9/11 Truth Leafletting - Opening Weekend "World Trade Center"

leafletting 9/11 Truth at the premier of World Trade Center. Check it out here:


A pro 9-11 alternative

A pro 9-11 alternative theory gets past the denial of the truth gatekeepers at Crooks and Liars.

Beggers cant be Choosers article on MSM vs. bloggers for the truth.


if anyone wants to hand out

if anyone wants to hand out flyers, i've made a good one. please print, photocopy and distribute.



Come over

and help discuss 9/11 truth with non-believers.

They ask good questions and we need to answer them.

The music is great too, and there are other political and music forums.

Come over and let's discuss 9/11

I'm interested to know how

I'm interested to know how many people took part in leafletting over the weekend. If you did, please describe your experience here.

Hi Jon. I'm planning on

Hi Jon. I'm planning on passing these out tonight to people exiting Stone's WTC movie:


A friend of mine created them. If anyone posts this flyer onto message boards, please give credit to him for making it. His name is Nick Newton, Associate Member of Scholars For 9/11 Truth.

Ok, this might be

Ok, this might be interesting.

Tomorrow Jason Bermas of Loose Change will be on the Charles Goyette show and he also said he's going to try and get popular mechanics on his show this week. Let's keep track of this so we can call in to confront popular mechanics with their lies.


We can also in advance send Charles Goyette some hard questions to ask popular mechanics. He reads his e-mail, sent him the link to the Norman Mineta testimony last week which he played on his show.

E-mail address: charlesgoyette@cox.net

Great Stallion... I would

Great Stallion... I would love it if people would be willing to hand out this flyer as well...


Is that a threat? You need

Is that a threat?

You need to learn the difference between past and future tense jonny...

Terrance must be a graduate

Terrance must be a graduate from the "Ann Coulter School of Free Speech". It's ok as long as you agree with my opinion.

Jerry Springer on Air

Jerry Springer on Air America Radio is discussing the movie "World Trade Center" right now. It might be a good opportunity to expose Jerry to some 9/11 Truth!

OT: Has anyone seen this web

OT: Has anyone seen this web site?

This has many things about 9/11 in one place.

Sorry if it has been discussed before.


'9/11 book from church

'9/11 book from church publishing house causes uproar'


'9/11 conspiracy book by church publisher stirs controversy'


David Ray Griffin's new book

David Ray Griffin's new book is fantastic!

Any religious person who thinks Bush is closer to God than a man like DRG is a fool.

"David Ray Griffin's new

"David Ray Griffin's new book is fantastic!

Any religious person who thinks Bush is closer to God than a man like DRG is a fool."

You mean like Tucker Carlson referring to DRG's allegations as blasphemous and sinful?

What is George Bush? God? I think not.

I suggest purchasing DRG's

I suggest purchasing DRG's new book, "Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action (Paperback)" at Amazon for only $11.67 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0664231179/sr=1-1/qid=1155567150/ref=pd...

If one of you conspiradroid

If one of you conspiradroid clowns had tried to give me one of your leaflets for the dull-witted, you would have been shitting out paper for a week...

Ooooohhhhh Terrence! I'm

Ooooohhhhh Terrence! I'm sooooo scared!

It was not just his job on

It was not just his job on the line as Tony Blair hung out the laundry aboard his luxury yacht.... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article...

Wow, Blair is almost as big an asshole as Bush!

But Terrence, you can't

But Terrence, you can't read, asswipe.

Tucker Carlson was using

Tucker Carlson was using language he thought would rile Dr. Griffin. An obvious tactic but what I hated the most was his fake strangely sinister laugh when he tried to discredit the BBC.

Off topic but important to Alex Jones and the like minded: This was at the Anandtech.com site.

