Was the FBI investigation blocked?

Norway's Le Monde Diplomatique continues its 9/11 investigation in the August, 2006 issue, "Was the FBI investigation blocked?" ("Ble FBI hindret i etterforskningen?")

...It appears that several agents and other FBI staff believed that opportunities for good police work and investigation were lost in the months before the 11th of September. This was what lawyer David Schippers, (also known for having brought a case against President Bill Clinton before the Court of Impeachment) experienced when he was contacted by several FBI agents who claimed that they knew about dates, targets, financial transactions and names of the perpetrators involved in the impending terrorist attacks. Schippers claims that armed with this information, he tried to warn John Ashcroft six weeks in advance that a terrorist attack would be launched in lower Manhattan. But the FBI threatened to sue their agents if they revealed what they knew. In order to allow the information to be publicised before a terrorist attack took place, the agents agreed with David Schippers that he would represent them in a federal courtroom, supported by Judicial Watch, an organisation offering free legal assistance. In this way they would have the opportunity to be heard if they were called as witnesses. That the agents were in possession of the type of information Schippers claims they were was also confirmed by William Norman Grigg in The New American. He interviewed three FBI agents who claimed that the information to which Schippers had access was common knowledge to the FBI before the 11th of September – and that everyone knew that it was simultaneously being ignored in Washington...

Nothing new here, but it's undoubtedly brand new to a significant # of Norwegians.

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The number one mole

The number one mole candidate on this is Frasca.

BradBlog has a brief report

BradBlog has a brief report on the Vanity Fair article this morning: Vanity Fair has NORAD Tapes from 9/11 — Transcripts and Audio Clips Online Now.

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The David Schippers story

The David Schippers story needs to come out more. It'd be great if he and these FBI agents came forward on national tv, or hooked up with Curt Weldon.

First time I hear about it

First time I hear about it in 4 years! Extraordinarily valuable! Why hasn't it been discussed more?