Bowman to appear on Tarpley's show today

Scheduled for 5pm Central.

Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, that is.

World Crisis Radio

He said he will be on

He said he will be on Wisconsin Public Radio tomorrow morning from 8-9.

Tarpley normally welcomes

Tarpley normally welcomes all research, but even he is challenging the WTC "nuke" camp to show some evidence.

personally i dont think its

personally i dont think its an issue worth arguing about amongst ourselves...

but i've always thought it was some kind of nukes---because of the sicknesses, plus they had to make sure the "job got done"

ive heard there was a higher radiation count, and also that the seismic data supports it

but like i said, it aint worth arguing about----theres plenty of smoking guns that have nothing to do with this issue!!

Ralph Shoenman's radio

Ralph Shoenman's radio archive at... could be included among the linked to sites from here, perhaps?

Just skip it, if you don't

Just skip it, if you don't like the Strangelove......

Phone rings, as one fine bikini lifts her head to notice: "Buck, should I get it?"

From a back room: "Yah... ya have to!"

Turns off the tanning lamp, whips around to stand, and picks up phone: "Hello?"

"Oh yes, General Turdgidson is here, but I'm afraid he can't come to the phone at the moment.... Well, this is his secretary, Ms. Scott"

Ms. Scott scissors her legs, twirls the phone cord and responds in a lowered voice, "Freddy, how are you?" "Fine, and you?" She repeats the question.

"Oh, we were just catching up on some of The General's paperwork."

"Well, look Freddy... he's very tied up at the moment. I'm afraid he can't come to the phone." ... as she places her style'n sun-glasses down on the head-board.

"Well, just a minute..." turns, and in a most professional tone, raises her voice to the back, "General Turdgidson, a Colonel Puntridge calling."

Terse response from behind a door: "Tell him to call back."

Ms. Scott, her voice back to sweat candy: "Freddy, the General says 'could you call back' in a minute or two?" "Oh."

Raising her voice back up, "He says 'it can't wait'." she relays.

From the back, General Turdgidson grumbles: "awe, for Pete, sa, fu' ...." and yells, "Find out what he wants."

Ms. Scott, placing a fist on her hip while criss-crossing luscious long legs again and almost whispers back into the phone, "Freddy?" she sings, "... the thing is, the General is in the powder room right now... could you tell me what it's about?" Listens, and responds into the phone, "... just a second."

Calling back to the General, "Apparently, they monitored a transmission about eight minutes ago from Burpleson Air Force Base....." She continues listening and punctuates with quite "right", before continuing to relay back to the 'powder room' in full voice, "It was directed to the 843rd Bomb Wing on air-born alert..." listens again for more.... "r't" , "It decoded as, 'Wing Attack Plan R'."

More grumbling from the back.... "arrr, a, um ....", then yells, "Tell'm to call a, What's his name? uh, Base Commander.... Ripper!"

"I have to think of everything my.... ya, yah...." he tapers off.

Without missing a beat, Ms. Scott bats her eyelids will offering Colonel Puntridge, "The General suggests you call General Ripper, the 843rd Base Commander.... oh?"

Ms. Scott, the ever-sexy tower-repeater back to General Turdgidson, "All communications are dead."

With absolute conviction, a slang 'bull shit' comes out of the bathroom, "BALL!"... as Ms. Scott professionally covers the receiver, he continues, "Tell him to do it himself!"

As Ms. Scott now cradles the hand-set with both hands, she smoothly requests back toThe Colonel, "Freddy, The General asks if you could possibly try again yourself?..... I see"

Ms. Scott, pleading back to Turdgidson on behalf of Puntridge, "He says he's tried personally several times, but everything is dead... even the normal phone lines are shut down!?"

The door abruptly snaps open as General Turdgidson walks out towards Ms. Scott who lowers the receiver, brushes her hair back with one last leg switch, and innocently holds the phone for The General to grab away.

"Fred, Buck... what's it look like?" while Ms. Scott knees back onto the bed, checks her look in the full wall mirror, and lights one up.

Listening with a full attention squint and tung-bite, Turdgidson swings an arm while doing a quick pace-in-place, "Ya!?"

"Waah... Are you sure it's Plan R!?", with 'R' raising up in pitch and eyes searching around the room, never noticing Ms. Scott.