'Government officials insists new passports are secure

This week the US government plans to rollout new RFID passports to citizens nationwide. The new passports contain a chip which requires no power and contains duplicate information of what's printed on the passports. This way, government officials at air ports and other national borders can quickly verify the authenticity of printed information on the passports. DailyTech last reported that the US government planned to issue the new passports this month despite privacy concerns.

Despite the security benefits that the US government is boasting, security advocates and experts say that the new RFID passports present an increased level of danger for passport users. Because of the technology being used, remote RFID readers can read information off the passports for cloning or malicious use. The US government argues that this is no different than having someone steal a physical passport -- they wouldn't be able to use it anyway. Officials claim that the information be stored on the new passports are encrypted and cannot be copied and modified. Likewise, the information on the passports cannot be scrambled or changed because the chips are read-only.'

This is not a war on terrorism but a war on democracy. This should be of concern to all freedom loving Americans. It's a high tech version of a camp number tattoo.

Watched V last night too. The similarities are frightening.

Tucker Carlson was using

Tucker Carlson was using language he thought would rile Dr. Griffin. An obvious tactic but what I hated the most was his fake strangely sinister laugh when he tried to discredit the BBC.

A boy like Tuck can't rile a man like Griffin with b.s. like that.

"If one of you conspiradroid

"If one of you conspiradroid clowns had tried to give me one of your leaflets for the dull-witted, you would have been shitting out paper for a week..."

Is that a threat?

Terrence, whatever happened

Terrence, whatever happened to free speech?

So he insulted us,

So he insulted us, "conspiradroid clowns", and threatened us.

He only adds credibility to the movement. Thanks Terrence.

I want to support DRG, but

I want to support DRG, but does anyone know if his new book has any new material that wasn't covered in New Pearl Habor and Ommissions and Distortions?

I want to support DRG, but

I want to support DRG, but does anyone know if his new book has any new material that wasn't covered in New Pearl Habor and Ommissions and Distortions?
Anonymous | 08.14.06 - 11:31 am | #

Yes, it certainly does. I highly recommend the book.

He only adds credibility to

He only adds credibility to the movement. Thanks Terrence.
Jon Gold | Homepage | 08.14.06 - 11:19 am | #

Very true Jon! After 7 months of his hit-&-run junk comments here, it is most obvious that Terrass is merely seeking to disrupt this board.

If one of you conspiradroid

If one of you conspiradroid clowns had tried to give me one of your leaflets for the dull-witted, you would have been shitting out paper for a week...
Terrence | Homepage | 08.14.06 - 11:04 am | #
uh oh! would you have punched us in the faces big boy? your a tough guy huh Terrence? i always pegged you for a short, fat, angry fellow with a napoleon complex. am i right?

they just found "bird flu"

they just found "bird flu" in Michigan. add another couple hundred thousand to Rummys pockets......

every time there is a "bird

every time there is a "bird flu" scare, Rumsfelds stock options in Tamiflu rise, thus making him even richer. dont believe the hype.

From the latest Sy Hersh

From the latest Sy Hersh article:

A former intelligence officer said, “We told Israel, ‘Look, if you guys have to go, we’re behind you all the way. But we think it should be sooner rather than later—the longer you wait, the less time we have to evaluate and plan for Iran before Bush gets out of office.’ ”

It's 'a go fellas. Be on the lookout for dirty bombs and Swarthy coke-dealers in the employ of the CIA. :(

Good sign! "left

Good sign! "left gatekeeper" site Counterpunch just published an article questioning the veracity of the latest "foiled terra plot"

"Then we were told the British police had been tracking this plot for a "year" or "several months" but decided to pounce on the alleged perps last Wednesday because of "information" from a "source" in Pakistan. Why then? A good question, especially as we were also told none of the intended terrorist travellers had yet purchased an airline ticket. Odd...for at this time of year in Britain transatlantic tickets are not immediately available -- unless these were going to be First Class terrorists, perhaps comparing their last-minute arrangements over drinks in the VIP lounge?"


