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Neil Slade fires back. Here is his letter to the editor, don't know if it was actually published. Really well written and fires right back at the complicit media, please take the text of this letter alter it as necessary and use it wherever you see fit:

Your editorial today, following your groundbreaking headline yesterday for which you desired applause.....

"Disturbing trend of 9/11 skeptics"


Is the editor of the RMN THAT afraid of losing his job by towing the corporate line on this issue??

What is disturbing is editorials like this continue to promote the idea that TRUTH about 9/11 is nutty, a "conspiracy theory", and without merit, and unsupported by THOUSANDS of intelligent individuals of all professions, fully capable of understanding, logic, and reasoning.

What is disturbing is that the writers of such editorials can't add the simple 1+1 connect the incontrovertible physical and political dots of 9/11.

People all over this country-- 52% according to the recent Gallup poll- are starting to UNDERSTAND, and COMMUNICATE the obvious facts of 9/11 WITHOUT the aid of the major media, that has done nearly everything to incomplete information, misleading information and false information-- a mouthpiece of the forces who made 9/11 happen.

And if anyone at your paper still thinks 19 incompetent stupid patsies from Saudi Arabia brought these buildings down under the direction of an ex CIA operative living in a cave in Afghanistan, your staff is far more ignorant than I had ever believed possible. As a nation, we are no longer buying this baloney.

Its about time the editors of papers like the News and Post catch up. Gee whiz already.

The 9/11 Truth movement is a steamroller for discovery, democracy, truth, and freedom. It was not started by, it has not been helped by, and it will not be stopped by such short sighted editorials such as that laid out for readers today.

We are now too educated to fall for this kind of thing any longer.

OT Okay, I sent this


Okay, I sent this following message to Smerconish at least 10 times in a row. [ ] [ ] I urge everyone to do the same. Whether you paste my message, part of my message or write your own message -- keep it solely about having professor Steven E. Jones as a guest on Scarborough Country. And send the message at least 10 times in a row so we flood his email. Email page [ ]

My message.

Dear, whomever

Good afternoon.

It has come to my attention that as of late, Mr. Smerconish has been attacking various 9/11 related information and news on MSNBC's Scarborough Country.

My message is a strong request -- rather, a strong challenge -- to have Brigham Young University Physics professor, Steven E. Jones, as a guest on Scarborough Country, to discuss and present his scientific findings of controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers and building 7 on September 11, 2001 [ ].

You can contact professor Steven E. Jones via his phone number and/or email address located at his BYU staff page [ ].

If Mr. Smerconish is so interested in covering 9/11 related information and news, then how about he show some actual courage (since he hasn't thus far) by having professor Steven E. Jones as a guest on MSNBC's Scarborough Country? And furthermore, by keeping quiet and letting professor Steven E. Jones actually present his findings, without having to fall "victim" to any of Mr. Smerconish's condescending atttude, remarks or unecessary interuptions.

If alternative theories for the 9/11 attacks -- steadily approaching verifiable, proven fact -- inparticularly, the hypothesis that the World Trade Center towers and building 7 were actually destroyed by controlled demolition, are deemed by Mr. Smerconish as crazy, then there should be no objection to him having profesor Steven E. Jones as a guest, and letting the "crazy" professor simply have his say. Also having professor Steven E. Jones as a guest for a decent length segment, where professor Steven E. Jones can present his findings uninterupted for at least 5+ minutes. And having absolutely NO mention of the Pentagon by Mr. Smerconish in any way, shape and/or form whatsoever.

Prove your bravery and courage, Mr. Smerconish. Take the challenge. I dare you.

In addition, I challenge Mr. Smerconish to show this video [ ] of the collapse of World Trade Center building 7, on MSNBC's Scarborough Country, when he has professor Steven E. Jones as a guest. And to show it a few times in a row -- start to finish -- so that the viewers really get to see it. Because when Mr. Smerconish recently had Michael Berger as a guest, the video clip shown once of building 7's collapse was quite possibly the worst video of the collapse of building 7 -- of any video available -- in every respect.

Mr. Smerconish, I hereby challenge you. And I dare you.

This question is directly to Mr. Smerconish. Are you courageous, or are you a coward?

I challenge you. I dare you. I dare you. I dare you.

Until you take the challenge, I consider you to be nothing but a coward. I would really love to see you in a courageous light.

So take the challenge!

Sincerely, Jesse

Good stuff - Ø®£Z

Good stuff - Ø®£Z - !!!

Us as Activists are getting reeealllly busy as of late, get to it!

I STRONGLY suggest adding

I STRONGLY suggest adding Alex Jones to that letter because he handles mainstram neo cons better than anyone else. He will wipe the floor with em.

This is good, this is

This is good, this is good!


complicit media what did the

complicit media

what did the mcmedia have their hands in the 911 pie somehow? to what degree are they complicit i wonder.

they're definitely complicit

they're definitely complicit in the coverup

killer. one point of

killer. one point of clarification:

the term is "TOEING" the line, as in, standing at attention on the line in a military line-up. one is not pulling anything.

Nice work, I'm going to NYC

Nice work, I'm going to NYC for the 5th with my 'Iowan's for 9/11 Truth t shirt



My only suggestion would be

My only suggestion would be to have Kevin Barrett to appear along with Prof. Jones, because Jones is so soft spoken that in front of these Neofascist freaks shouting like they are in a burning asylum he just can not get his point across.

Alex Jones would be good BUT problem with him is the press can easily make him out to be a nut with all the things he has said on air and recorded for decades.

Barrett however is a well spoken Prof. with no past for the press to dig up.

Alex Jones would be good BUT

Alex Jones would be good BUT problem with him is the press can easily make him out to be a nut with all the things he has said on air and recorded for decades.

Nunyabiz | 08.08.06 - 11:16 am | #
wrong. Alex Jones mind is like a rolodex, the guy can fire off the entire history of false flag ops with the blink of an eye. Alex Jones,unlike say Barrett or S.Jones would not be afraid to get on air and say EVERYTHING he feels and knows about 9/11 and our government.please, check his appearance on Showbiz Tonight and tell me you wouldnt kill to have him say those exact things on CNN or in primetime.if the "movement" doesnt back up true patriots like Alex Jones, who the hell will?

I was so pissed off at the

I was so pissed off at the RMN this time I left in a couple of typing/grammer errors-- no big deal, I think they got the message.