"Ah... what's cook'n on the Threat Board?" "Nothing?!" "Noth'n at ALL!?" His voice now raised even higher than 'R?'.

Pulling an imaginary suit coat to the side (actually, an unbuttoned printed casual shirt), so as to also strike a pose with fist on hip, "I don't like the looks o' this, Fred."

Finally looking to the ceiling, General Turdgidson offers, "All right... tell ya what ya better do ol' buddy", gives his bear belly a solid smack... "You better give Elmo and Charlie a blast.... an, bump everything up to Condition Red and stand-by to blow'er. I'll get back to you." setting the phone down.

Ms. Scott, now on haunches and high heals in bed with a smoke asks, "What's up?"

Buck: "Noth'n, uh... where's my shorts?"

Ms. Scott: "On the floor. Where're you going?"

Buck, looking at Ms. Scoot for the first time, pauses long, half smiles, chine out, eyebrows high and shakes his head, "No place, noh, no place.... "

Scratch's head and spills more, "Auh, just though I might, uh, mossy over to the War Room for a few minutes, see what's do'n over there."

Streaching back out on the bed, Ms. Scott half laughs and points out, "It's 3 o'clock in the morning?!"

Throwing off his casual shirt before picking up whites, "Ha haaa'll... The Air Force never sleeps."

"Buck, Honey?... I'm not sleepy either?!"... takes a drag and wiggles her toes.

"I know how it is, baby.... Tell ya wha'cha do.... ha ha..." as he crawls across the bed to the repositioning Ms. Scott..... "You just start your count down, and ol' Bucky'll be back here before you can say.... 'BLAST OFF!'"

Michael Wolsey Interviews

No evidence US commanders lied over 9/11: report

Sat Aug 5, 2006 2:15am ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - There is no evidence that senior Pentagon commanders intentionally provided false testimony to about the military's actions on the morning of the September 11 attacks, according to a report by the Defense Department's watchdog agency cited in the New York Times on Saturday.

The Pentagon's office of inspector general said the Defense Department's initial inaccurate accounts could be attributed largely to poor record-keeping, the newspaper said in an article on its Web site, citing the newly released report.

In a report dated May 27, 2005, but not released until Friday, the inspector general's office found that "the inaccuracies, in part, resulted because of inadequate forensic capabilities," including poor log-keeping at military air traffic control centers, the newspaper said.

The report was initially classified secret but was released under a freedom-of-information request by the Times. What amounted to several pages' worth were blacked out on national security grounds, the newspaper said.


gosh, i am SHOCKED. no evidence of intentionally misleading, you say? poor recordkeeping? well that's GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!!

anyone care to weigh in on

anyone care to weigh in on the discussion thread following this article, please do so:

they're citing PM, ferchrissakes...

Until 9/11 is officially

Until 9/11 is officially acknowledged to be a criminal myth, this bogus rhetoric will be with us for the rest of our days:

"Monday's speech was the one where the president tied Israel's fight against the armed Lebanese group Hizbullah to the events of September 11.

The president said: "The current crisis is part of a larger struggle between the forces of freedom and the forces of terror in the Middle East. ... For decades, the status quo in the Middle East permitted tyranny and terror to thrive. And as we saw on September 11, the status quo in the Middle East led to death and destruction in the United States, and it had to change.""

Anyone remember Jim

Anyone remember Jim Miklesewski(sp?)...the Pentagon guy from NBC...saying that on the morning of 9/11 he was told to stay out of the E-Ring?

I think it was posted here on a Putfile of the Randi Rhodes show.

How did the person that warned him know, or suspect, the plane(?) would, most likely, hit the E-Ring?

Surely these hijacking masterminds -- like Hani Hanjour -- would have worked out that it would be much easier to hit a low-lying building like the Pentagon if they employed a steep angle of attack?

Kissingers first 9/11: More

Kissingers first 9/11:

More than One 9/11

by Troy Skeels

September 11 was the anniversary of a notorious act of terrorism--and the international criminal mastermind behind it remains at large although increasingly hemmed in by his pursuers.

September 11 is the anniversary of the 1973 military coup against the democratically elected government of Chile. The intellectual mastermind was Henry Kissinger, then Nixon's Secretary of State.

The open secret of Kissinger's guiding hand behind Pinochet's coup has been reconfirmed in the last few years in a continuing trickle of once classified documents.

