What Christiane Said

During her 8/10/2006 appearance on Anderson Cooper's "360" Christiane Amanpour said;

"And there is some evidence that is coming out now, five years after 9/11, that many, many Muslims in England and around the world, according to documentaries that have been produced, are really succumbing to the conspiracy theories. They're really now saying that 9/11 was not al Qaeda; it was a U.S./CIA, Mossad/Israel, Zionist plot, basically designed to cause a war against Islam."

It's important for people who heard the statement in passing, or are reading it now, to place it in the full context of the transcript linked above, from "a special edition of ANDERSON COOPER 360, "Sky Terror.""

Amanpour has a new documentary set to premiere soon on CNN, "In the Footseps of Osama Bin Laden", which explains her latent expertise on terrorism, and the added opinion of Peter Bergen, who followed her.

However, it's just an opinion, and here's another, embodied in the form of a documentary called, "The Power of Nightmares" by British film maker, Adam Curtis;

Both [the Islamists and Neoconservatives] were idealists who were born out of the failure of the liberal dream to build a better world. And both had a very similar explanation for what caused that failure. These two groups have changed the world, but not in the way that either intended. Together, they created today's nightmare vision of a secret, organized evil that threatens the world. A fantasy that politicians then found restored their power and authority in a disillusioned age. And those with the darkest fears became the most powerful.

You can view the documentary in a streaming or downloadable format here, and I strongly urge anyone who has not seen it to make the time to do it. It strips away propaganda like Turpentine strips away old paint.

As far as a catalyst for the radicalization of a Muslim, a citizen of Lebanon hardly has to watch a documentary, he just has to look out the window. Same goes for a citizen of Iraq. They don't need a documentary to tell them about a theory, their neighbors are being blown to bits all around them.

Congratulations, Christiane, you've just joined "Team Propaganda"!

Now we're

Now we're terrorists.

Amazing. Almost funny to see where this is headed. I hope my cell at those detention centers has a good view of a river or lake or something.

Once you know the truth it's

Once you know the truth it's truly makes you sick hearing about the bullshit philosophy of terrorism.

911 and other fake terror events prove how easy it is for only a few people to
start a process that causes the deaths of tens of thousands.

911 brought gave birth to an innovative excuse to wage wars -terrorism- THE INVISIBLE ENEMY THAT LURKES BEHIND EVERY CORNER- THE ULTIMATE PARANOIA

Framing the truth movement

Framing the truth movement as a part of Al-Qaeda is the Neocon dream goal. We can only hope that the critical mass is reached before they stage some attack to blame on us.

And Daniel Hopsicker, who only finds evidence of LIHOP but never MIHOP, has spread the libel that the truth movement is "funded by Al-Qaeda". So when i donate to this site or another 911 site, then i'm al-Qaeda or what?

>excuse to wage wars

>excuse to wage wars -terrorism

Yes, and guess what the Israelis have told Condi Rice on her recent diplomatic mission: "we understand the civilian suffering, but we're fighting terrorists" - Condi could not agree more...

hello everyone. I have

hello everyone.

I have produced my own one time podcast. Its the audio from 911 revisited and a few other clips mixed together with some heavy metal music. It really works to get you fired up for 9-11 truth. I played it on my college radio show when i used to have one. If you'll remember i interviewed Jon Gold.


so, anyone at a university, its really easy to get your own radio show and put together stuff like this. and 9-11 blogger, please feel free to add this to your podcasts section. I'm not sure how much longer I'll have access to my free 50 Megs at my old university.

Except for the established

Except for the established fact you can't come up with any evidence to support your claim.

Why do you think the world keeps pointing out your extreme irrationality?
Anonymous | 08.11.06 - 7:58 am | #

Remember the Iraq war and how bush was scaring the people that Saddam has WMD's and terrorists might get their hands on them and a new 911 might happen.

Well guess what happend after that. The invasion of Iraq and more than 10.000 civilians killed.

Try counting to 10.000 ass****.

bravo, Kirk.

bravo, Kirk. Bravo.

Anonymous Dorkus: 0
Kirk: 1

One of the most

One of the most irresponsible pieces of slander by a major journalist I've ever seen.

So let me guess this straight: "radical Muslims" are waking up to the fact that terrorism is a state-sponsored industry supported by the US and other Western governments as a means of attacking the Islamic world and enslaving thier host populations, but far from causing these radical youths to disavow the tactic, it's actually ENCOURAGING them to willingy become tools of Western imperialism?

Yeah, that makes sense.

Millions of truth-loving Americans have just been smeared by this little tart as virtual terrorists, or fomenters of terrorism, a charge so ridiculous and so slanderous that it cannnot go ananswered.

