Movie: Protocols of Zion

Check it out here:

Dem Bruce Lee Styles writes:

I started watching this film thinking it was going to be some kind of propaganda, anti 9/11-Truth BS. I’d already checked the trailer for it months back, and after seeing the subtitle “Did you hear no Jews died on 9/11?”, I felt slightly pissed. Because I thought that here was probably another biased, big budget production smearing anyone who questions 9/11 with that tired cliché of “anti-Semitic nazi scumbag”. Surprisingly though I liked it. I think it gets a lot of things wrong as far as 911-Truth and other things go. For example even the production company is called “Blowback”. Which is suggestive of the thesis pushed most prominently by Noam Chomsky, that 9/11 was the result of US foreign policy coming back to bite it in the ass, in other words “Blowback”. But overall it’s not bad.

In relation to the Israeli intelligence connections to the attacks, it does what I thought was actually a relatively good job on the five Israeli Intelligence agents, who were arrested after filming and celebrating the attacks. It’s even got the footage from the Israeli talk show where one of them states “our purpose was to document the event”. The narrator/director Marc Levin goes on to say that; “there are certainly real questions that remain. But there are also real dangers of jumping to conclusions about who to blame”. And that’s very true, no one should lump in all Jews with the few select scumbags running Israel etc, who give honest ordinary normal Jewish people a bad name. He doesn’t include the rest of the information connecting Israeli Intelligence to 9/11 though. Such as all of these reports in Paul Thompson’s book “The Terror Timeline”, or even Fox News’ reports on the busted Israeli spy ring. Nether does he mention Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement where he described 9/11 as quote “it's very good… well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)”.

But this film’s primary focus isn’t so much about going in-depth into the possible Israeli Intelligence connection to 9/11. If it were, it would also have to mention the Pakistani ISI connection to the 9/11 attacks to show balance. And the director had a perfect opportunity to do so, when covering the horrific murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, whose death is also linked to the Pakistani ISI. Instead though it largely covers modern-day anti-Semitic attitudes, and for the most part I completely agree with the film’s sentiment. The normal Jew on the street had about as much to do with 9/11 as the average Arab did. That’s a simple fact, and if you look at any part that Israeli Intelligence might have played in 9/11, or even just the actions of the people running the state of Israel, none of that adheres to the Ten Commandments. “Thou shalt not murder" BROKEN, “"Thou shalt not steal." BROKEN, "Thou shalt not covet your neighbor's house..." BROKEN. "Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor" (e.g. pin the attack on Arabs) BROKEN. These people aren’t Jewish, period. And if it takes the truth about 9/11 for some people to realise that, then so be it. Indeed many real Jews like Rabbi Michael Lerner of the Tikkun movement “Salute Amazing 9/11 Truth Efforts”. So overall as good as this film may be, if it had represented 9/11-Truth accurately the movie would have been infinitely more powerful. But at least it’s not exactly the terrible piece of overly biased garbage that I initially thought it to be, and for that reason despite its flaws, I highly recommend it.

Bill Douglas writes:

A brand new documentary on anti-Semitism just released on Cinemax cable movie channel called "Protocols of Zion" THROUGH DECEPTIVE ASSOCIATION IMAGES fragment America away from the physical evidence proving 9/11 was an inside job. The physical evidence of 9/11 has resulted in nearly 50% of Americans now suspecting US govt. complicity. This film distorts the 9/11 truth movement and deceptively weaves it in with neo-nazi and anti-semetic movements.

This documentary showed the iconic image of the 9/11 truth movement, the protest signs "Stop the 9/11 Cover Up" which appear in media and across the world on websites, and while the camera focused on this iconoclastic image of the 9/11 truth movement's "Stop the 9/11 Cover Up" signs being held at ground zero, the narrator and people being interviewed talked about how the 9/11 truth movement was an anti-Semitic paranoid effort.

This of course is nonsense. who produced those signs has never made any claims that even hinted at anti-Semitism, and has never tolerated such lunatic ideas. has always been a physical evidence based organization and would never endorse, or tolerate the kind of wingnut concepts as the hate groups this documentary was about. is dedicated to an examination of the physical facts of 9/11 for the good of the American people, the families and victims of 9/11, and for the world.


I know that all mainstream 9/11 truth groups have never espoused or tolerated any lunatic anti-Semitic concepts. But now we must also speak out and make it clear to the media that anti-Semites are NOT part of this "physics, fact based movement for truth," and tell the media that those who speak in anti-Semitic terms are very possibly cointell pro meant to discredit this 9/11 truth movement, and to stop average Americans from looking at the real facts of 9/11 that point to US govt. involvement.