Kissinger was of course no rogue element, his aims and methods were fully in accord with standard US policy. He remains a Pentagon and Presidential advisor, and an expert, of sorts, on terrorism. Meanwhile courts in several nations are interested in Kissinger's role in numerous cases of genocide, terrorism, torture and murder.

i always wonder why

i always wonder why Kissingers name isnt brought up more around here. that scumbag very likely knew what was up on 9/11.

Henry Kissinger.

Henry Kissinger.


CHARLESTON, S.C. - The nation's governors are closing ranks in opposition to a proposal in Congress that would let the president take control of the National Guard in emergencies without consent of governors.

You guys ever hear me on the

You guys ever hear me on the drums?


for anyone thats into

for anyone thats into numerology/Illuminati type stuff, that post above might make one think that Kissinger was the one that chose the date for 9/11. i dont believe that though, i just happen to think Kissinger is a scumbag and thought it was interesting that his own personal war crimes(not the first or last time) took place on another 9/11.

R, you got a link on that?

R, you got a link on that?



GESTAPO The Nazis converted

The Nazis converted their country from a flawed democracy to a fascist dictatorship in which the rights of the individual were trampled in the interests of the state. Institutions and organizations were warped to serve this purpose, none more than the police. At first, it was the Storm Troopers of the SA, who beat, intimidated, and killed those who opposed the regime. But something more was needed than simple thuggery and the police were co-opted. The Gestapo, the Secret State Police, was the organization set up to perform this function...

Watch Bush's heroes^ tonight on the History Channel starting at 9:00 p.m. Eastern!

Chris, That story seems like

That story seems like something you'd find on RENSE.COM or PRISONPLANET. Can't believe it was a yahoo story.


seriously. they never miss a

seriously. they never miss a chance to exploit and benefit from tragedy do they? i knew they would use Katrina for their agenda somehow.(note the little unconstitutional gun confiscation racket they had going right after Katrina hit.)

Here's the Miklezewski clip

Here's the Miklezewski clip on Hardball with Chris Matthews as played on the Randi Rhodes show -- the Defence Intelligence Agency person who warned him to stay out of the E-Ring as the "Pentagon would be next"(his gut told him this apparently just as it told him it was the outside ring that was going to be hit).

The DIA guy seemed to know it was Al-Qaeda who was doing the attacking too.

While searching the posts

While searching the posts for something about Specter, I found this old quote from Gold. Amazing.
The guy's good.

Couldn't find the specter thing. Anyone know if the supposed legislation that Specter is proposing (which makes it possible to sue Bush for his Executive power abuse) isn't really that at all when you study the text?

The Gold quote:
What would you like me to say? There's evidence of Pakistani ISI involvement. We know that the ISI is an arm of the CIA. We know the CIA is controlled in part by the Executive Branch. We know there are allegations of bribery between Pakistan and the 9/11 Commissioners through a lobbying group. We know Bill Doyle said a source told him that the 28 redacted pages in the Joint Congressional Inquiry talked about U.S. funding to Pakistan. We know there is a damn good chance that Daniel Pearl was investigating the $100,000 wire transfer from Omar Sheikh to Mohammad Atta, ordered by the Pakistani ISI head Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad. We know that Omar Sheikh is the prime suspect in the murder of Daniel Pearl. We know that Porter Goss, Bob Graham, and John Kyl all were meeting with Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad on the morning of September 11th, in Washington D.C., and in Pakistan the weeks before. We know that Pakistan is one of our BESTUS buddies in the "War On Terror". What would you like me to say?
Jon Gold



There's a movie coming out

There's a movie coming out on HBO about Daniel Pearl. I hope it covers this.

Here's some interesting

Here's some interesting stuff, not directly 9/11-related, but interesting nonetheless:

I'm sure it'll cover the

I'm sure it'll cover the truth. That the evil doers Al Qaeda killed him for the sport of it. Like Mr. Kincaid hunting Gilligan.

I asked a friend of mine for

I asked a friend of mine for sources regarding Marianne Pearl's suspicion of the wire transfer. They told me, "Try her book which by the way is coming out as a movie. Also, Pearl's father was interviewed and spoke to this as well as I recall."

Click Here

That's an interview his Father gave on December 8th, 2004. I don't know if it's the one. I'm listening to it now.

