Ozaukee Board UW Funding Cuts Directed At Lecturer

This is a great idea, the Truth Movement could potentially be featured on the news handing a check for 8472.00 to the University of Wisconsin to reimburse them for the money taken away by politicians trying to use strong arm tactics to limit free speech. Follow the link to make your donation:


The 9/11 Truth movement is now collecting donations to reimburse the U.W. Extension program in the amount that was stolen from them by a politically biased board of uninformed leaders.

Here is some information from the creator of this fundraiser. If you would like to get in contact with her by phone or email, please let me know:

I contacted Kevin Barrett, Dr. Jim Fetzer and Dr. Stephen Jones before I began this project to seek their approval and support. All have responded positively and with the exception of Dr. Barrett for obvious reasons, with their own pledges!

The money is going into a paypal account dedicated to this sole issue. It is not coming to me personally, though yes, I am the only person with access to that account. When the goal is reached, PayPal will issue a check to a designated Payee that I can name, which will be the University of Wisconsin, not me personally.

Dr. Fetzer of Scholars for 9/11 Truth has given its support to this effort - which adds a level of credibility that me, an unknown woman from Texas, lacks! If you wish, I can forward you his email in which he expresses this, though I don't know if it would be a great idea to publish an email without his consent and prior knowledge. I will send it to you for your own personal perusal though!

I myself have donated the first $1000.

When I first started this, I really didn't think I would be getting much attention - though the past few days this has grown incredibly! I did not set up a formal non-profit fundraiser organization or anything of that nature, simply a woman saying, "Help me do this, lets send a message right back to those lawmakers!! They can't do this!"

Thanks to illuminating9_11 for sending this in...

the gold stuff, maybe, but i

the gold stuff, maybe, but i think the Cleveland airport thing is important and needs to be followed up on. i know it seems outlandish, but something went on that day at the airport(and apparently at the Kentucky border) and it hasnt been even close to being fully explained. maybe its because i think planes were likely swapped, but i think the Cleveland stuff is interesting as hell.

Yes, I ordered a DVD from

Yes, I ordered a DVD from C-SPAN of the panel discussion. I also ordered a copy of America Rebuilds from PBS with the Silverstein admission.

I am a video editor and was considering making my own comp DVD of the best sections from all these videos. Have them broken up in a menu with the name of each video and then it would play the best part(s) of each one.

Didn't In Plane Site have a good section on the Pentagon?

I think LC2E is powerful enough on it's own, but it could do without the gold and Cleveland airport stuff. I wish it had the "pull it" admission in there. Dylan rocks though, and I can't wait for the FC.

If I can get at least half of these board members curious at least, I would need help getting the proper resolution written, which you guys could help with.

The problem with the 911T

The problem with the 911T videos is that many of them have many good attributes, but none so far makes a perfect case.

I strongly recommend the C-SPAN DVD which can be purchased from the C-SPAN website

I'm one broke mofo, but I'd

I'm one broke mofo, but I'd chip in. We should definitely organize this.



I have no problem

I have no problem contributing a few bucks. Just need a secure place to send it too.

We also need to write that county board and express our support for Kevin.

Its time for us to play "hard ball"

Psst... Mike Malloy


Mike Malloy announced on the air last night that his contract at AAR was being extended AND--

He's returning to the airwaves in the Big Apple in September.

F'n sweet.

I have just donated,

I have just donated, everyone else that lurks here should do the same!

thats great news. i was

thats great news. i was afraid Malloy would be canned soon for sure. its good to see the management of Air America has some guts and recognizes real talent. does anybody know ratings around here? i would be interested to know how Malloys numbers have changed since he really started pushing 9/11.......

Just donated $100. Best

Just donated $100. Best money I've spent all year.

they need to give Malloy a

they need to give Malloy a better time slot though. that show deserves to be drive time.

I have also donated. I'd

I have also donated. I'd appreciate it if whoever is organizing this campaign could keep us posted on how much is raised, and encourage those who haven't to make a donation. Let's show everyone this is a strong community that puts its money where its mouth is.

This is great idea.

This is great idea.

Extending Mike Malloys

Extending Mike Malloys contract is a flag to the rest of the Air America personalities that 9/11 and Truth is not something that will get you fired.


wow, 200 hits and already

wow, 200 hits and already $1200 or so... anything helps. Even ten bucks. This is to MAKE A STATEMENT, not so much as pay for his salary.

just gave $25

just gave $25

I donated!