F*cking msm are still in a

F*cking msm are still in a nonstop frenzy over the "liquid terrorists" today.

F*cking msm are still in a

F*cking msm are still in a nonstop frenzy over the "liquid terrorists" today.
Anonymous | 08.14.06 - 12:09 pm | #

I know... I was watching CNN this morning and they are loving all of this fearmongering...FEAR SELLS PRODUCT!

A good question, especially

A good question, especially as we were also told none of the intended terrorist travellers had yet purchased an airline ticket. Odd.

I also read that some (or most?) of the terrorists didn't even have visas to travel to the U.S. yet. That couldÂ’ve taken months, or they could even have been rejected. I thought this was supposed to be an imminent attack?



Terrence...you're such a tool-sack. You're soooooo angry. Such an angry little girly.

What's a matter...Daddy give you too much lovin as a lil' girl?

It's ok...I'm sure he meant well.

Did anyone else notice that

Did anyone else notice that the intro to Tucker Carlsons show was changed rather recently to have a big swooping shot of the pyramid on the Great Seal? I just thought it was funny. A longer time ago Hardball changed their intro to have a big shot of the washington monument, another important masonic symbol. Maybe these secret societies still like to flaunt their influence in public.

We should email Counterpunch

We should email Counterpunch and encourage them to engage in more of this type of reporting, up to and including the events of 911.


Here's mine:

Great to see Counterpunch pointing out the absurdity of the latest "foiled terra plot". Invariably, these "plots" turn out to be orchestrated by informants working for this or that intelligence agency, and their would-be executors a bunch of teenagers, half-wits or, as in a familiar case, coke-dealers who hang out on Jack Abramoff's casino boats.

Now if you and other left/radical intellectuals would just get on board with 911 truth, perhaps we can dissuade the madmen in charge from launching their next false flag operation and draging us into WWIII.


GiveUpKid | 08.14.06 - 12:18

GiveUpKid | 08.14.06 - 12:18 pm | #

I hadn't noticed that yet. If true, they are trying to flaunt their perceived power in our faces.

Incidentally, the guy who

Incidentally, the guy who runs Counterpunch, Alex Cockburn, is a close friend of 911bloggers favorite whipping boy, Noam Chomsky.

I doubt that emailing major news agencies will make any difference; like Cockburn, those people probably already know the truth; however, unlike Cockburn their class interests prevent them from exposing the coverup.

For Cockburn and others like him, it comes down to a misguided idea about "911 conspiracies" "sapping" "the left's" energy.

Prove him wrong and demand he expose 911.

So Tucker's going to be on

So Tucker's going to be on the next season of DANCING WITH THE STARS.
Surely to make an ass of himself.

Good day folks! Just wanted

Good day folks! Just wanted to point you to the Ahmadinejad (Iran Pres.) 60 Minutes appearance.



It's rather interesting to see his point of view, especially considering the the elite are getting ready to bomb the shit out his country.

Check it out.

Yup, it was definately an

Yup, it was definately an immediate threat.

- alleged terrorists had no passports
- alleged terrorists had no tickets
- they were ready to attempt a dry run exercise
- airport security officials are confiscating all liquids and mixing them all together in bins
- ISI in Pakistan and London 7/7 ties
- Bush/Blair discussing plot 1 week prior to get boost in ratings

This is the same crap, everytime. The alleged suspects are detained for up to 28 days while the MI5, MI6, ISI and CIA scramble to find (or forge) evidence.

I despise the way we are

I despise the way we are expected to accept the governmentÂ’s account of 9/11 100% without any further questions, investigations, scrutiny, study, explanations, search for spies/moles/subplots within our on govÂ’t, etc.