I have a call into another

I have a call into another friend who supposedly has the audio, or knows which interview has it. The one I posted doesn't.

I have no idea if that was

I have no idea if that was posted before -- a recent article by Sibel Edmonds... Haven't read it yet...

Hi Amis, here is a nice

Hi Amis, here is a nice article about 9/11 and the truth movement from the 'Heise-Verlag' online magazine. It mentions Prof.Jones, thermite, Loose Change, CD, etcetera.
The article does not ridicule the truth seekers. Unfortunately it is in German

Remind you of anything?

Ok, how about this?

Final hint" "Pull It!"

Final hint" "Pull It!"

Was todays news about the

Was todays news about the lack of evidence that pentagon lied a sign of them feeling the pressure that led them crawling back into the cave to avoid dealing with the 9/11 issues because they know it'd be impossible to lie their way through all the hard questions being asked by the public?

Go look at in

Go look at in the top right corner to see the purpose of that article.

just saw it. from that

just saw it. from that article:

the PentagonÂ’s watchdog agency said.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. sadly, thats good enough for most people.

Is the Commission still

Is the Commission still gonna recommend these bitches to the Justice Dept.? I guess it doesn't matter, because that will get whitewashed out, too.

"Ralph Shoenman's radio

"Ralph Shoenman's radio archive at... could be included among the linked to sites from here, perhaps?"

I second that.

From today's Globe and

From today's Globe and Mail:

"As for conspiracy theories, Stone says he's aware of them, but doubts whether the Bush administration would have actively planned the WTC attacks.

“By the same token, there's no question it benefited. To me, the strangest thing about the whole thing is that the event, the real criminals, was never investigated the way it should have been and was translated into another thing entirely. A war, the breakdown of constitutional rights, the climate of fear, $60-billion allocated to the Department of Homeland Security. I think we overreacted.”

Stone says he backed the initial push into Afghanistan to depose the Taliban, but “I don't know what happened after that.”"

damn, based on his JFK work,

damn, based on his JFK work, i would have thought Stone was a little more informed about 9/11 than that.if you back the war in Afghanistan you automatically believe the official story. no 9/11=no pipeline deals,no UNOCAL president and no war.

It's interesting that Stone

It's interesting that Stone says clearly the Bush Administration benefited from 9/11, and he follows that statement by acknowledging "the real criminals" were "never investigated the way it should have been." Perhaps I'm trying too hard to give Stone credit here, but perhaps he is saying in a coded way that he is connecting "Bush Administration" with "real criminals."

More likely, though, is the sad reality that the crusader who made JFK was so seriously beaten and abused for that movie, and hasn't had much success since, that he has simply caved to popular pressure.

Jon, from an hobbyist

Jon, from an hobbyist week-end drummer, CONGRAT for the great solo. Inspired be Mister Peart?

Check this out. A

Check this out.

A conservative media watchdog site that paints 9/11 skepticism as a Liberal phenomenon (Jack Blood is "Liberal"? LOL!);

I can tell you, on Dem message boards like Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, Mike Malloy's board, Randi Rhodes' board, there is a contingent of fake libs who paint 9/11 skepticism as a Conservative plot to make Dems look bad.

However, the facilitation of Islamic "terrorists" is a bipartisan problem, coyly facilitated by a bought and paid for media.

Nafeez Ahmed: "Subverting Terrorism"

It's a f'n sick Punch 'n' Judy show.

Although everyone likes to say "PNAC", Zbigniew Brzezinski planted the Pearl Harbor seed in the Think Tank collective conciousness in 1998 in "The Grand Chessboard".

Webster Tarpley's appearance

Webster Tarpley's appearance on Mike Malloy is being rebroadcast right now.

"Jon, from an hobbyist

"Jon, from an hobbyist week-end drummer, CONGRAT for the great solo. Inspired be Mister Peart?"

:) That is Mr. Peart... :) I was just playing.

:) You got me there. I

:) You got me there. I noticed few weeks ago you stated that you used to bang the drums... When listening to the clip though, I was wondering that it wasn't maybe... you know, too good to be 'Gold'. :) Gotme!