I donated!

I gave a small amount (all I

I gave a small amount (all I can afford at this time).

i know this is a 9/11 site,

i know this is a 9/11 site, but the results of this poll make me sick to my stomach. can you guys swing by and vote?

Who is most to blame for civilian casualties in Lebanon? * 33832 responses





as if Hezbollah is murdering

as if Hezbollah is murdering civilians in Lebanon. its wrong how they are stupidly lobbing rockets into Israel, make no mistake, but Israel is to blame for the majority of civilian deaths.

9/11 Truth Door To Door -

The MSNBC poll surely got

The MSNBC poll surely got raided by Israel's Army Of Cyber-Soldiers.

Lebanon solidarity letter:

Lebanon solidarity letter:

The US-backed Israeli assault on Lebanon has left the country numb, smoldering and angry. The massacre in Qana and the loss of life is not simply "disproportionate." It is, according to existing international laws, a war crime.

The deliberate and systematic destruction of Lebanon's social infrastructure by the Israeli air force was also a war crime, designed to reduce that country to the status of an Israeli-US protectorate.

The attempt has backfired, as people all over the world watch aghast. In Lebanon itself, 87 percent of the population now support Hezbollah's resistance, including 80 percent of Christian and Druze and 89 percent of Sunni Muslims, while 8 percent believe the US supports Lebanon.

But these actions will not be tried by any court set up by the "international community" since the United States and its allies that commit or are complicit in these appalling crimes will not permit it.

It has now become clear that the assault on Lebanon to wipe out Hezbollah had been prepared long before. Israel's crimes had been given a green light by the United States and its ever-loyal British ally, despite the overwhelming opposition to Blair in his own country.

The short peace that Lebanon enjoyed has come to an end, and a paralyzed country is forced to remember a past it had hoped to forget. The state terror inflicted on Lebanon is being repeated in the Gaza ghetto, while the "international community" stands by and watches in silence. Meanwhile the rest of Palestine is annexed and dismantled with the direct participation of the United States and the tacit approval of its allies.

We offer our solidarity and support to the victims of this brutality and to those who mount a resistance against it. For our part, we will use all the means at our disposal to expose the complicity of our governments in these crimes. There will be no peace in the Middle East while the occupations of Palestine and Iraq and the temporarily "paused" bombings of Lebanon continue.

Tariq Ali
Mona Abaza
Matthew Abraham
Gilbert Achcar
Etel Adnan
Aziz el-Azmeh
Nadia Baghdadi
John Berger
Timothy Andres Brennan
Michaelle Browers
Noam Chomsky
Alexander Cockburn
Dan Connell
Mahmoud Darwish
Richard Falk
Eduardo Galeano
Irene Gendzier
Charles Glass
Yassin al Haj Saleh
Emilie Jacir
Assaf Kfoury
Elias Khouri
Yitzhak Laor
Ken Loach
Jennifer Loewenstein
Karma Nabulsi
John Pilger
Harold Pinter
Richard Powers
Tanya Reinhart
Eric Rouleau
Arundhati Roy
Sandra Shattuck
William Thelin
Gore Vidal
Howard Zinn
Stephen Zunes

from a poster on the Air

from a poster on the Air America message board:

Not bad for hyping some of the data.

He forgot to mention that the supposed
"Islamic" paraphenalia found in Atta's
Bag was copied directly from the Neo Nazi
Storm Front's "Dungeon and Dragons" section
of their old Website.

He also failed to identify that Osama Bin
Laden IS NOT and NEVER WAS wanted
FOR 9/11 according to the FBI's website.

He Also failed to identify that ALL OF THE
were living in the "***BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS
ONLY***" Exclusive community of Del Ray, Florida.

Everybody keeps dodging these 3 specific details
for some reason.

can anyone verify his first and third points? is Del Ray Florida "born again christians only" like he said? and did Atta really have Nazi paraphenalia?

Just donated... Thank you

Just donated...

Thank you for the heads-up on this effort...

The out-of-control rogues in the U.S. government bureaucracy and military systems have accomplished their goal this week of terrorizing the world again...

While having guests over for dinner last night, we heard the story of how one of our guest's mother is now terrified to board a plane to the U.K. for a vacation...

