Horatio Sans of SNL fame is 9/11 Aware

Gary Franchi Jr writes:

While on the ground at the recent 3 day Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, the Lone Lantern team was armed with 200 9/11 Truth DVDs. Diligently prepared by Mr. Gibbs each DVD was accompanied by one of Carol Brouillet's Deception Dollars.

One by one the DVDs were distributed, some taken with eager anticipation others rejected with repulsed ignorance.
The distribution continued to very supportive crowds, "Right on, man!" replied one person; "We're with you!" shouted others. "No thank you, my friend is in the Marines and I support the troops..." stated another while I replied "...as do I."

As the last DVD was in my hand, night was drawing close, and the Chili Peppers were soon to go on, a portly fellow with sunglasses and a loud shirt walked near me. Accompanied by an assumed staff member the man walked closer. His face was strangely familiar and his name came to me, “Horatio” I thought, but still uncertain I approached him to ask.

“You look familiar what is your name?” I asked
“Horatio” he replied.
“Would you like a free DVD about the truth of 9/11, the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center?” I questioned.
“Oh, you mean Loose Change?’ he replied.
“Yeah, that is on the disk too, along with Evidence to the Contrary and Painful Deceptions, it’s the last one.”
“Sure, I’ll take it.” He said, as I placed the DVD in his hand.
“Horatio, could I get a picture?” I turned on the camera, stretched out my arm, and snapped a picture with the last of my battery. Then he thanked me, and walked away led by his staff.

Horatio Sans of Saturday Night Live, already knew about “Loose Change”. In fact the way he said it to me was as if everyone on the planet knew about that film, like it was a matter of fact. I’m wondering now, about the people he would show the films to, and who else in the celebrity circuit knows the truth? Who else has seen “Loose Change”? We know we have Charlie Sheen, Ed Asner and the whispers of Bruce Willis from the set of “Scanner Darkly”. Now the circle of truth widens as does the margins in the polls, in our favor. The majority of New Yorkers don’t believe the official story, what about the cast and crew of Saturday Night Live? Will Horatio and others soon come out with the same courage of truth?

Maybe Mel Gibson is next...

Maybe Mel Gibson is next...

A new "plot" for our beloved

A new "plot" for our beloved terror industry. I wonder why these alleged 21st century terrorists never have any demands. They're fighting for... nothing...


The plot involved hiding masked liquid explosives and detonators in carry-on luggage, Chertoff said. ('Untold death and destruction' planned -- 2:37)

One government official said the terrorists had hoped to target flights to major airports in New York, Washington and California, all major summer tourist destinations.

Chertoff said the plotters were "getting close to the execution phase."

Chertoff is deeply connected

Chertoff is deeply connected to 9/11. and im not just talking about his cousin writing hit pieces.

"all the hallmarks or al

"all the hallmarks or al qaeda" is what they say. uh huh. of course. pardon me while i puke now........

Watched the online CNN video

Watched the online CNN video of a piece of shit fear mongerer from Scotland Yard instead. Disgusting.

I fell asleep with the radio

I fell asleep with the radio on and woke up in the middle of the night and it was wall-to-wall coverage of this shit. It's the same thing every time, they basically milk these guys and string 'em along, then foil the plot and cover everything up in the name of national security. Or, they pull the string, enchance the effects and set up the patsies. If nothing else, think about how much Tarpley and Co. have taught us about how this tuff works.

Also an interesting

Also an interesting coincidence: it targeted flights from the U.K. to the U.S. - from one conspirator to the other.

Terror Plot Mirrors Bojinka:

Terror Plot Mirrors Bojinka: Run By US Government Agent

Prison Planet | August 10 2006

MSNBC reports that the dastardly new terror plot is a re-hash of Operation Bojinka - a 1995 plot to blow up 10 Western airliners simultaneously. What they don't report is that its ringleader - Ramzi Youssef - was protected by the US government in 1992.

