TerrorStorm on Saturday, August 26th at 7PM Lakewood Theater, Dallas


Infowars is pleased to announce another great event hosted by Alex Jones featuring the Texas premiere of Jones' newest and most powerful documentary TerrorStorm on Saturday, August 26th at 7PM at the beautiful and historic Lakewood Theater.

Kevin Barrett article on

and Steven Jones, Fetzer,

and Steven Jones, Fetzer, etc

I hate AP... "Five years

I hate AP...

"Five years after the terrorist attacks, a community that believes widely discredited ideas about what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, persists and even thrives. Members trade their ideas on the Internet and in self-published papers and in books. About 500 of them attended a recent conference in Chicago."

If I was discredited, I wouldn't be here right now. Secondly, they continue to make it sound like we are a bunch of 9/11 Trekkors.

Terrorstorm with german

Not subtitles, a german

Not subtitles, a german translation...


I hate AP... "What really

I hate AP...

"What really happened, the national Sept. 11 Commission concluded after 1,200 interviews, was that hijackers crashed planes into the twin towers."

"The planes flew into the buildings, and the buildings came down..."



same article on

same article on abcnews


'9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Thriving'.. by the title it sounds like they are talking about bacteria in a culture dish..

It's been a few days since

It's been a few days since Kyle taunted Corporate Media with these questions.........

Eleven Questions Avoided by Corporate Media concerning DoD Lies & 9/11 CommissionCover-up

(time passes..............)

This kind of crap is exactly

This kind of crap is exactly why a MAJOR peaceful demonstration is needed. The world needs to see how truly large this movement is. Don't don't understand how hard it's been for the truth movement to get this far. I mean, I'm fairly new coming in in Febrary but, I've seen major changes since then. Regardless, people are still just unaware and because of that, we're just "crazy people livin' in our parents basement".

We need a large gathering with everybody and a friend (and a pet) there.

Thats great, I hope it gets

Thats great, I hope it gets picked up by the smaller news vendors. Getting 9/11 Truth infront of peoples faces is always a good thing, it gets people to ask questions, once that happens the offical theory is all over. I don't expect a supportive story about 9/11 until someone (Prof. Jones?) produces hard evidence of CD. Everything else can be explained away due to incompetence.

They should be commended for giving the url for st911 aswell.

Oh, and I was replyin' to

Oh, and I was replyin' to the yahoo article not terrorstorm, by the way. :-)

ST911.org recent

Newsvine Survey Do You

My vote is in. No is up by

My vote is in. No is up by a bunch right now though....

TerrorStorm is absolutely

TerrorStorm is absolutely kick ass, tho gets a bit long toward the end, the first hour alone tho, wow.

Some people criticize Alex Jones, but I think hes a hero in my book...as he really goes after truly evil corruption, like big pharma using poor foster kids as lab rats(glaxo) or spreading AIDS to hundreds of thousands(Bayer)...so not just 9/11, but he is exposing every sinister manifestation of the new world order.

Im hoping more people get tuned into him thru CSpan or A Scanner Darkly. Also I wish I could go to this Dallas event. Jim Marrs is awesome, and is DEAD ON when saying to understand 9/11 we must understand JFK.

alex jones gets an

alex jones gets an especially bad rap around here in my opinion.