Government Releases Detailed Information on 9/11 Crashes

Complete Air-Ground Transcripts of Hijacked 9/11 Flight Recordings Declassified

For more information contact: Barbara Elias - 202/994-7000

Washington, DC, 11 August 2006 - The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) this week released full transcripts of the air traffic control recordings from the four flights hijacked on September 11, 2001, and meticulous Flight Path Studies for three of the flights, in response to a Freedom of Information request by the National Security Archive. The studies, posted on the Web today by the National Security Archive, provide the most detailed technical information available to date related to the hijackings, and the transcripts of the aircraft-to-ground communications are the first complete government disclosure of each flight's air traffic control recordings.

The documents are cited extensively in the 9/11 Commission Report to establish key facts and basic timelines for each hijacked flight. The NTSB Web site references the documents but does not provide copies, claiming "the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Safety Board provided requested technical assistance to the FBI, and any material generated by the NTSB is under the control of the FBI. The Safety Board does not plan to issue a report or open a public docket." The documents were released in their entirety to the National Security Archive and were received directly from the NTSB.

The transcripts provide additional details to the information summarized in the 9/11 Commission Report. For example, the NTSB transcript differs slightly from the Commission's text of the warning that United Airlines Flight 93 received only minutes before the hijackers attacked. At 9:23am, the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) shows a text message to Flight 93 reading: "BEWARE OF ANY COCKPIT INTROUSION [sic]. TWO AIRCRAFT IN NY, HIT TRADE CNTER BUILDS [sic]." Five minutes later at 9:28am Flight 93 was sending the message "***(mayday)*** (hey get out of here) ***" as it was being hijacked.

The Flight Path Studies reconstruct the routes of American Airlines Flight 11, American Airlines Flight 77 and United Airlines Flight 175. Complied from recorded radar data and information from the Flight Data Recorders, the studies' illustrations of radar ground tracks, maps and altitude profiles provide graphic guides to each hijacking and were used by the NTSB to determine the takeover points where the hijackers gained control of the planes.

In addition to the Flight Path Studies and Air Traffic Control Recording transcripts, the NTSB released a February 2002 "Specialist's Factual Report of Investigation" on United Airlines Flight 93 based on the flight's recovered digital data recorder -- the only surviving recorder from the hijacked planes on 9/11. The report provides graphic analysis of the data recovered from Flight 93 and its subsequent crash in Shanksville, PA. According to the report, the flight recorder functioned normally.

The National Security Archive has posted the released NTSB documents on its website: .

Thanks to Lisa for this submission.

Hi guys, lurked for awhile

Hi guys, lurked for awhile but never posted. I've gotten myself into an argument on 9/11 at celebs forum and would appreciate help with this dudes questions, mainly i just dont know any exact links to back up what i know:

"The recognition of 19 Arab men using boxcutters to slash the throats of stewardesses and flight crews to gain contol of an airplane and then kamikaze them into the affected buildings is far easier to believe than your suggestion that President Bush (whom many of you regard as the stupidest human being who has ever lurked the planet)would or could, in the 9 months he was in office prior to 9-11-01, orchestrate and carry out a murderous conspiracy so grand as to make any and all that had come before, pale by comparison.
Just how many co-conspirators would you need to bring such a thing to fruition?
Thousands. All dedicated to the plot even unto their won deaths and sworn to absolute silcence from start to finish.

""...19 Arab men......heavily defended nation in the world and crash a plane into the most well defended building on the PLANET? Any plane that is not sending out a 'friendly' beacon is AUTOMATICALLY shot down in Pentagon airspace.""

As to the "automatic shootdown machine" at the Pentagon.
What does it look like?
How many times has it shot down a plane or anything else? Planes drift into restricted airspace all the time and don't seem to get shot down. I recall and small plane crashing onto the lawn of the White House not so many years ago. Did not look like the automatic shootdown gun had any effect on it.