The rhythm method... More

The rhythm method... More obvious when played on the hifi that it was on the laptop. ;)

"As for conspiracy theories,

"As for conspiracy theories, Stone says he's aware of them, but doubts whether the Bush administration would have actively planned the WTC attacks."....

Is Stone implying some LIHOP here at least?

I don't know... Stone said

I don't know... Stone said BushCo benefited from it, but in the same whiff, stated that "we overreacted".
I'm puzzled about where Stone really stand on the issue. Can't wait to see the film in order to get my own opinion about the sound of explosion, molten metal and how WTC7 is portrayed.

my radio collective,

my radio collective, has decided to rebroadcast "Taking Aim". we're not sure when, exactly but i think in the meantime, I'll just play it right after my show 6-8pm, pst, so this wednesday, listen for Taking Aim on at 8pm. then check the stream of for Chronic Dislocator's new show there. Way to be there, Dislocator!!!
taking the airwaves in san diego and www streams globally.

What did people think of the

What did people think of the man who called in during the second hour and said Bowman was a Left Gatekeeper promoting LIHOP-light theories?

That guy is a regular caller to Tarpley's show. Today he said "Tarpley I don't trust these Lt. Colonels and neither should you."

Has anyone actually heard Bowman make a MIHOP statement? What was your take on his performance today?

Dislocator's show on pirate

Dislocator's show on pirate 96.9 happens at 9 pm pst.

wednesdays. sheesh. sorry.

wednesdays. sheesh. sorry.

Dan, that guy was actually a

Dan, that guy was actually a woman. Jane I think was her name. I've heard her call in before and she gets a little out of control sometimes. I don't think she had heard of Bowman before.

Bowman is MIHOP all the way. I think he seems pretty legit, and it sounds like he has a pretty good chance of making it to the House. We all know about those voting machines though....

I also think it's pretty interesting that he's been contacting other like-minded candidates running in other parts around the country. He made it sound like they had some kind of plan, but didn't elaborate to keep it under wraps.

Israel denies testing EXOTIC

Israel denies testing EXOTIC WEAPONS in Lebanon. Doctors describr corpses that shrank and are blackened, clothes unburned.

Global Lightning and

Global Lightning and Vigilant Guardian drills...When are they being run this year?

Come to and find out.

Falseflagnews is a great

Falseflagnews is a great website, Im spreading the word out.

'Theories about 9/11' is

'Theories about 9/11' is still on the front page of Go C-SPAN!

You don't have to be a

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize we've been lied to about 9/11, just have a desire to know the truth.

The one in three Americans

The one in three Americans believe inside job story is spreading like wildfire across small and medium size city newspapers:,1886,AND_8203_4895005,...

also there was just one in the Ventura County CA newspaper

The Porter Goss

The Porter Goss investigation must have found something for him to resign as quickly as he did after Foggo's resignation.
Has anyone heard anything more about this?

Just came back from Wacken

Just came back from Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany, and I gave Ministry a big thx for "Lies Lies Lies" on last friday. Hope to have some pictures soon.

That is Mr. Peart... I was

That is Mr. Peart... I was just playing.
Jon Gold | Homepage | 08.05.06 - 11:15 pm | #

Since I know you are a Rush fan now jon I have to ask: Have you ever listened closely to the words in "Limelight" ?

There's some potential

There's some potential truthers for ya!

Demontrations are overrated.

Demontrations are overrated. We should just focus on letting family members know that it doesn't take a genius to figure out we were lied to about 9/11, only a desire to know the truth.

And an internet connection.

And an internet connection.

Itsaputon, demonstrations

Itsaputon, demonstrations are an excellent way to get msm coverage that we need!

Ministry rules. your lucky

Ministry rules. your lucky as hell.

I've been unable to load the

I've been unable to load the RBN Tarpley archive page since last night, to listen to the show.

For that matter none of the RBN hosts archive pages will load:

With no end in sight to the RBN archive pages being offline, could someone who got the MP3s in time upload them somewhere for us?

"Since I know you are a Rush

"Since I know you are a Rush fan now jon I have to ask: Have you ever listened closely to the words in "Limelight" ?"

Honestly, no...

I've been unable to load the

I've been unable to load the RBN Tarpley archive page since last night, to listen to the show.

For that matter none of the RBN hosts archive pages will load:

With no end in sight to the RBN archive pages being offline, could someone who got the MP3s in time upload them somewhere for us?