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WTF? I am glad you posted

I am glad you posted that site, been added to my "favs".
I happen to live 20 from Wellfeleet, Ma, so I intend to learn more.

Any suggestions as to what I should ask? Should I attend? Should I bring a camcorder?

Please advise.


Sorry, I live 20 Min from

Sorry, I live 20 Min from Wellfleet.


Way to go, D. L. I really

Way to go, D. L. I really like your site.

Keep up the good work. Oh, and, wash your boxers once in a while.

pretty cool site, useful if

pretty cool site, useful if a drill all of a sudden flips into real world like 9/11.

Just posted to From The

Just posted to From The Wilderness:
(subscription required)


Michael Kane
Staff Writer

August 4th 2006, 1:36 [PST] – New York – All they can do is ignore us.

Crossing the Rubicon is the definitive text detailing the war games running on 9/11 – under Dick Cheney’s management – that created the opportunity for the attacks to be successful.

The recent release of NORAD tapes from the morning of 9/11 has brought the issue of the War Games back to center stage, for a moment. The mainstream press must address this issue now but it continues to entirely ignore Rubicon, FTW and Michael Ruppert.

The mainstream account is fraudulent. It paints a picture of military officials who lied to the 9/11 Commission, but they never address truly important lies that relate to the war games operating that morning. They would have you believe that only one war game was running on 9/11 by the North East Air Defense Sector (NEADS). The truth is that there were at least six war games running that morning, and likely more, across the country and the world.

What an awesome, awesome

What an awesome, awesome site!!! Check out the following link. It's an absolute must-read! A lot of 9/11 stuff in there...

"Noam Chomsky: Controlled Asset Of The New World Order"

Hi everyone. Thanks for

Hi everyone.

Thanks for reading my site. The link should be to www.falseflagnews.com...But no matter.

Anyway, we are still having some server problems and some strange server attacks. But we are putting the finishing touches on the website in the next few days.

We aim to be the premier clearinghouse of drills and war games.

All suggestions are welcome, and thanks for visiting.


OK I just fixed some of the

OK I just fixed some of the links. Tomorrow I will post a host of new graphics and will be updating the site everyday.

We all wonder how we can stop the next terror attack. Well one way is by monitoring the drills. We are going to need the help of vigilant readers, so please feel free to email me with article suggestions or tips.

Tomorrow the site will look even better and be easier to navigate.

Alive & Well,


Needs to be set up as a

Needs to be set up as a blog. Blogs are more powerful than websites. Set it up as a blog to gain more power.


I agree and disagree. We

I agree and disagree. We will be adding a Blog section in the next couple of days, so FalseFlagNews will serve both audiences.

PrisonPlanet is not a blog and is extremely effective. Same for Rense, WhatReallyHappened, etc.

Sometimes websites are necessary- especially for what I am trying to accomplish here.

Look for the blog part in the next few days.

WhatÂ’s up with Abu

WhatÂ’s up with Abu Ghraib? A couple of white-trash privates & a lowlife dog-handler took the fall for an entire, systematic torture chamber? No brass have been punished yet, and they probably never will be! Alberto Gonzalez gladly remains the attorney general of torture, while Bush & Cheney laugh at all this!!!

So now everything is cool with Abu Ghraib & Guantanamo, letÂ’s just forget them? I donÂ’t think so!




Time to get some more paradigms smashed to smitherenes. You must read this article.

The above URL is HUGE !!!!!

Chomsky is a controlled asset !!!!!!
Shout it to the world.

Notice how Chomsky never goes beyond a kind of fuzzy kind of clarity about the United States being controlled by corporations. You never here about CIA programs, or the evil of the federal reserve or the Trilateral commission or 911 as an inside job. Even I know about these things. And to look at 911 and not be immensely suspicious smells of not what he says he is. Chomsky is a complete phony pushing the global agenda of the Trilateral commission types...

There is NOTHING practical in what Chomsky says. This is obfuscation in my book.

Amazing, what is being uncovered in this super secret world we live in. The perps cannot continue exist if their secrets are exposed.

ANd after you read the above article read the following one. Its much much longer but isn't it amazing you have not heard one peep out of Chomsky about our private "federal" reserve. I noted the other day also that even Paul Krugman never mentions anything about the federal reserve being a cartel of bankers who rule the country. Not one word. Did you know that those closely associated with the eternal perpetuation of the federal reserve own the New York Times. So, Krugman is also supspect in my book. He shares some good things but then swallows the camel. But probably he would lose his job tomorrow if he were to expose the federal reserve. But so be it. Krugman would still survive. But getting back to Chomsky...

This in itself is enough to show that either Chomsky is an idiot or he is complicit. And we know he is know idiot. My God he is a faculty memeber at MIT. Read this. Read the truth.


and pass the truth to everyone you know.

I always wondered why an

I always wondered why an extreme lefty would teach at MIT all these years. Maybe a "real" left university would have booted Chumpsky & his bullshit long ago.

Chomskys defenders are like

Chomskys defenders are like cult members. they make more excuses for his silence than he does for himself.

spooky http://www.honoluluadv

Dan, Thanks for taking the


Thanks for taking the initiative to set up False Flag News. It's a topic that is hardly understood by the American public.

I would suggest another subpage on your website, that being a page devoted to false flag operations that have either already been exposed or are in the process of being researched.

Some suggested topics might include:

FDR's deceit prior to Pearl Harbor
The Hotel David Bombing
The Lavon Affair
The Tonkin Gulf Resolution
The Michael Meiring Affair
The UK-SAS assassins in Basra, 2005
The Madrid Train bombings
The 7/7 London Train bombings
The Bali bombings
Operation Gladio

I believe you would be doing the public a great service by providing the analysis of these events to provide a historical context for people to understand the machinations of secret governments and their devious plottings.

Should you have an interest, I have a plethora of URLs and other material on this topic available. Please let me know if you'd be interested in any of this source material.

@ 911 researcher: The WTC 93

@ 911 researcher:

The WTC 93 attack

should also be included as inside job.

YES, Chomsky is the

YES, Chomsky is the problem...

we must attack him, he is evil..

If he would change his evil ways we would be on the way to salvation...

Whoever defends Chomsky is guilty of the same crimes.

We must attack Chomsky -- the collaborator with the Bush government.

Chomsky and Bush are controlled assets by the same secret rulers. They store lizard-UFOs under the arctic for the FINAL SOLUTION, when evil European SOCIALIST-BASIC-SECURE-INCOME welfare communists will take over the free world and retire the workers of Wallmart and steal the estates and villas from the black people in the south...

Why don't they see that The Federal Reserve is more private than Bechtel and General Electric combined!!

The NWO will force women to abort their loved fetusses and take away their peaceful fire-arms.

LONG LIVE THE USA!! Death to all powerful elites and their books!!


the Militia-911-truth-movement
Semper ubi sub ubi ubique