Rocky Mountain News Scans

Thanks to Michael Wolsey for scanning these and Jon for sending them in. Click for full size, beware, the full size images for each of these are over 2MB in size.

If there is one very

If there is one very encouraging sign in those poll numbers, it's that 57% of 18-24 year olds don't believe the official story.

You don't make a new political movement by converting old neo-cons and catering to "conservative Democrats." Instead you teach those who are learning about the generations that preceded them what has been done to them.

Young people aren't stupid ... and the 9-11 questions are not going to go quietly into the night ...

The dam has burst. These are

The dam has burst. These are the first signs of the coming flood which will bury the evil lies once and for all. It's a great time to be alive!


vote in this poll
87% to 13% in favor of the truth

Aw... ya done broke it...

Aw... ya done broke it... ooooooooh... I'm tellin'...

what does everyone think of

what does everyone think of this impact times argument?

Fox News covers the Scripps

Off topic: I know i have

Off topic:

I know i have asked this before but am i wrong about this? (I changed a few things because i had a mix up between the N's and the M's in my earlier post.)

"I have something new (i think) for you to read. Get out your "Pentagon building performance report". Open the appendix page B13. Now check out the pictures of 3M-north and 3M-south. See something strange? Exactly: it's the SAME PILLAR.

I don't think it's just an error. Remember the exit hole.
Another anomaly to put on the list?
Or was this already known?
Or am i wrong and have i just made a fool of myself?"

"If fifty million people say

"If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing."
- Anatole France

Wow! Front page? Are you

Wow! Front page? Are you kidding me? How big is the Rocky Mountain News?

When I lived in Denver, the

When I lived in Denver, the Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News were the 2 biggest papers in Denver and Colorado.

Paid weekday subscribers =

Paid weekday subscribers = approximately 280,000.

Pretty damn impressive.

Worth noting is the fact that Scripps owns the Rocky Mountain News.

Crap! I can't get the

Crap! I can't get the airamerica stream og Malloy's show! It says stream is not available!

Puppet, it's working for me,

Puppet, it's working for me, bro.

Alternative Air America

Alternative Air America stream: mms://*/airam/airam/wmlive/live.asf:1

Thanks Hernando! Appreciate

Thanks Hernando! Appreciate it.

Can someone who is

Can someone who is knowledgeable about U.S. history advise me about something?

Can it really be said that the Bush/Cheney Administration is one of the - if not most - evil and corrupt Administrations to ever head the United States?

I have grown weary of all the institutions and community "leaders" who try to defend the Bush/Cheney Administration when they know well they are murderers.

It seems like we are living in such dark times. Yet, could this a bias or is it an observation that is truly warranted?

John Gibson... That lovable

John Gibson... That lovable little Hispanic-fearing xenophobe... The guy who told us that Iraq may have been behind the Oklahoma City bombing. That attacks against Israel were exactly the same thing as attacks against the United States... And a host of other delightful nuggets of wisdom.

What a dipcrap...

Anyone know roughly how many

Anyone know roughly how many listeners Malloy has? Is he popular? I think if the

I think if the times can be underwrote with exactitude, that combined with testimonies of Rodriguez and others is a BIG smoking gun.

Well Fox News is right about

Well Fox News is right about Iraqi involvement in Oklahoma City, but that is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Also, image link the front and back page of the scanned Rocky Mountain times in any forum you can...just to remind people the 9/11 activist movement is gaining ground. this is a war, not fought with guns, but with community outreach, education, and the internet.

The Mike Malloy stream is

The Mike Malloy stream is down on AAR but you can listen on boston radio.

I think it's about time for

I think it's about time for a disruptive troll posting about how the South tower was actually hit by a swarm of cloaked African killer bees and the towers were exploded with antimatter nanoplasma.

Yeah yeah...

And how anyone who thinks the towers were hit by planes are government agent scum..


And one more thing. Anyone who doesn't agree that the Pentagon was hit by a missile is a gatekeeper undercover agent.