Ahmadinejad (is that how you

Ahmadinejad (is that how you spell it?) Definitaly rose a couple notches in my book when he brought up 9-11 in that letter King George didn't read. The Iranian government has a lot of problems, but they're not the country trying to incite WWIII.

sorry, within our own gov't^

sorry, within our own gov't^

GiveUpKid: Yeah, that

GiveUpKid: Yeah, that letter (anybody have a link to it by the way) that the pres sent was great and he even mentioned the 9/11 plot in it as far as I know. It's truly sad that the US has yet to respond to it... though, I guess we all know what their response is going to be: A big ass bomb.

Concerning Mark Loizeaux and

Concerning Mark Loizeaux and CDI: According to Implosion World, many investigators have found that no blasting contractor in history has created more damage problems, insurance claims, OSHA violations, injuries and fatalities than Controlled Demolition, Inc. (Mark Loizeaux's company that carted away the steel after 9/11). In a meticulous review and analysis of the documentary "Demolition Dynasty," researchers at Implosion World give a long list, with explanation, of allegedly false claims, breaches of ethics, misleading statements, and dishonest practices by CDI. This is absolutely must reading for all 9/11 truth probers.

See www.implosionworld.com/natgeo.htm

Seen on CNN this weekend (8

Seen on CNN this weekend (8 PM EDT), a special on TWA Flight 800 ("reminiscent of Pan AM 108 over Lockerbie" ??) in which the correspondent spoke of TWA Flight 800 as having been "beheaded", and said the Pan AM aircraft was "decapitated".

"...investigators have found

"...investigators have found that no blasting contractor in history has created more damage problems, insurance claims, OSHA violations, injuries and fatalities than Controlled Demolition, Inc..." Sounds just like the Bush cabal!

TWA 800, isn't that that

TWA 800, isn't that that jumbo jet that they scraped from the sea and rebuilt?[/sarcasm]

^ but, but, where are

^ but, but, where are flights 93 and 77 being rebuilt? Show me the hanger, and I'll Shaddup!!

Thanks avid !!I beleive

Thanks avid !!I beleive Controlled Demolition Inc is one of the weakest links in the whole dirty coverup operation.I mean , their website reeks of complicity , just check it out.Google Controlled demolition inc.

Another Superlative job ,by

Another Superlative job ,by the way Jon:)



If you REALLY want to thank

If you REALLY want to thank me, you would do the SAME thing. ALL OF YOU.



why do you assume I spend

why do you assume I spend all my time on the computer Jon?I happen to be a self-employed artist and I can tell you it takes alot of hard work just to have that freedom.OFF the internet.Off the Internet I am constantly talking straight 911 truth to the people I meet .It isn't hard to bring up considering the state of the world and the daily news.Besides didn't I see your inspirational video ON THE COMPUTER?

I wasn't singling you out.

I wasn't singling you out. I'm saying this isn't going to be won on the computer.



Ok I'm the one in the

Ok I'm the one in the picture- the three of us were there and I felt that although there were alot of skeptical and way conservative people, we did get our message across. If we could have a few even look at a couple of sites or want to research further, its a step in the right direction. And I believe as Jon does that now is a crucial time for pubic outreach- one of the best things we can do is get as many people to wake up as possible. This was only the first step-it will take alot more people at alot more locations. Nuf said- I'm preaching to the choir......now stop fighting about being on the computer!!

Yeah... it was disappointing

Yeah... it was disappointing to me to find out that Dave, Mia & Co., and us were the ONLY ones that I know to hand out flyers... in the WHOLE country...

There are 300,000,000 people in the U.S. and 10 handed out flyers.


C'mon guys...

See below. You can use this

See below. You can use this for yourself. In addition, you can copy and paste the information below, and send it to everyone on your email list, to all the email groups you belong to, and you can post it on Internet discussion groups and internet blogs. Spread the word. Copy and paste.

Excellent 9/11 Truth Outreach Materials Available for Free On The Internet. This is the best computer CD I've seen by far.

Download a great flyer 8.5x11 for free.
Also download and burn a great CD which you can make copies of and give or sell to others, all for free.