Anyone have Amanpour's email?

Anyone have Amanpour's

Anyone have Amanpour's email?

Not an email, but her feedback page on CNN is at:

BTW, the crucial part of the

BTW, the crucial part of the transcript was not included by reprensor in the main post.

The important thing is that her comment was immediately presaged by Cooper asking what the cause was of this new "radicalism" causing "Muslim youth" to engage in "suicide bombings".

COOPER: You know, Christiane, I think it's hard for a lot of us to comprehend how young men, young Muslim men, in a country like Great Britain, could turn themselves in to suicide bombers.

AMANPOUR: And -- and be so virulently against the United States.

THEN she says:

And there is some evidence that is coming out now, five years after 9/11, that many, many Muslims in England and around the world, according to documentaries that have been produced, are really succumbing to the conspiracy theories. They're really now saying that 9/11 was not al Qaeda; it was a U.S./CIA, Mossad/Israel, Zionist plot, basically designed to cause a war against Islam.

This is what is in the mind-set now of increasing numbers of these young people.

COOPER: It is fascinating.


Absolutely stunning.

Ah, now it's becoming clear.

Ah, now it's becoming clear. Apparently Amanpour is married to that insufferable little prick Jamie Rubin.

James served under President Clinton as Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs and Chief Spokesman for the State Department from 1997 to May 2000. He was also a top policy adviser to Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright.

Mr. Rubin is Vice Chairman of the Atlantic Partnership, serves on the board of Columbia University's School of International Affairs and the International Rescue Committee UK, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

"The Power of Nightmares" is

"The Power of Nightmares" is one of the best documentaries every made, IMO! I is a must watch to understand what's going on today.

Isn't it obvious that CNN is

Isn't it obvious that CNN is a CIA asset?

My comment to Christiane via

My comment to Christiane via the CNN feedback link posted above:

Hi Christianne,

It's sad that so many American's aren't believing the 9/11 story as explained to them by the corporate media and the government over the last 5 years. Some recent surveys put the figures of those suspecting a government coverup at up to 36% nationwide and around 50% in NYC. Shocking!! I mean, just because the public was lied to and manipulated into believing Saddam had WMDs ready to strike America and were led to support the start of an illegal war, is no reason to doubt everything we are told by government and corporate media.

However, as a prominent journalist with all the resources at CNN at your disposal you can now do your part to alleviate the suspicions of skeptics of the official conspiracy theory. You could start by seeing if you can find and provide the public with answers to the "Eleven (11) Questions Avoided by the Media in Recent Reporting of Department of Defense Violations of Law" published here (and on many other web sites).


When you are done that, you can also perhaps investigate the points raised in this other article and explain to the CNN audience how they all have an innocuous explanation: "THE TOP 40

Finally, perhaps you could do a story on Operation Gladio, the NATO/CIA/MI6 operation which sponsored false flag terror attacks in Europe by extreme rightist and fascist groups but which were then blamed on the radical left and communists. As explained by one of the Gladio agents in sworn testimony:

"You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force ... the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security."


You could explain why the 911 terror attacks deffintely are not false flag ops like the murderous terror attacks in Europe sponsored by Gladio There's tons of information about Gladio on the internet, although surprisingly enough you never heard anything about it at all from the corporate media. Hmm, now why would that be do you think?

Anyway Christiane, thanks in advance for checking out these questions and suspicions and reporting to your audience what the real answers are so our suspicious minds can be put at rest and we can all learn to trust and believe the government and corporate media again.

Kind regards

Jamie Rubin had his own

Jamie Rubin had his own weekday/nightly hour-long show on Murdoch's Sky TV here in Britain for a few months.

He was there to provide Murdoch's desired propaganda and convince the British people that we were really at war with Islamo-fascists.

Fortunately, nobody watched the programme and it has been taken off the air.

He had the worst autocue technique i have ever seen btw.

It's a testament to the

It's a testament to the power of truth that despite the ramblings of obvious neo-con shills like Peter Bergen and this Christine person, who have the entire empire media apperatus at their disposal, 36% of the US public reject their bullshit.

This percentage is in fact growing quickly. The reason is that once someone learns the truth, there is absolutely NO TURNING BACK. You will never again listen to their crap. This whole recent plot is an obvious false flag event, complete with the big fish that got away.

I remember writing Senator Graham when he retired from my state in 2004. In my letter I quoted from Orwell's "Looking Back on the Spanish War". "The plant is blind and stupid, but it knows enough to keep pushing up towards the light, and it will do this in the face of endless discouragements".

Glad to see someone's read

Glad to see someone's read an Orwell work other than 1984; check out "homage to Catalonia", my personal favorite :)

Great letter Hamster.