CONTACT THINKFILM: 1-212-444-7900 and at 1-416-488-0037
Before you call the above film distribution company with your complaint about the film, email major media with the below message, so that when you call the film distribution company you can inform them you that you have already contacted the media. Let them know you've informed the media regarding this defamation of the 9/11 truth movement thru use of the iconoclastic signs from and the overlaid audio making it appear that 9/11 truth activists were connected with the anti-Semitic groups this documentary covered. Also, let them know you are urging to file a lawsuit for defamation. LET THEM KNOW OUR MOVEMENT IS ABOUT "PHYSICAL EVIDENCE" AND NOT ABOUT THEORIES INVOLVING THE TYPE OF PEOPLE IN THAT DOCUMENTARY, AND NEVER HAS BEEN !!

So, check it out, and post your opinion.

[dz: as usual, by covering a news item we are not in turn advocating the opinions contained. We do advocate our users being aware of what is coming out, and forming opinions - so watch the film for yourself and post your opinions in the comments]

nice write up, i'll have to

nice write up, i'll have to check it out.

^ Cheers Chris! Sbg thanks

^ Cheers Chris! Sbg thanks for getting this up dude, can you actually put the cover art up as a picture though? Because it looks very cool, and the link you posted to goes to something else I think, hereÂ’s the pic;

^ But IÂ’ve got a feeling thatÂ’s actually to a bit to big for the blog, so IÂ’ll down size it and up it on, give me a few secondsÂ…...

LOL, what's up with the

LOL, what's up with the double posts. Anyway Sbg is this ok for size;

Although looking at the

Although looking at the thread size already, including the cover art would make the thing giant. So in fact it's cool with me either way man, it's your call.

Are you people on

Are you people on crack?

This film shows the NY 911 TRuth people at ground zero indicating that we are anti-semitic. is actually considering legal action.

This movie is designed to make the entire 9/11 Truth movement look like a anti-semitic organization. it is a cointelpro operation of the worst kind. the roots of this company has already been traced to Washington DC


Are you people on

Are you people on crack?

This film shows the NY 911 TRuth people at ground zero indicating that we are anti-semitic. is actually considering legal action.

This movie is designed to make the entire 9/11 Truth movement look like a anti-semitic organization. it is a cointelpro operation of the worst kind. the roots of this company has already been traced to Washington DC

John Albanese | 08.10.06 - 10:33 am | #

^ Get out of town, sry man but you chat raw stinking horseshit! I thought the same thing dumbass, and in fact this films not bad at all. Here are some caps for you, HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN IT?

And regardless, even if it

And regardless, even if it was totally bullshit as I ALSO initially thought, we should all see it anyway and see what it "saying about us".

If is

If is considering legal action as you claim, then that to me doesnÂ’t make sense, and would be dumb mistake and MASSIVE waste of vital funds. There are fucktards out there, and who even post here, who say "ITS ALL THE JEWS" etc, THEY are the ones who need to be confronted for damaging the image of 911truth. Blame the pricks at ground zero shooting their bigoted mouths off!

John, By covering something


By covering something it doesn't mean we are advocating it.. now, obviously DBLS thought that the movie was not trying to paint everyone who questions 9/11 as anti-semetic, and he wrote up an opinion piece on it to share. if you have a strong counter-opinion, please send it in, or post comments in this thread..

it is quite possible to take issue with the anti-semetic factions of 9/11 skeptics without painting all 9/11 skeptics as anti-semetic..

when we covered penn&teller's bullshit episode that painted all 9/11 skeptics as complete idiots we still covered it, otherwise people wouldn't be aware of what was being said about 9/11 skeptics.. there is a big difference between us covering something and us advocating something.

so, like i said, forward your own writeup to SBG and have him post it, or just post it in here.. or, let everyone watch it and make up their own opinions and take the appropriate actions..

i did see it and have been

i did see it and have been contacted by Bill Douglas from 911Visibility and spoken to Janice from regarding a coordinated legal action. Both agree that legal can and should be taken.

you should not call your fellow 9/11 activists names. the fact is that this film uses IMAGES of our group and connects them to the same anti-semitic groups that have been floating all of anti-semitic urban legends associated with jews and 9/11.

the very FACT that the film is called the "Protocols of Zion" while showing the towers burning and the quote "did you know jews did not show up for work" - and then shows pictures of MY group at ground zero should be a warning that this film is a hit-piece against 911 activists.

submit a writeup to SBG and

submit a writeup to SBG and have him append it.

