Lionel goes 9/11 Crazy

Lionel - August 9, 2006 - Hour 1
Why are the mainstream media suddenly covering 9/11 truth seekers? Why all of a sudden? Who gave them the green light? For the first time in almost five years the MSM are asking questions and broaching the subject. What took them so long?

Lionel - August 9, 2006 - Hour 2
In a vain attempt to ask the same question that was asked in hour one, Lionel found that the critically intelligence-challenged failed to get it. Alas. Lionel persevered. Lionel also spoke with some callers who had their own exegeses on 9/11.

Lionel - August 7, 2006 - Hour 2
The mainstream media are starting to cover 9/11 investigators for the first time in almost five years. Even O'Reilly had on a conspiracy debunker. Lionel finds this newfound interest in 9/11 very interesting to say the least.

Lionel - August 7, 2006 - Hour 3
More of the above. There are simply no words adequate enough to explicate just how fascinating 9/11 discussions are. This hour has some great and insightful callers. Very querulous. Listen for the fellow from DC. Where were the eyewitnesses?

All of Lionel's shows are available here:

Thanks to Vincent for sending this in.

"The monkeys dead, the shows

"The monkeys dead, the shows over... Sue ya!"

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Lionel (real name: Michael LeBron) is a popular, nationally syndicated, centrist radio talk show host based in New York City. As of October 2005, he hosts a three-hour radio talk show six days a week (10 p.m.-1 a.m. ET weekdays, 5-8 p.m. ET Saturdays), based at the studios of the legendary WOR (710 AM) in New York. Many feel his voice sounds very similar to actor Joe Pesci.

Lionel, originally a lawyer by profession (graduate of Stetson Law School, former prosecutor, former defense lawyer), began his radio career as a host at news-talk powerhouse WFLA (970 AM) in his hometown of Tampa from 1988 to 1994. For years, Lionel had tormented talk hosts as a caller -- "a chronic," to use the industry term -- even adopting different personae. His calls were so entertaining that in the fall of 1988, WFLA management called and offered him a chance to move behind the microphone, first as a weekend host and soon thereafter as part of the weekday lineup. When he did, he quickly became a ratings success, using a lively mix of humor and current events.

He was hired away by WABC (770 AM), a news-talk powerhouse in New York, when a former ABC network president heard Lionel's show during vacations in Florida and lured him to the Big Apple. As in Tampa, he set ratings records for WABC as its morning-drive host during the mid-1990s.

In the late '90s, toward the end of his tenure at WABC, Lionel also hosted the CourtTV law show, "Snap Judgment." In 2000, Lionel began his national radio show, appropriately titled "The Lionel Show," originally syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks but dropped in 2001 after a network shakeup. His show was syndicated by independent Rex Broadcasting until 2003, when it was picked up by WOR (and the WOR Radio Network) in New York.

Source: Wikipedia

Centist ?

Centrist, my butt. Try pinko !

I have been a HUGE Lionel

I have been a HUGE Lionel fan for several months now. Primarily because of the respectful attention he has shown the 9/11 Truth movement.

Lionel reassures me that I am not living in Oz. Listening to him is not only enlightening, but it is therapeutic. He is so lucid, so rational, so logical in his approach to the topic of 9/11 Truth that I have become absolutely addicted to his show.

If you are a Truther and you have not listened to Lionel yet, I HIGHLY recommend that you tune in. If you have trouble with the links provided here, you can go directly to his site at

The August 9th show is among the best I've heard thus far.

People here gotta start

People here gotta start sending Lionel the best links we got. He could be a major asset to the Truth cause imo.

Beware 911 truthers who are

Beware 911 truthers who are more interested in talking about 911 truthers (ie, themselves/ourselves) than about 9/11 -- that's all part of the tactics of the distractive diversive phony fake-opposition 911 "truth" 'movement'.

Hey Chris, Who is Lionel? I

Hey Chris,

Who is Lionel?

I am hesitant, for I fear its another raving talk-show-host.