In September of 1992 Youssef entered the US with Ahmad Ajaj. Ajaj's luggage contained documents on how to make bombs and was stuffed with fake passports and ID's.

Ajaj was arrested - amazingly Youssef was released.

Youssef later masterminded the WTC '93 bombing after FBI agents provided the terrorists with real explosives under cover of a supposed sting operation.

Ramzi Youssef is a US government agent and his Bojinka plot - supposedly foiled by his intelligence agency bosses - is now being used as the latest monster under the bed to scare US and UK citizens into surrendering what's left of their rights.

Yay! I heard Violent Fems

Yay! I heard Violent Fems playing at LalaChicago while I was house sitting for one of my friends (friday) ~ Her pad is overlooking Grant park ~ and I wondered if any Truthers would be out ... Good for you for taking such an opp ;)

As to the crew of Saturday

As to the crew of Saturday Night Live and others with access to our airwaves; if they are courageous they will find a way, and quickly. Else they can teach their children how they were so afraid that they surrendered all right to the phrase "Home of the Brave".

I sent a case of 100 LC2E to

I sent a case of 100 LC2E to a NYC Agent who handles the top comics in the city and he passed them out to the SNL folks as well as several other comedy shows.

He says the responses were "freaky" and people took them gladly. Maybe Horatio was one of them.

It is fitting to use the

It is fitting to use the word "deception" in the same sentence as "Carol Brouillet".

Imagine a "leading" 911 "truth" 'activist' who's running for Congress but will not question Bush about Bush's own incriminating self-implicating 9/11 witness statements, and you've just imagined fake 911 truther Carol Brouillet (and lying Bob Bowman, too)! (Such blatantly fake opposition by such people should be excoriated, not cheered or supported. Lies of omission are the worst...)

CB, and her deceptive paper propaganda (contains domain names of many fake-opposition 911 web sites, and makes it seem as if being anti-911-lie is just being anti-Bush), is a cheerleader for the government's own limited-hangout (LIHOP) 911 "truth" 'movement', a closed ring of mutually-supportive limited-truth hijacker-blaming people and web sites who do quarrel with the government's version of events, just not about any of the big lie-breaking evidence. (John Judge of 911citizenswatch went on for 149 pages ostensibly detailing the govt's omissions from its 571-page report, yet, coincidentally, he, too, omitted the very same most-smoking-gun evidence of all, same as the 9-11 Commission he was supposedly opposing -- that is precisely how fake opposition works. So let's hear from all the coincidence theorists out there about why we should not out Jon Gold's good friend John Judge as a government disinformation agent...)

As long as enough cheerleaders (think Jon Gold...) are telling everybody how wonderful the limited-hangout aproach to 9/11 is, it's possible for nearly everybody to get the wrong idea, and never go beyond the government's lie-protecting limited-hangout (LIHOP).

Beware the fake-opposition lie-protectors! http://911u.org/CoDR/graphics/2heads,sameMonster.gif


IMHO, the best single measure of a 9/11 presentation's value is how
impossible the presenter makes it for people to keep clinging to the
belief that they can blame "Muslim hijackers" for 9/11. Further, if
the presentation tries to advance that unfounded belief (especially
subliminally), then it is acting as government propaganda.


Horatio Sans rules. Peter

Horatio Sans rules. Peter Dale Scott rules. Lou Dobbs rules. Jeff Rense rules. Lenny Bloom rules. Jack Cafferty rules. Amy Goodman you can stick up your ass. Noam Chomsky you can stick up your ass. Madonna you can stick up your ass. Al Franken you can stick up your ass. Left wing phonies who fail to address the truth of 911 you can stick up your ass.....

chertoff heads a fictional

chertoff heads a fictional govt agency called the department of homeland security

it did not exist prior to 9-11, and its agents have no powers

Chertoff was also involved,

Chertoff was also involved, prior to his DHS role, in helping to stand down an investigation of terrorist funding and the PTech business.