While eating lunch out today, we overheard the restauranteur speaking in terrified tones with some other customers about how dangerous these Arab Muslims are, how the United States will be fighting these Arab terrorists for years to come....all the while tossing around terms like "nuclear missiles", "arsenal", and "Star Wars program"....all in a frantic voice...

The Stepford citizens appear to be falling right in step with Big Brother's plans - thanks to the obsessive accomplice known as the mainstream media...

Everyone keep up the good work. These evildoers must learn quickly that their plans will not go unnoticed, unrecognized, and unpunished. They may push as hard as they want, but they are being called on their game.

I am thankful for people like Kevin Barrett, Webster Tarpley, David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones, and many others...including the maintainers of 911blogger.com and its contributors...

I am thankful for people

I am thankful for people like Kevin Barrett, Webster Tarpley, David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones, and many others...including the maintainers of 911blogger.com and its contributors...
truthsearching2006 | 08.12.06 - 5:22 pm | #
agreed. people like that make me still have a tiny bit of hope.

LONDON, England (CNN) -- The

LONDON, England (CNN) -- The lawyer for two of the suspects rounded up in a possible plot to bring down as many as 10 trans-Atlantic flights on Saturday criticized their treatment at the hands of British police.

In an exclusive CNN interview, attorney Mudassar Irani listed a series of complaints, including the allegation that one of her clients had not received food and water for 26 hours. http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/europe/08/12/terror.plot.lawyer/index.html

Is he ready to make a full

Is he ready to make a full confession yet^?

Somebody get a hold of Jimmy

Somebody get a hold of Jimmy Walter and have him make a donation, he is a damn millionaire truther.



DRG and Tucker Carlson. Excellent!

Email Jimmy Walter

Email Jimmy Walter Here:


Suggest he make a BIG donation for 9/11 truth, and Kevin Barrett at UW.


I called, and left a

I called, and left a message.

Taking chances in

Taking chances in commemorating 9/11--A score of 9/11 remembrances marking the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks are planned for television between Sunday and mid-September.... http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ent/4111664.html

There's a massive protest

There's a massive protest taking place out in front of the White House?

There's a massive protest

There's a massive protest taking place out in front of the White House?
Jon Gold | Homepage | 08.12.06 - 6:07 pm | #
huh? right now?

I thought I would share my

I thought I would share my post trying to convince Brent Budowsky over at HuffPo.

"I truly appreciate your willingness to at least acknowledge that much of the truth about 9/11 is being withheld from the American people. That alone should raise some red-flags. Of course, government transparency is an antiquated notion these days.

I am not a "conspiracy nut." I am simply a concerned citizen that can put 2 and 2 together.

You make many valid points about the Bush administration. Alas, I am afraid you give them too much credit.

If you are interested in the Truth about 9/11, you will discover that something is terribly wrong with our country right now.

How can everybody see all of the evil perpetrated by this administration in the name of 9/11, yet refuse to question the ROOT CAUSE of everything?

The eyes glazed-over apathy and complacency on the matter makes me sick. 9/11 Truth should not be taboo.

The American heart says 9/11 Truth is blasphemous. The American mind says 9/11 Truth is inevitable.

I will leave you with a few key points of interest:

1) Neo-cons & The Project for a New American Century (Strauss + Machiavelli)

2) The inexplicable obvious controlled demolition implosion of WTC 7. (See Brigham Young University Professor of Physics, Steven E. Jones)

3) The inexplicable failure of the North American Air Defense system on 9/11. (See Paul Thompson's Terror Timeline)

4) The administration's reluctance to investigate 9/11, and the resulting whitewash known as the 9/11 Commission. (See Professor Emeritus of Theology at Claremont, David Ray Griffin)

5) The numerous scientific public opinion polls indicating that millions of Americans question the official version of events.

6) All of the administration's actions post-9/11 (domestic and foreign). Who has benefitted the most from the "war on terror"?

This post is written with respect and sincerity. We need important people with connections, people like you, to help us. We don't want to go where this administration and its 9/11-induced chaos is leading us.

Please investigate the matter further. I guarantee you will find more questions than answers."


Lionels getting off right

Lionels getting off right now on WOR.

We sure could use a few more

We sure could use a few more millionaires and just burn as many cd's as possible.

Other Anonymous, that is

Other Anonymous, that is very well written^. Excellent!