Dem Bruce - you

Dem Bruce -

you said:

"Blame the pricks at ground zero shooting their bigoted mouths off!
Dem Bruce Lee Styles"

explain. seems like you are the only one shooting your mouth off - advocating a film that appears to intentionally smear the ny 911 truth activists - and now claiming we are pricks and bigoted?

can you explain this? are you even FROM New York? Can you possibly support this infammatory comment with some evidence of wrongdoing?

Thanks Dz, the guy

Thanks Dz, the guy couldnÂ’t have even seen it, but if he has great lets see his critique. If you havenÂ’t seen it John, then actually WATCH IT and discover that it's not exactly pro 9/11 truth, but its not that bad either. Then do a write up, and try not to let an unnecessarily wounded pride affect your judgement.

advocating a film that

advocating a film that appears to intentionally smear the ny 911 truth activists

well, i think his point is that it smears the anti-semetic 9/11 activists.. not that it smears all 9/11 activists..

i personally don't take issue with someone smearing anti-semetic people, because im not an anti-semite, but associating all 9/11 activists with being anti-semetic would of course be completely different.

DZ - who is SBG and how

DZ - who is SBG and how would I submit it?

The last several submissions i made - via your homepage link - including my editorial which received wide attention on "historians under fire" and David Ray Griffin was submitted to 911Blogger - but did not run.

i think you guys are probably overwhelmed with submissions and the odds of your guys seeing my stuff is very slim.

most of my editorials get picked up by and have appeared throughout europe, translated into different languages. Specifically, my editorial on the London bombings was reprinted throughout Europe, the Middle East and the US.

submitting work to 911Blogger is sort of a hit or miss proposition. If i get lucky i am always grateful - and you guys have given my film some great coverage which i am very grateful for.

John, 'contact somebigguy'


'contact somebigguy' link on the left panel.. or just post your comments in here if you have written something up.

Dem Bruce - you have already

Dem Bruce - you have already called the people at ground zero "pricks" and "bigots". what more should i say to you?

DZ -

This is a legal issue of the unauthorized use of images of members of 911Truth at ground zero - in conjunction with a documentary on anti-semitism in the 9/11 movement.

this is not difficult to understand.

John, Dem Bruce - you have


Dem Bruce - you have already called the people at ground zero "pricks" and "bigots". what more should i say to you?

don't go picking any fights please. dbls was referring to anti-semetic activists, and you are inferring it as all activists at ground zero. you have to see the distinction?

obviously dbls has nothing but love for other 9/11 activists, he is one himself afterall, his comments are towards anti-semetic comments made by some activists, which shouldn't offend you.

perhaps you could elaborate on how the entire group of 9/11 activists was painted as anti-semetic versus just those making anti-semetic comments? i havent seen the film yet myself.

This is a legal issue of the

This is a legal issue of the unauthorized use of images of members of 911Truth at ground zero

FYI, (and im not trying to be a dick here, but rather just give you some info) any film taken in a public area can be used without written consent.. that is actually how pam and tommy lee's porn tape got circulated, because it was filmed on a boat out in public areas..

although i guess libel would be a completely different story.. dunno.

DZ - "any film taken in a

DZ -

"any film taken in a public area can be used without written consent"

yes - but - if i am making a film on child mollesting groups in the United States - and then use the images of an innocent Boy Scout troop leader at a cookout - that is slander. it is guilt by association. its dirty pool.

This film specifically is calling the 9/11 conspiracy theorists the biggest anti-semitic hoax since the protocols of zion. that is the WHOLE PREMISE of the film. to insert OUR pictures into their film - in this context - is clearly dirty pool.

this should be very easy to understand.

further - i am not picking a fight with Dem Bruce. i am just pointing out that his use of the language "Pricks and bigots" at ground zero speaks for itself.

did you watch the film John?

did you watch the film John? the black dude with the signs talking about JEWliani(and i hate Rudy more than ANYONE) and shit was indeed a prick and a bigot. watch the film, the 9/11 stuff pisses me off as much as it does you probably, but the film overall isnt so bad from what ive seen.

Dem Bruce - you have already

Dem Bruce - you have already called the people at ground zero "pricks" and "bigots". what more should i say to you?

DZ -

This is a legal issue of the unauthorized use of images of members of 911Truth at ground zero - in conjunction with a documentary on anti-semitism in the 9/11 movement.

this is not difficult to understand.
John Albanese | 08.10.06 - 11:23 am | #

Those people at ground zero shouting, "IT'S THE JEWS", are the people you need to deal with. This film catches a few of them on camera, and uses that footage in the context of modern day anti-Jewish feeling. I saw one or two of those red "expose 911 cover-up" signs about the place. But there is no 9/11 Truth movement = nazi bastards smearing in it, which is something that I was also expecting. If you want to take action, then make it clear that mindless bigoted bullshit has nothing to do with NY911truth. That might be difficult to do in some circumstances, but otherwise don't be surprised and want to take legal action when those ass clowns get the spotlight, and are associated with genuine 911 Truth activists. “Protocols of Zion” is a good movie from my perspective, is shows all sorts of different opinions and shows many angles with extremely little bias. Which is hard to do when interviewing Nazis for example. In relation to Israeli involvement in 9/11 the director / narrator says, “there are certainly real questions that remain”, does that sound like a close-minded anti 9/11 truth bias?