If I did not see what I think I saw on 9-11, then what did I see?
Did I not see film shot by a French crew of an aircraft crashing into the North Face of Tower 1?
American Airlines, the FAA and FBI are all in agreement that that was American Airlines Flight 11. Was it not? If not what was it? If it was not, then all of the persons involved with the investigation from those agencies AL, FAA, and FBI must be either co-conspirators or dupes. Which?
I am told that Mohammed Atta was in contol of the aircraft at that time. Was he not? If he wasn't who was? And where is Mr Atta today? Is he aware of what is being said about him? What of the others identified as hi-jackers? What has become of them these days?
As to the passengers who called relatives and others from aboard the four aircraft involved and described their situation...where they lying and therefore co-conspirators? Or are those who were called the dirty dealers?

I saw yet another aircraft slam into the south face of Tower 2, or did I? With some slight adjustments, I ask you the same questions regarding that incident.

And where are the planes themselves if I cannot believe my eyes, but must believe you instead?
An airplane is not a candy bar. It is a very significant product, purchased, manufactured and delivered according to a fairly precise process. It is ordered and paid for by a customer on a contract with the manufacturer. The manufacture assigns each airframe a serial number. The FAA assigns it a control number. It is assigned to a numbered flight by the airline using it. Tickets are booked and passengers identified during the ticketing process. The plane is identified by type, number, and photographs within the files of the company that insures it.
According to all responsible parties involved, FOUR airframes were destroyed within three hours of each other that day. All had been reported as hijacked at some point during this same time.
Insurance claims were paid on the lost aircraft, as well as on the lives of the passengers and aircrews.
Maybe I can believe that the FAA lied, maybe I can believe that the FBI lied, maybe I can believe that the Airlines lied, maybe I can believe that the victims lied, maybe I can believe that the families lied, maybe I can believe that the eyewitnesses to each of the FOUR crashes lied, maybe I can believe that the Bush lied, maybe I can believe that the Osama Bin Ladin lied when he took credit for the attacks and praised the "19 brothers", maybe I can believe that the everyone lied.
But there is no way in hell that you will ever get me to believe that the insurance companies that carried all those policies, paid them out if there was even the slightest chance that they could get out of it. Bastards won't even buy me a fender!

I can understand if you have you political hatreds and ideology to protect but when you talk stupid shit like this, you isolate your self. First of all it shames the honor of those people who really did die when all you can come up with is "Bush did it". It is easy and convenient to assume all evil to those we disageee with already and all purity to ourselves.
I understand the urge to be a nonconformist, I understand the desire to think you are looking deeper, finding the hidden truth, but there is a point at which bullshit has to stop and logic has to take over. Too easy to disregard the facts, discard common sense, ignore the simple but painful truth and merely decide that everyone else is all fucked up.

Physician, Heal Thyself. "

sorry kinda long, the guy goes off. thank you very much,



here is another enlightening url about media ownership

bottom line:
The GATEKEEPERS: Foundations Fund Phoney "Left" Media.




for the fellow who wants to know who owns the media.
Here is a link.
Click on it and then search for this string:

Please after you have read it give us your take.


yea right

yea right

Has anybody heard about a

Has anybody heard about a strategy written up by Richard Perle, James Colbert, Charles Fairbanks, Jr., Douglas Feith, Robert Loewenberg, David Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser called "[URL=]A Clean Break[/URL]"?

Shit... Sorry... A Clean



A Clean Break

Does any know if there's a

Does any know if there's a good documentary out there that talks about the controlled mainstream media - one that talks about who controls it and how they accomplish it?


DP |11:46 am

DP |11:46 am |

maybe? :?:

Malloy was right. This man

Malloy was right. This man is pure evil. Look at the face....Looks like something out of "Tales from the Crypt."

I think Alex Jones has the

I think Alex Jones has the best understanding of the dire straights we are in. We are moving closer & closer to a police state, and few people other than Alex are doing anything to stop it!

OutFoxed focuses mainly on

OutFoxed focuses mainly on Fox News, but they do a good job of pointing out how the entire MSM is owned by very few companies, and it is a good documentary overall, even though its main focus is Fox.

"Does any know if there's a

"Does any know if there's a good documentary out there that talks about the controlled mainstream media - one that talks about who controls it and how they accomplish it?


