Killtown Makes the News

Conspiracy theorists blog that Flight 93 photo is fake

...Killtown's blog links to hundreds of conflicting witness accounts and news stories, video and photos of suspicious damage and debris, and other 9/11 conspiracy blogs, attempting to build up a preponderance of doubt about the government's claims. Killtown posits whether the World Trade Center towers were brought down by explosives, and whether the Pentagon was hit by a missile. (The blogger identified only as Killtown could be reached only via e-mail. He or she agreed to be interviewed without ever revealing identity and never got in phone contact with this reporter.)

About Mrs. McClatchey's "End of Serenity," Killtown concludes that either the smoke plume in the photo came from a bomb blast closer to her house, or that the picture was faked by Mrs. McClatchey or the FBI. Killtown writes: "If the first is true, then Val may be off the hook. If any of the latter two are the case, then Val, you got some splainin' to do!" He then proceeds to post her home address, phone number and personal e-mail information.

Mrs. McClatchey acknowledged that a lot of people are alleging she fabricated the photo, but she stands by its authenticity. Days after Sept. 11, neighbors saw the image, still in her camera. The camera and computer were new, and she didn't have access to Photoshop or any other photo-altering software.

"I know that photo is completely legitimate," Mrs. McClatchey said. "Other people saw the same thing I saw." ...

In other news...


CNN and AOL and while you're at it, rate this baby up at Yahoo!

It's interesting how the

It's interesting how the article portrays bloggers as mean-spirited, nefarious people whereas McClatchey gets the status of victim. Fair and balanced!

I hadn't even really heard of this photo beforehand, but I thought it suspect that they sort of gloss over the inconsistencies, and focus on the alledged harassment of this lady.

A reader posted some time

A reader posted some time ago a list he was updating about prominent skeptics of the official conspiracy theories.
Do u have that link, or some others?



Get the DVD of "V For Vendetta" (just out)

At the main menu screen, the sound is of some snippets of various dialog that the actors speak. And one of them is: "if the government was involved, would you really want to know?" You leave the main menu up and it plays over and over and over...

Did Anyone See James Fetzer On Foxnews Last Night?

Just got home from work, surprised that there is no mention of it. He was on "The Heartland with John Kasich. I thought he did really well, got a lot in about explosives in towers 1 and 2. He tried to sneak wtc7 in there at the end, but of course they cut him off and proceeded to plug some shill book called "Debunking 911 Myths."

I caught it in the late am last night in bed. It was horrible. First off Fetzer always looks like he's being interviewed while he's on the toilet, look at his face. Secondly, the 'host' wouldn't let fetzer talk at all, in fact at one point the host cut him off for the 5th time saying "well i don;t want to debate the science of this". Of course, they let the CIA counterpoint guest talk to his heart's content about how sickened he was by ST911. The sham was finalized by redirecting the conversation into more of the 'you shouldn;t be teaching this to students, i believe in free speech but this goes over the line' crap.

The best part: the end of the 'interview' they THANKED and PLUGGED popular mechanics for their new book and or whatever it is. Gee, what a peice of objective reporting that was.

James Fetzer On Fox News?, disappointing

This is my first post, and i'm fairly new to the 9/11 truth movement. I've only really been actively persuing it for about 8 or 9 months..

But the other night I saw James Fetzer on either fox news or MSNBC. one of the big nationwide broadcats. And i was very disappointed.

I only caught the last half, but i believe the topic was about that substitue teacher who was fired for his beliefs of 9/11. And any time Fetzer was given an opportunity to speak, he just went on with his 9/11 truth rant, making him look fanatical instead of sane minded. Instead of answering the question posed.

If this was the first i'd heard of a coverup for 9/11, i would not believe it myself because fetzer portrayed himself as a pompous ass instead of someone halfway reasonable, with valid information.

did anyone else see this?

I didn't see Fetzer's

I didn't see Fetzer's performance but I can make a few intelligent observations:

1) I'm sure they invited Fetzer and not someone else because he can appear to be "on the fringe" and lets his emotions carry him sometimes. I personally can understand why, but seeing from the outside in, can marginalize him.

2) You have to understand the context of the interview, where the infotainer makes it tough for Fetzer, while licking the anus of anyone who is there to oppose him.

In case you didn't see

1.) How come AOL polls seem

1.) How come AOL polls seem to swing in the favor or the Govt?

2.) Where is the Poll for Yahoo? or is there one?

3.) If there is no conspiracy about 9/11 then why was everybody afraid of Oliver Stone doing a movie? Stone's JFK "conspiracy" is based on Thousands of pages from various books, he didnt invent it.

4.) I heard complaints about Fetzer before.... Can we tell certain members of the movement to avoid TV exposure for the good of the entire movement....I mean every company/movement has a SPOKESPERSON, I say we try to Get Jim Hoffman, and David Ray Griffin to do all of our National TV exposure

AOL is more mainstream

AOL is more mainstream America. Every shlub who got a PC for Christmas over the past 10 years got an AOL account, and the less their level of internet competance, the more likely they're still using that as their ISP.

Not that every AOL user is an idiot... just a lot of them. : )

Rump: If one pays 25$ for


If one pays 25$ for dialup internet, one is an idiot.

I get tired of the tirade

I get tired of the tirade some 9/11 Truthers act like they're on. This is why it's hard for many Left Gatekeepers to jump on board...

Back to McClatchey. C'mon, a

Back to McClatchey. C'mon, a Real Estate Agent fake a photograph, copyright it, and try to peddle copies? Cracker please.

RJ, you never heard of a

RJ, you never heard of a patsy?

Why would Killtown post

Why would Killtown post someone's personal information against their will? How does that help get truth out?

It doesn't. It only makes the rest of us look like a**holes. The same for WINGTV. The goal is to make us all look like screaming a**holes who are insane. Which is worse than just looking like we're insane.


all those hoity toity idiots are gonna look like the biggest dumbasses when this is all viewed in hindsight!!

congrats killtown!!

all of yalls enduring work is really starting to rise

I have to agree with

I have to agree with researcher. Killtown has done some good research, but this whole flap about the photo of Flight 93 is a waste of time, and the write-up makes Killtown look like a deranged Internet stalker. You have to begin with the premise that the MSM will be hostile, and then frame your message accordingly. It's not a question of "selling out": it's a matter of responding strategically to a hostile audience. Badgering some woman in PA isn't going to help.

"Why would Killtown post

"Why would Killtown post someone's personal information against their will?"

All her info I posted was from HER own work website and the memorial website that advertises her photo. I even found her email on the internet!

So what is the big deal, that I conveniently posted it all on one page?

This photo says it

This photo says it all:

Just press ALT+PRTSCR and then paste it into Paint and zoom in. You can see clearly which one doesn't fit. Heh I'll bet 10 years from now they'll be using that photo as part of an IQ test. You know... "which one doesn't belong?"