No Jews? This is like Bush

No Jews?

This is like Bush saying "All major combat operations completed"

Check yourself here's the list:

Okay- a fast scan of the names, below, I picked out a few obvious ones within a few seconds. I am sure a little bit of research will come up with a more definitive number.

Any other questions?

Alona Avraham, 30, Asdod, Israel.*

Florence Cohen, 62, New York, N.Y.*
Kevin Sanford Cohen, 28, Edison, N.J.

Eric Adam Eisenberg, 32, Commack, N.Y.*

Alan D. Feinberg, 48, New York, N.Y.*
Craig A. Silverstein, 41, Wyckoff, N.J.

Kenneth Alan Simon, 34, Secaucus, N.J.
Michael John Simon, 40, Harrington Park, N.J.*
Paul Joseph Simon, 54, New York, N.Y

this film was awful, a waste

this film was awful, a waste of 2 hours. dont bother watching it

just added an opposing

just added an opposing opinion sent in a few weeks ago apparently..

ill have to watch it, then ill throw in my 2 cents.

I don't think many people

I don't think many people will watch the movie to find out if it is "fair and balanced".They will simply associate 911 truth with anti-semitic ideas about the protocols of zion.This is the intention.

The film is necessary

The film is necessary because unfortunately the Internet rumour about "4000 jews" not going to work on 9/11 remains pervasive. Here is Atta's father being interviewed by Egypt Today:

“Tell me,” he says, “how it was that 4,000 Jewish employees didn’t go to [work at the World Trade Center] on that day? We’re not talking about one or two, we’re talking about 4,000 here. Do you want to rule it out as a mere coincidence? Or do you agree with me that only a highly sophisticated organization could make such unprecedented preparations to avoid the death of 4,000 Jews?”

The newspaper then characterizes his statement as a "fact".

This hoax continues to be believed by many in the Arab world and, obviously from the film, many in America. If only to debunk this ridiculous rumour about the 4000 jews, this film should be seen.

I've seen the film. How

I've seen the film. How many times do i need to say that?

my OPINION is that this is a hit-piece on the 9/11 Truth movement.

i do not think it is a good movie.

i also find it interesting that in all the YEARS i have been going to ground zero i've never come across any anti-semitic activists such as are portrayed in this movie.

yet - they materialized for this movie - and are then lumped in with our group - creating guilt by association.

that's my opinion. ive seen the film and just do not recomment it - as you do. i just feel it is basically bad for our cause because it associates us with radical bigotry - without presenting any kind of balance viewpoint on LEGITIMATE 9/11 activists.

Wow, lots of angry folks on

Wow, lots of angry folks on here today.

911 was bad for all the little people, white and black, jew and gentile. We get the shaft while the liverspotted guys in 5K suits with bad tickers get the gold mine, be they white or black, jew or gentile. It's not all that hard to figure out.

The jewish issue is sticky because of the inordinately difficult and thorny past they have had with so much of the western world in combination with their overplaying of that past in order to dodge accountability in the present. Not all jews are in on the conspiracy and not all people who point out the bad behavior of SOME jews are anti-semites and anyone with an iq above 90 ought to ba able to grok that.

As for this film and its mistake of drawing attention to the Protocols and 911, all I can say is "what were you thinking?" Both point to obvious plans by SOMEBODY to wreck our civilization by enslaving the vast majority of us, once again, black, yellow, white, jew gentile and muslim.

I hope no one was offended by this post.

hey - i am not mad at

hey - i am not mad at all.

i'm just from NYC with a Type-A personality.

G Edward Griffin

G Edward Griffin (interviewed often in "Freedom to Fascism") wrote that he doesn't believe the Protocals to be real,

PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION: Are Jews and Masons conspiring to control the world?

However, I find his reasoning a bit thin. I don't know the truth re the Protocals, however the parallels with the NWO agenda are striking.

Saying that they "aren't

Saying that they "aren't real" is like saying the Bible "isn't real", it's stupid. Of course it's real, it's the source that's not certain.

I read it a few years ago when I read a bunch of "it's a forgery!" responses to someone's mention of it- I love reading books people tell me not to read.