Outfoxed? Think about it. These individuals on television are "celebrities" in their own right. They make a ridiculous amount of money, and get to be on national TV every day. They obviously want to keep their ridiculous salaries. As a result, they report what they're told to report.

Michael Wolsey did a show on how the media got to this point...

Click Here

@Gonzo - Thanks. I've

@Gonzo - Thanks. I've actually seen WKJO, but I was wondering if there was one out there that specifically foused on the MSM...

maddog, that Chertoff really

maddog, that Chertoff really gives me the creeps. He looks like Skelator or something.

"The Safety Board does not

"The Safety Board does not plan to issue a report or open a public docket."

Yet this is required by law (the involvement of the FBI notwithstanding), as per the enabling legislation noted and quoted (at least in the past) on the NTSB web site.

Lieberman Fighting Hard:

Lieberman Fighting Hard: Tries To Link Terror Plot With IraqÂ…

"Manufacturing Consent" and

"Manufacturing Consent" and "The Corporation".

DP | 11:46 am | OK. Does

DP | 11:46 am |

OK. Does this help?

Media Info Here

you can also check out

you can also check out Weapons of mass deception.

In re: the media, check out

In re: the media, check out various posts here:

A fellow who posts here

A fellow who posts here occasionally uses the following as his signature line:

"Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which they live is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of a corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one's self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice. Hence, most propapganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all..."

Thanks, Jimmy.

Jon, re: Clean Break "This

Jon, re: Clean Break

"This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq — an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right — as a means of foiling Syria’s regional ambitions."

That's one item from the checklist already accomplished.

The next item is being checked as we speak:

"Syria challenges Israel on Lebanese soil. An effective approach, and one with which American can sympathize, would be if Israel seized the strategic initiative along its northern borders by engaging Hizballah, Syria, and Iran, as the principal agents of aggression in Lebanon,"

I believe Paul Craig Roberts, among others, has written about the current events in Lebanon as basically Israel fulfilling the neocon policy objectives outlined in the document you cite.

Manufacturing Consent is an

Manufacturing Consent is an excellent documentary about how the MSM is controlled.

The new Barrie Zwicker book

The new Barrie Zwicker book tackles that subject I believe...

Manufacturing Consent and

Manufacturing Consent and all of Chomsky's works should be quite suspect as to whom is manufacturing consent for what.

"That's an internet theory and it's hopelessly implausible. Hopelessly implausible. So hopelessly implausible I don't see any point in talking about it."

— Noam Chomsky, at a FAIR event at New York's Town Hall, 22 January 2002, in response to a question from the audience about US government foreknowledge of 9/11.

At the least Chomsky is a gatekeeper, at the most, he is very complicit.

M.I.T. 9/11 – alleged misconduct by John Deutch, Paul Gray and Noam Chomsky

When was it written, do you

When was it written, do you know?

Jon, If you are referring to

Jon, If you are referring to me in your question:

I believe Clean Break was written around 1995, but I have not verified that yet.

Sorry, Jon,

Justin Raimondo over at

Justin Raimondo over at must be America's foremost expert on the Israeli Clean Break strategy,

Randi Rhodes did show 7/27

Randi Rhodes did show 7/27 about Clean Break found here

DP, did you see Orwell Rolls

DP, did you see Orwell Rolls in His Grave.

maddog, that Chertoff really

maddog, that Chertoff really gives me the creeps. He looks like Skelator or something.

The cadaver. That's what a friend used to call Gil Garcetti.

Media Spin...

the one thing we have going

the one thing we have going is that there isn't one corrupt power doing all this. there are many competing for control.

as we approach world war 3, some groups see there interests threatened and will begin undermine other groups by leaking damaging information.

just a theory

jross, show them


show them this:

Here's my analysis of WTC 7:

I don't think it is a good idea to talk about Pentagon's automatic defense system. I have not found a confirmation that it exists. It may, but it's not that important a point anyway.

Norman Mineta's testimony to the 9/11 Commission (completely ignored by the commission) is also a strong case.