Download Instructions:
Go to URL
Type the 3 digit number shown in the window at the bottom
Press "Submit" button
Wait 30 seconds as there is a brief pause and a countdown before the "Download" button appears.
After the pause, "Download" button appears. Now press the download button.

1. DOWNLOAD ONE PAGE 8.5 X 11 INCH FLYER (Total download time a minute)
Download for free at:


Folder A - 1st

Folder B - 2nd

Folder C - 3rd

The three folder files are in zip format. Unzip each file, and it will become a folder. Use a free file like Winzip to unzip the files.
(If you don't have a zip extracting file, Winzip can be downloaded for free at
http://tinyurl.com/z5srr )

You can use the information on Folders A through C either on your own computer for your own educational purposes, and/or you can also use the folders to easily create a distributable information CD useful for outreach, if you have a CD burner.
To make the CD, use your CD burning software (e.g. Nero) to add all three unzipped folders onto a blank CD and burn the CD. All 3 folders will fit together on one CD. Label the CD "Building 7" or "Bldg 7".
Each of the three folders takes about 20 minutes to download with broadband.

The positive features of this CD once you burn it is:

1. The CD is very-user friendly, and does not overwhelm the user when they first look at Folder A, which has only a few files in it.
2. The title of the CD itself is low key and non-threatening to the newbie: "Building 7."
3. The CD begins with the most interesting and obvious issues first, and progressively tells the story of 9/11 truth in a logical, progressive, methodical order.
4. The CD is packed with hundreds of hours of audio and video for those who are really interested in this topic, yet it is so compact that it fits onto a CD. (Some of the multimedia is via web links).
5. Because it fits onto a CD, almost anybody with a computer has the ability to make copies of your CD to distribute to others.
6. The contents of the CD have been specifically created and edited to eliminate red herrings, conjecture, disproved theories, and disinformation to the greatest extent possible.


If you have time, review the CD to get a feel for what is on it. You might learn some information you have not seen before.
Give CD's to your friends, family, and/or acquaintances. You can also give them out or sell them to strangers.
You can either give them away for free, or, if you consider this as an incentive to go out and do the work, you can charge up to $2 max. "donation" to reimburse you for your materials and labor.
Think about it, if you want you can earn some money while you are spreading the word about 9/11. You have the choice of giving the CD's away for free or selling them, whatever works for you.

Print the flyers. Use the flyers to get strangers interested in 9/11, and then try to give away and/or sell the CD. Give out the flyers free. Then offer to give or sell for a variable "donation" a CD or DVD.


1. Go to political rallies, parades, or meetings, where people are open to looking at new political ideas. Or go to public parks, or other places were people congregate, and start conversations with strangers. Give the flyers free to start a discussion. Sell the CD's or DVD's for a variable donation, or give them for free if the person cannot afford a donation.

2. Another place to go: Best Buy, or other big store that has TV's and DVD players on display. This is best done in a big store that is not overstaffed, or that has cooperative employees. Act like a customer. Be discreet. Put into a DVD into a DVD player connected to a big TV. It could be a copy of Loose Change or your other favorite 911 DVD. Turn the sound up pretty high, and turn the sound from nearby TV's down. I always start Loose Change at the beginning the WTC segment. Hang out either by the TV, or circulate in the store and come back to the TV every few minutes. Some customers (and even salesmen) might start watching and get interested. Ask them a few questions. Ask if they've seen this movie before or heard about it. Ask if they know much about 9/11. Ask if they have heard of any of the evidence contradicting the govt's account. Tell them you've got a free copy you'll give them, and tell them you are asking for a donation of a dollar or two or even 25 cents for your expenses, but if they can't afford it you'll give it for free. Give them a flyer too for free. If you are really prepared, you will carry DVD's and computer CD's. Some might want or be able to use only one, some might want both.