"Mike Malloy announced on

"Mike Malloy announced on the air last night that his contract at AAR was being extended AND--
He's returning to the airwaves in the Big Apple in September." Great news. Malloy is by far the best. They should give him a prime time slot.

I just donated $50 towards

I just donated $50 towards this cause.

Source: http://hometown.aol.com/truthout911/page3.html

Malloy is by far the best.

Malloy is by far the best. They should give him a prime time slot.
maddog | Homepage | 08.12.06 - 8:03 pm | #

Maddog, i'm an avid malloy fan. I somewhat agree with you... I'd be fully in favor as long as the show doesn't change.

Instead of waiting for them

Instead of waiting for them to act on their own ignorance, I'm taking 911 Truth to my county board. There's 20 members and I intend to educate them on 9/11.

I want you guys to give me your choices for best videos for newbies/typical clueless sheep. I want these guys to pass a resolution of some type. At the very least, it would send a message to other county boards that at least some of them are questioning the story instead of condemning people like Barrett.

I'm getting a copy of the C-SPAN broadcast to distribute. LC2E is obviously in the running. Let me know what you guys think!

I added my US$20.00. I'm

I added my US$20.00. I'm hispanic, and around my family I've tried with 75% success to inform them about what and why 9/11 really happened!! The other 25% you can't open their eyes becuase their ignorance is beyond their understanding, and those are the people that exist, then they think!!

AdamT, The problem with the


The problem with the 911T videos is that many of them have many good attributes, but none so far makes a perfect case. I would recommend you coach people through whatever video you want to show.

For example, obviously LC2E is a great place to start; however, I think it tries to make too many claims and offers too many "what if" scenarios, such as the hypothesis at the end that suggests much of the 9/11 fraud was about stealing gold. It's a fantastic film, but flawed. Nonetheless, put it on your list.

I would show 9/11 Eyewitness (Hoboken), because it captures the pre-collapse explosions and the explosion and white smoke from the basement of the tower. It also has some good graphics illustrating how the official story contradicts the laws of physics. Unfortunately, Siegel is obsessed with (a) the helicopters and (b) the "mini nukes" theory.

I would also show 9/11 Revisited, because it has eyewitness accounts of secondary explosions in the towers, and it has MIT engineer Jeff King explaining "pyroclastic flow".

Zwicker's The Great Conspiracy is worth a look, because it discusses the stand down, Bush's behavior, and interviews Mike Ruppert.

9/11 Guilt, by Don Paul and Jim Hoffman, contains a brief but good critique of the pancake collapse theory.

Talks by David Ray Griffin and/or Stephen Jones are recommended.

I would NOT show In Plane Site or Painful Deceptions. IPS has the pod theory stuff, and that's just a waste of time. PD is fine, but Hufschmid is a Holocaust denier, and the movement doesn't need his kind.

Hope that helps.

Chris, no doubt it's

Chris, no doubt it's interesting as hell! I think it's kinda of an overload though to a newbie, which is what I'm going to be dealing with with these board members.

Thoughts anyone?

juanv, here is the best


here is the best video for convincing anybody of controlled demolition:


The total has nt changed

The total has nt changed since it reached $2000 about 30 hours ago.

Thanx Vesa!!

Thanx Vesa!!

Just gave my 15$

Just gave my 15$

Hi everyone! It's me, Cait,

Hi everyone! It's me, Cait, the instigator of this drive for Kevin Barrett and the UW Extension Program!

I'm sorry that I haven't found this board before to write to you all sooner!

First, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has contributed so far! Aside from my own kick off, we've raised an additional $1,075.00! The total we have collected thusfar is $2,075.. well on our way to the goal! Yes!!

What I would love is some feedback as to who you all think should represent the 9/11 Truth movement and deliver this check to the University! I myself am unable to travel to Wisconsin, but I know there are many people out that way! Kevin Barrett and a few people together for a photo op handing over the check? YES! A much better headline!!

My email address for anyone that wishes to contact me directly is saveuwextension@gmail.com or truthout911@aol.com (same AIM sn as well.)

Also, feel free to visit me in the AOL Chat room "Investigate Sept11" in the Life category!

Again, thanks SO MUCH to everyone who has contributed.. I cannot express how glad I am to see so many others who will NOT take this harassment any longer!

United We Stand!