Say what you want about the origins of the book, the eerie prescience of what was written close to one hundred years ago compared to what has taken place today demonstrates clearly that if it wasn't a blueprint for the enslavement of the Western world, then someone used it as such. It is spot on on so many details that no person could have conceivably guessed at that time it makes Nostradamus look like Aunt Agatha.

It is what it is whoever wrote it and all the arguments in the world won't make it's applicability go away.

Great comments by Bill

Great comments by Bill Douglas.

Great comments by Bill

Great comments by Bill Douglas.
John Albanese | 08.10.06 - 2:16 pm | #

^ I'm happy with those comments, I think when bullshit propaganda comes along it should be totally challenged and shown up for what it is. And prior to watching the film, I would have completely agreed with what Bill Douglas had to say. But after actually watching it, my opinion is that it's a good movie. If anything it's just very mainstream. And like I was saying to Sbg in an email, if it helps spark a debate that eventually gets rid of any idea that 9/11 Truth is at all anti-Semitic, then that's also a good thing.

I wrote about this

I wrote about this propaganda film a year ago.

The main guy in the film is a HYPOCRITE.

He tells a group of Arab kids that its not Jews that runs the world(correct),but that its Bilderberger/Skull and Bones/Trilatteral/CFR/Illuminati(I kid you not, I almost LOL'd) He ALSO admits he's obsessed with JFK conspiracies...but then buys the official story of 9/11 and demonizers any 9/11 skeptics.

There's a scene where a 9/11 truther is physically ASSAULTED near ground zero, and the film then tries to equate 9/11 truth with anti semetism.

I don't think many people

I don't think many people will watch the movie to find out if it is "fair and balanced".They will simply associate 911 truth with anti-semitic ideas about the protocols of zion.This is the intention.
Colin Alexander | 08.10.06 - 12:15 pm | #

I agree. The average person is just going to hear about this or see that poster and think, "Oh, great. These people are crazy," and then not watch it. Then, when they hear someone else talking about 9/11, they'll think of this. Regardless of what's in the film, I think the way the film is being promoted will likely turn off a lot of people that otherwise might be open to new information about 9/11.

BRAVO for bringing this up.

BRAVO for bringing this up. We ABSOLUTELY need this issue discussed because silence breeds both real anti-semitism and unfounded hysteria oevr anti-semitism. I see nothing wrong with laying out facts even if I don't agree with the intentions of those laying them out. Many people have no idea of the existence of the dancing Israelis (Sivan Kurzberg et al) and this film will give them the opportunity to decide for themselves whether it's credible that they were there to document the event or not. But that there has long been a need to adress the Israeli question in 9-11 truth circles and especially in the mainstream is clear. I for one am glad that the tension is being worked out with posts like this because tehre is no other way that non-conspiring Jews (which is to say most of them) are going to feel comfortable discussing possible Israeli conspiracies unless they know that the issue and debate is not being directed by the likes of David Duke. Real bigots and real truthers are very different things. Real truthers believe the truth will benefit Jews, especially those suffering in Israel under the right-wing Likud and Likudesque regimes that have slashed the traditional welfare state in favor of necon neolib economics. The divisions sown by both types on the one hand and nationalvanguard jerks on the other are the tools of global elites to divide and conquer. If we all want to live in peace together on earth, we have to all make an effort to ENGAGE not ENRAGE others. Whatever the disagreement, it is engagement that brings light to the real issues and discredits the manufactured ones. Thanks again for posting this, and critics, keep it civil!!

Let us not forget that this

Let us not forget that this movie was made in 2003 and 2004, and the majority of the 9/11 truth books and movies did not enter the public arena until 2005 and 2006. By now, however, he should figure it out and apoligize for his errors. Mr Levin probably does not realize that by going with the government 9/11 story, his film is actually a perfect film for Jew haters worldwide. It will clearly make more people think the Jews are behind 9/11 unless he makes a sequel where he corrects himself. In fact, I would warn all Jews to watch their backs because I honestly can see the whole 9/11 Truth movement turning into an American Nazi movement before my eyes.

Chomsky denies 911-truth

Chomsky denies 911-truth because he will be shot dead if he lends his support to the movement. He is far too influential and credible among Americans. Look at what happenned to Hunter S. Thompson.

This is NOT exactly true!

This is NOT exactly true! There was 2 Israeli's who died on 9-11! The 2 Mossad agents on board flights 11 and 175! Daniel Lewin who CNN purposedly left off Memorial to 9-11 dead,WHY? Who was a crack Mossad agent who BOTH stewardess's said had a gun and SHOT pilots! Google Daniel Lewin!