for campaign finance fraud, and his business partner Ezra Harel, took over management of security at the Boston and Newark airports when their company, ICTS, bought Huntleigh USA in 1999.

UAL Flight 175 and AA 11, which allegedly struck the twin towers, both originated in Boston, while UAL 93, which supposedly crashed in Pennsylvania, departed from the Newark airport.

ICTS also operates the German port of Rostock on the Baltic Sea. An Israeli company linked to the Mossad runs the port operations of a major German harbor. (Why would the Mossad want to run a German port? Imagine the possibilities.)

Some victims' families brought lawsuits against Huntleigh claiming the Israeli-owned airport security firm had been grossly negligent on 9-11. While these relatives have a right to discovery and to know what Huntleigh did or did not do to protect their loved ones on 9-11, Huntleigh was granted complete congressional protection in 2002 and will not be called to account for its actions on 9-11 in any U.S. court.

On July 26, 2002, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Homeland Security Bill and slipped in a last-minute provision which provided complete corporate immunity for the three foreign-owned security companies. Likewise, the Senate voted to shield the three security companies from corporate responsibility on November 19, 2002. These congressional votes effectively prevent any legal investigation or discovery into the security failures of these foreign companies on 9-11.

Hellerstein, however, is not the only player overseeing the 9-11 litigation process who has close ties to Israel. In fact, all of the key players and law firms involved are either active Zionists or do a great deal of business representing Israeli companies and/or the state of Israel.

Kenneth R. Feinberg, for example, the special master of the federally-funded Victims' Compensation Fund, is also a deeply dedicated Zionist. Feinberg single-handedly administered the $7 billion fund that paid out U.S . taxpayer money to some 97 percent of the families who could have otherwise used the courts to sue to recover tort damages for monetary loss and pain and suffering.

Those who accepted the Feinberg administrated federal fund signed away their right to litigate against the government, the airlines or the security companies. This federally funded pay-off to the families effectively prevented the possibility for nearly every relative to obtain justice or truth through the legal process, which would have brought legal discovery of facts and events of 9-11.

The Kenneth Feinberg Group is listed as one of the top ten supporters of the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies for 2004-2005. The Jerusalem Institute is an Israel-based Zionist organization that supports the building of the illegal separation wall across Palestine, for example.

The Feinberg Group also lists as its clients major insurance and re-insurance companies such as Lloyd's of London. These are the companies who stood to lose billions of dollars if 9-11 victims' lawsuits had gone forward.

Feinberg was appointed special master by then Attorney General John Ashcroft. Ashcroft, a dedicated Christian Zionist and supporter of such groups as Stand for Israel, is today working as a lobbyist for Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI), Israel's major military aerospace company, which hired the former U.S. Attorney General to help secure the U.S. government's approval to sell an Israeli weapons system to the South Korean Air Force.

The Israelis hired Ashcroft to improve their chances against an American-made system built by Chicago-based Boeing Co.

Ashcroft, who was born in Chicago, is the former head of the Dept. of Justice, where his Israeli-American assistant, Michael Chertoff, directed the FBI non-investigation of the events of 9-11. Ashcroft is now being paid (off) by the state of Israel to work against the interests of an American company - and the United States.

It's our turn to crank up

It's our turn to crank up the heat on Congress and see if they collapse

Ms. Kelly has hit the nail

Ms. Kelly has hit the nail on the head. The global elite control both political parties as well as all major media. The internet is next.

Their petro-industrial-military complex is so energy dependent, that orchestrating false flag terror operations is standard operating procedure. 9-11 just happened to be the big one. It's architect was rewarded with the presidency of another Rothschild tentacle, The World Bank.

Once peak oil arrives (may have already), expanding populations will no longer be profitable and the inevitable contraction commences. Those indebted to the elite shall suffer disproportionaly, and that would include a majority of US citizens.

while we're getting all

while we're getting all bookish, go to your local library with the ISBN numbers of your favorite 9/11 truth books and request that your library get them in their collection.

calling the rothschilds and

calling the rothschilds and all of them--->"elites"

a doublespeak error

theyre people just like anyone else

they want you to call them "elites" because they think it puts other people underneath them on some verbal/unconscious level