Huge Opportunity To Expose The 9/11 Commission Whitewash Of The Crime Of Our Time

Next Sunday, Aug. 13th, Lee Hamilton, co-chair of the 9/11 Commission will be on Meet the Press with Tim Russert. believe it's on at 10:30 am EST on NBC.

Let's flood Tim's inbox with powerful questions for the consummate cover-up con artist who has been concealing the crimes of the elite since Iran-Contra! Just go to here to make your suggestion. You can use "The 571 Page Lie", by David Ray Griffin as a resource available here.

We should include at least one question about why the Commission accepted NORAD's lies as recently reported in the Washington Post. There is no shortage of angles, that's for sure. By the way, this article may be one of our very best tools to pierce through the wide array of deception. This should go to every elected official and candidate for office.

Les Jamieson
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Russert will not ask

Russert will not ask anything of substance. i say we flood his in-box with the interview he did with Jack Blood so that he knows we are watching.somebody hit me with the link, im sure someone here has it......

Question for Lee Hamilton

Question for Lee Hamilton (MTP: 8/13):

In light of the recent article in Vanity Fair, why did the 9/11 Commission fail to mention the over 20 war games conducted on the morning of Sept. 11, 2006?

“I've never seen so much real-world stuff happen during an exercise.” ~ Major James Fox.

Hey Chris, I forgot about

Hey Chris, I forgot about that Russert interview, good one, gotta dig that up!!!!

Anyone hear Russert's 911

Anyone hear Russert's 911 comments on Jack Blood's show last month??

Well, it's worth a try. But

Well, it's worth a try. But I honestly doubt Russert would ask any important, hard questions.

Anyone hear Russert's 911

Anyone hear Russert's 911 comments on Jack Blood's show last month??
Kleetus McKenzie | 08.07.06 - 9:54 pm | #
yes sir, you got a link? like i said above, we should all send that to Russert. for him, as a journalist, to be upstaged by some internet reporter like Jack Blood has got to be embarrasing as hell. if he gets enough of that interview sent to him i think it will send a great message. also, SBG, you get the link i sent you about the Oliver Stone story in USA Today? they mention WTC7, etc.

and when i say "some

and when i say "some internet reporter" when speaking about Jack Blood,im not bashing him. Jack Blood earned all my respect when he confronted Russert like he did.

Meet the Press

Meet the Press mailbox:

Here is what I just sent Timbo:

Mr. Russert, please ask Lee Hamilton the following questions about 9/11.

(1) If whistleblower Sibel Edmonds knows how the alleged hijackers were funded, why is she being gagged?

(2) Why did the 9/11 Commission not mention in their report the fact that the head of Pakistani intelligence, General Mahmound Ahmad, directed $100,000 to be wired to Mohammed Atta before the attacks and why did Ahmad meet with our Congressional intelligence leaders on the morning of 9/11?

(3) Why didn't the 9/11 Commission include this testimony from Norman Mineta in their report?
Mineta: "During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President...the plane is 50 miles out...the plane is 30 miles out....and when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out, the young man also said to the vice president "do the orders still stand?" And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said "Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary!??" (Mr. Russert, this contradicts what Mr. Cheney told you just after 9/11 -- why wasn't this plane shot down if the White House was tracking it?)

(4) Who was coordinating the multiple (at least five) wargames exercises on the morning of 9/11 that left only four or so aircraft to protect the eastern seaboard? That can't be a coincidence, can it?

(5) Why did the 9/11 Commission include information from NORAD in their report if they believed NORAD lied so badly that the Commission wanted to refer the matter to the Justice Department? (see recent Washington Post article). Why didn't the Commission mention NORAD's dishonesty in their report?

Here's the Russert interview

Oh my God. I'd never heard

Oh my God. I'd never heard this interview before. Russert clearly cowers away from this one. He won't touch 9/11 with a ten foot pole. Now I understand why everyone here is predicting likewise this coming Sunday. YEESH.

Just sent Russert this: When

Just sent Russert this:

When you interview Lee Hamilton from the 9/11 Ommission Commission, please do me a favor and ask him why Building 7 fell like a perfect controlled demolition when it was never hit by a plane. We're not buying the laughable "diesel fuel" fairy tale anymore. Also, why it's owner, Larry Silverstein, admitting "pulling it" on the PBS documentary "America Rebuilds". "Pull It" is demolition industry slang for when they bring a building down via controlled demolition. But I'm sure you know that.

Contrary to what you "journalists" in the MSM think, we are not as stupid as you'd hoped. We know 9/11 was an inside job carried out by elements of our own government. This fact is MORE THAN OBVIOUS. I think it's due time you do your job and report the facts, instead of covering up the crime of the century. Which, by the way, makes you an accomplice after the fact. Good day.

russert may ask surprise

russert may ask surprise questions...

you never know.

Questions for Mr.

Questions for Mr. Hamilton:

1) What were the results of the FBI investigation of the WTC hard drive data recovery by Convar, reported in December 2001, indicating a massive surge in money transfers through WTC computers immediately prior to and coincident with the attacks? Convar has since been acquired by Kroll, which in turn was acquired by Marsh&McLennan. Marsh occupied the floors of WTC1 struck by AA11.

2) Why did the Secret Service allow President Bush to remain in his previously publicized location at Booker Elementary, 4 miles from Sarasota-Bradenton Airport, for at least 30 minutes after it was known that "America is under attack" and there were an unknown number of hijacked aircraft bearing down on high-profile US targets?

3) Who was responsible for moving up the Global Guardian war games from October to September? Who was responsible for including terrorist hijacking drills in the Vigilant Guardian/Warrior component, including actual "live-fly" actors and radar "inserts", in a period when the CIA and foreign intelligence services warned that terrorist hijacking attacks in the US were imminent. Who was responsible for the very specific information relayed from FAA headquarters to NEADS that AA11 was still airborne and heading south, 35 minutes after AA11 struck WTC1, drawing the Langley F-16s out over the Atlantic rather than toward DC?

hey Chris, not to sound like

hey Chris, not to sound like an asshole, but do you wanna add an initial after your first name so people can tell us apart?

Russert is a bitch. Russert

Russert is a bitch. Russert is whee politicans go when they want to give the illusion of being "grilled". Russert does a great job of making it look like hes being tough on guests, but never really asks the questions that need to be asked. check out the interview he did recently with the oil executives. it was laughable. it was plugged as this "hard hitting sitdown with the industries biggest execs". all it turned out to be was huge circle jerk.i have NO hope in Russert.

We could send 100 million

We could send 100 million emails to Russert and it would make zero difference, these Mainstream Media whores are going to remain complicit in the cover up regardless.
The issue will have to be shoved down their throats until they gag and cant breathe.

Jack Blood owned him in that interview and the "Convenient phone problems" didnt fool anyone.

"Here's the Russert

"Here's the Russert interview with Jack Blood: blood.html
somebigguy | Homepage | 08.07.06 - 10:15 pm | # "

Just listened... It was a blatant attempt by Russert to get off the call with Blood when serious questions were being asked by Jack Blood. What a shill and coward!

Keep in mind that Russert proudly wore his Bush/Cheney 2000 lapel pin during the 2000 elections.

Timmy's daddy, "Big Russ" wouldn't be so proud of his son after that performance.

I just watched MTP and, of

I just watched MTP and, of course, the NORAD timeline discrepancies were not mentioned even once. Surprise, Surprise.