PRE-PAID ENEVLOPES: Also put them into any prepaid postage envelopes you get and mail them for free.
NEWSRACKS: the free weekly rags are good, coz you don't have to pay to open the newsracks. These papers are often distributed on Wed or Thur for the paper dated the following week. But if you're willing to part with 50-100 cents, definately hit those other MSN news racks: NYT, WSJ, YourTownRag etc. Put a flyer in between section 1 and 2 of each rag, that way the people will definitely find them as they open the paper to read. In "tabloid" (magazine) style rags, put them inside the front cover, near the table of contents. For the daily rags, hit the newsracks EARLY, to reach the maximum # of people.It takes several minutes of standing there to insert these flyers into the papers. One idea is, make quick work of opening the rack, take about 3/4 of the stack of papers and return to your nearby car. In the car you can insert the flyers more easily and less conspicuously. If you paid to open the rack, obstruct the spring loaded door from closing while you do your biz in the car. Then return the new and improved papers to the rack for sale.
SHOPPING CARTS: these are often collected in the parking lots of stores. Whether they're separate or inserted into one another like a freight train, you can toss a flyer into them. The ones together like a train make the quickest work- just insert them at the top of each cart, where they'll sit waiting to fall into the cart when the cart behind it is removed. The store grunts who collect the carts won't take the time to de-flyer them... and you can flyer them 10X faster than they can de-flyer them.

A good opening question is, "Do you believe everything the government has told us about 9/11?" Two good follow-up questions are:
1. "Do you know how many skyscrapers taller than 40 floors collapsed to the ground in New York on 9/11?" Most people say of course 2.
2. "Do you know approximately how long after the 2nd tower was hit that Osama bin Laden was both named by the FBI as wanted for 9/11, and at the same time formally indicted for the crimes of 9/11: Closer to 1 minute after the attack, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, or 2 years after the attack?" Whatever they say, it will be wrong, because it is a trick question. The answer is OBL has NEVER been named as being wanted by the FBI, has never been indicted for 9/11, and furthermore, the FBI recently admitted that there is "no hard evidence" linking OBL to 9/11.
Those two questions are surprising for most newbies, and gets them interested in learning more about 9/11.

You can give the flyers away free to known people or strangers, or leave them in a group of one or more in lobbies, on the floor next to elevators, or other public places where people are likely to take them and read them.

Once you start doing this, spread the word, and teach others to do this.
Everyone can make an impact spreading the word about 9/11, and if you are so inclined, you even have the option of earning a little small change in the process by selling the CD's for a "donation."

Another way to disseminate this information to friends or family who are far away is to email them these instructions, and they can download the information themselves from the Internet, and can follow the instructions so they can get the materials, learn about 9/11, and spread the word themselves.

P.S. when distributing CD's to total strangers in mass in a public, trafficked area, you might want to consider the advantages of asking for a token donation, even if it's only 25 cents, for the following 2 reasons:
a. Only those who really want to see the CD will pay you something for it. You may be otherwise giving out CD's to strangers who are not going to watch it, and maybe just throw it away.
b. There is a psychological incentive for people to value something they have paid for more than something they have gotten for free. Once they pay you, they have "invested" their money, so they are psychologically "invested" in getting something out of their purchase. In other words, everything else being equal, they are more likely to value and watch a CD they have paid for versus one they have received for free at no cost.

Please post what you think.

condense your message here.

condense your message here.

He only adds credibility to

He only adds credibility to the movement. Thanks Terrence.

Movement? You clowns have a bowel movement at the fringes of civilization. No one is listening to you stooges...

just the entire fucking

just the entire fucking world beeatch!!

i just wish there was some way that you would quit trying to defend these babykillers and get on the winning side

"Movement? You clowns have

"Movement? You clowns have a bowel movement at the fringes of civilization. No one is listening to you stooges..."

clowns, bowel movement, fringe, stooges...

5 more endorsements... thanks.

The fifth being your entire

The fifth being your entire statement.