I mean, um, lets talk about how the towers never actually existed and were part of a 34-year holographic illusion run by the underground Reptilian race bases in conjunction with David Copperfield. And everyone on the "hijacked" planes never existed. And all the cell-phone calls are fake. And how flight 93 landed in Cleveland.
And how everyone is a COINTELPRO agent but me. And how 9-11 was actually a secret plot by the Zionist Jews and Mossad, and how you are just shilling for Israel if you don't agree.

And how I am so persecuted for my beliefs.

Oh yeah, and don't pay any attention to Able Danger or the NORAD stand-down. Because NORAD couldn't intercept the African Killer Bees, ok?

And don't ask why Rumsfeld or Myers never showed up at the NMCC conference call until 10:30 that morning, each without an excuse or alibi.

Don't ask about Ben Sliney's first day on the jon at the FAA.

Or why a C-130 was trailing flight 77.


Um, I mean, the whole thing was run because we are all going to ascend into the fifth dimension in 2012.




what does everyone think of

what does everyone think of this impact times argument?

Eyewitness reports from William Rodriguez confirms that there was an explosion in the basement moments before airplane hit the North Tower. Explosions from bombs planted inside the towers, exploding just before the impacts of the airplanes, is the only explanation that can resolve this contradiction.

Indeed. NOPLANERs have no problems.. it simplyfies things... Boom, then Boom... whats the problem?


I sent this letter (already

I sent this letter (already posted on the News web site)--


To All Concerned,

Concerning "9/11 Suspicions" Headline in The Rocky Mountain News, August 3, 2006

First, thanks to the editors at the RMN for making this story the HEADLINE- Congratulations. I have written to them more than once with my displeasure at Paul Campos' comments in Opinion which were way off base in my opinion- perhaps this is a measure of good balance in action. We have a great many very intelligent, very logical, very discerning people looking at this whole issue, and putting it on the headline begins to make this an issue for all to carefully consider and weigh the facts that are out there.

It should be mentioned that the Scripps poll is only one of three, and actually shows the least percentage of persons doubting the official story. The Zogby poll showed 42% disbelieving, and a recent Gallup poll actually showed 52% not believing the official story. Even today's reader poll showed a landslide 90% participating in the poll not buying the official government account, although I suspect word of mouth of such a poll gets around 9/11 Truthers pretty quickly.

Finally, there are fire experts (notably in NYC), as well as engineers, and demolition people who flatly have rejected the official government reports from the start. These references are easily found in numerous places on the web, although Dr. Steven Jones' detailed paper on 9/11 is a good starting point By the way, many people are still not aware of the fact that the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of controlled demolition has now been shown from analysis of remaining fragments of steel/molten metal from the WTC site. The preliminary analysis points to the use of THERMATE, used here in pre-planned controlled demolition to cut steel girders. There is no other explanation for existance of this residue, as rubble removal did not employ this substance. Again, see Jones for details on this.

Speaking of the members of Scholars for 9/11 as one example of a collective examining 9/11 issues, we are a diverse group of various professionals, not solely scientists, but including many as well as engineers, and architects.. Any member is free to give his opinion regarding possibilities, and we keep an open mind to all opinions expressed, in the hope that as a group we will have a greater ability to come to accurate conclusions.

Notibly, I would suggest looking at the work of mechanical engineering, explosives, software expert David Hawkins (though hard to understand with a superficial glance), who has come up with a plausible money trail as well as tracing of the modifications of Boeing aircraft with electronic guidance systems (for which they have already been fined) which may explain the "how" of these planes flying with such precision into their targets (particularly of interest at the Pentagon). This is very new information which is only beginning to see the light of day, even among 9/11 theorists.
Thanks again to the News-- please, now just KEEP IT UP :-)

Neil Slade
Associate member, Scholars for 911 Truth


I saw that earlier, Neil.

I saw that earlier, Neil. Good stuff.