Great letter Hamster.

Danse and others, ANY person

Danse and others, ANY person on Council on Foreign Relations is PURE EVIL,i.e.Jamie Rubin! Who else belongs to Council on Foreign relations? Wake up sheep! We are fighting PURE EVIL HERE! Pure evil! It is the New World Order! Pure evil! And in alot of countries and alot of heads of gov'ts! Including our OWN! Google: Bush's Satanic hand signs and also Google: 33 degrees Freemason's too! Nick Berg analomonies too! Then look at this! http://propagandamatrix.com/articles/july2005/070705israelwarned.htm, Former leader of Israel was giving prior knowledge! Plus, Ariel Sharon was given former knowledge of 9-11 too! Plus there is ALOT of evidence to suggest, CIA/Mossad DID carry out 9-11, along with others in OUR Own Gov't! Webster Tarpley says MI5 involved too? Don't know about that but I do believe all these are connected and ALL FALSE FLAG ATTACKS! Then fucking Cheney says anyone who is against asshole Joe Libermann is with the "Al Quada" WHAT FUCKING BULLSHIT! WHAT FUCKING BULLSHIT! They are just beholding to asshole LIARERMANN because it was him and McCain who LET pure evil Bush and Cheney pick the SHAM of 9-11 Commission! Pure evil and New World Order!

People need to flood CNN

People need to flood CNN with compliants about her!

Glad to see someone's read

Glad to see someone's read an Orwell work other than 1984; check out "homage to Catalonia", my personal favorite
Danse | 08.11.06 - 11:21 am | #

i just finished a clergyman's daughter last night..

down and out in paris and london and burmese days are my favorites aside from 1984 and animal farm..

I knew they would try to say

I knew they would try to say we in 9-11 truth movement were in bed with supposed "terrorists" It is their MO! They are completely Orwellian! War=Peace, Peace=War, and such to deflect the total truth!

If we didn't have such sheep

If we didn't have such sheep in America and around the world, who believe their lying BUSHIT, and them going along with is SHIT, and passing anti-freedom laws and shredding our precious Constitution, it would kinda be like watching Keystone Cops!

I really appreciate the

I really appreciate the clarification, Reprehensor. I was not sure whether or not Anonymous had gotten it right, and I'm glad to hear that he did not.

I've deleted my post for now...

^ GW please explain

^ GW please explain

I have great difficulty

I have great difficulty seeing Amanpours comments meaning she thinks 9/11-CTs are terrorists. She says only that many muslim men think 9/11 wasn´t by al qaeda, doesnt say those supposed terrorists were thinking that way.

Anyone who doesn't recognize

Anyone who doesn't recognize her comments as aimed at the Truth movement is blind.

We are talking about the American sheep here: THEY DON'T DO NUANCED LINGUISTIC ANALYSIS.

All they hear is: CT = terrorists

What her point is, I think,

What her point is, I think, that this recent foiled plot is one more example how these conspiracy theories are baseless.

Yes it is aimed at truth movement, but the message isnt that we are terrorist, the message is that we are crackpots.

Classic guilt by

Classic guilt by association, i.e., only a terrorist could agree with these whackos.

9/11 Truth should take it as

9/11 Truth should take it as a compliment that a CNN reporter who cobbled together some bullshit story with a sensationalist title ("In The Footsteps of Bin Laden"!) is now so unnerved by mainstream opinion and how it desecrates her reputation that she has to ridicule what most of the Muslim world (and 36% of Americans) believes.

Keep at it.

great point simuvac, that is

great point simuvac, that is EXACTLY what i thought when i saw the commercial for her Bin Laden propaganda special this weekend.

danse, thanks for the

danse, thanks for the background on Amanpour -- didn't know her hubby was in Council of Foreign Relations. Say no more. My respect for her as a reporter just went down the toilet.

MUJCA = Al Quaida V for

MUJCA = Al Quaida
V for Vendetta = PsyOP Movie
Thermite = Hangout

Alarmist is a cartoon

Alarmist is a cartoon planer. that explains his hate for all things NOT CGI.

"My respect for her as a

"My respect for her as a reporter just went down the toilet."

Why did you have respect for her before?

I'm not sure about her,

I'm not sure about her, either she is noble and not mentioning 9/11 facts because she knows she will get assignment in africa and get no tv time. If she isn't on tv at all she would be better served giving the "party line" and sneaking 9/11 truth in from time to time.
However with the new documentary it sounds more like she is an agent for cnn. No reporter gets a golden rep like hers unless you have sold out. Ask Cronkite he loved bohemian grove.

Yes he did. Apparently his

Yes he did. Apparently his voice is used for the mock-sacrifice Molech ritual.